”Bon Voyage”

Author: Pia Pedersen

Timeframe: Post Nemesis


Disclaimer: I own none of this.




Jean-Luc Picard smiled slightly as he remembered the day he had first met William Riker. It was a long time ago, and they had been through quite a lot together over the years. Picard had been confident that he was getting an competent and dedicated First Officer, but what he hadn’t expected was that Will and he would become friends. Yet, somehow that was what had happened, and now … it was time to say goodbye. Riker had finally taken the plunge, both personally and professionally. He had married Deanna and was about to disembark to take on his own command. Picard was happy for the both of them, but he couldn’t denounce the sadness, which was also there, so he had left the reception and went to his Ready Room.




“Number One.”  Picard stood, gesturing for Will to step inside. The two men stood silently in front of each other as the doors slid shut. “May I help you, Will?”


“I wondered if I could have a moment of your time, sir?”


“Certainly.” Picard waited, but Riker said nothing else. “Is something the matter?”


“Not at all.” Will seemed a little uncomfortable. “I was just remembering. It has been a long time since Farpoint, and yet …”


“Indeed.” Picard put a hand on Riker’s shoulder. “You were a good officer then, Commander.”


“As opposed to --- ?” Will smiled slightly, and Picard returned it in kind.


“As opposed to the fine Captain you have become.”


“Deanna would be proud of you for that sentiment, sir.”


“I suppose,” Picard amended, looking at the younger man, who, he realized, had become even more than a friend. Will was like the son he had never had. He cleared his throat gently. “I suspect you are ready to transport off the Enterprise?”


“I don’t think I will ever truly be ready for that,” Will said. “But yes, we are leaving soon.”


“The Titan is a fine ship, Will. You can be proud.” The two men stood in silence again, and Will knew that even if Picard didn’t actually say it, he was proud as well, and that was more important to Riker than he had thought it would be.


“Thank you, sir.”


“Very well, then. I suppose it’s time to ---“ Picard swallowed. Riker felt the same reluctance and looked out the view port.


“It’s been an honor, Captain,” he finally said, reaching out his hand, and Picard took it.


“It has, Commander.” Picard watched as Will moved toward the door.” “Bon voyage, Will.”


 Riker smiled, saluting his Captain for the last time before leaving the Ready Room to rejoin the reception. Picard followed shortly, and when Deanna and Will were ready to beam off the ship, he was in the Transporter Room with the rest of the senior crew.


“On your mark, Captain.”


Will reached for Deanna’s hand, and she saw tears in his eyes as the Captain spoke the word, which would send them on their way.