Wyatt Miller wasn’t the only one who asked for advice from Lwaxana Troi during “Haven”


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William Riker sat at the bar in ten-forward, he ordered himself another huge glass of brandy and topped it off with a stout shot of whiskey, after last night and seeing Deanna with Wyatt, all he had done was drink. Sitting with his hands cupped around the glass, he sat in deep thought, before he quickly downed the contents of the glass and stood to his feet and made his way towards the guest quarters of Lwaxana Troi.

“Good day, Commander.” The voice boomed out.

“Mrs. Troi.”

“Well then what do I owe this honor to William? Wyatt just left, something about following your destiny . . .such a nice young man.”

“I need to speak with you Mrs. Troi.”

As if reading the young officers mind the elder Troi began. “Your occupation is not conducive to marriage, William.” she said, and then suddenly as if some one had pushed a button she changed the subject. “Tell me, what do you think of my gown?”

“Mrs. Troi.” Riker stated, not wanting her to sense the weariness of his voice.

“William.” The elder Troi turned and exhaled slowly. “You have the reputation of being a ladies man. You are perhaps one of Starfleet’s most wickedest womanizers.” And then she stated lowly. “If I were a few years younger . . . but alas . . .” and then someone pushed that damn button again. “Tell me Commander, does this color match my eyes?” referring to her gown again. “It’s a pity I won’t be wearing it to the wedding.” She stated, swirling around in front of the mirror.

Riker corrected his posture, it’s now or never he thought. “Mrs. Troi, I know that this may come as unwelcome news to you, but I’m in love with your daughter.”

The look on Lwaxana’s face was mere shock, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. “William,” she asked with a sigh, “What does my daughter possess that your many other lovers do not?”

He simply looked at her and said, “My heart.”

Lwaxana turned and looked at the young officer, her eyes full of compassion and pity. “Of course she does my dear.”

Walking over to him the elder Troi took his arm. “Well, come on.” She smiled leading him through the archway. “Let’s see what we can do about this.”

Riker looked down the elegant woman and smiled, saying nothing.

“We simply can’t get rid of that Miller woman who grates every nerve in my body, standing here with you drunker than a Betazed bear dipped in honey now, can we?”

“No maam.” Riker smiled victoriously.

The end or is it?