No Games

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Kneeling on his knees, Riker exhaled.
"Okay." He said. "We can do this, right? We’ve  got
everything we need." Looking up at the ceiling and
scratching his chin, he looked back down and
confirmed. "We got everything under control, right?"
"No games." He said raising a finger.

His partner suddenly flipped over on her hands and
knees and
scramble away in the six inches of water.
"Time for the turtle maneuver." He said.  Retrieving
the young child by the round belly, holding her above
the water like a huge turtle. Arms and legs never
stopping as if she was trying to crawl away in the
air.  He gently centered her back into the tub of
"No games." He repeated raising a finger.

Everything under control…he thought to himself, as he
picked up the wash-rag.
"Let go of that…let go, you let go of that."  He was
softly pulling the wash-rag the baby had clenched
between her four teeth. "It isn’t time for tug of
war." He told her.
"I said, no games."
Winning the wash rag war this time, he proceed to
pour the liquid soap on the soft rag…making sure he
didn’t get too much or too little.
Placing the rag in the palm of his hand, he proceed to
continue his task.
He finally had everything under control.

One problem, the child had scurried away and was
trying to climb up the back of the tub; legs and arms
moving wildly as she tried to escape.

Dropping the wash-rag into the soapy tub, he exhaled
"Get back…down here." extending his long arms,
retrieving the child again, and picking her up again,
as if she was a large turtle. "Stop doing that." he

"Can you find it?" he asked, leaning into the tub,
close to the baby’s face. He began swishing his hand
in the bath water blindly searching for the lost rag.
The only answer he got was a wet beard, as the child
blew a mouth full of  water in his face.
"Well, at least your learning the last time you
swallowed it." he said, wiping his face with the
sleeve of his shirt.

Finding the lost rag, he proceeded with his task.

"Get….Get….. back down here." he laughed. Using the
turtle maneuver.
"No games." He chuckled,  raising a finger.

"No…don’t ……don’t…." he looked behind him as the
bottle of soap lay on its side, its contents slowly
pouring out of it’s container onto the floor.
Tilting his head playfully, "Nice arm." he smiled.
Riker peeled the wet rag off of his face.
"All right." He whispered. "You know this means war."
Riker splashed.
The baby splashed.
Throwing water all over the room.
"Uh oh." Riker said, looking around the room. "Let’s
get out of here before she finds out."
Picking the child up out of the tub, wrapping her in a
towel, he carried her out of the washroom.

"Did you two make it all right?" Deanna asked,  never
looking up from her reading.
With his voice full of confidence, "I’ve got it under
control." He said, as he walked through the room in
wet clothes, holding the culprit.
"I told you…. no games." She heard him say from the

the end…