The Little Things

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As I sit down, I realize just how tired I am. As my muscles relax
into the cushions of the couch, I allow myself just a few minutes to
think. My mind drifts, reaches out and touches Will's but I stop
before the connection is made. He's busy so I decide not to distract
him but at the same time I have the all-consuming urge to call him
home to me. I need him, want him and would love to share this
peaceful moment with him. The peaceful moments we have are precious
and few, magical times when it is just he and I. A time when we slip
away and love each other. They are enhanced and heighten by touches
and softly spoken words. He had the ability to surround me with his
presence and I swear I could drown in the depths of his eyes. These
are the little things that he does to me, the little things that
weave the fabric of our relationship and make us unique. Small
precious gestures that fuels our passion, calms our anger and holds
us together so
that we can handle the big things in our hectic life. My eyes lids
grow heavy as my hand drifts to my stomach and I dream.


His voice awakens me and I find myself wrapped in his concern for me
before my eyes even meet his. I feel him lightly touch my face and I
can't stop the smile. My body that was cold a few minutes ago begins
to warm. I breathe deeply as I soak in his presence.

"Are you okay?"

I nod for I can't seem to find the words because his gaze is all
consuming. His concern threatens to bring tears to my eyes. I feel so
connected to him right now that I don't want it to end.

"Are sure? You missed our dinner date with the Admiral and his wife."

Reality slams into me and start to sit up but he gentle pushes me
back down. "Oh, gods. I am sorry, Will. I fell asleep."

"You need to sleep more." The worry is evident in his voice and in
his touch as he gently strokes my hair. I love it when he touches me
like this. It makes me shiver and that makes him smile.

"That would mean that we would have to make love less, Captain." I
smile and he gently brushes his lips to mine,
softly, slowly and sensually. I relish the moment.

"Well, we can't have that. I will consider a mandatory nap time for
all Senior Officers then." His eyes twinkle with mischief.

"You know that you and I wouldn't nap, Captain."
His soft low laugh makes my spine tingle. "True. Are sure your all
right?" He studies my body before his lips lightly dust my neck.

"I'm fine. What did you tell the Admiral?" As his body presses closer
to mine and his hand wonders down the side of my body, it becomes
harder to speak.

"Actually, he didn't ask. Him and his wife just smiled when I made
an excuse. I knew you where sleeping and I think they did to." He
backs away from me, so that he can see my eyes. I can sense the
question that is about to fall from his lips and my heart starts to
beat a little faster. He brushes the hair from my eyes and gently
traces my lips with his fingers. He afraid to ask, he is afraid of
the answer. His words are unsure and looks away from me briefly, "I
think they heard the rumor that you were in sickbay today." His eyes
meet mine again. "Were you?"

I sigh. "I can't do anything without everyone knowing about it." He
smiles but his eyes urge me on. "Yes, I went to see Dr. Moore."

"Why?" His hand moves to my abdomen, in a sign of hope. "Why?" He
repeats his question and his eyes lock me into his gaze.

Tears start to form in my eyes. This is a realization of a dream for
us. There have been so many false hopes, so many dashed dreams and
too many tears shed in the hours of night. "Well, Captain it seems
that you are going to be a daddy."

His eyes slip shut and I can feel his body shake under my hand. I
reach and gently caress his face and feel the moisture there. He is
crying, this time out of joy. These are tears he only shares with
me. Suddenly he lifts me from the couch and whirls me around not
allowing my feet to touch the ground as he continues to dance me
around our quarters. "A baby. Our baby, Imzadi." He voice his so full
of hope that he makes me look at him in awe. "Are you okay? Is the
baby okay?"

"Yes. Everything is good. Dr Moore said that sometimes things just
take a little longer to happen."

"But it happen. Oh god, it happen. Tell me again."

I close my eyes and send to him, "Its true. We're having a baby."

I can sense the relief that flows from him and it catches me of
guard when his lips descend onto mine full of passion. Slowly he
moves me to the bed not wanting to relinquish my lips. He lays me on
the bed and as his body covers mine, he pauses and caresses my
stomach and plants gentle butterfly kisses there. His eyes lock with
mine and I feel his love wash over me in a wave. I swear that I am
drowning until he throws me a life preserver only to take me to
another high. He worships my body with a reverence that I can hardly
believe. It makes me feel unique and I quiver under him. His passion
unites with mine as our bodies move together, striving for
completion, the completion that only we can give to each other.

Afterwards has exhaustion claims our bodies; I feel his kisses and
caress grow softer as he drifts of to sleep. I am not so eager to
sleep; I want to relish this moment a little longer. I want to
engrain in my memory his expression when I shared the news. I want to
hold in my heart the way he danced me around the room. I want my
soul to remember the way he touched me in that moment. I need my mind
to never forget his joy and excitement. These moments, these little
things, will always be held scared to me. They will only enhance the
memory of the day, I told my Imzadi about our baby.