Challenge #5 from Imzadi List:

For Challenge #5 the challenge is to do a dialogue driven story. NO detail, no description, dialogue only. Make the conversation tell the story for you. You can involve as many characters as you want, however, this cannot be a log entry.

Thank you for your interest and your participation. Let your imagination soar and your fingers fly!




Author: Pia Pedersen

Note: This is my response to Challenge 5. It's is my first all-dialogue piece. I hope you like.

Disclaimers are in force.




 "'You look amazing."

 "I look terrible, and you know it. I'm so tired, Will."

 "I know. Are you feeling okay?"

 "Better than ever. Does that make sense?"

 "I think it does. Deanna?"


 "Thank you."

 "It's like a miracle, isn't it?"

 "It is. I love you so much."

 "I love you too."

 "Everything is going to be different from now on."

 "I can't wait."

 "Really? You're not afraid at all?"


 "But we will make it?"

 "I promise."

 "Did you see her?"

 "She's perfect."

 "Yes, she is."

 "You should get some sleep. I'll go."

 "Tell her I love her."

 "I will."

"Good night, Imzadi."

"Good night, my love."