by Patty

Before entering his quarters, Will Riker inhaled
deeply and exhaled slowly, because he knew on the
other side of the door panel was a dark haired, dark
eyed, walking ,talking , pregnant, emotional wreck.
  For the past week Deanna had been cleaning their
quarters, although he couldn't begin to imagine what
the hell she was cleaning. She had always been an
immaculate housekeeper. She had told him once that
when she was growing up her mother frowned upon her
attempting to cook or clean, stating that ‘such manual
chores were beneath a daughter of the Fifth House’.
  So as a teenager, she had used it as a rebellious
tool against her mother. It, she thought at the time,
was the only thing her mother couldn't control.  Soon
her cleaning habits had developed into a normal

Will pushed the door panel and entered not knowing if
he was going to have to defend himself, beg for
forgiveness, plea, bargain, laugh at himself, or
her, curse, reason or debate. It was all depending on
what mood she was in at the time.  Lately her moods
were unpredictable, and more so apt to change at
  "Deanna?" he called out, looking about the room.
  "Deanna?" he called out again, this time with more
concern in his voice.
Walking through his quarters, Deanna was no where to
be found. He realized that he was addressing  empty
"Computer. State the location of Counselor Troi."
"Counselor Troi is in Commander Data’s quarters."
"Well, that’s a first." Will said aloud as he walked
back through the quarters, noticing that not only had
it been cleaned, but everything looked almost
hygienic, including all of his boots that were lined
up neatly along the side of the bed. "Damn." He
thought, smiling to himself.
Wondering if Data too had been, sheened, shined, and
polished, just as his boots had been.

Will touched the pad outside of Data’s quarters, and
heard Data’s voice. "Enter." The door hissed open,
revealing Deanna and Data sitting in Data’s sparely
decorated quarters. Deanna had a cup of hot chocolate.
She saw Will and smiled. He returned the smile. Giving
Data a quick nod, he voiced, "Data."
Data then stood and motioned for Will to join them.

"Please Commander, join us. The Counselor and I have
been, I believe the correct word to describe our time
together would be as the Counselor has stated,
‘chatting’.  Although the concept of ‘chatting’, I
find most intriguing. In order to ‘chat’, one must
apparently be the ‘chatter’,  or the one who
articulates orally aloud, and the other must
auscultate, the one who gives audience to the
‘chatter’s’ data, or in other terms the listener.
Now it would appear that since you have joined our
session, would you, Sir, be the ‘chatter’ or the
ausculatator? Could there possibly be two ‘chatters’
in one session? Or I wonder..could there be two
listeners?  Perhaps, if two could ‘chat’, the other
would listen, and if that were the case, how could one
comprehend exactly what the two ‘chatters’ were
attempting to articulate? Or, if two would give
audience while one ‘chatted’, what would…."
  "Data." Will interrupted.
  "Sir?"  Data responded innocently.
  "Will, is your shift over already, or are you just
checking up on me?" Deanna asked.
  "Actually, my shift has been over for about twenty
minutes, and I was a little concerned, wondering where
you could of gone off to." He replied.
  "So, the answer to my question would be yes and yes.
That’s all you had to say, Commander."  Will noticed
the annoyance that was in her voice. He chose to
ignore it.
  "Tell me Data, in this ‘chatting’ session, would it
be safe for me to assume that you were the one
‘chatting?’" Will inquired.
  "No Sir. I am afraid your assumption is incorrect.
The Counselor has assumed the role of the chatter. I
am the listener."
Will raised an eyebrow first looking at Data and then
to his wife.
  "Honestly Will, I don’t know why that would amaze
you. There are times when I feel like verbalizing, and
since Beverly has put me on medical leave, although I
truly can’t comprehend why… but that’s beside the
point! Isn’t it?  I simply decided to come and chat
with Data for awhile." Deanna stated in a somewhat
snippy tone to her voice.
"I just wasn’t aware of the time," she added.

Standing Deanna faced Data. "Thank you for a wonderful
afternoon. We will have to do this again sometime
soon. You are a wonderful listener and just as
wonderful  friend. I must be going now. If you’ll
excuse me."
  "Of course Counselor," Data stated. 
Deanna then placed a small kiss on Data’s cheek, not
only surprising Will with her actions, but Data as
Totally ignoring her husband, she walked past him and
exited the room.
  "Data," Will  asked as he turned his head from where
Deanna had exited back to Data, "Just how long has the
Counselor been chatting?"
  "Six hours, thirty-nine minutes, and fifteen
seconds, Sir."
  "Data…you’re telling me she’s been talking for six
and a half hours?" Will stated, thinking that’s
  "Six hours, thirty-nine minutes, fifteen seconds,
non stop Sir," was Data’s reply.
  "What the hell could she possible talk about for
that long?" Will said to himself.
  "I could download my data banks and rerun the entire
conversation if that is what you wish."
  "No!" Will stated, rather too quickly. "No, Data
that won’t be necessary."
  Will was standing in the doorway, and he turned
around once more, facing Data, and
repeated, "Non-stop?"
  "That is correct, Sir." Data then tilted his head
slightly. "Accessing, Sir.  Chat. Talkative. To be
loquacious, rattle, go on and on, Clack, Quack, To wag
one’s tongue.."
  "Thank you Data," Will interrupted, "I think I get
the picture."  Will stepped through the doorway out
into the corridor.

Entering his quarters, Will saw Deanna standing in the
center of the room as if she were waiting for
something, or someone. By the look in her eyes he
immediately knew, she was waiting for him.
  She stood there glaring.
"Will Riker! Why don't you just throw me in the brig?
Then you won’t feel the need to check up on me! You
could even assign a security team outside our
quarters, but make sure they are armed with phasers,
just to ease your mind."
  "Deanna, I couldn't find you, and I was just
  Suddenly her mood changed, and a wide grin spread
across her face. "I was wondering if we could perhaps
eat dinner in Ten Forward tonight?"
  "Okay." he said. Not really sure how to respond,
afraid if he said too much she may burst into tears,
or if he didn't say enough she may go into a fit of
rage. So he decided the safest thing to say was
'Okay'. It was hell never knowing if your wife was
going to throw kisses or flower pots.

  "I got a vid-cam from mother this morning. She said
to give you her regards. And she will talk to you more
in the near future. I told her I am fine. I also told
her I am religiously keeping my Doctor's appointments;
who by the way ordered me to take medical leave, in
which *you* agreed with. So here I am, on a release
from my job, in which I am fully capable of
performing, and when I get to go back to work, only
the Gods know!"
  Deanna then walked over to the replicator, and
brought Will a drink. "Here, you look as if you need
to unwind, perhaps this will help. I thought maybe we
could chat for awhile." 
  Chat? She wanted to ‘chat’?, After spending 6 hours,
39 minutes, and 15 seconds chatting with Data, all the
while she talked non-stop. Damn. He was really
beginning to hate the word.
  Will quickly gulped down the drink.
  "Deanna, you're right. I do need to unwind, and this
one drink really won't do the trick, I think I need
the bottle."
  Deanna 'chatted' for the next two and a half hours.
Data was correct in his assessment of 'wagging one's
tongue', and Will had become the 'one man audience'.
  He decided after the first thirty minutes, he
couldn't get a word in if he wanted to.
The alcohol numbed his head, and Deanna numbed his
  He  remembered a time when he wanted her to talk. He
wanted so desperately just to hear her voice; while on
away missions, he would of given anything to just hear
her voice. Now all he wanted her to do was Shut-Up.
Although he dared not say it.
  He only heard bits and pieces of the memories of her
childhood on Betazed. Some bull-shit story about how
drinking too much alcohol could affect the brain;
well, right now his brain needed it,
hell, for that matter she needed it too.  Maybe if he
offered her a drink she would pass out and put him out
of this misery.
  They had decided to get married and stay together
through thick and thin. But he had no idea how thin,
thin was.
   Everything was fine during the first part of the
pregnancy, and even the second trimester, they had
enrolled in all of the pre-natal classes, and passed
he thought with honors. She only had four more weeks
to go, and it was these last four weeks that were
killing him. Anything ranging from crying, to fits of
anger, to serene calm.
  She went for ten days refusing to talk to anyone,
including Captain Picard. And at that point in time,
Beverly decided to put her on medical leave. Beverly
said that there wasn’t anything any of them could do
but, ‘ride the storm out’ and that was what the crew
had decided to do. After all it wasn’t Deanna’s fault.
Her body was going through a lot of changes. Most
Betazoids react this way during the last month of
pregnancy. She didn’t react this way to Ian, but then
again, Ian wasn’t exactly your typical pregnancy. The
gestation period was only seventy-two hours.
   When all of this was over, he was going to  thank
everyone for their support and help. But the  next
time, Riker had concluded, he would be better
  Deanna continued to talk. Now she was going on about
food. About food. She was talking about food. This was
his chance. 
  "Deanna," he quickly interrupted, "speaking of food,
we haven't had dinner yet. Would you care to join me
in Ten Forward? Honestly I'm famished."
  "Yes, that would be nice. I'm relieved that your
diet is going to consist of some solid food, and not
totally liquid this evening."
  Will stood up and extended his hand. She gladly took
it, and he helped her to her feet. As he  opened the
door to the corridor, gesturing  with his arm, "After
you beautiful." He smiled.
  She rolled her eyes and walked ahead of him.

  Will and Deanna entered Ten Forward, Will secretly
hoping he wouldn't have to dine with Deanna alone. He
loved her, yes, he definitely loved her. As a matter
of fact, he worshipped her, but with things concerning
Deanna, he wasn’t the strong commanding officer. At
times he felt like a bumbling idiot. And seeing Deanna
this way, was well, it was hard for him.  He consoled
himself by repeating over and over in his mind ‘this
condition is only temporary’.
    He thought, ‘I love you dearly Deanna, but there
is just so much a man can take’.
  Geordi LaForge, was sitting in Ten-Forward. Will
acknowledged him with a nod of his head and also with
a look of help on his face.
   Guinan, who noticed Will as well, quickly came to
his rescue. "Deanna! I've got a special treat. Real
chocolate. Reserved only for special occasions.  Since
you and the Commander are expecting your little one
anytime, I would say that it’s certainly a special
  "Real Chocolate? Not replicated?" Deanna exclaimed
with a cheerful glint in her eye.
  "Oh, it's the real thing all right. You're the
expert on chocolate. I'll let you decide."
  "Guinan, for real chocolate, I'd do absolutely
  The two women headed towards the usual table,
when they were out of hearing range Will said under
his breath, 'do absolutely anything?...except shut
Geordi walked over to Will. "How are you holding up
Commander? You looked like you could use some help."
  "Help? Hell, Geordi! What I need is an away
  "That bad, huh?"
  "First she won't she won't be still.
She’s in a verbal mode of some sort. Damnedest thing
I’ve ever seen."
  "Yeah, tell me about it. I ran into Data, he said
she was talking to him today for over six hours.
That’s kind of hard to believe!" Geordi exclaimed.
   "Six hours, thirty-nine minutes, and fifteen
seconds. Non-stop. Believe it Geordi, I just spent the
last two and a half hours going through the same
thing." Will leaned onto the bar.
  "Data said she stopped by to ‘chat’," Geordi noticed
Will cringe at the word, but continued on, "and the
thing is, I honestly believe Data enjoyed it. He’s
looking forward to another visit." Geordi laughed.
Just then Guinan came up to the bar. Patting Will on
the shoulder, stating, "Laughter will cover the
  Will looked at Guinan and shook his head, "Guinan,
we're not going to have one of your infamous talks are
we? Because, I really don't think.."
  "No." with an understanding shake of her head. "I
only came to get your lady some chocolate."  Guinan
then left the two men standing at the bar.
   "How’s she doing..up here?" Geordi asked, using his
index finger to tap the side of his head.
   "She’s not hallucinating if that’s what you mean.
Physically, she’s in perfect health. Emotionally,
she’s a mess; personally, Geordi, in my opinion," Will
stated as he watched Guinan leave,  "It has to be
either Q, and he's trying to make my life hell because
I refused to captain my own ship. Or Deanna is trying
to make my life hell after I said 'I do', for not
saying 'I do' sooner."

Geordi laughed and said..."Well we haven't seen or
heard from Q in quite some time."

Both men then looked towards the table where Guinan
and Deanna were sitting. Deanna was talking non-stop
again.  Geordi and Will looked at one another before
walking slowly towards the table resigned to their
fate for the evening.

  Will woke up to the sound of running water
immediately thinking, 'what the hell'. Then he heard a
loud noise. Quickly jumping out of bed, he called out,
  "I'm all right!" Deanna yelled back over the sound
of the water. "I lost my balance for a bit, and NO I
didn't fall! I just bumped up against the side of the
shower. I’m fine. I’ll be out soon."

  Will looked around the room. "Computer time!"
"Time is 0338" the computer responded soberly.

   Will got out of bed and walked into the small room.
Standing outside of the sonic shower speaking in a
raised voice, he asked, "What the HELL are you doing
taking a shower at 3:30 in the morning!  No, let me
guess. You decided to CLEAN IT!"
   Deanna turned the shower off, grabbed a towel and
wrapped it around herself. Emerging from the shower,
"Will Riker!" she snapped. "You're an IDIOT! So, if
you would, just please go away."

  "Me??? I'm an idiot. Because I'm sleeping at 3:30 in
the morning, and my pregnant wife, who's been riding
on some hormonal imbalanced roller coaster for the
last three weeks decides to shower! I think she's
fallen, and I'm an *idiot* for being concerned?" He
was getting angry. The last month had really snapped
all of his nerves.
  "Yes. You're an idiot!" she restated.
  "I'm an idiot???" Will questioned, shaking his head,
  "Yes, you are an idiot" taking her finger and poking
it into his chest with the last three words of the
sentence. Turning away, she stated, "and, I had to say
it three times, thus, proving my point."

  Deanna began to get dressed, as if she was going to
stay up for the day.
  "What are you doing?"
  "What are you doing?" Will asked again, she ignored
him, continuing to dress.
  "You know, I would of given anything for the silent
treatment last week, but right now I would like an
  Deanna then took a small suitcase, and began packing
items of clothing. Will wondered, ‘Is she leaving me,
moving out, going home to mother? Maybe I shouldn’t of
said what I did. She can’t do this.’
Immediately he grabbed her wrist, being careful not to
hurt her; attempting only to get her attention, "What
are you doing?" he asked almost a plea this time.

  "Well...I'm packing a suitcase." She gestured with
her hand towards the suitcase laying open at the foot
of the bed.
  "I can see that, but for what purpose?"
  "I'm in labor, and I'm not going anywhere without
some toiletries and personal clothing items." She
answered calmly. "Really, William, you ask some of the
silliest questions."
"Your WHAT!!!"
Deanna continued to pack, calmly, and in total
control, humming as she continued her task.

Will on the other hand was in shock, totally
dumbfounded shock. His brain was in a whirl-'she's in
labor'- aren't women supposed to say something like
'honey, its time'...or what about breathing exercises,
contractions, pain, wasn’t that water thing suppose to
break? None of this was happening the way he had
learned in class, and the baby wasn’t due for another
five days.

  He watched as Deanna headed towards the sonic
shower, taking a towel. She began to wipe down the
"You're cleaning the shower?" Will asked in disbelief,
as he stood in the doorway. "Wait, wait, Deanna,
you're in correct me if I'm
wrong...Okay...You're in labor, and you're taking the
time to clean the shower?"

  Deanna then got on her hands and knees, continuing
to wipe down the shower. "Yes, Will, I'm in labor, and
I am *wiping* down the shower. I’m not cleaning
anything. There is a difference."
  Deanna then stood up, looking him straight in the
eyes, and stated, "Please move aside, so that I can
now make the bed. That is unless you plan to get back
in it."
  Will moved aside, with a look of total disbelief on
his face. Deanna then headed towards the bed, and
began to straighten the comforter. As she was fluffing
the pillows, she looked up towards him.
"Will," she said, "If you are going to stand there and
gawk, then by all means, feel free to do so. But...if
you are going with me, please get dressed, because the
only person, I want to see arriving in sick bay,
totally naked is our baby."
She then walked off, quietly humming, a happy tune,
no less.
After realizing that he was naked, Will got dressed.
He didn't know why, but he did.

  Deanna had made her way to the replicator. Sitting
down at the table with her usual cup of hot chocolate,
she began to sip. Looking up, she smiled, "Would you
like a cup of coffee?" she asked pleasantly.
  "Gee, I don't know Deanna...Would you like to
explain.. Just What the HELL is going on??!!"
  "It's actually quite simple Will. During pregnancy,
Betazoid  women have irrational  mood swings, and my
cleaning is simply referred to as a nesting phase most
human women experience."
  "I know that Deanna. That's why I'm still here, and
haven’t thrown myself out of an airlock. Another point
I’d like to make is; because I *know that*, it’s the
only reason I haven't set my phaser on kill and fired
at you."
She simply looked up at him and smiled a little too
"I’m talking about the labor, Deanna, you said you
were in labor."
"Yes, William...I know what I said. My exact words
were, 'I’m in labor.' Tell me this, can you judge if a
woman is truly in labor??" she asked calmly, taking a
sip of her hot chocolate. 

  He didn't even have a clue as to what was truly
going on. Was she nuts? What the hell is wrong with
this woman?

  "I may not be able to judge," he answered, "but I
could take a guess and say, the majority of women,
sure as shit, don't clean a shower, or make up beds,
or *flit* around the place humming happy little
  "And just how many women have you impregnated, and
been around during their times of labor, Commander?
Were they all the same?" she asked casually.
  "Deanna, I’m not going to even answer that.  Just
tell me what you want me to do."

  Deanna stood up, "I think you need to call mother,
and tell her what’s happening.  I'm going to go put
some make-up on. I can't go anywhere half- done like
this." Heading towards the bedroom, she began humming,
the same happy tune.

"You're half-done all right." Will stated under his

"I heard that Riker." Deanna yelled from the other

  "Yes, William, what is it? Is Deanna all right?" The
voice of Lwaxanna Troi came over the vid-link.
  "I’m not exactly. Well, I’m suppose to tell you what
is happening, although I’m not actually sure just what
is happening myself. Deanna seems to claim that she's
in labor, and she told me to contact you."
  "You sound as if your confused William..."
  "To be honest Mrs. Troi, for the last hour or so
Deanna has stated that she is in labor, but she's
calm, humming tunes, cleaning showers, making beds,
and right now she's in there putting on make-up. Not
my idea of labor I guess, but then again, what do I
know? I'm human."
"Oh William," Lwaxanna sympathized, "I’m sure the last
month or so has been trying on you, and none of it
really makes any sort of sense, but you’ll do fine
dear. Tell Deanna I am taking the first shuttle, and
I'll be there as soon as I possibly can."
"Yes, I'll do that."
"William, I just want you to know that  I’m proud of
"Thank you Mrs. Troi. That means a great deal to me."
"Oh please, William! After this day, call me
'gran-ma-ma'. Goodbye dear. Give Deanna my love."

And then she was gone.

'Gran-ma-ma?' Riker mouthed the words, thinking..

   Will got up from the vid link, and walking towards
the bedroom stated..."Your mother is taking the first
   Deanna was bent over holding her swollen belly,
pain was etched across her face...Will rushed towards
her, attempting to assist her...aide in some way..
Deanna looked at him. Fiery darts could of been coming
out of her eyes. She glared, "Understand this William
Riker. If you touch me, I swear you will never see me
or this baby again." 

  He immediately backed off, thinking she was over
reacting, but then again in her frame of mind after
the last few weeks, he didn't want to take that
  The contraction ended. Deanna slowly stood upright.
Exhaling deeply, she looked at Riker and said, "Well,
that one was rather sharp. The others weren't quite as
"Others??" Riker whispered.
"Yes, quite a few actually." she answered calmly.
"When was the last one?" Will asked, now more scared
than anything.
"The one you just witnessed, Will." she said, almost
"No, before that Damn it. Deanna, this is serious."
"Oh, so now its serious? Before you didn’t believe
me. You were under the impression  that I was some
sort of lunatic, with imaginary labor pains. I
understand that my emotions may be somewhat out of
sorts, but my head certainly isn’t."
  "Deanna, I truly am sorry, I didn’t understand."
  Standing there just staring at him for what seemed
like hours, Deanna finally exhaled and said,  "Well,
because you are definitely not on my list  of favorite
people at this particular moment, as long as you don’t
touch me, I am quite certain that.." Suddenly another
contraction came, and Deanna winced in pain. Grabbing
onto her abdomen, she doubled over.
    "That’s it! I’m taking you to sick bay now." Will
moved towards Deanna. No more games. No more
conversation.  He was taking her, and she could tell
by the look in his eyes he was determined to do so.

  After the contraction ended, Deanna  began to
straighten up, gathering herself as best she could.
Still refusing to let him touch her, she simply
stated, "There really isn’t any need to resolve to
force, Will. I’ll go, peacefully."

Will grabbed the suitcase, holding his arm out for her
to take it, she refused and walked past him.

Walking down the corridor towards the turbo lift,
Deanna suddenly stopped. Another contraction. This
time she let out a low scream in pain. Will started
towards her, and again she held out her hand to stop
him. "I mean it...Don't touch me!"
He stopped.
Deanna straightened up when the contraction ended.
Looking over at Will, she simply smiled at him
stating, "Honey, its time."

By the time they got into the turbo lift, and the
doors closed, another contraction hit. This time it
was Deanna who clutched Will's upper arm with both
hands, squeezing as hard as the contraction. She laid
her forehead on his biceps. Clutching, she let out a
scream that was muffled by his arm.  As the turbo
doors opened, Data was on the other side. He quickly
stepped forward and took her under the arm to help
steady her.

Will acknowledged Data with only a nod.

With both men on each side of her, they began to walk
to sick bay. Suddenly another contraction hit.
Deanna’s knees buckled, and she began to lower
herself to the floor. Both men helped support her.

Data hit his com-badge. "Commander Data to Sick Bay."

"Crusher here. Go ahead Data."

"We are escorting the Counselor. The contractions are
forty-eight point two seconds apart."

"What!! You better move your asses, and move them now!
Get her in here!"

Riker could tell by the tone of the Beverly’s voice
that she meant business, and one thing he didn’t want
or need right now was Beverly Crusher angry with him.
Deanna was bad enough.
"I'll get Deanna. You grab the case." Quickly he
scooped Deanna up into his arms as another contraction
hit, Deanna stiffened, grabbing onto his shirt, she
screamed into his chest. 

  Will taking quick strides, moving more so out of
fear for Deanna than anything else, was in sick bay in
record time.
  "Lay her down here," Beverly instructed, pointing to
the first bio-bed in the room. Will gently laid Deanna
down obeying the Doctor.  "I need to examine her
first, and then we can move her to a birthing chair."
  Deanna looked up at Will. She had the look of anger
in her eyes, and what he believed could only be
defined as, total hate.
  "I told you not to touch me!"
"Deanna, this isn’t the time. Plus, I didn’t have
much choice."
"Just leave!!! I can do this all by myself!" Deanna
immediately braced herself for another contraction.
"I said..I can do this by myself!!" she yelled at him
in-between contractions.
Will looked down at her.  "Well.. you sure as hell
didn't get this way by yourself, and I’m not going
anywhere, Counselor."
"Well..I sure as hell didn't get this way by you,
Commander!" she yelled.
"Well...That little fat ferengi that fathered this
child you are about to give birth to, couldn't make
it.  So *I'M* all you’ve got!" He said in an
authoritative, sarcastic tone.

With that Deanna almost smiled. Just then another
contraction hit, and she suddenly stiffened up and let
out a scream.

"We don't have time to move her." Beverly said,  "OK
Deanna. When I say push, you push."

"I'd like to push Will out of an airlock!" Deanna
cried through clenched teeth.

"Will, you need to be down here to see this.
It’s time, Deanna push!!" Will quickly moved to the
foot of the bed. Just when the baby's head became
visible, he froze. Never before had he seen anything
like this. He was totally awe struck. Gathering his
senses somewhat, he raised his head, calling to Deanna
at the head of the bed.

"Your doing a great job, baby. It will be all over

"So will our marriage!" Deanna stated as she was
inhaling and exhaling.

"Remember to breath Deanna." Will coached from the
foot of her bed.
"I will if you remember NOT TO!" she said through the

"Okay Deanna. Here WE go."
"WE! Go to HELL Riker!!

Deanna let you one final cry of agony as the baby
emerged from the birth canal, into the doctor’s hands,
who quickly lasered the cord, and suctioned the small
nose, and mouth. The room was suddenly filled with the
loud boisterous cry of an infant.

"Looks like you got a little girl, Daddy."
Beverly smiled, handing the small bundle to Will who
was waiting with a blanket to wrap the baby in.

Slowly walking over to Deanna, never taking his eyes
from the baby’s face,  "Hey." His voice broke as he
laid the baby in Deanna’s arms. "Look what we made."
"She’s beautiful." Deanna said as she gently kissed
the infant on the forehead, tears streaming down her
face. Lifting the blanket, Deanna examined her baby.
"She’s perfect. Just like her mother." Will said as
he leaned forward and kissed Deanna softly.
"I love you." Deanna quietly replied, kissing him
The infant stopped crying. Opening one eye, she
scrunched up her face, her forehead wrinkled, and she
appeared to be staring at her daddy, as if to say
‘where am I?"
Will reached, and the baby grasped one of his
"She does kind of look like a ferengi." He said
looking at Deanna with a big grin on his face.

  Riker entered Ten Forward. Deanna was recovering
from the pregnancy, and she was thank goodness Deanna
again. Lwaxanna came in when the baby was 17 hours
old. Both Deanna and Lwaxanna were with the baby,
pampering it of course. Will really hadn't got a lot
of holding time, since Lwaxanna's arrival, he hadn’t
expected he would.

Walking to the bar, Will ordered a drink.
Guinan came over to where he was standing.
"Congratulation, You've got a beautiful baby girl."

"Thank you, and she definitely is beautiful."

"So can you look back at what happened with
happiness?" Guinan asked.

"If your talking about my wife's hormone imbalance,
during the last four weeks of pregnancy, no I can’t
see it as happy."

"Did you enroll in the birthing classes?"
"Yes. None of it happened the way they said it would."

"Did you support Deanna when she was in labor?"
She cleaned the shower for God’s sake. I didn’t
believe she was in labor."

"Did you rub her back during contractions?"
"No. She said I would never see her or the baby again
if I touched her." Riker grinned, " I believed that."

"Did you help her pack her bag?"
"No. I tried to stop her. For some insane reason I
thought she was leaving me." Will poured himself
another drink wondering what it was Guinan was getting
at, but what the hell? Why not play along?

"Did you contact the Doctor?"
"No. Data did. Hell, Deanna was about ready to give
birth in the corridor."

"Did you stay beside her all the while she was in
"No. She said the baby wasn't mine, and I told her a
ferengi fathered it." With that Will smiled.

"Did you tell her to push?"
"She said she would push me out of an airlock." Riker
began to grin from ear to ear.

"Did you remind her to breath?"
"She said she would..if I would stop." Riker laughed.

"Maybe you’re right." Riker said with a smile.

The End.