Just One Simple Night


Here is my use of the phrase "Distant chords of memory". That pretty much is the story! lol.

In one simple night the walls came crashing down. The insurmountable became mountable, Riker smiled slightly at the double entendre as he felt her continued presence surround him. He knew things were going to be different now, his life would encompass an entirely new universe where she was indelibly etched in his soul.

This one simple night had surprised the hell out of him and by Deanna's reaction it had left her every bit as shaken, just as much as it had quaked his world. He couldn't stop marveling at all that had transpired between them. It was more than it had been before, it was the sum of all their history. Riker stopped himself from going further in exploring that thought, and sought out his soul mate his imzadi. He felt her under his skin a nearly physical touch as much as an emotional presence. At one time he would have shrugged it off as the afterglow from their union. Now, now he appreciated, yes appreciated and understood that it was more than that. They did have a history, a very long history, and yet, he never imagined this, their presence.

The lights that danced across the darkened portal were like the distant chords of memory that suddenly began to blend together and chorus into his consciousness. The perfect harmony, the perfect tune. He smiled and looked over at Deanna sleeping, a bare shoulder peeked out from the sheets, the perfect instruments when played in harmony. He padded across to slide behind her and gather her to him. He sighed and kept her close knowing it was more than one simple night but still wanting to keep it perfect.