Okay --- Iím trying to work through writerís block, and this was what came out of it. I donít even know what title to use, so I guess Iíll attach to it the only description that comes to mind.

ďRandom ThoughtsĒ

Author: Pia Pedersen

Usual disclaimers apply.


Itís funny isnít it?

Itís funny how you can spend your life looking for that perfect someone, that one being that will complement you, bring out your best qualities --- show you what it is to really love someone, and yet you never realize that the reason why you havenít found what youíve been searching for all this time is because you have looked everywhere but right in front of you to the one person you hold dearest and closest to your heart. Your best friend; your soul mate Ö the one without whom your life loses its meaning, and the world suddenly has no color.

Itís funny how you lose track of the important things while youíre out there chasing what seem to matter Ö but doesnít really count, in the end.

Maybe itís supposed to be this way --- maybe youíre supposed to go through all these things, face every obstacle placed on your path and overcome it, before you have the clarity to really see, to finally admit that youíre already the only place youíve ever really wanted to be, with the one person who makes your day a little brighter, your night a little less cold, and your life a whole lot more interesting.


I look at you now as you lie next to me, your eyes closed and your breathing soft in your sleep, and I wonder Ö

I wonder if there was a time when I didnít love you, if there was ever a day when your smile didnít erase my troubles and ease my worries --- and I already know the answer, I have always known.

You are the one for me.

You are my everything Ö and you will always be my best friend Ö Imzadi.