"Wedded Bliss"
Author: Pia Pedersen

Rated R overall

Post "Nemesis," no spoilers. Well, except for the marriage.

There is no plot. It's fluff, mixed with a pinch of angst.
I hope you all enjoy.

Disclaimer: We all know they aren't my characters. I'm just
playing with them.



Deanna stood in the doorway to the bedroom, a small smile
on her lips as she took in the scenery before her. Her
husband was sleeping soundly, and she was once again struck
by how relaxed he looked in this state. He was not just
handsome in these unguarded moments. He was beautiful. His
soul was so vibrant, so glowing that she often found
herself looking at him, eager to absorb every ounce of the
life force, which radiated from him. Deanna stepped into
the room and walked to his side of the bed as he opened his
eyes to look at her.

"Mm." He was still half asleep. It had been a tough week on
the Titan, and Will was exhausted. He reached out to her,
and Deanna sat down on the edge of the bed. "I love you."
It wasn't what he had meant to say, but the sheer miracle
of being free to say the words was still somewhat
overwhelming, and, of course, the indisputable fact that
his wife was the most mysterious, enchanting, and beautiful
woman in existence made it all the more incredible that she
was in fact, finally, his wife. They were finally Imzadi in
every sense of the word. They were a part of one another in
mind, body, and spirit. While they continued to act and
exist as individuals, they were, at the same time, living
with the presence and the thoughts of the other forever in
their minds and hearts.

"I love you, too," she said, her words released into his
mouth as her lips crushed his, and her tongue slipped
inside to duel with his. They both groaned as the simple
act of kissing became so much more, a pledge all over
again. With their busy schedules there hadn't been much
time for them to spend together, and it was beginning to
take its toll on both Will and Deanna. "You are needed on
the bridge," she whispered when they broke for air. Will
nodded hesitantly and started to dress.

"Someday soon," he kissed her again, "I plan to be here
when you fall asleep."

She smiled, turning as she walked through the door to the
living area. "I'll hold you to that, Captain."

"I hope so," Riker mumbled as she disappeared out of his
view, and he hurriedly finished dressing and left to meet
his First Officer.


Deanna was asleep when Will returned hours later. She lay
curled up on the couch, a book flipped open next to her.
She hadn't eaten much, judging from the leftover meal by
the sink. Will took the cup from the table, pouring out the
now cold chocolate. Deanna stirred as he lifted her up and
carried her to bed, and Will dropped a loving kiss on her
cheek, feeling a pang in his chest that had absolutely
nothing in common with the marital happiness he should have
felt. This was supposed to be the happiest time in their
lives, and instead here they were, living their lives
separately together - more so parallel than side by side.
Will fell asleep holding Deanna close, and when she moved
against him whispering his name, he could actually feel his
soul reach for hers, searching for that ultimate connection
he held so sacred. 




She was pulled out of her reverie upon hearing Will's

"Yes, Captain," she responded in a weary voice. "What is
it, Will?"

In his Ready Room Will let out a breath, leaning over the
stack of PADDS as he let a hand run through his hair. He
was so tired. He was tired of the double shifts; tired of
the issues with the crew ... tired of the fact that this
was the closest thing to a conversation he and Deanna had
had in days.

"I wanted to ask you to have dinner with me." He got up and
moved around the room. This was his dream - he had fought
to get here, and yet - right now - he would give it all up.
She still hadn't answered him.

"I already ate. I had a meeting with the Medical staff a
while ago, and now I have some reports to --- I didn't
think you would have time." She could feel how exhausted he
was, how much he wanted things to be different for them.
"It's nothing we hadn't anticipated, Will. We knew there
would be a period of adjustment once we got here. It's

"Is it?" He knew that he ought to down to her office right
now. But he stayed where he was. His hand clenched and
unclenched at his side. "Deanna ---"

"Captain?" The faint chime followed the voice of his Chief
Engineer. Riker sighed. So did Deanna, but hers went
unheard by him.

"Deanna, we have to ---" She heard the chime again, and
then she heard him grant admittance to whoever was waiting.

"We will. Later."

"Yes." He gestured for the officer to take a seat. "I won't
be long." Riker's voice fell to a whisper, and the young
officer glanced at the stack of reports at his Captain's
desk. There were at least five hours of work there, and now
this ...

"Mr. Parsons," Riker took his seat behind the desk. "Is
there a problem?"

"Sir, we are experiencing some unexplainable readings ---
you wanted to know if ---" The young man trailed off
momentarily. He had heard about William Riker, hardly
anyone could say they hadn't, but the man in front of him
didn't fit the description. He looked liked he'd rather be
anywhere else, and even if Will only let his guard down for
a brief moment, it was long enough for Andrew Parsons to
surmise that Riker's position wasn't entirely enviable.

"I'll be with you shortly." Riker nodded. "Was that all,

Parsons rose quickly and came to attention. "Yes, sir."

"Thank you. Dismissed."

As his officer hurried out, Will made his way to the
nearest turbo lift. It was going to be another long night.


She wasn't in her office, and he pressed the access code to
their quarters. Deanna closed her eyes, resting on the
couch. His tall figure blocked out the lights from the
hallway. He stayed just inside the doorway, and they both
heard the doors slide shut.

"You have to take care of the problem in Engineering," she
said, softly. "I know. It's okay, Will."

"No, it isn't," he said, fighting the fear he had managed
to block from her so far. He was afraid to look at her,
afraid to see the disappointment in her eyes. There was
nothing he wanted more than to cross the room and bring her
into his arms. He wanted to kiss her and love her. But he
was afraid. She wouldn't push him away, it wasn't that, but
there was a distance there, however faint, when he touched
her. Not that he could blame her.

He moved closer to her, sitting down next to her. But he
didn't touch her. Deanna shifted her position, edging
slightly closer to him. "Tell me I'm not screwing this up,

"We have to talk," was her answer, and he looked at her. He
didn't see the disappointment that he'd feared. What he saw
was worse. When they'd married he had promised himself to
do all he could to not cause her any pain or sadness. He
hadn't been able to keep that promise for long. His hand
cupped one side of her face. "I'm fine. Go do what you have
to do."

"Imzadi ..."

"I know." He felt her smile rather than saw it, and it
sparked new life to his soul. "Me too." The kiss was
searching, and he could feel her hesitance. Things were far
from perfect, but he still felt her love flow through his
entire being, and he held her tight, unwilling and unable
to let her go in that moment. Deanna kissed him softly,
pushing him away from her gently. "You should go figure out
what the problem is before ---"

"Captain?" Andrew Parsons voice came through Will's comm.
badge, and he groaned before tapping the button in

"On my way," he said. "Riker out." He turned to Deanna,
dropping a kiss on her hair. "We'll talk soon. Don't ---"

"I won't," she said. He nodded. This routine was beginning
to be a little too familiar. Will took a deep breath and
did his best to clear his mind as he left his wife to turn
in for the night.



She was right. Something had to change. Soon.