“Tequila Temptation” – a ‘missing scene’ exercise

Author: Pia Pedersen

Summary: What happened between the time where Deanna passed out in the bar and the next scene where she was sober once again? (ST: First Contact)


Rating: R/NC-17 for sexual subject matter.


Disclaimer: The characters aren’t mine; but the idea is. I’m just filling in the gap they left.




“Not drunk, huh?”


Will sighed and looked at Deanna who had just passed out beside him.


Dr. Cochrane was -- well, the most fitting description would be “going crazy,” but they needed him, so Riker wasn’t going to say anything.


His concern right now was to get Deanna sober.


He smiled.


He had never seen her intoxicated like this.




No answer came; she was dead to the world.


He stood, lifted her up in his arms and headed out.




Riker stopped and looked at Zefrem Cochrane over his shoulder. He was surprised that Cochrane had even noticed him getting up.


“Where are you taking her?”


Will held back his initial response. He didn’t like the interest the good Doctor was showing Deanna.


But it wasn’t the time, and, in truth, it wasn’t his place to say anything.


He and Deanna were friends.


She stirred in his arms, and he held her a little closer to him.


“So, you’re not her husband?”


Riker shook his head no.


“We established that,” he said, sounding harsher than he had meant to.


Drunk or not, Cochrane saw right through him.


“But you would like to be.”


Will froze for a second; was it really that obvious? 



He looked at Deanna sleeping in his arms.


“Yes, I would.”


He hurried out of the bar, running to the camp that they had set up.


Luckily, no one was there.


Now, where was that hypo-spray?


She moved in his arms again, whispering something he couldn’t hear.


“It’s okay, Deanna,” he promised. “Let me just find ---“


Then, he froze.


Oh, god …


“Dee, please,” he said as her lips moved from his neck to his lips. She captured his mouth with hers, demanding surrender. 


Will swallowed hard, fighting to keep from giving into temptation.


He wanted to give in.


He wanted her – so much.


“Bill …”


She hadn’t called him that in very, very long time.


“We can’t do this.”


He protested, but weakly.


She felt so good against him; so warm.


“I don’t care,” she answered, caressing his neck sensually before kissing him again.


This time Will kissed her back, and he felt her relax in his arms.


He didn’t care either.


Right now she was all he could think of.


It had been years since he had held her like this; kissed her like this.




He smiled, looked into her eyes – and felt awful.


What was he doing?


She was intoxicated … drunk, and here he was ...


“Put me down.”


Her voice was slurred, but her eyes seemed more focused than they had only moments ago.

He nodded and did as she asked.


“I’m --- I didn’t mean to …”


She didn’t let him finish.


“Shut up, Will.”


Her eyes were so full of passion that he could hardly breathe.


The hypo-spray …


“I want you.”


He only stood there, unable to do anything but look at her.


“Deanna, we ---“


The passion in her kiss knocked Riker off his feet, and he brought her into his arms.


A man can only resist for so long, he told himself, as he let his hands run down her sides to rest on her hips.


“I need you.”


She broke the kiss and let her hands crawl inside his jacket.


Her touch was light as a feather, teasing, and it stretched his self-control to the breaking point.


A moan escaped Will’s lips.


She kissed him again, harder this time.


He returned her passion, matching it fully with his own.


There was nothing that could compare to the feeling of her in his arms.


“I need you, too,” he said, and it was true. It had always been true.


Even when he had found comfort and satisfaction with other women, she had been there – in his heart, always. 


“Are you sure?”


She only smiled, tracing a finger down his broad chest and rested her hand against his obvious arousal.


Will’s breath came in forced gasps.


“Who’s analyzing now?”


Deanna tore his shirt free of his pants, pulling it off him along with his jacket.


Will felt the last resistance leave his body when she kissed his chest.


He sank to his knees and she followed him.


The feeling of his touch against her skin felt heavenly to Deanna.


It had been so long – too long.


Will lost himself in her, reveling in the feel of her against him, as he tried to give her the same pleasure that she gave him.


“Yes! Will!”


The sound of his name had never been more wonderful, and he closed his eyes as he found the center of her desire.


“Oh, gods …”


She was close; so close, and he wanted to bring her there, all the way there.


She was beautiful, absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful.


 And never more so than right now, in this moment, as she let go and clung to him for balance.


There was so much he wanted to say; so much they needed to say to each other, but for now Will let his body speak for him.


“I love you, Deanna,” he whispered as their souls merged once again, and they became one.


It had been so long – too long. 




“I love you.”


She smiled and kissed him as he opened his eyes, blinking a couple of times before remembering where they were and what had happened.




He smiled.


“I love you, too.”


“Will  ---“


She cuddled up to him, and he kissed her softly. 


“Did you mean what you said to Dr. Cochrane?”


Riker drew back from her a little to look into her eyes.


“’You heard that?”


She nodded.


He looked away, but she wouldn’t let him.


“Did you, Will?”


For a second he looked at her; then he kissed her lips softly.


“Of course I did.”


Her smile made her look absolutely radiant, and if they hadn’t been in the middle of a mission to ensure the re-establishment of the Universe as they knew it, Will would have gladly stayed here with her all day.


But they were on a mission, and they had to get back.


“We have to ---“


She nodded and rose to get dressed.


Will did the same, smiling.




“’Feeling better?”


She hit him on the arm, which only caused him to laugh out loud.


“I was not drunk!”


“Of course not,” Will nodded, kissing her quickly. “You were just blending in.”


Deanna smiled.




She paused briefly.


“Was I ---?“


“No,” he promised. “Don’t worry.”


She was visibly relieved, and he smiled.


“But just so you know: you don’t need to blend in. I like you just the way you are.”


Deanna felt her heart beat faster at his compliment.


“You’re unique, Counselor,” Will continued. “Don’t change a thing.” 


For a moment they just stood there; eyes locked and hands touching.


Then Deanna broke the spell – calling them both back to reality and the pressing matters at hand.


“Let’s talk to Dr. Cochrane.”


Will nodded, following her outside.


“Let’s just hope he’s sober!”