Author: Pia Pedersen

Rated: NC-17

Post Nemesis

Author's note: I wanted to see if I could come up with a
more passionate story than the pieces I usually write. This
is an exercise, written in the space of a few hours. Please
keep that in mind if you choose to read it. I wasn't sure
whether to post this, but Carol read it and said I ought
to. If you don't like it, don't blame her. I decided to put
it out there to get your thoughts on it, whatever they may

Disclaimers stand true.


"Will ..." she breathed, her words spoken against his lips
as he lifted his head, kissing her softly, then with more
force until the heated pressure rendered her breathless.

"Mm?" he smiled, taking in her beautiful face and her
slightly parted lips, still wet from his kiss. Unable to
hold back his lips crashed down on hers again, teasing,
tasting, and nibbling as the kiss developed from something
soft and loving into something more passionate and carnal.

She looked glorious, and he wanted her so much. He always
wanted her, but this time it was different. Tonight was
different. He knew it, although he hadn't figured out why
yet. Not that he really cared one way or the other, not one

"I need you."

"How did I get so lucky?" he mumbled, and she smiled. He
could be really sweet when he wanted to, and she loved him
for it. But tonight wasn't about sweetness, or even love
... it was about something else.

It was about lust - pure, unadulterated lust.



One word. How was it possible that she could cause such a
strong reaction in him by uttering just one word? It was
like he was on fire. She had set him on fire, and she had
barely touched him yet.

The sounds she made when he returned his attention to her
full breasts did nothing but fuel that fire. She was so
perfect, so desirable for so many reasons that he would
never be able to list them all, and yet in this moment all
he could think about was how she tasted, and how she would
feel closing around him ...

"You like that?" he teased as he closed his mouth around
her hard nipples as his hand moved down her body, feeling
ridiculously proud that she was shaking under his touch,
silently urging him lower. "You feel so good," he coaxed,
releasing her nipple as he looked up at her - the hunger in
his eyes and voice mirrored her own.

"More, Will ? more!"

"Imzadi," he said, "we have all night."

"No, Will. I need you now. I need ..."

"What?" His tongue played on her skin, dipping into her
navel. She was so incredible, and he could feel how turned
on she was, how much she wanted this, him. Riker moved
lower, no longer able to resist what she was so clearly
offering. God, she was so hot ... and wet ... for him. Will
couldn't help himself. He had to taste, had to feel ...
"You taste so good, Deanna, do you know that? God, it's
like ..." Instead of finishing the sentence, he decided to
show her exactly what she did to him.

"Oh, yes!" Deanna almost came off the bed when his tongue
pushed deep inside her. "Yes, Will, oh ..." He was so good
at this, and he knew it. "I want ... "

"More?" he asked, letting up only momentarily, and Deanna
quickly forgot her train of thought as he brought her
closer and closer to the edge.

"I love doing this with you," he smiled, watching her
struggle to keep control. "Damn, you're beautiful, Deanna,
you don't even ..." The rest of what he had wanted to say
was lost in an unintelligible groan when he felt her
intimate touch. Deanna watched as his eyes fell shut.
"Deanna ..." Her name fell from his lips unbidden, and it
always touched her deeply. Tonight was no exception; the
need in his voice made her desire for him flare almost out
of control. "Stop," he almost growled, "you need to stop!"

"Stop?" she teased, pushing him closer to oblivion than
Will could remember being in a long time. Of course, it had
been a while since they had done this ...

"I want to make you come," he whispered, "hard." In his
dazed mind, Riker registered the fact that she let him go.
A smile grazed his lips, and he opened his eyes, looking at
her. A minute of silent communication passed between them,
then Will dipped between her legs again, licking with
renewed vigor. She was so amazing, and he was damn close to
losing it.

"Harder, Will, harder!" she screamed, and that was Will's
undoing. He licked her relentlessly, and she climaxed
almost immediately. "Oh ... oh ..." Riker watched in wonder
as she finally lost control. It always turned him on to see
her in that moment. Deanna was still riding her orgasm when
Will pushed inside her, and they reached another peak
together - both feeling that incredible spark that existed
between them.

When they finally relaxed, Deanna kissed him. Will smiled,
returning it as he let his fingers run through her hair.

"You know," he whispered, "we need to let the children
visit your mother more often."

"Mm," she agreed, feeling his body shiver slightly under
her touch as her finger ran down his chest, lower and
lower, ultimately eliciting a needful groan deep in his
throat. "In the mean time ..." She kissed him deeply, and
Will needed no further encouragement.

After all, some fires aren't easily quenched.