Challenge from Imzadi List:

This challenge is a chance to "fix" a scene in
Nemesis if you will. Take any scene that did (or
perhaps didn't) make it to the big screen and write a
POV from any of the characters detailing that scene
through one of the character's eyes.

The only requirement is that the story be told through
one character's point of view.


Healing Begins

Rating pg 13
Disclaimer Paramount owns them.

Usually I open the door before my visitors knock but not today. My
butler moves to open the door and I send a message to him. `Make
them wait,' I say, after all I have been waiting a week for them to
show up. My hands are on my hips and my mouth is turned into a frown
as I wait for the perfect moment to let them in to face my wrath. In
this moment there is no excuse for what they did after all I have
been waiting a lifetime for this. To think that my little one and
her Imzadi would delay their wedding for some mission for Starfleet
makes my blood boil. A sense of worry tingles across my mind as I
proceed to the door and I ignore it. I should have listened for the
door opens before I reach my goal and I learn that even the most
skilled telepaths can make mistakes. That even I, Lwaxana Troi can
let anger cloud her sense and block out those most dear. Standing
before me is my daughter and her new husband and I gasp at the
emotions they project. I feel Deanna quickly raise her shields, but
not before I know at least some of what they have endure on their
last mission on abroad the Enterprise. "Little one," I whisper upon
a breath and I simply look at them. The sense of loss is
overwhelming and I know that they have lost someone dear to them.
They stand together his arm wrapped tightly around her shoulders as
if protecting her from any more harm. It makes me nervous; Deanna
is unreadable to me at the moment. I turn to Will and he answers
me, "We lost Data on our last mission." He looks away quickly and I
know there is more, something hidden. Something that they don't want
to explain, at least Deanna doesn't.

I move closer and take Deanna into my arms. Will hesitates and
moves his arm slowly away. "I so sorry." I say as I meet her eyes.
I reach for Will's hand and he nods his head. I know there is more
and I need answers.

"It is not nice to pry, Mother." My little one says as she moves out
of my hold. I feel a lost as she puts distance between us both
physically and mentally. "So, is everything ready for the wedding?"

My heart races and for some unknown reason the mother lioness in me
awakens. My senses become more alert as I become all too aware that
something is wrong. I take a deep breath and answer her
question, "All is ready for the wedding but I think we need to talk
about you."

"We lost Data, Mother. It is just a sad time." Her eyes look into
Will's and I feel the emotions course between them. I feel her
resolve weaken a little and I know Will is asking her to tell me.
But she refuses and turns to face the window never once meeting my

I turn to Will and he rubs his hand across his beard. I sense his
hurt, his loss and his protectiveness and his only thought is of
her. I allow myself to ease drop and I hear him whisper, `Imzadi,'
to her. She stiffens a little but then relaxes as he moves across
the room and takes her in his arms. I could get all my answers from
Will but don't even though my whole being wants to. I look as they
hold each other and my eyes meet hers. She nods to me and I hear her
sweet voice in my mind, ` I will let you see what happen.' Her
shields slip down and I can see the source of their turmoil. I see
the violation that occurred by a man from a world little is known
about. Deanna closes her mind a little, not wanting to put a burden
on me. But I know, I know her pain and I know Wills. My
heartbreaks with the knowledge that during a moment of passion, when
their souls, bodies and hearts were

becoming one, that a source of evil came between them. This man had
taken Will's place and whispered the most cherished of all words,
Imzadi, to her my little one. In a rush of emotion, I feel her anger
and her lost of trust. I rush to comfort her and as I dry her tears,
I feel the mother lion in me ready to pounce. I know without a doubt
the Federation will get answers for me. They will get justice. And
if not, I sure as hell will.
At the same time, though, I know I need not bother. Looking into
Will's eyes, he answers me in silence, whether knowingly or not. The
telepath that caused this violation is dead and it was Will who
watched him fall into the pit of hell.

We stand there for moments on end, holding on to each other. I
submerge myself in the wave of emotions and thoughts and in the
process begin to feel the healing occurring between them. In that
instant I know that they are Imzadi, drawing strength from another
and completing each other. Their thought become more private and I
move from the embrace and Deanna smiles at me. The look warms my
heart because beneath the pain and heartbreak of their latest
adventure, the girl I raised stands proud and strong. As the sun
sets and brings rays of light across the floor, I can sense the
hope. The hope that tomorrow at their wedding fears will be put to
rest and their lives will begin.