The bumps


“And here’s another one, taken when she was only thirteen. But alas, she was a trifle thin then. She kept the slimness of her childhood for years.”

“She’s beautiful, just as she is now.”

“And look at this one,” The elder Troi pointed towards the chest of the holo-pic. “The bumps in front of her weren’t too bad, thank the deities they grew.”

“Mother!” Deanna cut in abruptly. She couldn’t believe his ears. “Stop it! Its’ embarrassing.”

“Oh Deanna darling, you’re so dramatic.” The aristocratic ambassador defended herself.

“Mother, you’re discussing my breast.”

“They weren’t actually breast then Deanna, they were bumps.”

“Well what ever they were, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t discuss them with my husband.” She grabbed the holo-pic from her husband’s hand, giving him a look that immediately wiped the smirk from his face.

“Would you rather I discuss them with Jean-Luc?”

“Your impossible.” Deanna let out a puff of air. “ It’s just that I’m a grown woman now, and I find it offensive and embarrassing, Mother.”

“I know you’re a grown woman, Deanna. I realized that the day you stopped asking me where you came from, and insisted on keeping it a secret as to where you were going.”


“Oh all right, little one. I suppose it’s easier to go with the tide of things, even if the tide is dull and boring.”

Deanna rolled her eyes.

“You’ve apparently inherited this mind-numbing attitude….” The elder Troi continued, ignoring her daughter. “From spending so many years aboard that rocket ship of yours. You need to learn to relax--- enjoy your self.--- Find your fundamental roots…those roots, that are totally uninhibited---the real you, darling.”

“Ewww…. Looks like someone’s been sitting in your chair, Counselor.” Riker voiced with a teasing eyebrow.

Lwaxana glanced over at the younger Betazoid’s rounded belly and then back towards her son in law and quipped without expression. “Looks like someone’s been sleeping in her bed, Captain.”

Riker’s mouth dropped open, at the quick wit of his mother-in-law.

“Will, you can’t win.” Deanna stated defeated as she flopped down in a well-cushioned chair. “Go ahead mother, show off my---bumps---you win.”

“Of course darling.” Without breaking for air, she continued grabbing the next holo-pic. “And this picture…. was taken….”

The end