”Three Little Words”
Author: Pia Pedersen

Author’s note: No names are mentioned, so whether this is Imzadi is up to
you. I had a conversation with a friend about the impact of certain words
on personal relationships … and I got to thinking.

This is a really short piece. And I do mean short.


Words are extremely powerful. They can hurt. Ruin. Or heal. Words can
bring happiness and calm or sadness and pain. Some words ought to remain
unsaid, while others needs to be spoken …

But with the words come expectations. Some words carry so much weight that
sometimes we rely on actions to communicate what we feel. Perhaps because
it seems less risky. Words once spoken cannot be taken back, and they have
the power to change almost anything.

Once they’re out there, floating in the space between us, once such words
are spoken, a relationship will change forever. Change can be a blessing
in itself – a chance to upset the status quo. A chance to escape the
confines of a situation, which is no longer desireable

But, on the other hand, sometimes the status quo is comforting. It’s safe.
Uncomplicated. Or at least less complicated than the reality that may
emerge as a result of those certain words being spoken.

I love you

Three little words, so simple, so significant, and often the hardest ones
to say …