The Facade


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"You know the arboretum is closed Commander." Deanna Troi said as
they came to a stop outside of the doors.

"Great," said Will," there will be no one to interrupt us.  Besides
the ensigns of this ship all ready have enough to talk about when it
comes to our relationship."

"I believe they get their information from our close friend Beverly
Crusher." Deanna said as she watched Will key in his security code to
open the arboretum doors.

He raised his eyebrows and said "And where does she get her

Deanna smiled and shrugged her shoulders as she stepped through the
doors, " A girls has to have some one to talk to you know. " As the
moonlight broke through the trees a soft wind blew and Deanna said "I
forgot how beautiful it is here at night. So what number am I?"

Will looked at her " Number?"

"Yes on your long list of woman to be brought to a deserted

He stepped closer to her and cupped her face with his hands, "Your
the first."
She laughed and rolled her eyes.  Will  captured her mouth with his
and gave her a passionate kiss.  The kiss broke and their eyes met. A
smile came across Wills face and he said "What number am I?"

She stepped from his embrace and  started down one of the paths.  She
paused and looked over her shoulder "You would be number two." She
resumed her walk down the path.

One name flashed though his mind , Worf.  She turned and
smiled "No,   Reginald Barclay."
Relieved he caught up with her and took her hand.  Glad she had
chosen this path. The path that led to his surprise.
They continued along the path in silence.  Each lost in their
thoughts. The memories of how they had been given a second chance
played through their minds.  Sensing his thoughts , Deanna smiled and
met his eyes.  They stopped walking and he took her into his embrace
as she laid her head on his chest.  He stroked her hair and said "I
am very grateful for the Briar Patch, Deanna. It gave me the chance
to tell you how I feel.  It  gave me the chance to tell you that I
love you and always have."

She raised her hands to touch his face and said "It gave me the
courage and strength to
accept that love." The smile on her face turned to a frown and her
eyes clouded over.  She began to move away from Will.  Her gently
caught her arm and said "Hey ,don't be sad."

She offered a faint smile and said " I wish I didn't have to go on
this mission. We have only been reunited for three months and now I
have I have to leave for an entire month."
A mission in which Starfleet had request that she go on,  a mission
that she really could not refuse.  Her and Admiral Tyler would spend
the month on Zarzus 5 negotiating the planet's acceptance into the

Will brushed a stray curl from her face and said ," A months not that

"Don't lie to an empath, Commander."

"Ok it is going to be the longest....''

"Hey, what's that?''she interrupted.  Will turned to see where she
was pointing and smiled.
Through the dense growth of trees and plants, glittered little
shinning lights.  She pulled him toward the lights, cutting through
the tiny forest into a opening. A secret hidden place in the
arboretum whose sole occupant was a giant Weeping Willow tree.  But
not tonight,  a small candlelight table set in the clearing  along
with a small dance floor.
A path outlined by lights trailed from the table  to underneath the
branches of the tree.  Deanna gasped and looked at Will with tears in
her eyes.

He  took her in her arms and said "I might not be able to lie to you
but I can surprise you sometimes." He brushed away her tears and lead
her to the table.

The aroma of the food made their mouths water and their stomachs
protest in hunger. 
The table was full of delicacies from Betazed and Earth(mainly
Alaska).  One taste told her the food was not replicated and she
grinned. "Guinan made this didn't she?"

Will nodded "Yes, "she said " she would do anything for her favorite
couple.  Seeing that it took so long for us to get together."

"Surely with her having such a long life, she has known others 
couples that took just as long if not longer to get it right."
Will nodded his head no. Deanna threw her head back and laughed  and
said "That's scary!"  Will laughed too and watched as her smile
brightened her face and realized just how much he really loved her.
With all of his being.



With their bellies full they swayed together on the small dance
floor.  The wine that they had made them relaxed and warm. She raised
her hand to brush a stubborn lock of hair from his forehead and he
shivered.  As old earth love songs played he pulled her closer to his
body and his lips rained gentle kiss over her face. He moved slowly
down to her neck and she gasp.  He smiled.  His hands gentle rubbed
her back and she melted into his body. "Will?" she ask.

"Yes?" he said barely above a whisper.

"What's under the tree?"

He raised his head to look into her eyes and said "Lets go see."

They walked down the path to the tree. Will gentle swept the long
branches away and she stepped under the tree.  She smiled at the
sight, a large bed covered  in rose petals had been placed there.  It
had white satin sheets that shimmered in the soft lights.  In the
center of the bed lay a  thin rectangular box. She smiled up at him
and said "This is perfect."

"Just about but not yet." he said as he leaned down to pick up the

He placed it in her hands and she smiled. She opened the velvet box
and said "Ooh Will it
is beautiful."

Gently he removed the gift and held it out on his fingertips for her
to see.  The gold chain held a beautiful locket.  She caught the
locket as it dangled and brought it closer to her.
The locket had a couple engraved on the front, her and Will.  They
we're holding each other close and their lips were about to meet for
a kiss.
He pointed to the engraving and said ,"Do you remember that moment?"
Finding it hard to speak she simply nodded. Tears started to run down
her face.

Sensing her emotions, Will took her into his arms.  "It was the
night, right after the Ba'ku mission, when our doubts melted away and
we realized our future.  We realized that night that the events that
took place in the Briar Patch were not the affects of the planet but
the affects of a bond long denied. A bond that refused to be denied
any longer.  That night in Ten Forward as we kissed our past and
present came together to pave a road for the future."
"The moment Beverly took the picture." Deanna manage to say.
"The perfect picture which made the pattern for this locket. " Will
opened the locket. "This is a reminder of our past," he said pointing
to a picture of them taken years ago on Betazed, when they first
became lovers. He touch a empty spot in the locket."And this for the
future. A future we will build together."
" A future I want more than anything.  Thank you Will. I will
treasure this necklace always.  Please put it on for me." She turned
in his embrace and he gathered her hair to one side and slid the
necklace around her neck. Tenderly he kissed the back of her neck.
He leaned down and whispered in her ear "Would it be ok if the First
Officer made love to the Ships Counselor in the arboretum?"

"There's bound to be rumors you know." she said turning around to
face him.  She looked over at the bed and smiled. Slowly she began to
unbutton his shirt. His hand came up to her shoulders and pushed the
tiny straps of her dress off of them. He loosened the zipper and the
dress fell to the ground.  He lowered her to the bed and said "Good,
it is going to be a long month, those rumors will keep me warm at
night." She chuckled and his lips claimed hers.  The night slipped
away into the new day.

The following morning they stood in the shuttle bay and regarded each
other.   She looked at him and sent ~I'm trying desperately not to
cry in front of the Captain and Admiral Tyler.~  The tear that stole
down her face made his heart clench.  Not caring who was looking and
what they thought he took her in his arms and kissed her.  The kiss
was passionate and long.  Both where breathless when it broke.  She
smiled and looked around at their onlookers who where all grinning. 
She blushed a little. 

"Blushing Councilor? After what we did in the arboretum last night?"

She shrugged and flayed her head on his chest ." I will miss
you ,Imzadi."

Admiral Tyler approached and said, "Sorry to interrupt but it is time
to go." The short stocky, balding man, who seemed less then thrilled
to have Deanna along , turned and left.

Will said "If he gives you any trouble let me know."

"You can come and rescue me anytime, Imzadi. But I am a big girl, I
can handle Admiral Tyler."  Reluctantly she pulled away and
said "Duty calls.'"

He kissed her hand and said "Until next time, Imzadi."

As she boarded the shuttlecraft Will realized that this could very
well be the longest month of his life.  He felt her presence within
his mind and her voice whispered ~Rabeem~.

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Personal log Deanna Troi Ship Counselor Stardate XXXX.XX

     When I first left for this mission I felt the month away from
Will would be very long.  It has been hard, I miss him so, but the
time has gone much quicker than I thought it would.  I guess it easy
to say that now because tommorow I will see him, we will be back
     The people of Zarzus 5 have helped to ease my loneliness.  They
are kind, gentle and very hospitable.  One young woman, Sierra, who
works at the castle where we are staying, offered to show me around
the city.  I agreed and promise myself not to become to attached for
I knew my report to the Admiral could not be bias. That promise was
broken once Sierra took me to the orphanage.  I lost my heart to the
childern there.  I cursed myself for becoming  attached but still
everytime I had free time I found myself at the orphanage. I would
watch them play and laugh  and when tears where shead I dried their
eyes.  My heart ache from missing Will and they  helped to ease that
hurt. As much as I want to give these childern a chance to grow up in
the Federation, I can not recommend it.  The problem does not lie
with the people but with their leader.

     To the people of Zarzus 5, King Richard is the perfect leader,
he is kind and good hearted. He hasz his people best interest at
heart and was the driving force behind them joining the Federation. 
When given a choice between a new government  and the one that
existed with him in charge, the people chose to keep him in power.  
They even granted him the power to rule for a lifetime.  I was heart
sick  with the realization that the people had been sold a lie, the
man was dark and evil. His motives for joining the Federation were
deceiptive and he had anything but the peoples best interest at
heart.    I questioned his motives and received no honest answers
only a look that would make my skin crawl.  He saw no reason to hide
his true nature from me or his attraction.

   He had repeatedly asked me to join him for dinner and I had
refused.  I could not only feel his anger at those refusals but also
his excitement.  I was a challenge to him
and he enjoyed the hunt.  He resorted to looks that made me uneasy
and my senses begged me to keep my distance, which I did.  But deep
in that night as I lay in my bed asleep I could feel his presense
close by and I would awaken to find my room empty. Only the faint
whisper in my mind to tell me that he had been there.
    I had expressed my  concerns to Admiral Tyler but it seemed to
have fallen on death ears.  He seems willing to accept their
membership despite my questions.
I approached him on numerous occasions and always received the same
answer "The Federation is rebuilding after the war,Counselor and with
this planent being near the neutral zone we need to secure it."  He
was resentful that I was there on the mission  and  I was angry
because he ignored my concerns.

With the Enterprise out of communication range I could not call and
consult with Captain Picard. So with a  heavy heart,  I made my
concerns know in a report to Starfleet and hoped that would be
enough. It was hard to  file that  report ,I worried  about the
affect on the "little ones" as I called them in spite of myself. But
I know  that they are well cared for and would always  be. 
End personal log
     Deanna Troi sat back in her chair and smiled, the mission was
within a day of being over. Her fingers touched the locket around her
neck and her heart raced in anticipation of seeing Will . With a lazy
stretch she arose from her chair. She made sure the door was secure
before heading to bed not knowing how much her life was about to

      The small woman sank to the  cold stone floor of the cell. 
Cold,  exhausted and confused she brought her legs up under her night
dress trying to warm herself.  Her hands were raw and bloody from
pounding on the cell door demanding to be let out, demanding
answers.  She searched and reached out with her mind sending for help
but was met with a wave of dizziness and horrible pain that ripped
through her head. She cluched her temples with her bloody hands
trying to ease the pain.  Her head came to rest on her kness and the
dizziness subsided.  But the questions remained .  Why was she taken
from her guest room and put here?  Why did her head hurt?  As sense
of dread filled her and Deanna Troi wondered if she would get to see
her Imzadi again.

  She was jolted from her thoughts when the door to the cell flew
open..  She strained in the dim light to see who it was and
recognized him immediately as the King.  The tall man with long dark
brown hair and light blue eyes made his way to her.  She stood to
face him, his emotions making her unsteady legs tremble more.  She
bite back her fear and stood straight with her head held high as his
emotions washed over her.   His emotions were dark , menancing and
filled with greed.  He projected a sense of victory, a sense of pride
because the goal he had strove for had been obtained. He  now stood
over her  with his hand resting on the wall and she sensed his
desire, his desire for her.  Seeing no reason to be nice Deanna
looked him in the eyes and asked "Why the hell am I in this cell?"
He raised a finger and brushed it across her lips making her stomach
feel sick "Shh in due time you will know. But first we must  get you
cleaned up.'' he said noting her bloody hands.  He ran his finger
through her hair and felt her tremble. He smiled a thin evil smile
and said "You tremble now because of fear but soon that will
change."                         "Like hell." Deanna spat her
confusion growing by the second. "Where is the Admiral?"
"You will see the Admiral soon enough, after all he helped make this
little deal possible."
His eyes roamed her body, making bile rise in her throat, suddenly he
yelled "Sierra!"   The young woman who had became her friend entered
the cell and he said "Help the Counselor clean up and change." He 
started to leave and his eyes come to rest on Deanna "When your
dressed the guards will bring you to my office. I suggest that you
remember the little ones."


    Deanna stood shocked.  What did he say?  She felt the color drain
from her face and started to  faint.  Sierra rushed to her side and
lowered her to the floor.  The girl had tears in her eyes and she
felt such remorse that it almost strangled Deanna.

     She turned to the girl and demanded "What is going on? Why did
he say that?"
The girl raised her head to meet Deanna's eyes and wiped the tears
from her own.
"I will bring you clothes and somethings to clean up with. Please do
as he ask." She stood and exited through the door. All though
compliance was the last thing Deanna wanted to do she felt she had no

     Dressed in a light blue dress made entirely of lace that stretch
to fit her body, Deanna Troi was lead down the hall by two guards. 
Their boots sounded loud against the stone floors of the castle. The
sound making her more nervous then she already was.  She felt like
she was being lead to her doom, to her destruction.  They reached the
ended of the hallway and she was lead into a office.  It was aglow
with soft candles and a light from the fireplace.  The dark wood  and
dark leather couches and chairs added to the mystery of the room..
One wall housed a giant view screen while the other housed a  window
that spained the entire wall.  She noticed the noon time sun and
remember that the Enterprise should be in orbit.  Will could hear
her!! She closed her eyes and sent ~Imzadi~ only to be meet with
dizziness ,she swayed on her feet and the guards steadied her.  She
heard the low voice of the king, "Glad to see the first part of our
plan worked." The guards quickly left the room and she turned to face
"Whats does that mean?" Deanna asked.
He tapped his head and said "The neuroblocker  works. Oh you still
can senses peoples emotions but  your telepathic friends or your
Imazadi can not sense or hear you." He noted Deanna's questioning
look and said "You call for him in your sleep.  It is quite
intriguing watching you sleep. Calling out for you lover and dreaming
that he is there with you."
Her heart raced but she refused to show her fear. She ignored his
provocations  and asked,"You gave me a neuroblocker? Why?" She felt
herself lose control of her anger and stepped closer to him." Answer
my questions now. "
"Your are not in the position to be giving demands.  Besides all
your questions is what got you in this mess in the first place."  He
cupped her face in his hands and brought his lips close to hers. "You
are very beautiful." Before he could kiss her someone knocked on the
door. "Thank God." Deanna muttered as the King opened the door to
reveal Admiral Tyler.
"Admiral!" Deanna said as she moved closer to him. She stopped when
his emotions told her he was not here to help but hinder her
"You should have left well enough alone, Counselor.  You should not
have questioned the motives of the king. Your biggest mistake was the
report to Starfleet. You see ,you left me no choice. "  
Deanna sank into a chair and waited for him to finish. "I changed
your report to fit what I needed it to say. Your report now reads,
that Zarzus 5 is the perfect planet for membership. That you senses
no deceiptive in its people or is leaders. You see I don't care the
reasons for them wanting to be in the Federation, I only care that
they are."
Deanna regarded him and leaned forward in her chair, "So you changed
my report. I will just go to Captain Picard and explain. I can
guarantee he trust me more than you."
"You won't have a chance to explain. You will not be returning to the
the King said as he came to stand behind her chair. He reached down
and stroked her hair.   "As my future wife you have duties here."
Deanna sat in silence absorbing the words. Bringing her emotions
under control she stood and turned to face him."Like hell I will
marry you. The crew will come looking for me. One man in particular."
" Imzadi." he smiled at her look of discomfort. "Well lets just say
once he learns about your deceiption, your affair with me, he will
not give a damn."
The viewscreen in front of her came to life and it was filled with
pictures of her and the King. It told a story of a romance that 
actually never happened ,of dances never really danced,kisses  that
never occured and of love that never was. She shook her head and
looked away. The illusion looking so real that it made her stomach
sick.The Admiral nodded and the King smiled "Amazing what a little
techinology can do. It can create a relationship that does not exist,
at least not yet."
"He will never believe it!" she shouted. She turned and ran to the
door intent on escape some how some way. She threw open the door and
stopped, there before her stood a little boy from the orphanage.He
was clunching a teddybear and had tears running down his face. 
Deanna felt her heart clench and she knelt down in front of him. She
struggled to calm her breathing. "I want to go back to my friends,"
he said.  Deanna forced a smile while silently she wished for the
same thing. She wiped away his tears and said "OK lets take you
home."  She started to exit the door when the King stopped her , she
turned to regard him. He motioned for the guards to take the child
and said "Return the child to  home.'' "Why did you bring him here?"
Deanna ask her voice beginning to tremble as dread washed over her.
"I wanted him to be a reminder of what could be lost. You see that
little boy and all the others will die if you don't resign from
Starfleet and marry me." He leaned closer to her as he whispered the
last words. "Don't worry, I will leave no clues behind.  It is
amazing what a virus disguised as a hyospray of vitiams can do.  My
good fiend, Doctor Faulk, will be glad to give the childern their
vitiams at any time just as he was happy to insert the neuroblocker
in you. "
"You will never get away with this! Someone will talk."
"Who would do that? The Admiral?  The Doctor? No, they both will be
paid  well. Either in riches or favors. My guards and Sierra trust me
completely. They will ask no questions. That leaves you and me. I
certainly will not say anything. That brings us to you. Those
childerns lives are my insurance to keep you  quiet. Game over
Conselor. I win. I always win."

Admiral Tyler handed her a datapad that contained her resignation.
Her throat constricted as her grief welled up inside of her.  She
grieved over what it would do to Will if she stayed but she had no
choice. Deanna could not condemn those childern. She cursed herself
for becoming attached.  It was her love that had caused those
childern to become pawns.  In a time of great weapons, the greastest
is the ones used against the heart.

Deanna stepped back from the King. Her eyes studied him and with a
shaking hand she signed her name to her resignation. She threw it to
the Admiral and said "Tell me the reason Zarzus 5 has to be under
Federation control."
Admiral Tyler watched as the King took a seat behind his desk. The
King ran his hand over the smooth desk  and nodded for the Admiral to
answer."You see counsellor I have spent years trying to please
Starfleet. Yes ,I have had some victories but also a lot of
failures.  When I came to this plantet I was determined to make them
part of the Federation, no matter the cost.  If not for your damn
empathy it would have been easy.  You could have went home to the
Enterprise and I could have left here with only one secret."

"And that secret is?"

The King spoke this time,"That Zarzus 5 will be a Federation Planet
in appearance only. But I as the leader will be loyal only to one
empire.  The Romulan Empire.  I will show them the Federations plans
for this world.  I give the Federation false information about the
Romulans and I will make the Federation feel secure.  When in all
truth they will not be.  They will be weak.  I on the other hand ,
will profit and that all that really matters."

"You will never get away with this."said Deanna. 

"I better, there is a lot of lives at risk. Isn't there?"

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     Will's emotions fell over her like rain.  Joy. Love. Desire.
Anticapation. All of them sending daggers into her heart, for she
knew the heartbreak he would soon face.    Their love was lost once
again.  Her mind tingled  as she felt his worry begin. The time was
near.  Time for a lie to become the truth. As the sheer white
curtains billowed in the breeze of her new room, Deanna Troi cried.  

     Standing in the turbolift, Will Riker rubbed his beard and
forced his heart rate to slow.
The worry was rising up in him telling him something was wrong. 
There had been no contact between them for a month and by now he
should be able to feel her presense but he felt nothing.  Repeated
calls to the castle had only yielded the same results, that she was
in a meeting.  It seemed believable but still his heart told him it
was not.  The turolift came to a stop and he headed for the
observation lounge.   The doors opened and his heart fell, she was
not there.

   His mind begged for there to be an explanation. As his soul
searched for hers he  found nothing.  As Will sat in his seat, the
Captain nodded.  He knew something, Will
could sense it.

The Captain spoke "The Admiral was just telling us how well the
negotiations went.  He has also asked us to join him in a special
celebration tonight."

"Yes Sir." Will replied.

Beverly stole his question as she ask "Will Deanna be there?'' Will
was glad she ask because he was afraid his voice would betray him.

The Admiral smiled and replied "Yes she will be in attendance".  Will
noticed his smile was almost gleefull.

"I thought she would be here now.  Is there some reason..."

"Will,'' the Captain interuppted.  "there are things you need to know
before we beam down."

Wills heart fell and he feared his worries would be
confirmed.  "Sir?"

"The Admiral not only brought back the treaty but also Deanna's
resignation." The Captain said as brought his hands together in front
of him.

"Her resignation?  Why the hell did she resign? " His voice raising
with concern and angrier.

Silence fell as Picard ready himself to tell Will the reason. One he
had trouble believing.

Beverly broke the silence "Jean-Luc?"

The Captain looked at her and then his eyes locked with Wills.  " In
seven days, Deanna will marry the King of Zarzus Five."

His joy turned to sorrow.  His anticapation turned to disappointment.
Will felt his heart clench and his mind spin.  His breath caught and
he realized he couldn't breathe.  His soul
which was not complete without Deanna screamed "No it not true. Don't
believe it." Then worry turned to disbelief. His heartbeat again and
his mind calmed. As the breath came back into him he looked at the
Admiral and said "It not true. I do not believe it."

The Captain ran his hands through his non existent hair and said " I
must admit Admiral, I find it hard to believe myself."

" I don't believe it either." Beverly said.  She looked at Will and
said "You know she loves you Will.  She always has."

The Admiral spoke up."I can see why you are surprised. I don't  want
any of my words to hurt you Commander but it is true.  It was a
whirlwind romance it took even them by surprise.  King Richard and
Deanna have not made their relationship public yet that will be done
tonight at the celebration. Perhaps it would be best if you did not

Will met his eyes and rub his beard befor he glanced away in
frustration.  He turned again to meet the Admiral eyes.  "I know that
something is wrong,Sir.  I have to go."

"First, "Admiral Tyler said "view this pictures. They were meant for
Lwaxana Troi, Deanna wanted her mother to understand,


but it may help you to understand too." 

"Will, you don't have to......"

"No, Captain I need to." Will said as he seen the slight nod of
understanding from the Captain.

Will took the vid clip from the Admiral and handed it to
Beverly. "Can you please...." Her hand came to rest on his in a show
of support. "Don't believe all that you see, Will.''

She took the clip and walk across the room. Her own mind reeling with
questions.  The viewscreen sprang to life and she braced herself. 
She turned to Will and offered him a weak smile and sat back down.
Will felt a gasp catch in his throat as he saw Deanna on the
viewscreen.. The images told the story of a romance through intimate
dances and passsionate kisses. Of  romantic walks through gardens and
inspired embraces in gazebos.
Above all Will saw  a look in Deanna's eyes, a look once given to him
but now to another.  Their was a familiarity in the  pictures and
Will realized  it was because he had held her that way  not long
ago.  He crossed the room and shut off the viewscreen and said in a
strong voice, " When do we beam down?"


     Despite the warmth of the room, Deanna shivered.  Her throat was
raw and her eyes stung from the tears that were shed.  The weight of
her reality boar down on her making it hard to breath.   She rubbed
her temples trying to ease the pain in her head.  The pain no longer
from the neuroblocker but from Will.  He knew.  He was confused.  He
didn't believe.  He kept calling for her. She could not answer. It 
made her situation to much to bare.

     She heard rustling behind the double doors to her room.  She
heard the low whispers and her mind was invaded by another presense. 
Deanna stood and moved away from the bed not wanting the King to find
her there. Not wanting to be more vulnerable than she all ready was. 

     Deanna stood and looked in the mirror.  A woman with dark marks
under her eyes and
pale skin stared back.  A woman who looked utterly defeated and it
made her angry.  She heard the click of the door opening and she
closed her eyes.  Ever step carried him closer to her.  Her hand
clenched at the sides of her body as he ran a finger down  her 
spine. Turning Deanna looked him in the eyes and said ,"Get your
hands off me!"

"Now, love, is that any way to talk to your fiance? By the way you
look like hell."

Deanna shrugged and started to move away,  forcefully he grabbed her
arm stopping her.
Their eyes met again and the stone look on her face covered the pain
she felt in her arm.
He smiled a thin evil smile and said, "Its seems that your lover is
refusing to accept our engagement.  What should we do about that?"

Deanna smiled. "I told you he would never believe this relationship. 
It seems I was right."

"Being right sweetheart can cause a lot of pain.  For you and for
those precious child..."

"Don't threaten them! I did as you ask, I resigned from Starfleet.
And I agreed to marry you.  "She felt her stomach grow nauseous as
she said it.

"But you have got to make him believe that you love me!! Not only him
but everyone. I will be damned if my plan is ruined by two lovers who
call themselves Imzadi." His voice was loud and his face became red
with anger.  His hold on her arm became tighter and he pulled her
closer to his body.   His scent and his heartbeat against her chest
made her ill. He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her.  She
resisted has he tried to take from her something she was unwilling to
give.  Out of fear her mind instinctively called out to Will only to
meet a stone hard wall. Her mind was trapped as it called out in
desperation. She felt herself shake as his   hands moved over her
body.  The dizziness stole over her again and he tore his lips from
hers.   "Don't call for him!" he demanded. "I can be a jealous man
you know." Then with a shrug he added ,"It does not matter anyway he
will never hear you.  But tonight he will see you. It seems the
Captain, the Commander and the good doctor are all coming to the
little celebration tonight.  I will announce our marriage ...."

She interuppted him and shoved away ,  releasing his grip on her. 
She looked at him and then ask, "Why me, why do you want to marry
me?   I never will love you.I will never be any more than a wife in
name only."

He laughed and eyed her. "In time dear you will love me.  I have that
way about me.  I have convinced a whole world that I am caring and
giving.  That I have everyones best interest at heart but you and I
know that the opposite is true.  Never the less someday I will take
Will Rikers place in your mind ,heart and soul. And lets not forget
your bed.
Why do I want to marry you?  Because you captivate me, no one as ever
done that.  You see me for what I am and despite that fact I can
still make you mine in every sense of the word."

She almost laughed at his absurd statement but when she meet his eyes
she knew he truly believed what he said.  He had no doubts. Something
snapped inside of her and she realized she could not accept this
situation, she had to fight back.   He walked to the door and
stopped . Turning he said, " Tonight you will stand beside me as my
woman. You will convince Will Riker and the rest of your friends of
your love for me.  You will convince him that he was nothing but a

She shuddered at his last words.  The thought of doing that made her
sick.  If she could have ended this all tonight she would have , but
she had no proof of her claim. She had no proof of the Romulan
involvement in Zarzus 5.  It would be the word of a Counsellor
against an Admiral and King. It was a chance she could not take. 
Deanna crossed the room to look out the window and she knew in her
heart what she had to do.  She had to find the proof and she had to
see that the childern were secure before she found her way back to
Will's arms.  The words, "Imzadi, I'm sorry,"  fell form her lips
into the empty space of the room.Will was not there to hear nor could
her mind  send  to him. Falling to her knees she prayed that Will
would forgive her ,that someday he would understand.

She startled when she heard the words, " I know people that can help
you. I can help you as well."

Rising to her feet, she turned  and seen Sierra standing there.  The
young woman who still bore the emotions of grief and remorse  also
bore another emotion, deception. Deanna smiled and  said,"What change
your mind about Richard?  Why are you no longer loyal?"

Sierra looked at the floor and said, "I have seen first hand what he
did to you, my friend. When I saw you in that cell I knew that my
people had been sold a facade. I knew the King was not what  he
seemed to be. I knew what my brother said was true."

Hope sprang up in Deanna and tears ran down her face, "You know of
others?  You know someone that can help."

Sierra shook her head, "Yes my brother Marcus and some of his friends
are very willing to help.  They have always said the King could not
be trusted. It took me seeing you in that cell to know that they were
right. "

Deanna head spun as she pushed her emotions aside.  The desperate
woman faded away  
and was  replace by the Commander she needed to be to lead this
mission. A mission that would be lead by her and some renegades that
had seen the truth in a King.


Here's part three.

Disclaimer: See part one.
     Will barely noticed the jovial atmosphere as they beamed into
the reception hall.  His thoughts only centered on one purpose,
finding Deanna . It was all he could do to contain himself from
running through the crowd of people. People who were celebrating
their  birth into the Federation.  He heard the whispers of how the
King had fell in love with the Starfleet officer and he wanted to
scream,  "No!"
He wanted to push them aside.  Find her, take her in his arms and
assure himself that she was ok , assure himself that she was still
his. It had been a long month without any communication of any sort,
maybe things had change. Will pushed that thought away because it
made his head rush and his stomach clench.  He must had been moving
faster than he thought when he heard the Captain say ,"Commander

He turned and saw the Captain and Beverly had been joined Admiral
Tyler.  Will eyed the Admiral, a gut feeling telling him not to trust
him.   He tried to shake the feeling away   but it remained.  He
studied the man, like he had studied others during neogiations and
poker games, something was there beneath the surface.  Something that
made Will uneasy.    Will wondered if Deanna had sensed it to.

The Admiral lead them to their seats.  The celebrating crowd making
it diffcult to move ahead.. Many were thrilled to see more Starfleet
officers.  They shook their hands and welcomed them to their plantet.
Will greeted them with a smile but felt he could not put up the
facade much longer.  He needed Deanna.  He  needed to know. 

The Admiral showed them their seats and started to leave, Will
stopped him with a hand on the shoulder and said, "Sir I would like
to see the Counselor now."

"I am afraid that is not possible, Commander.  The announcement is
about to be made." The Admiral looked him in the eye and said "I know
this is hard for you because of your personal lost. But, despite
that, today is a great day for the Federation."

"Admiral lets drop rank for a minute. Today might be a great day for
this planet and the Federation.  But if Deanna has been harmed in any
way, someone will answer for it. I don't care if its you or the King
or the Federation its self, I will get answers."

"Commander I can assure you that she is here by choice.  There has
been no harm done to her.
Maybe you need to accept the fact that she found love in the arms of
another man. Maybe it time you move on."

His  words added to his already growing anger.  The Admiral turned 
and walked toward the head table..  Not willing to wait any longer,
Will started after him.  Picard reached out and grabbed his arm to
stop him. "Will, we have no indication that she has been harmed."

Will tremble slightly, his emotions starting to get the better of
him. " Sir, I have all the proof I need. " He shook his head
slightly, not knowing whether to explain or not.

" Will, what do you mean?" Beverly asked.

Will shrugged and sat down in the chair.  His hand rubbed across his
beard.  " I know it hard to understand but I have always been able to
sense Deanna's presence.  Even in in times when space and emotional
walls seperated us, I could still feel her with me. That was until we
came to this place.  My sense of her should have gotten stronger as
the light years between us decreased but it only got weaker.  Now
when I reach out, I sense nothing. I feel nothing of her.  That why I
know somethings is wrong. The link that we created years ago is
gone."  He shook his head   and his voice grew louder but only 
Picard and Crusher  noticed. "All I want to do is to rush into that
castle, regardless of who stands in my way, and find her.  It takes
all the control I have not to do that."

Picard and Beverly took their seats and Beverly layed her hand on his
shoulder "You will have your answers soon, Will.

All Will could do was nod, his spirit feeling to heavily burdened to

Deanna steadied herself as Will's emotions washed over her. From the
strengh of his emotion she knew that he had arrived, that he was
near.  She could feel his concern, his anger and his doubt.  Slowly
she  began to block him out, it would be hard enough seeing the look
in his eyes, but feeling his pain would be to much to bare.  She
would never be able to accomplish what she needed if that where to

     Sierra entered the room under the guise of helping the Counselor
get ready for the celebration.  Making sure the door was secure, she
turned and offered a small smile, knowing the pain her friend was
in.  Without being an empath she could see the inner battle that
Deanna fought.  She cleared her throat and spoke, "Marcus was able to

Deanna breathed a sigh of relief and said "Good." It  was all she
could say sinse the emotions threaten to choke out any further words.

Sierra reached into her pocket and drew out the locket.  A locket
already dear to Deanna    but  would be much more so in a couple of
days.  It would be the device that would bring her back to her
Imzadi, the thing that would wash away his grief and fill him with

Deanna reached out and took the locket and admired it. Not caring if
it looked ridiculous she brushed her lips over it as memories of that
night rushed through her head.  Her    mental blocks fell slightly
and she heard him whisper for her.  He sounded so worried,it tore her
heart in two.  On its own accord, the bond reached out and she tried
to responed. She tried to comfort him and warn him of what she had to
do. But
dizziness stole over her as she tried to send back but failed. 
Sierra helped her into a nearby chair and knelt before her.
Brushing a tear away and refocusing her mind, Deanna said, "So in two
days a signal will be emited from this locket?"

"Yes,it will alert your ships sensors and be traced back to the
locket.   Then the crew should be able to find the hidden vid clip
and know that ..."

"They needed to come back,"  Deanna interuppted.  She gave a small
smile of apology and continued,  "Your brother has a way of securing
the orphanage?"

"Yes, shortly before the Enterprise enters into our space, a force
field will form around the facility.  He also has an alternative plan
of moving the childern to another secure location if the need
arises.  So,  how quickly do you believe the Enterprise will return?"

Deanna laughed, "Once Will Riker hears the message, I'm sure they
will be travling at Warp 9.  That leaves only one more thing to do,
we must find the proof that we need."

Sierra gave her a pat on the hand and said, "We will do just that."
She rose to her feet and said "Come lets get you dressed."

Deanna stood and followed her, knowing the hardest part lay just

The Counselor stood in the hallway and waited.  It had been hard, 
the moment she had stepped into the receiption area she had spotted
Will.  She tried desperatly to block his emotions as they rained over
her. They were so strong and his cries of "Imzadi" so loud that it
made her head pound.  Still she stood by the King and played the role
of the adoring financee,  a woman totally in love.  It was a role she
hoped never to have to play again,at least  not with him.  As Richard
spun her around on the dance floor and stoled a few kisses, she could
feel Wills spirit fall.  She wanted to go to him and explain but she
knew she couldn't. Not just yet.  She did go  to him but only to slip
the locket into his hands and to whisper her apologies. His hurt and
anger poured over her.  She felt his heart break and his spirit
scream.  It was enough to make her sick .She clutch her stomach and
Richard rushed to her side, quickly announcing that she needed her
rest and that they would be retiring for the night.  Admist whispered
congratulations and best wishes they left the room and now stood in
the hall.  As she stood there she could hear Will's voice demanding
to talk to her. 

"You will talk to him." Richard said.

"No, just send them away. I can't...,'' her voice broke and tears
began to fall.

"They still believe somethings wrong.  You dear doctor friend as her
tricoder out and wants to scan you.  They will never leave orbit
until they are convinced you are ok.
They must leave orbit."

"Why are you expecting someone else? Your Robulan friends, maybe?"

He roughly grabbed her arm and pulled her close to his body.  His
whisper sounded like a hiss as he said "Never speak of that
arrangement.  Do you hear me?''

She backed away and looked at him.  She refused to break eye contact,
despite the feelings that washed over her.  A thin smile grew across
his face and he said "You know I like a challenge and you Deanna Troi
are that  challenge." He released the grip on her arm and said "Your
friends will be in the library in five minutes.  Meet them in there
and remember I will be listening, Sweetheart."


Here is part four. Disclaimer is in part one.

The Counselor pressed her hand against the door of the library.
anger, worry and sadness all swept over her.  She also sensed their
disbelief, something she knew she had to try to erase.  "Just a few
days and this will all be over, baby." she whispered, knowing Will
couldn't hear her but wishing he could.  She opened the door and  
Picard and Beverly   turned to  looked at her.  Their disappointment
evident in their faces.  Beverly walked to her with tricorder in hand
for she was also worried.  Beverly smiled a  small smile and said "I
missed you, Deanna."

"I missed you too Beverly."

Beverly brought her tricorder up and started to scan Deanna .  Deanna
shook her head and said "That is not necessary, Doctor."

"I believe it is Counselor," Picard said from across the room.  He
walked closer and continued "You had to leave the party early because
you became ill." He placed his hand on her shoulder, "We're worried,
You don't seem to be yourself."

A voice on the other side of the room spoke up "Or maybe she is being
herself, Captain. After all she has always been sort of
artistocratic.  She seems to fit in pretty well here.  "

She could feel the hurt and the anger.It was evident in his voice and
they way his emotions stabbed at her heart.  She turned to look at
him over by the fire as he stepped from the shadows.  "Will,"  she
said barely above a whisper.

Though he tried to stop himself he could not help but let his eyes
wander over her body.  He though she had look stunning at the
recepition but now by candle light and the light that came from the
fireplace, she was breathtaking.  The beads on the liliac gown she
wore glimmered and the scoop neck revealed a bit of clevage.  The
floor length gown clung to her curves and he longed to run his hands
through her hair and down her bare back.  His anger decreased
slightly as he noticed her eyes and saw a sadness that did not belong
on a woman who was about to be married.  He felt the locket in his
hand and the hurt in his heart made his voice speak.  He held the
locket out as it dangled from his fingertips catching the
firelight.  " Sorry."  he said.  Then his voice became
louder.  "Thats all that you have to say to me?"

Deanna stood shocked at  the look of pain on his face.  With tears
threatening to fall, she forced her feet to move toward him.  She
stood close to him, closer than she had been in a month.  Her hand
automatically came up to rest on his chest and she said "There is
more, so much more to say." Only she knew the really meaning behind
the words.

"Then tell me."

She would have had no trouble in telling him the truth. To release
the burden she carried. But she had to lie to him , her Imzadi.What
could she say?  The words would not form in her mind.  She could only
bring herself to give him some weak excuse that would never
satisfy . "I never wanted to hurt you , Will. It just happened."

He just looked at her in astonishment before speaking."You just
happened to fall in love with another man after all that we have been
After the Briar Patch brought us back together after all the years of
longing,  you can walk away from all of it for someone you known for
a month?"

She turned to face the fire not being able to face him.  Not wanting
to see his face.  "I made a terrible mistake, Will. . Loving you was
not the mistake but believing that nothing would come between us
was.  Something always comes between us."

He watched her by the fire as she harshly brushed the tears away. 
Feeling the need to see her face, to be able to look in her eyes, he
stepped to her and whispered, "Look me in the eyes and say it.  Tell
me it is over." Being near her was to much after so long apart so
despite his hurt and anger he whispered," Tell me when he touchs you
that  he does this to you."
He ran his finger down her spine and his hand came to rest on the
small of her back.  He gently turned her and she fell against his
chest and she forced herself not to respond.  She  promised herself
not to tremble as his lips lowered to meet hers. Their lips met and a
spark ignited between them as he poured out all his love and passion
into her soul.  Her body betrayed her and she shivered with pleasure
that only he, her Imzadi, could give her.The kiss broke and he
whispered in her ear "I felt you shiver, Dee. I know that only I have
that effect on you. So now, Imzadi, tell me you love him . Tell me he
is what keeps us apart. Tell me he makes you tremble." 

She looked him in the eyes and held her voice strong.  "He is what
keeps us apart." she said knowing that it was true but not in the way
she needed Will to believe.

He heard her words but when he looked into her eyes he seen the 
sadness again..  Something else hide in her eyes, something he could
not place.  It called for him to disregard her words and  to follow
his heart . For his heart knew her heart and her soul.  He needed to
asked the next question for he needed to see her reaction. "Do you
love him?"

The tears threaten to chock out her words and she could only nod her
head yes.

"Say the words, Deanna. Tell me"  His voice sounded hurt and

With all the strength she had, she whispered the word "Yes." As her
soul screamed ~NO~ and her heart condemned her for lying to him.

In disbelief and grasping any ray of hope in could find he
said, "Your eyes betray your words, Deanna. Your eyes always hold the
truth. I will only believe you if you open up the windows to your
soul and let me feel your presense.  Let me hear your voice in my

Feeling unsteady, she removed herself from his arms and lowered
herself into a chair.  She held her head up high and said ,"I can't."

"What!? Why?! " His anger was returning again.  He looked from her to
Beverly, who stood across the room., "Beverly," he said closing the
distance between him and her. "Is there any thing on your tricorder
reading to indicate why she can't project her feeling?"

Beverly shrugged and said "Not that I can see, Will."

Will's voice was loud, his patience had ran out.  "You can't or won't
project to me Deanna?
"Which is it."
Picard layed a hand to Wills shoulder to comfort him. Deanna
contemplated her answer. Seeing no other way, she knew she had to
lie.  She had to end this so she could work on making it right.  She
rose to her feet and said "I won't."

"Why?" Will asked ,the Commander's strong voice beginning to tremble.

"Because I love another.  My life is here now.  I have come to
realize that what we had after the Briar Patch was us reliving our
past.  I can't live in the past Will. I need to live for the future
and that future is with the Richard."  She felt Wills heart drop and
saw Picard and Beverly awashed anew with disappointment.  But she
also felt another presense, that of Richard, growing impatient, and
she knew that for tonight this had to be the end. If not, the King
would end it for her.

"NO!" Will angry voice boomed." I can see it in your eyes.  I can see
the truth." God he hated to break down in front of the Captain and
Beverly, but standing on the blink of losing his Imzadi he felt he
had no choice.  He  had to convince her to return with him to their
home among the stars.  To continue what they had started all those
years ago.

But the choice was made for them it had been made days ago and it was
sealed as the doors to library flew open and the King flanked by
guards entered.

In a kind and loving voice the King said "I heard loud voices are you
ok, Love." he asked Deanna. 

Wills eyes pleaded with her and she could not stand to see his pain
any more.  She wanted desperatly to end his pain with the truth. But
she couldn't, there where childrens lives at stake and the
Federations safety.  She had to see the plan out. So she stood before
him and uttered those words "I sorry. Its over." She started to flee
the room, but Will caught her elbow and turned her to him.  His words
were confident and quiet " I will leave for now but I will be back
for the wedding and I will take you home then.  This wedding will not
happen." He had spoken the truth, she knew it and he knew it to.  As
she felt Richard order the guards forward, she broke his grasp on her
arm and left the room. Afterwards he remainded silent and only she
could hear his heart cry for help, his cry for her, his Imzadi.

Will Riker watched the planet as it spun below him. It hung in space
as a symbol of peace and hope, but all it meant to him was strife and
despair.  He raised the glass of brown liquid and tried to drown his
pain but in a room filled with reminders it was hard to do. 
Reminders of her where everywhere, in the short time together she had
managed to make his quarters theirs.Whether she had done it
untentionally or not, it had filled him with joy, but now it filled
him with only grief.  He walked across the room and lowered himself
into a chair, shutting his eyes not wanting to see all that she had
left behind.  But as his eyes met the darkness, memories swam back to
him and tore at his heart. He saw the stolen kisses, he heard the
laughter that they had shared, he felt the her body  pressed against
his and his mind begged for more but his heavy heart wouldn't allow
it.   He opened his eyes and he met the lonliness and he threw the
glass of ale across the room.  The glass hit the wall and  broke,
like his heart had in the library not long ago.  The pain took over
and forgotten was the silent plea in Deanna's eyes. The plea for help
and understanding, a plea he had noticed but now brushed off as
wishful thinking.  There was no hope for him, she had meant what she
had said and now there was no hope for them.  A tear slipped down his
cheek as he realized he was alone

Streaks of sun light filled the room as Deanna Troi lay in bed of
rumbled covers.  Another sleepless night had passed.  Even though her
body begged her to sleep, she was unable to ignore Wills presense as
his emotions poured out of him.  Gradually has the hours passed Wills
presense grew dimmer and she knew that the Enterprise has left orbit
and was taking him away from her.  She prayed over and over that when
the truth was known he would understand and forgive her. She mumbled
the prayer once more as the doors to her room opened.

She closed her eyes tight having know desire to see him. Despite all
that she valued at the moment she felt as though she could kill the
man before her.  She soothed her emotions knowing she had to be in
control for the task that lay ahead.  With her eyes still shut he
walked closer to the bed and she could feel him linger right above
her.  He bent down to kiss her on the lips and said "And the King
awakened sleeping beauty with a kiss."

Her eyes flew open and she propelled herself from the bed. She turned
to look him in the eye her anger still evident "You know you are a
sick man."

He laughed a low rumbling laugh and said "My aren't you a bitch in
the morning."

"Get use to it!" she snapped.

He shook his head and said "Now this will never do. My whole world
believes we are in love.  We will not disappoint them."

"The whole world is not here right now. So I do not have to pretend."

He walked around the bed and stood a breath away from her "Behind
closed doors, I will allow you to be you.  It makes it more
interesting. But there are appearance to keep beginning today, so get
dressed and we will take a trip to that orphanige you love so much."


"Oh, even I like to play with the childern sometimes." With that he
walked out of the room, stopping only to give her a long lingering
look  before existing the door.

She sat in the shade of a  tree and   listened to the sweet voices of
the childern that surrounded her. Even with her heart heavy they
seemed to ease the pain.  Her attention turned to  the  King Richard
and Dr.Faulk as they ran and played with the rest of the childern.
The   two men who seemed to prize each life but in reality would
destroy them in a second.  Richard motion for her to join them, no
doubt for more pictures in order to continue the facade.  She started
to approach them when out of the corner of her eye she caught someone
moving about.  A tall thin young man with red hair moved along the
edge of the grounds, he appeared to be trimming the lawn. In reality,
it was Marcus, setting up the devices for the force field.  She gave
a small secret smile and headed towards the man whose whole world was
about to change.

Disclaimer is in part one.

His head pounded and his heart ached as his body begged him to sleep.
But he could not each moment his eyes when closed was filled with
images of her.  So he lay awake and searched for understanding,
something that would bring him peace.  He could fine none.  He felt
his eyes grow heavy and they slowly closed. For a moment there was no
pain and no image of her just sleep.  

The door chimes announced that he had a vistor and he set up with a
start.  "Dammit" he yelled before bouncing out of the bed to comfront
the person. Sure that it was Beverly with some sort of hypospray he
approached the door ready to do battle.  Ready to release the anger
that was growing in him. "I don't want or need your help, Doctor." he
said as the door slid open to reveal Guinan.

She raised her eyebrows and appraised him.

"Guinan what are you doing here?"

"I seen to have misplaced a bottle of Romulan Ale." she said as she
guided past him. Her eyes swept over the room noticing the broken
glass, tumbled bed and Will's unruly appearance. Dark cirlces were
under his eyes , his uniform wrinkled and his hair stuck up in a
million directions. 

"It is safe to say that it is gone, Guinan."

She nodded her head and "To bad,  I was saving it for a special
occasion. A happy occasion."

"Well, there is not much happiness around here." Will said rubbing
the back of his neck.

"There will be again." . She started to pick up the discarded glasses
and put them in the reprocessor. Will gave her an odded look and
said "Guinan what are you doing?"

"I can't stand a mess, Commander." She stopped short of the
reprocessor and reached to retrieve a glimmering object.  She put the
discarded glasses in and turned to Will and said "You seemed to have
misplaced this."

He reached out to take the object from her, knowing immediately what
it was.  The locket slipped into his hands and his heart clenched. 
He did not want to see the locket or relive the memory associated
with it. "I think it would be better if I got rid of it."

"What if Deanna wants it back."
"In case you haven't heard, Guinan, the Counselor is not coming back."

"What if she does?" Guinan replied.

"She's not!" Will said his voice raising with anger.

"Remember Commander things are not always as they seen.  The mouth
may say one thing but the  eyes never lie. I would put that," she
said pointing to the locket," in a safe place."
She walked passed him and glided out the door, leaving Will and his
pounding head to comtemplate what she had said.

Deanna looked at the large amount of cloths Sierra was putting in the
closets and said "I guess he is planning on me staying awhile."

Sierra shook her head and smiled knowingly.
"Well you shouldn't be bothered by him tonight." Sierra said.

"Yes, it is his night to meditate. Which I highly doubt that's what
he actually does.
I believe we should follow him. Maybe we would fine the proof that we

"The Romulans here in the castle.  Do you really think he would do

"Why not?  He will be alone, everybody knows not to bother him. And I
am sure Doctor Faulk can arrange a way for the Romulans to get in
undetected." Deanna whispered the last word as she sensed the Kings
presense near.  Deanna said "He's coming.  Sierra quickly returned to
the task of putting the cloths away. While Deanna turned to look out
the window.

King Richard entered the room and said "Good I see you have found the
clothes. " Walking up to stand behind Deanna he said "If your going
to be my wife you have to look the part." The Counselor turned to
face the King as his hand came up to caress her hair, she backed out
of his reach.  Richard turned and said "Sierra , leave us please."

"Yes,Sir."  Sierra said before heading out the door.

Once the door was closed Richard eyed Deanna "When others are around
you will respond to my touch. Do you understand? It doesn't matter
who it is, the guards, the general public,  or Sierra. We have a
appearance to sell and we will do it.  Just because Sierra saw you in
that cell, don't you go thinking you can turn her against me.
Everyone is loyal to me and evidentually you will be to."

"You are certainly confident.  Aren't you?"

"Yes it was my confidence that got me here and it will be that
confidence that keeps me here. But tonight I do need your help.  I'm
having a meeting with some new friends and I need you to go with me. 
To use that empathic ability of yours to tell if this Romulans are

"Romulans can be hard to read you know." Deanna said trying to fight
back her smile at the oppurtunity that had fell into her lap.

"You will do your best, my love. Because even you know not to deceive
me. I'll be back shortly, be ready for our little meeting."

Deanna smiled as she slipped the ruby and diamond broach on.  Hidden
inside the design of the very broach Richard had given her was a
small camera, provided by Marcus.  A camera that would provide the
proof of Richard's involvement with the Romulans. A discovery that
would be his downfall and a world's realization of who their King
truly was. With this discovery she could return to home to
Will. "Will, she said softly, "I'm coming home soon."  She allowed
her heart to fill with sorrow at the pain she knew he was in. A tear
slipped down her cheek at the thought of it. Her trembling hand came
to  caress the area of her neck where the locket used to rest. She
longed to wear it again, longed to feel his hands has he placed it on
her but knew that in a few hours it would serve a purpose.  That the
tiny device inside it would be the beacon that would bring them
together once again.

"Lost in your thoughts dear?" his low voice said.

She had been so lost in her thoughts that she jumped at the sound of
his voice. He did not miss the response and smiled slightly with
evilness. She turned to face him, not wanting to answer him.  Not
being able to answer him as the emotions threatened to chock out her
voice.  He pressed on and asked again, this time in a voice barely
above a whisper, "Where your thoughts of him, your Imzadi?" Once he
had uttered his last word, his face was a breath away from hers.

"My thoughts will always be of him." she said stepping around him.

"Some day they will be of me. I will be your Imzadi then." he said
full of confindence.

"That will never happen. I can assure you of that." she replied. The
look in her eyes was strong and determined.

"Time will tell, my dear. Time will tell." he said coming close to
her again.  His eyes fell to the broach. "Do you like this." he said
stroking the piece of jewerly. His hands dangerously close to her

Stepping away once again.  She headed for the door.  She smiled
slightly then turned to  met his gaze with a look of stone. "The
broach is a broach. Its just something to wear. It is not really
special."~It is perfect for hiding small cameras in though ~ she

He was angered by her response.  "Enough of this talk. It is time to
meet our guest. But I tell you this, someday you will respect me. You
will talk to me with respect.  And it begins tonight, you will tell
me honestly whether the Romulans are trustworthy or not."

Deanna sat in a room with a trader and the  Romulans.  Trying to
listen to their plans.  Her hidden camera recorded every word they
said but her mind refused to focus.  She heard of the plans to
falsify information given to the Federation, to make the Federation
think Rombulus was weaker then they really are.  Then the tingling in
her mind started and she knew that it was him. ~Will~ her mind called
searching for the link and she felt the first combining of their
thoughts.  She felt memories being pulled from her mind to his,
memories of what happen to her here.  Then it stopped ,the connection
severed, she waited for the dizziness to wash over her but it
didn't.   Quickly she regained her composure and looked around the
room.  Richard and the Robulans seemed to caught up in their
conversation to notice her.    She breathed a sigh of relief and
realized that some how, despite the neuroblocker, their link had been
reconnected if only for a second.

His sleep was restlesss as he tossed and turned in the bed.  Broken
images raced through Will Riker's mind, images of her telling him
that it was over but there was more so much more.  In his dream he
looked into her eyes, something was there, something begging to be
set free.  He reached out with his mind using his link to find
her .He felt the connection and gasped . He could not hear her but 
her eyes held a secret this he knew, he looked closer . Blury images
of her in a cell, being forced to comply, the choice that broke her
heart and was all there, he didn't understand but he knew
she needed him.  Guinan words whispered through his mind ~things are
not always as they seem~.  He set up with a start, his heart pounding
and he knew he needed to return. Now.

Deanna returned to her room after the meeting.  Sitting on the bed
she tried to reach him again but could not.  She felt saddness wash
over her but she was determined.  Everything was set, everything was
ready.  All she had to do was wait for the Enterprise.

He entered the bridge ready to do battle.  Ready to convince his
Captain that he needed to return to Zarzus 5.  Will approached
Picard "Sir, may I have a word with you in the Ready Room."

The look in Will's eyes told him what Will was going to ask.  He
wanted to return to Zarzus 5, he wanted to bring back Deanna.  But
Picard had to wonder if Deanna would return.  "Certainly Number One."
Picard said leading the way to the Ready Room.

They where about to enter the doors when they where stopped. "Sir,
Data said." We seem to be picking up a distress call."

"A distress call? Where from?" Picard ask, walking to stand by Data. 
Riker sighed and walked to join them.

"Its seems to be coming from inside the ship." Data informed them.

"Where inside the ship?" Riker asked as his impatience begin to wear

"Your quarters , Sir." Data said looking at Riker.

Picard, Data, Worf and Will entered his quarters.  With tricorder in
hand Data scanned the room, stopping near a small box. "Commander the
beacon appears to be coming from this container."

Will retrieved the decorated box and with steady hands opened it. 
There among memories of their time on Betazed was the locket.  Data
picked it up and said "The signal is coming from the locket. May I
open it, Commander. Will nodded his approval and Data opened the
locket, after studying the locket for a few minutes he said "It
appears to contain a vid clip of some sort."

Will turned to the Captain and said "She needs me.  She needs us to

Picard nodded and tapped his combadge "Crusher, LaForge meeting in
the Observation  Lounge in five minutes."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x


Disclaimer is in part one.

The tension was rising in the Observation Lounge.  Will fighting the
urge to get up and pace said "Mr. LaForge are you about done?'' His
voice breaking the silence of the room.

Georgie and Data looked up from their task. Georgie knowing the
Commander was not going to like his answer replied "Commander it is
going to take a little more time to exchange the information on this
vid clip to our system."

"We don't have time!" Images of his dream flashed through his
mind. "She is in danger.
She be held in a cell, like a prisoner......"

"Held in a cell? How do you know that, Commander?" asked Picard.

The lounge doors opened and Beverly walked in.  Will begin to answer
the captain's question. "She communicated with me in a dream last
night.  It was just images and feelings, among them was her being
held in a cell." Will said. Regretting he had to share this private
part of his life but knowing he needed to.

"I believe it would be impossible for her to communicate with you,
Will." Beverly said.

Frustrated Will asked "What do you mean, Beverly? I know what I felt.
I know what I saw. It was her."

Taking her seat, Beverly glanced at the Captain before looking at
Will.  "I have been studying the scan I took of her on Zarzus 5.  I
compared it the one taken right before the mission.  There is a
difference in the brain scan. It is very small, probably undetectable
by anyone who didn't know Deanna.  But there is a difference."
Rising to feet and leaning over the table, Will asked, "Can you tell
why there's a difference?"

Beverly meet his eyes "I believe she has been given a neuroblocker."

"Neuroblocker?" Picard repeated.  He begin to feel his pulse rise in

Beverly nodded her answer. Then she looked at  Will again. "Will?"

Will eyes no longer met hers but studied the table.   His gaze met
hers once again. "Neuroblocker or not Beverly,  we did communicate
last night." Concern washed over him, his pulse quickened and felt
ready to do battle for her. His imagination ran wild at what could be
happening to her. Thankfully it was interrupted by Georgie's voice
announcing the clip was ready to be viewed.  Taking his seat he ready
himself for what lie ahead.

The vid screen sprang to life and Deanna's image appeared.  Her skin
was pale, dark circles where under her eyes  and she appeared to have
been crying.  Will swore he could see bruises on her arms and his
anger boiled.  She offered a weak smile and began to speak.  The
senior officers where confused when she begin speaking in the native
language of Betazed.  Will looked at Data knowing that he was the
only one who could help him translate what she was saying.  Will
found it hard to concentrate on what she was saying, his eyes
searching her body for signs of abuse.. The message was short and as
it ended, Picard asked Data and Will," Do either of you know what she
was saying?"

Data said "Commander should I translate?"

Will nodded yes, not trusting his voice at the moment.
"The Counselor tells us not to trust Admiral Tyler.  The message
also indicates that King Richard is involved with the Romulans in
trying to deceive the Federation. The Admiral is aware of this
arrangement.  She says people completely trust their King and that
they are totally unaware of this arrangement.  The Counselor also ask
that we bring a security team to the castle and beam an additional
security team along with  Doctor Crusher to the orphanage. She warns
the Doctor that a virus could be released on the children there if
part of the plan fails. She says she had to agree to marry the King
and resign from Starfleet or the children in the orphanage would have
been killed."

Will felt his hands tremble in rage. Tyler was involved, he knew not
to trust him and Deanna did to.  All Will wanted to do was to go find
Tyler and.....but he could not. Tipping Tyler off could be dangerous
to Deanna.  His mind came back to focus and he said "We must go back
to Zarzus 5."
"I agree, Number One.  Data set course for Zarzus 5 at Warp 7."

"Yes,sir." Data said heading for the bridge.

Will eyes turned to the captain.  "We must keep Admiral Tyler in the
dark on this matter."

"I agree, Will. Georgie make sure to monitor any communications made
by Admiral Tyler."

"The Admiral will be aware of the course change, Jean Luc want are
you going to tell him.?" Beverly asked.

"We will tell him that we have to answer a distress call  in that
area.  Hopefully once he finds out the truth it will all be over."

Admiral Tyler sat in Ten Forward looking at the windows, suddenly his
view change as the ship turned.  He felt the ship go into warp and
rose from his seat.  Something was wrong! Why where they going back?
Back to a secret he was trying to leave behind.  He looked across the
room to the woman called Guinan.  She met his gaze and gave a slight
smile. Tyler swore the woman could read his soul, that she knew his
secret.  With urgency, the Admiral walked from Ten Forward and headed
to the bridge.

Enraged he entered the bridge.  "Picard what is the meaning of this
change in course?!
I am due at Starbase 54!"

"Admiral," Picard said rising from his chair,"we have received a
distress call and we are going to investigate it."

"Where's it located?" the Admiral asked.  His pulse beginning to race.

Picard started to answer but Riker interrupted. If a lie had to be
told he would be the one to do it not the Captain. "Near Zarzus 5,
Sir."  Will met the Admiral gaze and held his eyes.

Growing nervous the Admiral looked away. "How long will this take?"

"It is hard to say, it depends on the situation. We will keep you
informed." Picard answered wanting this man, this trader, off his

"You do that, Captain. I expect to be informed of everything."
Turning he stepped into the turbolift, knowing he needed to contact
King Richard as soon as possible.

"Black out all outgoing communications. No transmission leaves this
ship without me knowing." Picard ordered.

Picard turned to Riker and Will nodded his thanks.

Desperation gripped his very being.  He had to rectify the situation
he was in but could not.
The Admiral tried desperately to contact Zarzus 5 without success and
he laughed at the reason why.  Data,  that damn android, had given
him some technical reason why communications was down.  Hell
communications were not down, they were blocked. Picard, Riker ..all
of them they knew.  They knew the truth.  He paced his quarters,
feeling like a trapped animal.  His eyes fell to the computer
terminal in his room. He set in front of it and ran his hands over
the surface.  He was an Admiral, Picard a Captain, he could break the
code.  A few minutes was all he needed.

"Captain there is unauthorized communication being sent." a young
ensign reported.

"Where to?" Picard asked standing to his feet.

"It is encrypted I can't tell."

The ensign tried to break the coded but could not. Riker growing
impatient ordered "Data
help break the code.  Now!"

Data raced to the communication station and his hands flew over the
console. The tension was mounting  on the bridge, they all knew where
the message was going.  They all knew what it was about.  Will knew
most of all who it would effect.  Not until they heard the voice of
the Admiral and King did they receive their confirmation.  The words
rang though the bridge and sent a chill to Will's heart as he ordered
a security team to the Admirals quarters.

~That damn empath has gotten a message to the Enterprise.~ the
admiral yelled.

~That is impossible Admiral.~ The kings voice sure and confident.

~Listen you over confident bastard.  They know. I can feel it.  We
are headed back to Zarzus 5 to respond to some sort of distress call.
A distress call your fiancee initiated.~

~She would have had to had help. There is no way.~

~Wake up and realize. There is dissension among the  ranks.~

~She didn't have a chance to give them message.~He stopped in mid
sentence as realization dawned on him. ~The locket,~ he whispered.  

The security team moved in on the Admiral. As he pleaded innocence,
Will walked in and looked him in the eye wanting to beat the tar out
of him but holding on to his control. He turned to look at the
computer screen.  There the King seat on the verge of losing it all,
his face reddened with anger but his voice calm and sure.
~Commander ,~ he called, ~don't worry I will take care of your
Imzadi.~  The screen went black and Will heard a sinister laugh. 
Anger took over and Will knocked the screen to the floor.

"It is done the orphanage is secure." Sierra whispered to Deanna in
the garden.

Deanna smiled relieved. "Thank you." she whispered. "Sierra do you
think I could have a few minutes alone?"   She needed to mediate for
the confrontation that surely lie ahead.  She also needed time to
prepare herself to see Will again.

"He is watching from the balcony." Sierra said.

"I know. It's ok. Sierra nodded and walked  away.  Deanna sank in the
soft green grass, surrounded by flowers.  She raised her mental
shields and basked in the quiet.

Disclaimer is in part one.
Quiet it was too quiet.  Deanna's eyes opened slowly to that
realization.  She rose to her feet slowly, confused at how long she
had been mediating. Confused at how things had change in that short
of time.  The sun was gone and the dark, foreboding clouds had rolled
in.  The silence was broken by a low rumbling thunder and she jumped
slightly has it startled her.   She lowered her mental shields and
reached out with her mind.  Surprised to learn the guards and castle
workers were gone. Her eyes confirmed it has she searched the
grounds.  Suddenly anger washed over her. Anger of a man denied , of
a man caught........
Richard she realized.  She started to run, to warn Sierra, when fear
swept over her , someone was struggling for their  life.  It was hard
to breath as she felt the persons pain but she pressed on and made
into the castle.  She ran up the stairs to her room, stumbling as a
wave a nausea swept over her and then silence filled her mind.  Oh
God no she cried as she ran around the corner that would lead her to
her room.  Deanna gasped at the sight that meet her, laying bloody
and beaten was Marcus at the threshold to her door. Blood ran from
wounds on his head and his eyes where swollen shut.  As she knelt to
feel for a pulse she noticed his arms where broke and beside him lay
a empty hypospray. "The virus," she mumbled. 

Caught in the pain she did not hear him approach.  "He is only
unconscious for now but soon he will be dead. Thanks to that."
Richard said pointing to the hypospray. He walked to her and grabbed
her roughly by the arm. "Come lets go see what punishment works best
on people who betray me."   He shoved her through the door to her
quarters and she saw Sierra being held by Dr.Faulk with hypospray to
her neck.

"Let her go!" Deanna yelled.

The Dr. smiled a thin evil smiled and clutched Sierra tighter.  Tears
feel down her cheeks as the Doctor raised the hyposray to her neck.
Deanna screamed and ran forward but Richard grabbed her and held her
against him.  Troi heard the hiss of the hyposray and Sierra fell to
the ground.  She was barely breathing and Deanna felt her pain just
as she had Marcus's.  The pain and fear slowly diminished and Deanna
knew the end was near, for Sierra, for Marcus, for the children and
for her.

Richard released her and smiled "I hate deceivers."  He turned to the
doctor and said," Go to the orphanage." The doctor walked to the door
and tossed a smile at Troi "It will be interesting to see how this
effects you," he said pointing to the hypospray. "My first Betazoid

The door started to close behind him but she lunged for it stopping
it midway.  She felt desperation wash over her for she knew the event
about to happen would end the life of the young. Of the innocent.  Of
the children she had tried to save but failed.  Deanna felt Richard's
cold hand wrench her away from the door, sending her back into the
room.  The door closed behind them and left her with him. The only
sounds in the room was Sierra's ragged breathing and Richard's 
menacing stare which spoke volumes to Deanna.  She raised her mental
shields to block his emotions for his eyes told her all she needed to
know.  He was a predator and she the prey.  The evil that radiated
out of him was stifling and her breath caught in her throat.  The
King advanced forward and she stepped back  and for a moment the
thought flashed through her mind, that it would be easiest to accept
defeat.  To accept death.  But the will to live surge forth in her
and she knew that was not an option.  It was the same desire that she
had felt over and over again on the Enterprise while in battle. It
was the same desire that had keep the Imzadi bond alive between her
and Will after years of neglect.  The dance continued across the
room, the King would step forward and she would step back until she
could go no futher.  Until the King though he had her trapped. Deanna
reached behind her and felt the contents of the table she backed up
against.  Her hands felt and grasped around the object she searched
for and she knew what she had to do.  It meant betrayal of what she
had believed in, what she had been taught on Betazed in her
childhood.  But faced with the lost of the lives of the children, she
felt there was no choice. Richard  came within in a inch of her face,
his breath was hot on her  and she seized the moment and swung a
silver candlestick hitting him in the head. His eyes shone in
surprise before he collapsed to the ground, not dead but definitely
gazed.  Deanna with trembling legs took the moment to escape. She
fled the room wanting to stop the event that was about to happen. 

She ran down the entrance of castle steps.  The rain had made them
slippery and she fought for her balance. The sounds of the storm
crackled all around her, making her racing heart beat faster.  Deanna
turned around looking for the path of escape, the lightening showing
her the paths. The road to the orphanage was long but she spotted the
woods straight ahead  and  Sierra words whispered through her
mind "If you cut through the woods you could get to the children
quickly."  Deanna headed to the woods and as she reached the entrance
she felt Richard presence again and head his footsteps coming after
her.  The lightening flashed and the thunder rolled as the woods
swallowed her and her pursuer up.

The Enterprise's hails to the the castle had went unanswered, so
taking the initiative they beamed down within the castle walls. 
Picard, Riker and a security team stood in the empty palace and began
to search for answers.. Will's voice echoed as he searched for her,
wanting more than anything to find her unharmed.   His mind reached
for her only to be meet with silence.  A silence he was growing to
hate.  A silence that continued has he called for her only to be
answered with the  echo of his own voice.

Hands on their phaser they ascended the stairs.  They followed the
same course Deanna had not long before and the same broken and
battered man greeted them as they rounded the corner.

"He is alive but barely," the young security officer said.  The young
man held up the hypospray that lay beside the man and said "Do you
think this contains the virus?"

"Yes. It would seem." Picard answered.

They heard a moan coming from inside the room and without hesitation
they entered through the door. Riker rushed to the small form on the
floor and laid a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Where is Deanna?" he
whispered to the young woman. Hoping that some how she would answer
but her condition telling him she wouldn't.

He rose to his feet  and his eyes surveyed the room. His heart
clenched as they fell upon the bloody candlestick that lay upon the
floor.  He knelt beside it frustrated that the tricorder would not
reveal whose blood it was that stained the silver. Just as it would
not tell the whereabouts of Deanna because of the storm that raged

Noting the condition of his first officer and seeing his inner
struggle Picard hoped that this would all end soon. That Deanna would
be safe and able to begin her life with Will again. But there was
work to be done now, victims that could be saved. He touched his 
combadge, "Picard to Crusher."

"Crusher here."

"Can you beam over here? We have to victims of the virus."

"Yes the orphanage has been secured. The Dr. has been apprehended and
the children are all fine. "

"Good we need you here now. Picard out."  Hearing the exchange Will
left the room to search the upper floors for any signs of her. He
found the floors empty.  Empty as his heart was without her. 

Soon Beverly materialized and as she studied  her patients, she gave
stricken look.  "I need to get them to sickbay now."  The security
team helped her ready the victims for transport as Will entered the
room. Beverly turned and looked at him and although her question was
softly spoken it boomed like the thunder outside in Will's
mind. "Where is Deanna?" She asked looking into  his face seeing the
uncertainty. But also seeing a new look take over. As Will began to
stare , looking like he was slipping into a trace.

Gasping for breath she ran on.  Deanna could feel Richard almost on
top of her but still she ran, managing to keep out of his grasp. In
the midst of it all, she felt her Imzadi and she almost laughed in
joy and relief.  He was here and she prayed he had made it in time. 
She tried to send to him but the dizziness prevailed causing her to
stumble over the rough roots of the trees.  She lost precious ground
has she felt Richard hand swipe for her but miss. An image formed in
her mind, of her in the woods and it was pulled from her mind to
his.  She felt Will's surged of determination and knew he was coming.

Suddenly like in his dream an image came to Will.  It was Deanna
running, being chased.  Tall dark trees surrounded her and lighting
flashes lit her way.  She was filled with a strange mix of emotions.
Desperation and fear, joy and relief..  There were no words sent just
feeling and images.  Will knew where she was and yelled "She is in
the woods."  He ran from the room and headed the direction he felt
she had went.  As Beverly transported back to the Enterprise's,
Picard order three of the security to follow their Commander. Leaving
him and the remaining team to secure the castle. 

Deanna continued to find her way through the woods as rain soaked her
sundress,the tree limbs ripping its fabric and mud splattering across
it making it more brown than white. Her hand rose to the broach, the
one that contained the proof   of the transgression, keeping it safe.
The rain pounded down making the ground feel like a sponge that was
to full, puddles of water begin to form and the thunder rumbled loud
and strong.  
A lightening bolt crackled and hit the ground not far from her and
she screamed.  But she pressed past the fear, she had to know the
children where ok.   She searched out with her mind and sensed that
they were  but sometimes you have to see in order to believe.  At
last she broke through the dense part of the woods into a small
clearing.  Hoping to pick up the pace  she slipped and fell on the
rain soaked ground.  She struggled to get up and failed.  Then two
powerful hands lifted her up and held her against a tree.

"Caught,"he said. "You can't run from me." Rain soaked Richard's hair
stuck to his face and the rain continued to beat down of them..  He
was beyond anger.  He was a man who had lost it all and she was the
one who had taken it from him.His grip crushed her to the tree and
she struggled against him. 

"Will!"she screamed.  Hoping he was close enough to hear.

"It is to late for you." his whispered in a hiss.  "It will be to
late for him." He rose a hypospray to her neck and she kick him with
her legs. Undaunted he inserted the spray and she felt its contents
enter her body.

"Imzadi," she whispered has she feel to the ground.  Richard stood
over her and smiled and started to kick her in the side when he
himself was slammed to the ground.

The rage came out of Will and he felt himself losing control.  He
wanted to kill the man that he held to the ground.  He felt his hands
slip around his neck and started to apply pressure.  The King, that
Will held in his grasp did not beg, only offered a knowing smile.

"She will die." he said before it became to difficult to speak. 
Blinded by anger, Will applied more pressure.  He heard the security
officers approach but it did not stop him. Through the sound of the
rain and the roar of his anger,
he heard her whisper his name with all the strength she had left and
stopped.  Looking over at her his heart was caught between the joy of
finding her and the sorrow of her condition. He loosened his grip on
the King and in a raspy voice Richard uttered "She would have been
mine in time. She would have called me Imzadi."  Will raised his fist
in avenges and his fist met met the Kings jaw sending him into the
darkness in which he belonged.  As Will stood to walked and  Deanna,
the security team surrounded Richard, ending his reign as King.

His arms encircled her and she cried out for him, her beloved, her
Imzadi.  He picked her up and she clung to his chest.  Her wet hair
stuck to her face and he brushed it away.  She was covered in mud but
she was beautiful to him.  Her breathing was ragged and despite the
cold, heat radiated from her skin. He noticed the hypospray and knew
that the king had injected her. Will felt her as she reached for his
hand. Her grip was weak as she raised his hand to a broach that
raised near her heart. "The broach holds the proof." Her voice was
shaky. "The King, the Romulans...." her voice trailed off.

Will whispered "Shh,baby don't talk." he wiped a tear from her face.
She shook her head no. " The children?" She uttered the question
barely above a whisper.
"Their safe," he answered. And so are you."

Will could see the relief in her eyes as she moved his hand slightly
to cover her heart. "I love you. I am so sorry." He felt her heart
rate slow and her breathing became shallow.  He rose to his feet
holding her in his arms and ordered to be sent to sickbay.  The
transporter beam gripped them and he heard her whisper " Forever,
Imzadi." Before she surrendered to the virus.

Disclaimer is in part one.
Exhausted Will slumped down into a chair by Deanna's biobed.  It had
been thirty six long hours since they had beamed back form the
planet.  He took her small hand in his and watched for any sign that
she might be waking up.  So much had happen in those hours. Even
though Sierra and Marcus recovered quickly from the virus, Deanna had
not faired so well.  Will shuttered at the memory of watching Deanna
fight for her life as Beverly did her best to help her.  The virus,
which the King had strengthen for her, threatened several times to
stop her heart.  Once she was stabilized Beverly removed the
neuroblocker and Will rejoiced at being able to sense her presence
again. It was weak but it was there.  Her soft presence was all that
keep him from going to the brig and beating to death the three men
there. The doctor, the Admiral and the King, all of which where under
arrest right now by order of Starfleet.   The information that Deanna
had obtained condemned them all and left a world without a leader. 
The people of Zarzus 5 shocked by the events of the last few hours,
persevered and set up a temporary government. All was not lost for
them, their was more to live for and the children Deanna had fought
to protect could reach for their dreams.

Will felt his eyes grow heavy and he slowly closed them. Surrendering
to the sleep he so desperately needed.  His mind filled with a dream,
a dream of him and her and the reality of what they shared not long
ago.  He relished in the dream and his heart soared.  The dream could
be reality again if only she would wake up.  He began  to call for
her softly, his mind to hers.  She heard his plea and answered  with
a slight stirring of her body, as her mind opened to his.  Deanna's
eyes fluttered and their gaze fell of the sleeping form of her
Imzadi. Her  voice still weak but stronger broke the silence in the
room. "Sleeping on the job Commander?"

He sat up with a jolt and looked into her dark eyes "Deanna," he said
coming fully awake.
He moved to sit on the edge of her bed , his eyes never leaving
hers.  She took in the essence of him and he took in the essence of
her.  No words where spoken as his lips moved down to meet hers. 
Their souls reconnected and tears of joy slipped down their cheeks.

~It has been a long month,Imzadi.~ Whispered through his mind.

~Rabeem~ he sent to her. ~Welcome home, Dea.~


Deanna leaned over the bar in Ten Forward and watched as Guinan wiped
the bar down with slow circular motions. "Guinan." the Counselor
said.  Her voice low, like a secret being shared.

"Counselor. Glad to see your back." Guinan said.

Deanna smiled and said "You knew I would come back. You knew, I
wanted to come home to Will."

Guinan simply nodded.

Deanna lowered her voice further and Guinan leaned closer. "Did you
help our bond to reconnect while I had the neuroblocker?"

"Counselor, I did nothing to help. Never doubt the strength of your
bond. That was you", she stopped and nodded to someone across the
room, "and him."

Deanna let Will's presence wash over her before turning to meet his
There eyes meet and the rest of the occupants of the room drifted
away.  Will now stood in front of her, close he was so very close. 
Deanna  felt her heartbeat rise.

"Counselor, I thought Doctor Crusher ordered you to stay in your

"Like you ever follow the Doctor's order yourself, Commander."

He smiled. A smile which admitted what she said was the truth. "True
but what you need right now is some relaxation."

As he took her hand and pulled her out of the door,  she asked, "And
where can I get this relaxation?"

He raised her hand to his lips and brushed them gently across it. Her
body tingled and a memory passed from his mind to hers.  She smiled
and blushed slightly.

The walked down a path in the arboretum. A path that had been
followed by countless couples including them.  They had followed the
path in friendship and  as a new couple.  Now as they walked the
trial, although their reborn relationship was still new, they were
stronger. Their bond had grown and a twisted King and an Admiral had
shown them to take nothing for granted.  They needed to cherish each
moment they had and it started here. It started  tonight.

They stopped on the path and both knew what lay beyond the tiny
forest. He clenched her hand tighter and the slipped through the
trees and brush. Taking the path less traveled to a  spot of peace
and quiet.  Where they had spent their last night together before
events had pulled them apart.

The Weeping Willow stood beautiful and magnificent  It branches would
provide  shelter from the outside world.  It branches  would hide 
their  bodies and the love they  were about to be make.

They pushed away the branches and step underneath the trees
Will watched Deanna and sensed her emotions, happiness, desire and
guilt.  Will cupped her chin and brought her eyes to meet his. "You
did what you had to do, Deanna.  Please don't feel guilty."

"It is not easy to do that Will," her voice barely above a
whisper. "I felt the pain I caused you. I know that your heart
broke." She laid her hand on his heart and said, "I am so sorry."

He bent down and gently kissed her lips. "No more apologies, Deanna.
I know your sorry. I know you had no choice. You are forgiven."

Deanna felt his sincerity and he felt her relief. Will felt her joy
as he brought the locket out of his pocket and let it dangle between
them. He brought his hands around to her back and she fell against
his chest.  The tears of relief and joy flowing from her. He held the
locket tight as he tried to soothe her "Shh, baby. Don't cry."

" I have been waiting to wear it again, Imzadi."

Quickly Will raised her hair and put the locket around her neck. He
traced the path that he necklace made from  her neck to the spot near
her breast. There his hands stopped and she shivered. Will smiled. "
It has been a long month, Imzadi." Will's voice said low and husky.

She smiled has her lips meet his and felt the passion  steal over
their bodies. The kiss began softly barely there but soon deepen. He
pulled her closer and hardly no distance separated them, as their
bodies melted together.  "Will." Deanna gasped as his hands explored
her body, coming to rest on the zipper to her uniform.

"Yes?" he whispered softly in her ear as her uniform fell to the

"Maybe we should go back to our quarters."

"We would never make it.  Besides Georgie is catching on to the stuck
in the  turbolift routine."

Deanna laugh softly has she undid the zipper on his uniform. "And the
rumors of our last time here were wonderful."

"Really?" She asked as his uniform fell away and he lowered her to
the ground. "They will be better this time."

As he trailed kiss along her body he murmured "Yeah.."  He rose to
kiss her on the lips and said " This time the arboretum is open."

She giggled as he claimed her mouth. Their passion rose and they
lived the dream once again.