"A penny for your thoughts."

"You know my thoughts, Deanna."

"Yes, I do. But, it’s nice to lay here in your arms and talk."

"All right, we’ll talk. I was thinking that I still have a few goals that I haven’t yet conquered in my life."

"And one being?"


"Pardon me? What was it that we just participated in?"

"Not just sex. What I’m talking about is married sex, Deanna."

"Married sex?"

"Yeah, I’ve never experienced Married sex. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately."

"You have? Perhaps you should speak to Beverly about this, Will. She is a widow."

"A black widow."

"Be nice, Riker."

"Sorry about that. Now back to the original subject, as with everything, married sex does have it’s pros and cons."

"And those being?"

"Sleeping with the same person for the rest of your life."

"So is that an advantage or a disadvantage, Commander."

"An advantage, of course."

"Oh, of course."

"A husband and a wife have married sex after dinner. When it’s over they still have to clear the dirty dishes."

"Oh my gods…."

"I’d say that’s a disadvantage, Deanna. Wouldn’t you?"

"Definitely a disadvantage."

"But…on the other hand. You would know that this person is going to be with you for eternity."

"That could be an advantage."

"I think it is, Deanna."

"But on the other hand, what it married sex is dull, drab, and routine?"

"But, what if married sex is totally familiar, exciting and uninhibited?"

"Good point, Commander."

"Let me ponder."

"Ponder? What? The fact that I think you’re a nut. Okay, okay you can ponder. Is it all right if I ‘ponder’ too?"

"Oh of course."

"Thank you."



"So let’s do it!"

"Do it?"

"Have married sex."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, I’m serious. I’ve never had married sex before and I want it to be with you, Deanna."

"Gods Riker, you have lost your mind."

"I’m serious."

"I believe you."

"Deanna Troi will you have married sex with me?"

"Why are you doing this, Will? Is this a proposal? Because if it is…."

"You told me not to propose to you, remember? You said you weren’t ready for marriage. Deanna this is simply a man asking the woman he loves, to have married sex with him."

"Gods, you make it sound like it’s some sort of adolescent game. It’s a commitment Will."

"I know that. I’m the one who figured out the pros and cons remember. I can handle commitment. Can you?"

"Of course I can handle commitment, Will Riker. I am the ship counselor, my job demands commitment."

"So does married sex."

"In order for us to have married sex, as you call it. We’d have to get married first."

"You think?"

"Oh you."

"Look at me.  Right here in my eyes.  'Will you have married sex with me, Deanna Troi?' "

"Oh for pity’s sake…since you put it that way…I’d have to say…"


"Yes. I’ll have married sex with you Will Riker."

"You said yes?"

"I think I did."

"You did say yes!"

"Will, I can’t breath! Let me go."

"Right, sorry about that.  Now,  in order for us to have married sex, you have to wear this ring…."

"Oh…my…. Gods…It’s beautiful."

"Let me have your hand."

"Will it’s beautiful."

"So do I tell our friends that you’ve agreed to have married sex with me?"

"I’d think not. Engaged sounds better. By the way, your whole proposal was really cheesy."

"Cheesy? What does that word mean?"

"I’ll tell you on the night we have married sex, all right."


"Will, shut up and kiss me."