This is very short .. a PWP.. a strange little vision.   

Dedicated to the things that keep us up at night.
Untitled response to untitled new project.
It has been a very long week, the only reprieve is that Deanna's only living close relative was going to leave the ship in two days. Two days. Will shook his head again, trying to figure out how he could make it through the next two days without hurting Deanna's feelings any more than he already had. He looked over at her, her eyes were closed but he knew she wasn't sleeping. She was trying to escape any more discussion, any further arguments. The dinner in ten-forward had been a disaster, nothing short of a total core breach could have rescued the affair, now somehow, he needed to smooth things for all their sakes.
"Will, go to sleep. You have the bridge in six hours."  Her voice tore him from his dismal thoughts.    He whispered good night as he leaned over to kiss her. She slid further from him allowing only a brief  contact with her ear. His sigh filled the silence in their quarters as he turned on his side facing away from her, it was going to be a long night and an even longer two days.
The dinner was forgotten as words were thrown back and forth, smatterings hitting the intended target causing just enough sting to warrant the next volley. Lwaxana stood up to better accent her point, "Commander, when will you learn my daughter is more than someone you can order around. More than your little release valve from a hard day of throwing your weight around those poor little minions beneath you. If you really cared you'd think of what I know to be in Deanna's best interest. And I'm beginning to see very plainly that you are not in her best interest."
Will felt something snap, he could no longer control the urge to stop the chaos this one woman was throwing  the entire ship into. He slipped his hand into his boot, feeling the small phaser that was hidden in the side he slipped it into the palm of his hand. Then slowly easing it free he raised his hand and aimed.  She made a magnificent target, wearing her flaming blood red gown, shouting and waving her arms at him. He couldn't miss at this range.  The laser like fire hit her in the chest throwing her backwards into the arms of a passing attendant.  Suddenly there was silence. He knew what he had done. The terror of it hit him, blow after blow sending him reeling into oblivion.
He sat up looking wildly around, gasping but unable to cleanse his lungs and his mind of the terrible wrong he committed. Deanna. He could hear her talk to him. Her voice not accusing not threatening, but warm, concerned.  He slowly began to focus on his surroundings, able to feel her warmth surrounding him. 
"Oh God, Deanna, I'm so  sorry. I didn't mean to, I don't know ..." He couldn't keep from stammering. Her voice continued to hush him. Finally he sat quietly in her embrace. Letting the moment sink into his consciousness.
"Will, are you alright? You had a nightmare." He looked into her eyes, nodding.  Pulled her tighter into his embrace holding her against him, each breath a shared sigh.
"Deanna, let's elope. I never want to have another dinner like that last one."