Role Playing or.. as I call it... the Energizer Bunny Story

Rating: PG-13

Response to a list challenge..

1. the phrase, "Is that all you?"
2."No more sauce with nuts in..."
3. 2 pieces of fruit must be named (not necessarily earth fruit)
4. the description of an alien pet
5. An alternative method of bathing used by at least one of the characters

Role Playing or.. as I call it... the Energizer Bunny Story.


"Is that all you?" Deanna didn't even bother to hide
the amusement in her voice, as her eyes moved once
more over her husband's frame.

"Why? is there something that interests you Deanna?"
His eyebrows lifted yet his face showed no humor.

Deanna was not in the least put off by Will's facade,
she knew he was as he called the poker move,
bluffing. "Hmmm, well let me take another look." She
moved slowly around his frame, she would stop
repeatedly and look him over from head to toe, then
continue to circle him. Once she completed her
journey, she stopped just off to his side, her hand
covering her mouth as she let long seconds pass.


"I think you should not be in a hurry to have the
doctor reverse the enhancements when you return. I
see some very promising attributes to this alien's
physique," Deanna's eyes danced in merriment as Will'
s amusement broke through their connection and his
eye's twinkled like the cut gems on her finger. "It's
too bad we don't have time to investigate these
changes now", her voice lowering as other members of
the away team began to shuffle into the transporter

Ten hours later....

"Wow. I didn't realize the rabbtilians had that kind
of energy." Deanna snuggled against Will's fur coated
figure. "I can't imagine an entire planet of these

"Believe me Deanna, you don' t know the half of it."
They actually bathe each other like that on a regular

"Where do they get the stamina Will? Don't get me
wrong it's been an experience I don't regret."

"Look in my travel sack, I brought you a present."
Will watched appreciatively as Deanna crawled across
the floor to the large green cloth sack he had thrown
on the couch when he arrived. His grin widened as he
saw the expression of curiosity on Deanna's face.

"What is this?" She held up the large oblong red

"That is part of the food supply the lust fruit of the
rabbtillians, keep looking Deanna."

She pulled out three more of the red objects then
several containers, and two very green very large
pods. Will sat at her side as she looked over the
contents of the bag, sniffing and examining each item.
"They eat this stuff?" At his nod she stated her next
thought, "So you tried them too." His grin was all the
answer she needed. "And you think this explains their
.. ah.. energy?"

"What do you think?" He wagged his eyebrows at her.

"Will, don't you think you should have had the food
analyzed first? You should, if anyone , know the
results of ingesting unknown products."

"Deanna, we did use a tricorder on them, there is
nothing new, just a new mixture of earth's natural
kitchen. Listen, I didn't hear you complaining about
the affects earlier." To prove his point he gathered
one of each of the fruits and after opening the
container he dipped his finger into the brown mixture
then spread it over first the red fruit and after
taking a bite held it to Deanna for her to sample it.
Her expression of delight increased his own enjoyment
and he couldn't resist using the container's mixture
to paint Deanna.

After the fruit had worked it's magic the two lay
close, "I hope we can replicate this stuff. I've
never had an experience quite like this!"

"Oh sure, credit the fruit not your wife." Her pout
only added to his amusement.

"Without you I wouldn't have thought to try this." He
leaned in to kiss her swollen lips.

Deanna sat up, playfully pushing him away, then
flinched. "As exciting as this evening has been, no
more sauce with nuts in, okay? Even your new bathing
method doesn't quite get the job done."

Will pulled her close and whispered in her ear, "To do
it like rabbtilians you have to put up with some
discomfort, after all they don't have belly buttons."