Author: Pia Pedersen

Rating: NC-17, definitely

Note: The location was Carol's idea. I couldn't resist. :-)
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The disclaimer went up on flames - but we all know they
aren't mine.


"You're in my seat."

Deanna's eyes wandered from his face, with the teasing
smile and the raised eyebrow, down his chest and lower
still, before she returned her gaze to his. Will's smile
widened. God, he loved this woman.

"I was looking for you," she explained as he came closer.
"I have a problem ..."

Will took a couple of steps forward and swallowed a gasp
when she rose from the chair clad only in a silk negligee.

"Oh ..." He fought to keep the groan out of his voice. "A

"Mm," she whispered against his lips before kissing him
hungrily. Riker's self-control snapped as soon as he felt
the soft pressure of her breasts against his chest, and he
grabbed her hips to bring her closer to him. Deanna moaned
at the contact. His arousal was more than obvious. "It
seems I'm not the only one ..."

"Cute," he mumbled, "very cute." He forced her mouth open,
and Deanna let out a surprised sigh when Will lifted her
up. "What do you say we find a way to cure that problem,
Counselor?" He looked into her eyes before letting his lips
trail hotly over the skin on her neck and naked shoulders.
"You smell so good," he mumbled, breathing in her perfume
mixed with her own unique scent. "It drives me crazy. Do
you know that? Do you know how many times I just want to
drop everything and ---" He smiled, speaking against the
silk as he let his lips circle her nipples. He bit down
gently, and Deanna threw her head back, calling out his
name. "You like that?" He smiled as she locked her hands
behind his neck. His hands crawled under her negligee, and
she felt him react to her lack of underwear.

"I thought you'd like that," she whispered hoarsely,
pressing into him even more, and Will slipped a hand
between them, finding the most intimate part of her. "God,
Will," she breathed, "oh ... oh, yes!"

"You're so amazing," he said, kissing her again, "and I
want you. Right here."

"Here? We can't ---"

"Of course we can," he smiled, bringing her with her as he
sat down in his chair. There was something very erotic
about having her here with him like this. He kissed her,
bringing the straps down over her shoulders. Inch by inch
her beauty was exposed to him, and he lowered his head to
take a hard nipple into his mouth and taste her, he had to
taste. Deanna let her head fall back, enjoying the feeling
of the sweet torture his mouth was generating on her body -
the sensations were overwhelming, but, still, she held
back. "Don't worry," he coaxed, "no one will come up here.
Just let go, no one will know ..." He kissed her softly,
and Deanna felt her heart beat faster. She loved him so
much, and right now she wanted him with everything she was.

"I *have* wondered," she admitted, opening his shirt. Will
realized he was holding his breath when she licked his
nipples, letting the tip of her tongue brush over them. It
was one of the most sensual things anyone had ever done to
him, and she had been quick to find out how much it turned
him on.

"What?" he managed and leaned back in the chair when she
rose from his lap to shed the nightgown. "You are so

"Thank you," she smiled, settling on his lap again. "I
wanted to find out what it would be like."

"Then by all means," he said, kissing her hotly, "let's
find out."

"Is that an order?" She captured his lips again, letting
her tongue duel with his. No man had ever kissed her like
he did. It was so erotic; sometimes it was all it took for
her to lose control, but not tonight. Tonight she wanted
more, much more.

"If you'd like it to be," he said, finding it increasingly
difficult to breathe normally. Her delicate hand had found
its way into his loose pants, and he gasped. "Deanna ? if
you keep that up, this won't last very long!"

"You feel so good," she mumbled and felt him react. "Will

"I know, honey," he whispered, letting first one and then
two fingers push inside her wet heat. "Incredible," he
said, his words still low as he watched the emotions play
across her face. Her breathing became even more ragged, and
finally she could hold on no longer. She let go and moved
hard against him.

"Now, please, now," she almost begged when she came down
from her high, and it was Riker's undoing. Deanna had never
begged before, not for anything. "Will!"

"Yes," he said, lifting her up. Deanna held her breath when
he pushed inside her. "Yes!" Her warmth enveloped him, and
Will gasped out loud as he moved with her, his hands on her

"Faster --- I need it faster!"

Will lost himself in the heat of her as their rhythm
increased, and it wasn't long before he had to release.
"Imzadi," he spoke against her shoulder. "I ---"

"It's all right, Will, it's all right ..."

It was all he needed, and he kissed her as he let go,
making her his all over again. Deanna was right behind him,
and for a long time they sat close together not wanting to

"So?" There was mirth in his voice and a smile on his lips
when Will finally spoke again. "How did it stack up to the

"Pretty good," she smiled, "but it wasn't exactly like I'd

"Really?" He kissed her deeply. "We will have to do
something about that."

"Mm." Deanna placed a hand over his on her breast. "What do
you suggest?"

Riker smiled.

"I'm sure we can think of something."