”Conversation on … Chocolate”

Author: Pia Pedersen

Summary: Will is in a playful mood


Timeframe: Post “Insurrection”


Disclaimer: As always, I’m just borrowing the characters and the dialogue.




“’You got a minute?”


Will smiled broadly as he walked into Deanna’s cabin after the end of his shift.


She looked up at him, putting down her spoon.


“Do you need counseling?”


Will shook his head, a flirtatious smile curling his lips as he continued their little word game.


“Actually, I came down here to play.”


Deanna fought back the laughter.


He walked up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders before leaning forward to kiss her neck.


“Will,” Deanna whispered enjoying the tingle running down her spine. “I’m eating.”   


“I see that,” he nodded. “You look incredible, you know. It amazes me.”


“I amaze you?”


“All the time.”


Will moved to sit beside her on the bed, his eyes on her face, then at the ice cream in her hand and then back again.


Deanna smiled.


“What? If you want ---“


“No, that’s fine,” he answered. “I just never realized how --- “ Will trailed off, but he didn’t take his eyes off her.


“Will, you’re acting very confusing. Are you sure you’re okay?”


“I feel wonderful, thank you.”


 “And amazed?”


Deanna brought the spoon to her mouth, almost closing her eyes, as she tasted the chocolate.


“Definitely,” he answered, his words a throaty whisper.


 “I guess it’s true, then,” she said.


“What is?”


Will kissed her neck and moved down to her shoulder.


Deanna sighed and let herself enjoy his touch.


His lips captured hers with a force that left Deanna utterly breathless.


“Chocolate is said to be quite an aphrodisiac,” she disclosed after regaining her composure.


“Oh, I’d say so.”


Will smiled and cupped her face in his hands.


The kiss was as erotic as any they had ever shared, and Deanna melted in his arms.


They hadn’t talked about what had happened between them while under the influence of the atmosphere in The Briar Patch, and she knew they would have to, but not yet. Not now.


“Deanna, are you all right?”


Will looked at her, his blue eyes smoldering with his love for her.




“I’m fine,” she promised and kissed him to emphasize her point. “I just wondered …”


Her smile calmed Will’s rising nervousness.


“Do you think it’s possible for two people to go back and fix a mistake they’ve made?”


He breathed a sigh of relief and flashed one of his trademark smiles at her.


“As long as the love is there, Deanna, everything is possible.”


She had fully expected him to continue their play on words, so when he didn’t, she was surprised.


But he was right. Everything was possible. Now it was up to them to make it work.