”Different Choices I”

Author Pia Pedersen

Summary: Deanna is presented with a decision that could change hers and Will’s lives forever 


Disclaimer: It’s not mine; it never was, and it never will be.




The laughter of the Enterprise’s officers has drawn me out of my self-induced solitude, and I find myself sitting among them in Ten Forward.


I have never felt so alone.


She’s here, with Worf.


Of course she is.


I can’t look at her, so I turn away from them.


Infinity – that’s what I see, looking at the stars out there.


Eternity is what I see when I look at Deanna, an eternity of love.


When I look at her, that’s what I see – even now.


I have to tell her.


I can’t keep waiting.


“I … “


Her voice … the softness of her words …


It calls me back, and I look at her, at them.


He’s on his knees, holding her delicate hand in his.


~ No! ~


I open my mouth to speak, to scream …to do something to stop this. 


And she looks at me.


She’s smiling.




I’m aware of him, of his presence, the way I always am.


The way I always have been.


He looks so sad, and he won’t look at me.


I miss him, desperately.


I must tell him.



I have to …


Worf is in front of me; he’s on his knees.


My mind is in turmoil.


He’s asking me to marry him.


~ Oh, Will, where did we go wrong? ~


“I … “


I know I must refuse.


I know there’s only one man I could ever marry.


In this moment, for the first time in forever, I hear Will in my mind.


I hear his plea, his desperation.


And I look at him.


He’s smiling.




I heard her, in my mind.


It feels incredible.


I smile.


I really smile.


It’s time to break down the walls between us.


Now is the time.


She turns to him again.


I hold my breath.




Worf deals with my answer the way he deals with everything else – with honorable stoicism.


I respect him very much - I love him, even.


But not like I love Will, never like that.


It’s time to make some different choices.


Now is the time.


I rise from my chair and cross to where he is.


I know everyone is watching us, but I don’t care.


I don’t want to wait any longer.




I see her coming my way and decide to meet her halfway.


That’s what I should have done years ago.


But I don’t want to focus on the past anymore.


From now on, I will look to the future.


I will focus on Deanna.


She is my future.


“Will,” she says, and I reach for her hand, unable to keep from touching her.  




She’s smiling, and I lose myself once again in the depths of her eyes.


“Come with me.”


She follows me out of the lounge, and I feel every pair of eyes on us.


It doesn’t matter.


She’s all that ever really mattered to me.


It’s time to tell her.


It’s time she knew.