Setting: Alaska,
Characters: Troi/Riker/Thomas/Jeannie (yep, they’re
back J)
Disclaimer: Paramount owns it all, and if they don’t
then some one else does, all I know is that it isn’t
Rating: R (language)

The Devil and the Silver Moon

The pounding came again, just before she opened the


Will Riker. The voice was that of Will Riker, she saw
his human form on the porch, alit only by the silver
shadow of the moon.

“What are you doing here?” Deanna asked as she peeped
her head through the crack in the door to their quiet
bungalow in Alaska; the cold night air hitting her
with a force, causing a chill run up and down her

“I live here.” He answered as if he had only been gone
for an hour. It had been eight long months since she
had seen her husband, eight months since that horrible
fight they had had; the fight that had separated them.
Of course he had tried to contact her several times,
but she refused to take any of his communiqués.

“Deanna, we need to talk.”

“We have nothing to talk about, Will.”

“We have a lot to talk about.”

“I think you should just go.”

“I’m not going anywhere Deanna. I’ll camp on your
doorstep if I have to, but I’m not going anywhere.”

“What do you want?” she asked quietly, knowing it was
no use to argue with him when he took that tone of

“I want to come in.” he answered with a smile. “Can I
come in, it’s kind of cold out here.”


“All right, then tell me what I can do.”

“You can drop dead.” She said trying to push the huge
door closed, but it was blocked with his foot.

He laughed softly. “Besides that?”

“I want you to leave.”

“Come on, Imzadi.”

“Don’t call me that, don’t ever call me that again.”
She stated with venom, as she struggled to shut the

“Well, I hate to disappoint you, Counselor.” He
smiled, the features on his face lit only by the light
of the silvery moon. “But that’s one request I’ll
never grant…….Imzadi.”

Deanna attempted to shut the door again, but Riker
quickly grabbed her arm and gently pushed her in front
of him out of his way, and stepped though the
threshold of the doorway.

Deanna whirled around, her dark eyes flashed in anger;
totally unaware that he now had a full view of her

Riker’s eyes widened, and his mouth dropped at the
sight of her body. He had meant to surprise her, but
his surprise turned and bit him in the ass, now he was
the one flabbergasted by the sight of her. “Damn.
Oh damn. Damn Deanna.” He barely whispered, unable to
remove his eyes from her rounded belly, he knew he was
repeating him self but he had been totally caught
unaware and it was all he could think of to say.

“If you’re done gawking now would you please leave?”
she stated grabbing her robe belt and wrapping it
tightly around her swollen belly.

“Leave? What do you mean leave? You’re pregnant!” He
sounded, his voice full of shock.

“I thank you for clearing that up for me, Doctor
Riker.” She said coolly. “You may now get out of my

Riker closed the door behind him, and stood in
silence. She could be angry with him all she wanted,
hell, she had every right to be angry with him. But
he was damned if he was going to leave. His eyes
narrowed, and his jaw tightened. “Deanna. That’s my
baby you’re carrying.”

“Are you so sure?”

Her words hit him square in the gut, he had never know
Deanna to be cruel and now she was just being cruel
“That’s my baby. Damn it, I know it and you know it.”

“All I know, William.” She said with an eerie calmness
that made ashiver go up his spine. “Is that I’d
confess that the father was a ferengi if that’s what
it took to get you out of my house.”

Riker suddenly became gripped with fear. He now not
only stood the chance of losing his wife, but also
loosing his child as well. “Why didn’t you tell me
Deanna?” he asked softly, his eyes pleading for an

“Why should I? So you could run out on me again?”

“I never run out on you, and you know it.”

“Do I? In all actuality you’ve run out on me twice.”
She sensed how her words had hurt him, but she didn’t

“That’s not fair.”

“Fair? Is it the fact that I’m pregnant, does that
make any of this fair? Does it allow me an automatic
guarantee that you won’t run again? That you won’t
leave me and our baby?”

“I had to. . .”

“You had to run off! You had to explore the great far
reaches of space, knowing that I couldn’t go! Knowing
that there was no need for a Counselor on your
precious mission, let alone room for your wife.”

“Deanna…” he took a step forward, he had to make her
see reason.

“No.” She stated firmly, holding her hand out to stop
his advances. “I suggest you leave.”

Riker stood there and stared at her for a long moment,
then the corners of his mouth curled up into a
devilish grin. “Suggest all you want, Counselor. I’m
not going anywhere.” He said, grabbing her by the arm
and bringing her body close to his, his mouth covered
hers, in a hungry kiss. After months of being on a
starship all he wanted was to come back home to his
wife, his sweet, stubborn little Betazoid wife. He
felt the roundness of her belly as it pressed against
him, and found a fascination in that. After kissing
her, he felt her body melt into his, and she began to
kiss him back with the same urgent hunger.

He tore his lips from hers with a loud popping sound,
the slowly looking down into her eyes, she had fallen
under his spell and he knew it. Of course it was
playing dirty, but hell, he didn’t care. Fair was
fair in love and war right?”

He held her at arms length and glanced down at her
stomach, and then grinned. “A ferengi, eh?”

She pushed him away with the strength of a Klingon and
stood there glaring at him, he chose to simply ignore
the icy stares; Riker casually walked over to the
couch and began to pat the cushions, and fluff the
throw pillows.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to bed, Deanna.” He said, placing his
hands underneath of his head, as he stretched out on
the long sofa, he looked at her, and there it was
again, that devilish gleam that lit up his blue eyes.
“I figured, sleeping with you in our bed is out of the

“Will Riker, you can not stay here!” She stomped her
foot in anger, her fists clenched down at her sides.

“Deanna, I’ve been up for over forty-two hours trying
to get home, I’m in no mood to fight and you’re in no
shape to argue.” He rolled over onto his side and
made himself comfortable, snuggling into a sleeping
position. “We’ll talk tomorrow, and you can call me
any name that pretty little head of yours can think
of.” Then he closed his eyes.

Deanna knew the conversation was over, she wasn’t
getting anymore fight out of Will Riker, and she knew
that the only way he would leave was if an army came
and physically removed him, that is after they knocked
him upside the head at least ten times.

“Ooooo, I hate you!” she exclaimed as she stormed off
towards the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

The Devil and the Silver Moon
Chapter 2

Sometime in the middle of the night, or in the wee
hours of the morning, the sound of someone outside
woke her. Deanna heard the sound of the land rover
starting, just outside of her bedroom window. After
slipping from her bed, she walked towards the window
and peered out. She saw the shadow of a man against
the silvery light of the moon; he climbed into the
seat of the land rover, one that was used for the
tough terrain of the Alaskan wilderness.

"Will" she said to herself in disgust. It was Will
and he was leaving.

She quickly grabbed her robe and slippers and hurried
down the stairs towards the kitchen.

“Lights” she called out into the darkness. The house
was immediately illuminated with light.

“Will?” she called out, allowing her eyes to adjust to
the onslaught of light. He heart pounded inside of
her chest. “Will.” She called out a bit more urgently
this time. She really hadn’t wanted him to leave, she
was angry. Oh gods, she didn’t know what she wanted.
All she knew was that at his moment she wanted her
husband back.

“William.” she called out though the back door, out
into the darkness. Her only answer was only the
howling of the wind, and the fading of the roar of the

He was gone.

Her heart sank and her shoulders dropped, as she made
her way to the living room and flopped down into a
chair. Perhaps she had pushed him too far. Looking
over at the sofa where he had been sleeping, she
exhaled, rubbing her swollen belly. “Tell me little
one, why do I love him so much?” She flopped her head
back and closed her eyes, wondering where he had gone
and if or when he would ever come back. Her eyes
slowly closed.


Deanna woke up the next morning, her neck slightly
stiff from the awkward position of the over stuffed
chair. Will was gone and she tried to convince herself
that she was glad of it.

She quickly bathed, the last thing she wanted was for
Will Riker to find her naked in the shower.

She was standing in the kitchen, wiping off the table
when she heard the door open with a slight creaking
sound and turned to see, Thomas Riker standing in the

“You made a big mistake.” He said as he slowly walked
across the kitchen floor.

All of the color drained from her face, “About what?”

“About not telling Will about the baby, that’s what.”
He said, the anger in his voice rising. “Where is he
anyway?” he asked looking around the room.

“He’s gone.”

“Gone? Where?” He asked removing the scarf that was
wound around his neck and placing it on the back of
the chair.

“Who knows he took off in the middle of the night in
the land rover.”


“You know Will Riker as well as I do, Thomas.”

“Aren’t you going to offer me any coffee?”

“Gentlemen I offer coffee to. Men that look like
certain tyrants, whom I refuse to mention, and come in
here accusing me of making mistakes, I do not.”

Thomas let out a hearty laugh, and walked over and
hugged her shoulder, “All right, you win. I’m sorry,
might I trouble you for a cup of coffee, Miss Deanna?”

Now Deanna smiled, a smile that melted Tom’s heart,
his face suddenly turned serious. “Deanna, I care
about you. You, Will, Jeannie and the kids are the
only family we have left. . . . ” His voice trailed
off. “Since dad died, Will’s been blaming himself for
not being what dad always wanted him to be.”

“What about what I wanted, Tom? Will took that
mission knowing that I couldn’t go, knowing that it
was going to separate us, and if he hadn’t survived it
would have separated us forever.” She fought back the
tears that were beginning to form in her eyes. Then
her voice took on a poisonous tone. “Now, he expects
to come back here and I’m suppose to forgive and take
him back. I think not, he left me for Starfleet once;
I can’t allow him to do it again. It’s over.”

Deanna placed two cups of coffee in front of her
so-called brother in law.

“It’s only over if you don’t love him anymore.”

Deanna sighed and sat in the chair opposite of him.

“Do you still love him?”

“This is absurd, Thomas.”

“Just answer the damn question, do you still love

“What difference does it make?”


“Yes. But it doesn’t change anything, I’m still going
to have this baby by myself and raise it, without Will

“Convince him of that.” He stated softly as he sipped
his coffee.

“You Riker men are just alike.”

“And that means?” he asked, with a grin and a wag of
his brow.

“You. . . you treat women as if they were, as if they
were some sort of …” she looked around the kitchen for
an example in helping her explain what she was trying
to say, her eyes fell upon a small fruit bowl of
apples. “Some sort of apple, they simply fall from
the trees and into your arms.”

“If you’re going to compare my view of women to a
fruit Deanna. I don’t think an apple is a good
example, unless you’re speaking from a theological
point of view.” He laughed. “We Riker men think of
women as fruit all right, fruit cakes, I’ve got a
strawberry blonde fruitcake at the house, who happens
to be mothering a little nineteen month old nut, who
no doubt will grow up to be a fruitcake too.”

“Oh stop it.” She said suddenly standing to her feet.
“I can’t talk to you, you’re just as incorrigible as
your brother.”

“No I’m not. But I’ll say this, if you were my wife.”
Thomas said, his face suddenly turning serious, he
shoved the cup of coffee away from him and stood to
his feet. “I’d wring that pretty little neck of yours
for not telling me about the baby.” He turned, picked
up his hat and scarf and walked towards the door.

“Would it have made a difference?” she asked
earnestly. “Would it have made him stay with me?”

“I can’t say.” He said, opening the door. “I’m not
Will, remember?”

She gripped her hands together until her knuckles
turned white, of course she wanted more. She wanted
Will. She had always wanted Will. Tears began to
cascade down her face as she stood by the window and
watched Thomas jump into the land rover and head back
up towards the hill.


“Deanna. Deanna?” Riker’s soft voice and gentle nudge
on her shoulder attempting to wake her up, “You’re
going to break your neck.” Then she felt in her sleepy
haze two strong arms scooping her up. “You need to be
in bed, if you’re going to nap.”

Deanna’s head nuzzled up against his chest, her
nostrils filled with the familiar smell of him, the
fresh scent of soap and aftershave. She heard the
gentle beating of his heart as her ear lie on his
chest. “Will?” she spoke softly.

Riker smiled and held her closer to him. “Yeah?” he
answered, nuzzling his own chin against the top of her
head, inhaling the flowery fragrance of her shampoo.

Someone was carrying her and as if reality had just
slapped her in the face, her eyes flew open and she
demanded. “Put me down!”

And there is was again, that same devilish gleam in
his blue eyes, and that same smile, the smile that
seared directly through her spirit. “I don’t think I
can Deanna, you feel too good like this.”

Her eyes filled with fury. “Put me down!” she

“All right, all right.” He chuckled, gently putting
her feet on the floor. His eyes sparkled and a smile
began to spread across his face. “Miss me?”

“No!” She said her dark eyes glazed with anger, there
was one problem, her answer was so fast and so high
pitched that it made Riker smile.

“Uh uh. I don’t believe you.” He said with a wrinkle
of his nose and a curt shake of his head.

She didn’t like the way he was looking at her, or the
way he was calmly approaching her, his eyes held a
hunger, a hunger that only she could fill. And then
he stopped dead in his tracks, “Is there anything to
eat around here?”

Stunned by his sudden change of subject left her
confused and unsure as to how to proceed, she stared
into his steel-blue eyes that were looking at her with
such honesty, and warmth. “Eat?” she asked, taken
aback by his strange request. “You’re . . . you’re

“Yep.” Before she knew it he had taken her into her
arms and kissed her with a kiss that had left her
senseless and her anger began to dissolve as her body
molded itself perfectly with his, and she found
herself kissing him back, winding her arms around his
neck, her hands moving as if they had a destiny of
their own; one ending up on his shoulder tracing the
bulging muscle of his arm and the other hand towards
his neck, her fingers running wildly over the short
hairs at the nape of his neck.

When the kiss broke, he looked into her eyes and saw
the dream like daze that shadowed them; he smiled,
that same damn devilish grin, yep this woman was
definitely his, always was always would be. And he
would fight for her tooth and nail, even if she
happened to be the one he had to fight. “I can’t live
on your sweet words of love forever, Deanna. ”

“And what, pray tell, is that suppose to mean?”

He chuckled, “It means I’m hungry.”

“If I feed you will you leave?” she asked, she wanted
to push herself out of his arms, but he held her
tightly against him.

“Nope.” He said bending down kissing the tip of her
nose, “I always finish what I start, and from the
looks of your body, lady--- you’ve been started.” He
grinned, softly rubbing her rounded belly with his

That did it.

She angrily pushed herself away from him.

He simply smiled his devilish little smile, turned,
and headed towards the kitchen.

He was aimlessly searching, through cupboards and
cabinets in the kitchen when she entered behind him.
His eyes fell upon the bowl of fruit, “Apples.” He
said grabbing one and shining it on his shirt, turning
it slightly as if deciding where to take that first

“Get out of my kitchen and get out of my apples!” she
yelled. “Get out of my house!”

Riker’s smile was as charming as he was, and she had
never seen a more naughty twinkle in his eyes as she
saw now. “Make me.”


Chapter 3

His smile was so contagious she had to smile herself. He leaned up against the cabinet area, and just stood watching her, tossing the fruit in his hand.

“You’re beautiful when you smile.”

Her face turned and the smile faded, “Riker. . .” she warned.

Before she could finish he interrupted her, “So . . .where do we eat?” he asked hurriedly, putting the apple back in it’s basket.

She gave him a puzzled look. “At the kitchen table, you idiot. Have you been drinking?”

“No, I haven’t been drinking.” He defended himself. “What I meant was, do we eat in the dining room? Do you still go to Troi extremes of giving the most eloquent dinner parties, you of course being the perfect hostess.” He quickly amended not knowing what he was actually saying.

“And just who do you suppose I give dinner parties to? A polar bear? Or perhaps a herd of seals? This is Alaska you know.”


“This is Alaska you know.” He mouthed the words behind her back, all the while making a twisted face.

“Sit down and I’ll feed you.” She said gesturing towards the table with a motion of her arm. “Who knows.” And then she smiled, just a little too sweetly. “Perhaps we’ll all get lucky and you’ll choke.”

Ignoring her gibe, and swallowing his own smart aleck remark, he changed the subject. “I can help you, if you tell me what to do.” He offered as she began to set the table.

“Oh I’d love to tell you what to do, Mr. Riker.” She stated under her breath.


“Aren’t you going to eat?” Riker stated after another hefty forkful of food.

“I don’t think there’s anything left.” She answered, she had forgotten what a hearty appetite this six-foot four giant had, and she had to admit deep within herself that she enjoyed watching him eat. But, she wasn’t about to tell him that. “That makes the third plate you’ve inhaled.”

“You’ve come a long way, Imzadi. I used to have to get drunk before I could eat your cooking . . .” he said, swallowing a mouthful of food and washing it down with red wine.

“Well you won’t have to get drunk this time dear.” She retaliated, “I’ve seasoned your food with arsenic.”

“And I would have to admit you’ve added just the right amount. This is delicious.”

Deanna laughed at that. He suddenly remembered how good it was good to hear her laugh again, to see that twinkle of happiness in her eyes. “There should be laws against men like you.” She teased.

“Oh I’m sure there are, but you love my hooligan ways.” He gave her a big smile in return and winked at her, taking one last forkful of food, before pushing his plate away from him. He dabbed his mouth with his napkin. “Admit it.”

“Oh shut up.” She said standing taking his plate to the washing area.

“You want to admit it but you won’t.” he teased. “The fact is that you still love me.”

“Will you please shut up!” She warned.

“Just say it, Imzadi.”

“I said, shut up!” she yelled, her eyes flashed with anger.

He jumped slightly at the sound of her voice, gone was his prim and proper wife, standing before him, this woman was a hell cat, and he suddenly realized that he loved her more than he ever had before.

He stood there silent, and noticed the roundness of her belly, she had him by the throat and he knew it. If he had made her any angrier, she may go in to labor and he sure as hell didn’t want that, at least not until it was time.

“I would have come back to you.” He said, his voice suddenly turning serious, his eyes full of questions, that needed to be answered.. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“The condition of my body is none of your business.”

“Like hell it isn’t. Look Deanna, I don’t want to fight.”

“So don’t.”

“What I do want is you. I want you, Deanna. I want our baby.”

“Too bad.” She wasn’t about to give in now. The man had married her, impregnated her and then left her; he had once again chosen his career over her.

Riker wanted to strangle her, he wanted to take his hands and wrap them around her neck. She was the most stubborn woman he had ever encountered. And then suddenly he reminded himself that she was pregnant, and that he was mostly to blame for that, he was to blame for her anger, he had been the one who had left her. He’d hurt her, in more ways than he could have imagined. Guilt began to consume him.

He stood there, staring at her, his eyes going from her face to her swollen abdomen.

“I wouldn’t have left if I had known you were pregnant. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Maybe at that time, I didn’t even know--- I was pregnant. Has that pee sized brain of yours thought of that?”

He studied her silently for a moment. “I sent you communiqué after communiqué you never answered any of them, you had plenty of opportunities to tell me. Deanna, I love you.”

Suddenly her eyes flashed in anger, and before she knew it she had an apple in her hand and hurled it at him.

She discovered one thing about Will Riker, he possessed the quickest reflexes she had ever seen on any human male.

He was a good catcher.

“Thanks desert.” He smiled, taking a huge bite out of the apple.

A wide grin etched across his face as he chewed. “It seems to me that, when you’re not slandering me with your tongue, you’re throwing things at me---Counselor.” He said casually as he wiped away the apple juice from his bottom lip with the back of his hand. “I wonder why that is.”

Deanna flopped down in the kitchen chair, totally drained of energy. She let out a heavy sigh, she turned her head away from him and from the side, he noticed the moisture form in her eyes.

Oh crap. He thought, he’d made her cry. “Hey.” His voice soft, and concerned. “Don’t cry, when you cry, it rips me up inside.”

“Oh kiss my butt.” She said, wiping the tear from her face, standing to her feet.

He laughed at that, and when his laughter faded his face turned serious. “I was thinking, that I’d fix that front door, it sticks.” She didn’t respond just simply stared at him. “And I’ve noticed there’s a few spots on the roof that need to be mended, and the deck has got a couple of loose boards. Are my tools still in the garage?”

“How would I know?”

“Deanna, I’m not going anywhere, and as soon as you get that through that pretty little hot head of yours, we’ll get along fine.”

Still no response.

“Look, I’m sorry for what happened, and I’m sorry we ended up this way. We can continue this war---” he paused only for breath. “This insane war that’s waging between us---or we can be adults about this. I’m not going to fight with you, let’s call a time out.”

“That’s just fine with me.” She retaliated, still trying to hold back her tears, and at the same time knowing what he said was true they could at least be civil to one another after all they were adults. “And would you please stop standing there grinning like some baboon.”

“Anything you say, Deanna, anything you say.” With that he walked out the back door and headed towards the garage.


Chapter 4

For the next few weeks Riker had been true to his word and had stayed out of her way, letting her go about her business, attempting not to upset her and he also kept his snide infamous remarks to himself, at least those that he could control.

He had been out for most of the day and afternoon, checking fences when he pulled up into the driveway and heard a weak faint voice in his head. He shrugged it off thinking his mind was playing tricks on him.

<<Will>> He heard it again, it was Deanna and she sounded weak.

He rushed in through the back door and saw no trace of Deanna. “Deanna!” he yelled out.

“Deanna!” he yelled and took off like a mad bull up the stairway, two steps at a time. He suddenly stopped at the archway of her door and had to blink twice at the sight that was before him.

Deanna was on her knees, holding onto her stomach. “The baby Will.” She whispered, her eyes full of panic. “Help me to lie down.”

“Holy shit.” He said rushing towards her.

She soon felt his strong arms close around her and lift her off of her feet. He gently placed her on the bed. He paused to look at her for a moment, her eyes were closed but he could tell that she was hurting. “To hell with this.” He said, scooping her up in his arms again and carrying her down towards the land rover.

Riker gently placed Deanna in the passenger’s side of the land rover and practically jumped over the hood of the vehicle and sat behind the wheel.

“I’m taking you to the hospital.” He said, quickly shifting the vehicle in gear, gripping the steering wheel he felt a sense of urgency that he had never felt before, he was scared, for the first time in his life he was scared, Deanna had felt like putty in his arms, limp and unresponsive. He sped off towards town.

As the land rover came to a screeching halt in front of the medical facility. “You’ve got to help my wife. ” He ordered, running through the hissing doors.

Immediately a unit of medical personnel came to the vehicle and placed her on an air gurney, he watched helplessly, and thankfully as they all went into quick action. He followed behind them down a long hall and was stopped by the hand of a nurse grabbing his arm.

“I’m sorry you can not go any further.” She ordered, she was tall, lanky and starchy.

“But. . .”

“It’s against hospital procedure, no acceptations!” She proclaimed, grabbing him by the upper arm, as if she had been proclaimed guardian of Medical rules and regulations.

“Damn it! She needs me!” he protested, his eyes turning to steel.

With an evil smile, the starchy, stuffy, bitter nurse responded, “Of course she does. They all do.”

“Damn it!” he cursed, jerking her arm from her grasp.

Another nurse approached the two. “Is there a problem?” she asked, at least she was pleasant.

“I just brought my wife in and I’d like to stay with her.” He explained.

“I’m sorry, Mr. . .”

“Riker, William Riker.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Riker, but you have to allow the Doctor the time he needs to access the situation, and do what needs to be done. Your wife is in good hands. In the mean time, you can wait in the waiting area down the hall, and we will tell you something as soon as we find out.”

He didn’t budge, and the stuffy nurse’s face was tight, with both arms folded in front of her, she reminded Riker of a prison guard. “I’ll call security if I have to sir, and have you totally removed from the medical facility.”

Riker ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. “That won’t be necessary.” He sighed.

“Is there anyone you’d like for us to call Mr. Riker?” The younger, nice nurse asked.

“I’ll call my brother.” he answered lowly.

Turning on his heels he had no choice but to head for the waiting room.

Angry and concerned, Riker paced the waiting room. Twenty minutes later Thomas and Jeannie arrived, and he explained to them the situation.

One hour passed by and then another and then another. Riker made trip after trip to the nurses’ station trying to eke out information on his wife’s condition.

“William, stop badgering the nurse.” Jeannie warned, looking up from the brochure she was reading. “I’m sure they’ll tell us something when they know something.

“You’re probably right.” He agreed, Riker flopped down in a chair and rested his arms on his knees, his hands clasped tightly together, and his head flopped forward.

“Hey.” The voice was familiar; very familiar, it was Thomas. “She’ll be okay, Deanna’s a pretty tough cookie.” Thomas said, placing his hand on his brother’s shoulder.

“Yeah.” Riker said, glancing quickly at his duplicate and then immediately back to the space between his feet. “Thanks for taking care of her while I was gone. I owe you one.”

“She’s had it rough, the winter’s around here can be harsh, especially on a woman who lives alone. Deanna’s no longer the aristocrat that she was on Betazed, she’s hardened, the land has made her a survivor.”

“I’m sure the two of you became awfully close.”

“I’m protective of her if that’s what you mean. I’d kick the hell out of the first son-of-a bitch that tried to cause her the least bit of pain.”

“Well, for once in our life we can finally agree on something, because I feel the same way, little brother.”

“William Riker.”

Riker’s head snapped from its position against his chest. “Yes?”

“Did you bring Deanna Riker in?”

“Yes, I did.” He said standing to his feet. “How is she?”

“The doctor will be out momentarily to give you a report.”

“Momentarily! It’s been three damn hours, what in the hell is going on? How is she?”

The nurse motioned him to sit down, but he refused. So did Thomas and Jeannie.

“She stable.” The voice of a male sounded from behind the Nurse. “I’m Doctor McKinley.” He introduced him self, holding his hand out in greeting, Riker extended his hand out and quickly shook the physician’s hand. “You must be the husband.”

“How is she? When can I see her?”

“She’s stabilized. She’s going to be fine, Mr. Riker.” The doctor stated, wanting him to know that his wife was going to be all right. “Your wife went into premature labor, we attempted to stop the contractions, but in the end we had to take the baby, and your daughter is doing fine, she’s small, but she’s doing fine. She’s down in the nursery.”

“Oh my gods, it’s a girl!” Jeannie squealed, hugging Riker tightly around the neck.

Riker as if he were in another world, did manage a strained smile. “Can I see my wife?”

“She’s unconscious.”

“Deanna will know I’m there.” Riker said in a no-nonsense voice. “Just get me a chair and I’ll stay.”

“You’re more than welcome to go to the nursery to see your daughter, Mr. Riker.”

Riker wanted to curse the doctor, and his lack of sensitivity. And for the first time in his life he missed Beverly Crusher.

“If he says Deanna will know he’s there, believe him.” Thomas Riker stepped forward in his brother’s defense.

“She won’t know he’s there.” The doctor repeated.

After three hours of sitting in a waiting room, scared out of his wits, his nerves were frayed and he snapped. “Just get the god damn chair! I’m staying!”

With a shrug, the doctor slowly replied, “Whatever you want Mr. Riker.”

The beeps and sighs of all of the equipment, kept Riker on edge. His hand tightened protectively around Deanna’s. She had been unconscious for three hours and that frightened him. Was she simply sleeping or was she in a coma? No one around the damn hospital would tell him for sure, the only thing he could get out of the nurses was that she was resting.

“Resting.” He said with disgust as he leaned back in his chair, his hand still holding onto his wife’s swollen fingers. “Gods, I wish that red headed witch doctor was here.” He found himself saying. Smiling as his mind thought of all the times he and Beverly Crusher had argued.

Deanna began to come to. She no longer felt life inside of her. What about her baby her mind screamed, as her eyes struggled to stay open. Every thing was so groggy, so fuzzy. “My baby.” She managed to squeak out of her parched throat.

“Deanna, you’re going to be okay. The baby is fine; she’s down in the nursery. Tom and Jeannie are outside of your room. At least I think they are, they might have gone down to see our daughter. We’ve got a little girl, Imzadi. I haven’t seen her yet, I wanted to wait for you.” He smiled slightly. “Damn, I’ve been so worried about you.”

Deanna looked into up, and their eyes locked. It was too late, too late for concern.

Deanna turned her head away from him and towards the opposite side, “Go away. . . ” She whispered.

Riker froze, and his hand loosened it’s self away from Deanna’s. The hurt in her voice was real, and it shot through him like a knife. He pushed back his chair and stood to his feet.

He placed a hand on her shoulder, barely touching her. “Just get well, Deanna, your daughter needs you.” He whispered, swallowing the lump that was forming in his throat. “I’ll tell Tom and Jeannie you’re awake.”

Not wanting to leave, but knowing that he had to, he walked slowly to the door. As he opened it, he turned. Deanna was looking at him, her eyes full of tears. Damn it, he had made her cry again. He bowed his head and then he broke, the tears began to run down his cheek, “The war is over between us, Deanna.”

Then he was gone.

Deanna slowly turned her head towards the window again; she closed her eyes tears running down the sides of her face. What time was it? What day was it? She wanted her baby; she wanted to see her baby? He had said that it was a little girl. She wondered what she looked like. How she was? He had said that the baby was fine, in which she was grateful. And were those really tears she saw in Will’s eyes as he stood by the door.


Chapter 5

Deanna had been home from the hospital for over six months, she also hadn’t seen Will since that day she had told him to go away.

Settling the baby down after, rocking her to sleep and trying to settle a small tummy ache that the infant had been fussing with. She gently tucked the infant into her bed and slowly closed the door behind her leaving it open only a crack, she wrapped her robe around herself and proceeded back towards her bedroom.

She heard a rattle in the kitchen and thinking it was something as simple as the wind, banging against the back door, she made her way to the kitchen.

“Stupid wind” she said as she walked through the doorway. Her eyes narrowed when she realized it was Will Riker, rummaging around in her kitchen.

“Just what are you doing here?” she asked.

Riker jumped hitting his head on the edge of the cabinet, standing there rubbing the top of his head he answered. “Looking for coffee, you shouldn’t sneak up on people like that.”

“Didn’t you say the war between us was over, or do your battle lines have no parameters, and I’m fair game again now that the baby is born?”

“Where’s the sugar?”

Ignoring his question she rattled on angrily. “And another thing, I may have your child, Mr. Riker, and if you want to have visiting privileges you need to call first, do you realize what time it is?” She noticed that he was making coffee, as if it was the most normal thing to do in the world. “And just why, pray tell, are you making coffee at two in the morning, in a house that you no longer live in?”

“I couldn’t sleep, would you like a cup?”

“You really are a bastard, you know that? You’ve been told to stay away and you insist on haunting me, are you some sort of moron?”

“You have any soap?” he asked, totally unaffected by her burst of anger.

“Soap!?” Deanna asked wide-eyed, she couldn’t believe her ears. The man wanted soap. “And tell me, just what in the hell are you going to do with soap?”

“I’m going to wash your mouth out with it, since when did your vocabulary consist of such colorful language, Counselor?”

“That’s none of your business!” she screamed.

“I’m going to sit at this table and I’m going to drink some coffee, if that’s alright with you. I was also hoping that you could possibly make me some breakfast.” He answered casually, and then he smiled, lowered his voice and instructed her. “Keep your voice down you’ll wake up the baby.”

Deanna’s eyes burned with anger, her fist clenched at her sides. “Why did you come back?” she asked through clenched teeth.

“Because I love you.”

“Not again.” She groaned.

”I love you, damn it!” He answered her with the authority of a Starfleet Officer. “And I’m making coffee because you have cost me more sleepless nights than---you---could ever imagine.”

Deanna looked up to the ceiling and then her eyes focused on him, there he stood, tall and handsome. “Will. . .” she began, her voice calm, “I’m asking you politely, will you please leave.”

Riker stepped forward, and she thought for a moment he was going to do as she asked, suddenly before she realized it, his arms went around her back, trapping her against him, her arms pinned at her sides.

“Will, let me go.” She stated firmly.

“You’re too tense.” He smiled.

She attempted to squirm free. “Let me go or I’ll scream.” She stated more firmly.

“You’ve been screaming.” He replied with a smile.

Deanna reared her leg back and kicked him as hard as she could in the shin. Riker immediately released her, grabbing onto his ankle and began to hop around the kitchen.

“You little hellion!” He yelled.

Deanna ran for all she was worth through the kitchen and up the stairs, she darted into her bedroom and slammed the door against Riker’s sore shin as he came up behind her, he flung the door open with his arm.

“Get out of my house, or I’ll….I’ll….” she grabbed a vase, and drew her arm back, ready to let it fly if he took one more step.

But he just stood inside of the doorway, and stared at her. Taking a deep breath to reclaim his thoughts, he held his hand out and Deanna drew her arm back a little bit further, ready to slingshot the vase at him. “I’m warning you Riker, I’ll smash this over that thick skull of yours if you take a step further.”

“Put the vase down Deanna.” He said calmly.

“Oh no---not on your life, Riker.”

She could not believe the laughter in his eyes, which soon reached his face and the corners of his mouth curled up. Then he had that same devilish gleam in his eyes, he learned quickly that that was his first mistake.

Like a catapult her arm went back a little further and the vase sailed through the air, Riker ducked as the antique shattered on the wall behind him, ceramic chips and dust flying every where.

”Damn it Deanna!” he cursed, dusting the ceramic pieces out of his hair. “What in the hell are you trying to do--- kill me!” He said with disgust, dusting the ceramic pieces out of his hair.

“Yes!” she said looking around for something else to throw.

She picked up a nearby statue, and as Riker rushed her she hurled it at him. It bounced off of his shoulder, and she heard him exclaim a painful curse.

But it didn’t stop him.

She darted past him and threw a hairbrush that he deflected with his arm.

Next came a perfume bottle, a picture frame, and a glass statue of a dolphin and then a book of poems.

She began to take steps backward. “Stay away from me.”

“What’s the matter Counselor--- run out of ammunition?” he asked as he slowly made her way towards her, knowing that she was trapped. He was certain of the fact that he would catch her.

“No, I haven’t run out of ammunition.” She glared, twisting the ring off of her finger, and getting ready to throw it at him.

His face turned to stone. “Deanna, don’t.” he said standing erect, his jaw fixed. “I’m warning you.”

“And I’m warning you, get out of my house and get out of my life! I don’t want you here!”

He had to do something, he had to think of something fast or she would more than likely throw the ring at him and then hate herself for doing it. His voice calmed and he asked, “I love you, Deanna. Doesn’t that mean anything? Are you willing to just throw us away like this.”

She shook her head, her eyes beginning to fill with tears. “It’s too late for us.”

“It will never be too late for us.”

“Why did you leave me?”

“I never meant to hurt you.” He said slowly approaching her.

“Every time you enter this house you hurt me.” Her voice quivered, the tears flowing freely down her face.

Without realizing it Riker had her in his arms and was holding her as she wept. He gently stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head, cooing her with soft-spoken words.

They remained that way for a long time, just holding one another.

He pulled her closer to him and realized that there was no fight left in her, and she molded her body to his. He lifted her face, by gently placing two fingers under her chin and looked into her eyes. They locked eyes, taking a huge risk; he bent his head forward, his lips gently touching hers.

When he received no opposition, he lowered his head again and then he captured her lips again.

And then a third time, with more urgency, and hunger.

He moved her gently towards the bed, both of them slowly falling down on top of it, then he untied her robe, exposing her body, she allowed his hands to rediscover her, she felt his arousal against the inside of her thigh, his fingers tangled in her hair holding her face as he lowered his head and kissed her.

Riker unbuckled his belt and removed his pants and placed his hips between her legs,

He entered her with gentleness and began to move within her, “I love you, Deanna.” He whispered, as his body suddenly began a rhythm of it’s own, and he was no longer in control, he had been without her too long. “Oh God Deanna I can’t…I can’t.” he groaned, trying to maintain. He found his full fulfillment in a sudden burst of passion, which was only to be matched with hers.

When it was over he held her close to him, and gently stroked her damp hair, placing the long tendrils behind her ear, whispering how lovely she was and then both of them drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning daylight lit up the room, and Deanna opened her eyes and stretched.

“Hey.” A sleepy voice said somewhere behind her, and then a warm hand slid over the flatness of her stomach, pressing her flat on her back.

And then she saw Riker, his hair a mess, he had a wide, satisfied grin that spread from ear to ear. “You’re not leaving me are you?” he asked, dragging his bearded chin and forth across her smooth stomach.

“Stop it. That tickles.” She laughed, gently slapping him on his shoulder.

“Does this?” he asked, planting soft kisses across her stomach.

“You’re insane.” She giggled.

Riker raised his head and looked around the room, there was shattered chards of ceramics, books, hairbrushes and other items strewn across the room. “Did a bomb go off in here or did someone piss of that little Betazoid hell cat again?” he teased.

“William. . .” She warned, her voice dangerously low.

“It’s getting cold in here.” He stated with a shiver, referring to the glare and the tone of voice she had used when saying his name. He quickly grabbed the sheet and drew it over the both of them, and held her close, nuzzling against her backside.

“Will can I ask you something?”

“You have my full attention.” he said, planting small kisses on her neck, she felt his full attention against the small of her back.

“How long has it been?”


“How long has it been since you’ve made love to a woman?”

“Deanna.” He said in a husky voice, rolling over onto his back.

“How long Will?” she repeated the question. Deanna rolled over and propped herself on her elbow, so that she could look into his eyes.

He looked up towards the ceiling as if thinking about something. “There has been no one since you. There never could be, and there never will be.”

When he got not response, Riker smiled, rolled over and kissed her lightly on the lips. “My answer must have shocked you, for once I do believe you’re speechless, Counselor?”

She simply looked at him, a warm loving smile; he saw the desire in her eyes.

He rolled over and brought his body on top of hers, and began to plant light kissed on her face, her closed eyelids, his lips finally giving her a long lazy, passionate kiss on her lips, when the kiss broke he let out a low chuckle, “Oh hell, who needs to talk anyway.” He grabbed her hips and rolled over bringing her body on top of his.

They lay there in the aftermath of their lovemaking, tangled in each other’s arms; Deanna’s hand on his chest, her fingers running slowly across his damp skin.

He gave her a long lazy smile, and then his eyes sparkled with a boyish mischief, as if he had just woke up and discovered that it was Christmas. He quickly turned away from her, jumped out of bed and thrust his long legs into his trousers.

“Are you leaving me?” Now it was her turn to ask the question.

“Yep, and for your information. I’m leaving for another woman.” He smiled, bending over and kissing her forehead.

Suddenly the sound of a baby crying broke through the early morning tranquility. “My mistress awaits.” He said as he bowed his head and exited the room.

Deanna lay there in the quiet, and stretched across the bed, letting out a long sigh; she smiled to herself, thinking of how wonderful her day was going to be.

“Deanna. De-ann-na” she heard the voice of her husband call from the other room, slowly raising up and propping herself on her elbows, she looked towards the exit, there he stood in the middle of the doorway holding the six month old at arms length. “She’s wet and smells like a goat.” He said his face twisted. “Is that normal?”


Chapter 6

Deanna cooked breakfast, while Riker sat at the kitchen table and played with the baby, that is after, Deanna had given the baby its morning bath.

“Hey, that’s my beard.” He laughed, prying the five fat little fingers from the hair on his face. “It stays.” He said, with a twinkle in is eye, and then he whispered. “It’s the only way to tell mommy from daddy.”

“Cute, Riker.” Deanna said with a roll of her eyes, as she sat his breakfast in front of him.

Both of their heads snapped at the sound of a land rover as it pulled up the drive. A few seconds later Thomas Riker barged through the door. He was angry, his face that of a mad bull and Will Riker was the red flag.

“Thomas what are you doing?” Deanna began to protest.

Thomas ignored her. “Will, you and I need to step outside for a minute?” he said, his tone of voice serious and direct.

Riker nodded and stood, handing the baby to Deanna. When Deanna started to follow, Thomas turned around and informed her. “You better stay inside, Deanna, this is between me and my brother.”

After a few minutes, Deanna looked out the back door and couldn’t see them.

She stepped outside and they weren’t any where in sight, she would have gone exploring, but with the baby on her hip she decided to go back into the house.

Suddenly Jeannie ran through the back door, “Go Deanna, go!” she stated with an urgency taking the baby from the Betazoids arms, and placing her own young toddler down on the floor, “I’ll stay with the children. Go! My God they’re going to kill each other!”

Deanna darted out the back door, by the time she go to where the two men were fighting; the fight was in full force, both of them knocking the other one senseless.

She yelled and screamed, and even tried to plead for them to stop, but to no avail. They were both too involved in killing each other that she wasn’t even noticed.

Knowing that they wouldn’t stop until one killed the other, she ran back into the house and quickly took the antique gun that Will’s grandfather had used in the war.

When the shot rang out, both Will and Tom stopped fighting and looked towards her, Will fell to the ground in a breathless, bloody mess and Thomas fell to his knees beside him; there wasn’t a place on either one of their bodies that wasn’t bleeding; cut or swollen; they had literally beaten the pulp out of one another.

“What in the hell did you do that for?” Riker asked, trying to catch his breath, as he made no effort to get up.

“I should shoot you right here and now, Will Riker!” she yelled.

Riker shot Thomas a look. Thomas simply smiled.

“And you wipe that grin off of your face Thomas Riker or you’ll be buried next to your brother!”

“What did I do?” Thomas asked shocked, he attempted to stand to his feet. He decided against it and simple sat on the ground.

“You beating up my husband that’s what!” she yelled. “What are you crazy?! He’s the father of my child and you’re trying to kill him!”

“Yeah.” Riker said sarcastically, as he began to swell with confidence, he added injury to insult by giving his brother and unspoken gesture of his hand.

“William! What in the hell are you trying to do--- kill Thomas!! He’s been like a brother to me; you know how much he means to me?! You pig-headed moron!”

“He’s an ass hole, Deanna!” Thomas declared, in between breaths.

“Don’t you think I know that Thomas!!” she stomped her foot, against the ground. She looked over towards Will, and their eyes locked. “But he’s my ass-hole, and I love him.”

“I’m her ass-hole?” Riker sat there and mouthed the words to himself.

Thomas stood to his feet and staggered over towards Deanna. “Deanna, I was only trying to...”

“I know.” She said in an understanding voice. “Jeannie is in the house, go wash up, before you bleed to death.”

Riker stood to his feet, he began to wobble trying to right himself, he staggered towards Deanna, and there wasn’t a place on him that wasn’t bleeding. Riker stood beside his wife with his hands on his knees attempting to catch his breath. “I hope the hell they don’t decide to come over for Sunday dinner.” He directed his statement towards Tom. Deanna whacked him on the back of the head, and he shot her a look.

“And I hope the hell you learned your lesson.” Thomas yelled back.

“You smart mouthed son-of-a bitch!” Riker cursed through clenched teeth; charging his brother like a mad bull, his head hit Thomas squarely in the gut; all Deanna heard was the sound air gushing out of out of Tom’s lungs, as Riker’s tackled his brother to the ground.

Deanna took the gun and shot up into the air again.

The fighting ceased.

Two pair of blue eyes looked up.

“Will you do something with her!” Thomas said disgusted.

With determination, Riker stood himself up and stomped towards his wife, quickly snatching the gun out of her hand. “Will you stop doing that!” He demanded. “This gun could back fire and blow up in your face.”

“Get in the house Thomas. Now!” She demanded. “And Will . . .” she added, “For once in your life . . Shut Up.”

There wasn’t a muscle in Riker’s body that didn’t hurt, Deanna had wanted him to go to the hospital but he refused, knowing that he would probably get that crabby nurse, who would not doubt take great joy in seeing him suffer. The only thing that made him feel better was the fact that Thomas was in as much pain as he was.

Deanna saw him moving around the house like a decrepit old codger. She began to laugh.

“Hey, you try having a two hundred and thirty pound fist coming towards your face and see how fast you move.” He said as he made his way to the front porch deck and stood outside in the cool night air.

Deanna walked outside and stood in front of him, he winced slightly as she wrapped her arms around his waist. “Oh sorry, I forgot, two broken ribs.” She said, backing away from him.

“That damn brother of mine, now that I can make love to you, I’m too damn sore to do it.”

“I heard from Jeannie and she said Thomas could barely move, apparently he’s got a few broken ribs too.”

“Do we still resemble one another, because if you say yes, that means I should have hit him a few more times in the face.”

“Then I won’t answer that question.” She smiled, backing up against his body this time and wrapping his arms around her waist, “Both of you look a mess, all bruised and swollen.”

“But you love me.” He whispered into her hair.

“Yes. I love you.” She smiled, snuggling closer against him. “He was simply protecting me, he was angry because you disappeared after the baby was born.”

“I don’t really blame him, I would have kicked my own ass.”

“Will you answer me something?”

“Anything.” He whispered kissing the top of her head.

“Are you here forever?”

“I don’t know.” He answered slowly. Deanna’s heart contracted and he felt her body stiffen up in his arms. “I guess that’s up to you.”

“What?” she asked, turning around in his arms, her dark eyes wide with confusion.

“I mean, how long will my forever be? If you continue to put arsenic in my food, throw apples, soar vases through the air, or any other object you seem to get in your hands, or Gods forbid, shot guns?” And there it was again that devilish glitter in his eyes, brightened only by the light of the silvery moon.

“You’re evil.” She laughed, pushing herself away from him. She opened the front door, turned around, and threw her head back in laughter as she walked through the threshold

“Yeah. But you love me.” He replied, limping behind her.

The End