“Time Out”

Author: Pia Pedersen

Summary: Family time for the Rikers

Timeframe: Post Nemesis


Disclaimer: It hasn’t changed; I own nothing.




Morning was breaking onboard the USS Titan, and the first sounds of a day beginning could be heard throughout the ship.


Except, in the joint quarters of the captain and the ship’s counselor. The couple lay sleeping, wrapped in each other’s arms; bodies entangled and hearts joined. Will Riker’s arm was draped protectively across Deanna Troi’s stomach, his face hidden in her soft curls. They were the picture of contentment and happiness.


Deanna stirred, reacting to a faint sound, and eased out of her husband’s embrace, a smile lighting up her delicate features as she touched his lips lightly with her own. Will mumbled something in his sleep, smiling, but he did not open his eyes.


With one last look at his large sleeping form, Deanna put on her robe and went into the next room, seeking out the cause of the sound that had woken her.

Dark eyes met piercing blue ones, and she fell in love all over again, as she did every morning. Aside from his father the little boy looking up at her, unguarded and trusting as only a child can be, was the only living being to ever touch her soul.


He was her son, hers and Will’s precious baby boy. Sometimes Deanna still had trouble wrapping her mind around the fact that she was a mother. She smiled at the thought, bending down to pick up the child.


“Mama,” he greeted her, and her heart melted. Had it really been almost a year? Deanna would have sworn it was only yesterday that Will had presented her with their newborn baby, placing it carefully in her arms with a look of sheer pride and adoration.


“Let’s go wake up Daddy, Little One,” she whispered and was rewarded with a happy smile as she returned to the bedroom and Will.


The child reached out to his father, letting his little hand rest on Will’s cheek. Deanna watched Will open his eyes sleepily before focusing his gaze on the child.


“He missed his Daddy,” she whispered to him, and Riker took his son from her arms, holding him close. 


“I missed him, too,” he answered, and she knew it was true. William T. Riker might be a respected star ship captain, an accomplished Starfleet officer, but above all he was a father. He adored this little boy; he had loved him from the second she had told him of her pregnancy. It wasn’t just that he had been eager to prove that he was different than his own father. He was enjoying fatherhood immensely.


“I have to get him ready, Will, and you have to be on the Bridge soon.” He only smiled, reaching out a hand to her. “So do I,” she added quickly.


“Come here,” he said, daring her. “Let’s stay here all day. Just like this.” 


“We can’t,” she countered, reasoning. “We have to ---“


But she gave in when her son joined her husband in tearing apart her defense. Withstanding one Riker was hard enough, and when they ganged up on her like this, all smiles as they were, she could do nothing but concede. In all honesty, though, she did not mind one bit.


“I’ll let Commander Davis know that we are not to be disturbed, unless there is an emergency,” Will said, drawing back from her after a soft, lingering kiss. “I am the Captain, after all.” He got up from the bed, and Deanna looked at him as he put on a rope and contacted his First Officer.


Moments later he came back, carrying an assortment of toys, and she laughed softly when their son decided he would rather play with his father’s beard.


He gave her a quick look, but there was a sparkle in his eyes, and she kissed his hand as he caressed her face.


¨”Are you happy, Imzadi?” she asked, even though there was really no need for her to do so. She knew the answer already. It radiated from him on occasions such as this.


“Yes,” he said. “I am.” He was silent for a while as they played with their son and lost themselves in his simple, joyful world.


Later, when Will rose to make his family breakfast he looked at his beloved wife and the tiny blessing in her arms.


“What is it, Will?”


“Are you happy, Deanna?”


She did not answer, but he felt her love sweep over him, and he felt both his and her emotions intensify when she kissed the baby sleeping peacefully within her embrace.


“It’s overwhelming,” he heard her say, putting his thoughts into words. He nodded in affirmation, once again thankful that he was married to the one woman who understood him better than anyone else ever could.


“Yes, it is,” he said, climbed back into bed and held them both close. He kissed her lightly, and Deanna relaxed against him. There was something to be said for taking a time out …


~ You don’t know the half of it, Imzadi ~ Will promised her wordlessly, and she smiled in anticipation.