Chapter 1 

Deanna Troi-Riker sat in her usual corner booth at the Ten-Forward Lounge, sipping at her hot chocolate, and patiently waiting for the rest of her friends to get off of duty and join her for dinner.

Beverly was the first to come bounding into the doors, and waved to Deannaas she made her way across the semi-crowded lounge, 的 thought I got out early, what is your deal.

Deanna smiled, and patted the seat next to her for Beverly to sit down, 溺y last appointment of the day was to interview some new ensign that was recently transferred to the ship. However, I guess he was detained filing out some paperwork, because he called and rescheduled last minute. Seemed real polite, thought.

Beverly playfully nuged her elbow into Deanna, 展ell if he is cute and single, you know where to send him.

William Riker entered the lounge next and shot his winning smile toward Deanna direction, Beverly rolled her eyes, 的f I wasn稚 so happy for you two, I would have to kill you both for being so damn cute.

Deanna痴 eyes never leaving Will gave a soft chuckle, 的 guess that means we should count our blessings that you are happy.

Beverly gave up her seat next to Deanna to Will, and slid over to the other side of the booth, 鉄o have you guys agreed to a name yet, or are we just going to refer to the child as Baby Riker?

Deanna protectively rubbed her protruding belly, 展e are narrowing it down.

Beverly rolled her eyes, 典hat little girl is going to be out of there in a few precious weeks, so I suggest you two speed up your narrowing down.

Before Will or Deanna had time to respond, Geordi and Jean-Luc joined the growing group, 哲umber One, Counselor, Doctor, how is everyone doing this evening?

展ell besides a little unneeded harassment by our fair doctor, we are fairing pretty good. William Riker said.

Beverly threw a wadded up napkin towards Will痴 direction.

Jean-Luc nervously cleared his throat, 鼎ounselor, how did your meeting go with ensign Demoss?

Deanna nudged Will, 的 am starving, can you order me a pizza, and a sundae, and. . .a chocolate milk shake.

The table groaned in unison causing Deanna to blush, 鉄orry . . .what were you saying about ensign Demoss, Captain?

的 was just inquiring on how his psych evaluation went.

Deanna greedily grabbed at the pretzels the new young waitress set on the table as an appetizer, 滴e canceled on me. Something about his paperwork running longer then expected.

Captain Picard frowned, and rubbed his chin in concentration, 典hat痴 odd, according to Data his paperwork was finished yesterday.

典he guys probably being pushed in all sorts of directions, with moving in and all, I really wouldn稚 worry about it. Will commented, as he sat back down at the table with a tray loaded with Deanna痴 goodies.

展ill痴 right, Deanna said, as she stuffed a large slice of pizza in her mouth, 塗e was really polite about canceling and rescheduled for tomorrow morning. If you would like Captain, I can send you a report regarding his evaluation results.

添es Counselor, please do. This ensign has a promising career in starfleet. The Captain eyes wandered to the door, 的f fact Mr. Demoss has just walked in, does anybody object to me inviting him to join us.

The Captain stood up before anybody could object, 摘nsign Demoss, I have a few people I would like you to meet.

The blond haired ensign nodded to the Captain and made his way over to the table. 溺r. Demoss, I would like to introduce you to, the Captain started at the left of the table, 泥r. Beverly Crusher, Chief Medical Officer.

Beverly stood up and shook the man痴 hand, 滴mmm . . she thought to herself, 徒ind of old to be an ensign, but very, very cute.

溺r. LaForge, Chief Engineer. The Captain continued.

Geordi followed Beverly痴 lead by standing up and shaking the man痴 hand.

殿nd finally Mr. William Riker, our first officer and his wife Deanna, our ship counselor.

The ensign shook William hand firmly and then turned to Deanna, 溺rs. Riker, it is a honor to meet you. He bowed down on his knee and hung his head down.

Will stepped in front of his wife, alarmed by this man痴 actions, 展hat are you doing?

Demoss quickly stood up, 的 mean your wife no harm. It痴 just on my planet she is considered royalty and therefore I must treat her as such.

Deanna peek around her husband痴 body, 添ou are from Bezated.

添es and no ma誕m. My mother was from Betazed and my father was from earth. We lived on earth, however my mother raised both my sister and I with full knowledge of Betazed, including the houses, and the ruling families. She felt it was important for us to have respect for our heritage, both earth and Betazed.

Deanna smiled, 展ell Mr. Demoss it seems we have more in common then we thought, for I to come from a Betazed/Earth pairing. Except I was raised on Betazed. Deanna extended her hand for a handshake.

Demoss grabbed her hand and brought it up to his lips to kiss it. As he did this, Deanna felt a cold shock of recognition by his touch and recoiled.


Chapter 2

Deanna continued to back away from the new ensign, her face draining of color. 天ictor . . .no . . .no not now.

Concerned, Will rushed to her side, 泥eanna, what痴 wrong. He put his hands around her shaking shoulders.

She accusingly shook her finger at the ensign, 泥amn it, why won稚 you leaveme alone. Please go away . . .Please. Her legs started to give out on her, so Will and Geordi rushed to her side to keep her balanced.

The Ensign just stood there, a dumbfounded expression on his face, 的 . .I don稚 know any Victor. Really. My first name Mitch.

Deanna continued to shake, 鏑IAR. I can feel you. Did you really think your disguise would fool me. I am an empath, I can tell when you are lying. Her face became distorted in her rage, 展orf, we have to get Worf to take this guy away. Before he hurts me or my baby.

泥ee, honey, this isn稚 Victor. Dee look at him, he doesn稚 resemble Victor at all. Will said soothingly, 撤lease calm down, it痴 not good on the baby.

Deanna dark eyes were laced with hurt as she turned to her husband, 典rust me. I can feel him. His presence is overtaking this room. He is suffocating me.

泥ee, Beverly walked up to her friend, an emergency hypospray full of sedative hidden securely in her hand, 添our empath abilities have been off center throughout this pregnancy. I truly believe that to you this gentleman feels like Victor, but Dee he痴 not. I ran his physical this morning, his DNA, blood samples, and hair samples don稚 match Victor痴 at all. If Victor was to walk on his ship as an imposter, I would know. This guy is not him. Beverly said, keeping her hypospray gun readily at hand for another outburst.

釘everly, he is here.

The Captain stepped up, next to Beverly, 的f you really think he is on this ship, I will have Worf do a security sweep.

Deanna looked at the Captain, 的 don稚 know. I . . . she sighed, 的 think I need to return to my cabin.

Will bent down and kissed the top of Deanna痴 head, 的 think this is my cue to take my wife home. Mr. Demoss, I hope you forgive us.

徹f course, no hard feelings. He held his hand out to Deanna for a hand shake. She tentatively looked at it, and then to her husband. Will, picking up on his wife痴 silent cue, grabbed the ensigns hand, 展e will see you around.

* * * *

Deanna lounged of the couple sofa, as Will drew her a hot bubble bath. Deanna痴 hands still shook from the earlier episode in the Ten-Forward.

泥eanna Will called her name from the bathroom, 添our bath is ready.

Deanna sat motionless on the sofa, so lost in her thoughts that she did not hear her husbands call.

Will walked out of the bathroom and headed for the couple痴 sofa. He came up behind Deanna and laid his hand on her shoulder, causing her to jump. 泥ee, I said you bath is ready.

Deanna looked up at her husband apologetically, 鉄orry. I guess I was lost my thoughts.

Will walked in front of her and lifted his hands for her to grab. She smiled up at him, and grabbed on to both of his hands. Together the two of them pulled Deanna to a standing position.

哲ow that痴 team work Will laughed.

添eah, sure Deanna said distractedly, subconsciously rubbing her belly in soothing circles.

Slowly the two of them made their way from the living room to the bathroom in silence, both lost in their own thoughts. Deanna was troubled by the feeling of Victor she was experiencing, and Will was distressed over Deanna痴 trouble.

添ou heard Beverly, Mitch is not Victor. Will started ,when the two of them had made their way into the bathroom. He reached up behind his wife and began to unzip her maternity uniform.

展ill, I felt Victor when he touched my hand. It was overwhelming and unmistakable. It wasn稚 just a fluke reading like saying he was happy when he was sad, it was a 双h my god I致e touched this hand before and felt this man痴 emotions before kind of feeling. A feeling that wouldn稚 be mistaken because my hormones are out of whack. Deanna sighed and lifted her hands so Will could lift the uniform off her body.

Will helped her out of her undergarments and aided her to slowly and carefully ease into the tub. 泥ee, I think you are being a little harsh on Mitch. Couldn稚, at the moment Mitch touched your hand, Victor had attempted to mess with your mind. Making you believe that the sensation had come from Mitch when in truth it came from Victor. I mean this isn稚 the first time Victor has attempted to screw around with your mind.

Deanna sat forward in the tub, and without a single word being spoken, Will grabbed a washcloth and started scrubbing her back. Lately the two had grown so close together that no words were needed between them to get a particular request across. 展ill before, when he messed with me it always seemed distant and far away. It was like a little nuisance that I could easily block. But not today, today痴 incident was so strong. I couldn稚 have blocked it, even if I had been prepared to expect it.

The more Deanna spoke, the more Will felt a knot grow bigger in his stomach.

He had never heard Deanna sound so sure about a reading before, as well as so scared and apprehensive. Maybe he was being foolish discounting his wife痴 fear

Chapter 3

Deanna Riker nervously drummed her fingers of her office desk, while waiting for her next patient, Ensign Mitch Demoss. Logically, she knew there was nothing to be afraid of, because all facts proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Mitch was not Victor, and therefore she had nothing to worry about. Illogically however, she could not shake the feeling that Victor and Mitch were one in the same, despite all of Beverly痴 evidence.

鼎ounselor, her speaker phone buzzed to life.

Deanna cringed, 添es Lucia she called to her new assistant.

摘nsign Demoss is here for his evaluation.

Deanna felt a cold dark presence instantaneously wash over her body, 敵ive me five minutes and then send him in.

She sat silently until she could be sure that the intercom had shut off, and then reached for her badge, 泥. Riker to R. Riker.

滴ey Deanna it痴 Georgi.

敵eordi, why do you have Will痴 badge? Is he hurt? Is he missing Deanna asked, panic invading her voice. She thought she could feel his presence in her mind, however, maybe it was one of Victor痴 elaborate tricks.

哲o, nothing like that Dee. Today痴 the day he runs the simulations with the new crew members, didn稚 he tell you? Captain痴 orders are that he has no interruptions, unless it痴 an emergency. Are you in labor??? Geordi asked excitedly.

Deanna chuckled in spite of her growing discomfort, 泥on稚 I wish. No Geordi, it was nothing important, D. Riker out.

Deanna closed her eyes, 撤ull it together Deanna, you have a job to do here. She muttered under her breath. She slowly took a couple of deep breaths and patted her stomach for comfort.

Not more then a minute later, the doors of her office flew open and Mitch Demoss walked in, carrying a large box, 的 hope I am not interrupting anything, your assistant said it was okay I came in.

Deanna clutched her desk, 哲o, no problem. Won稚 you please come in.

Victor struggled with the large box as he walked into the room.

溺ay I ask what that is? Deanna asked suspiciously eyeing the large box.

的t痴 a present for you and the commander. Well. . . actually it痴 for your baby. You know kind of a, 斗et痴 forget first impressions and try to be friends gift. Mitch said earnestly, 的 kind of got the story around the ship about this Victor guy and I apologize for any bad vibes I sent off. I guess I should have made a point to warn you ahead of time that another empath was coming on the ship.

Deanna smiled, as she felt her nerves slowly easing down, 添es well I should have read you bio before today anyway, so we will call in even.

Mitch started to extend his hand, but stopped himself halfway up and quickly put it back at his side, 鉄o, do you want to open it?

鉄ure, why not. Deanna got up from the chair behind her desk and slowly walked around to the chair sitting next to Mitch. 添ou really didn稚 have to do this though.

的t was really no trouble, I had my mother send it from earth.

Deanna felt a chill run down her spine, 添our mother?

的t was nothing, really. Please open it. I am dying to see you reaction.

Deanna felt Victor痴 presence all around her, 溺aybe I should wait until Will can join me. You know, we could do it together.

Mitch痴 face contorted into an evil grin, 展ill is going to be BUSY for a very LONG TIME. Now I told you to OPEN THE DAMN PRESENT. He jumped up from the chair he was sitting in and walked behind Deanna痴 chair. He placed his hands firmly on her shoulders, so to deter her from moving.

添our Victor, aren稚 you? Deanna whispered, fear gripping her very soul.

The hands resting on her shoulders tightened, causing Deanna to yelp in pain, 的 could have sworn I asked you to OPEN THE DAMN PRESENT, and yet you sit here making idle chit-chat. Are you ungrateful?

Deanna felt a sudden pain in her abdomen, and she doubled over in the chair. A small trickle of blood began to make a path down her leg, 典he baby, something痴 wrong with the baby.

Mitch yanked the chair from underneath her, causing Deanna to fall to the floor. 添OU UNGRATEFUL WITCH. I鱈L OPEN THE DAMN BOX MYSELF. Mitch screamed, his face flushing with his anger.

Deanna laid curled up on the floor in a little ball, clutching her swollen belly. 撤lease call Dr. Crusher . . .please.

Mitch ignored her, and ripped open the box. He reached inside with both hands and pulled out a child-size, green overstuffed chair. An exact duplicate of the one that sat in her mother痴 house, and the one that Victor Demoss has tied her up to, when he had kidnapped her two years ago.

Deanna began to bawl, 哲o, no, no.

徹h yes. Mitch said

Deanna collapsed, falling unconscious.

Chapter 4

Deanna Riker laid unconscious on the bio-bed in the Enterprise痴 sickbay, her husband sat next to her, clutching his wife hand. 滴ow does this happen Beverly? How does a perfectly healthy pregnant woman, in her seventh month of pregnancy, suddenly lose a baby and potentially lose her own life as well.

Beverly sadly shook her head, 的 wish I knew. All her test have come back normal. Will, you have to believe me when I tell you I致e monitored this pregnancy closer then I have ever monitored a pregnancy before, not because she was a high risk but because she is my best friend. I wanted to deliver this baby more then anything else in my whole career. Tears formed in the doctor痴 blue eyes, 努e should just be happy that Mitch was with her when this happened. I fear to think what could have happened if nobody was there with her when she fell over.

溺itch was with her?

添es. Why?

Will shook his head, troubled by knowing that Mitch was with her at the time of the incident 的 have to go talk to Mitch and find out the specifics of what happened. He gently placed Deanna痴 hand back at her side, and got up from his chair. 釘everly, the second Deanna wakes up I want you to find me. I think the news about the baby should come from me.

Bevely nodded, her blue eyes haunted, 展ill I know Deanna was troubled by Mitch and was having feeling that he was Victor, but I swear he isn稚. DNA doesn稚 lie, Will. It is not something that can be faked. She placed a firm hand on his shoulder, 滴e痴 not Victor.

Will stared at her with his own tormented eyes, 溺aybe he is . . .maybe he isn稚.

* * * *

Will quickly spotted Mitch Demoss sitting alone at a corner table in the Ten-Forward lounge sipping on what appeared to be a synthol beer. He motioned for Guina to get him his usual drink and walked over to where the ensign was sitting.

溺ind if I join you, Will asked, motioning to the seat across from Demoss.

Mitch looked up, startled by the Commander痴 presence, 哲o. . .go right ahead. Is Deanna awake?

Will shook his head, 哲o, Dr. Crusher is with her now. The prognosis doesn稚 look good.

迭eally, Mitch said, a hint of surprise in his voice.

添eah, seems Dr. Crusher found a surprising high amount of a hallucinate drug in her body, Will said, eyeing the man across from him for any signs of discomfort.

泥oes she know what kind of drug? Mitch asked, his eyes nervously darting back and forth across the room.

Will shrugged his shoulders, 鉄he told me, but it had a really long name that was easily forgettable, unless you have a medical degree of course.

Mitch cleared his throat, 的 really should go. He jumped up from his seat.

迭eally, Will said, grabbing the man痴 hand, 的 was kind of hoping you could stay. I was kinda thinking that maybe the two of us could have a little chat. We could talk about the weather, the beer, how you faked your DNA testing to get back on the ship, and maybe how I am going to rip you apart limb from limb. What do you say Mitch . . .or should I say Vic

Mitch痴 blue eyes blazed red with fury, 的 don稚 know what the damn you are talking about, COMMANDER. Now I suggest you let go of me before I call security.

展ho do you think Worf is going to believe, Vic? Me or you. Will said, sarcasm thick through his voice.

Mitch slowly eased back into his chair, 泥r. Crusher didn稚 find anything in Deanna痴 body, did she?

添ou know for a skilled empath it sure took you long enough to figure our I知 lying. Now I think it痴 time to discuss how I知 going to tear you limb from limb.

Mitch let a self satisfying grin spread across his Californian features, 添ou can稚 harm a hair on my head, Commander Blue Eyes. If you hurt me, I will have you committed for injuring an innocent Ensign under your command. You will be shipped off back to earth in a straight jacket, and your beautiful wife will be left alone. . .well maybe I wouldn稚 let her suffer all alone.

Will lunged for the Demoss throat. Demoss quickly stepped back out of Will痴 reach, causing the commander to lose his footing and go crashing on the table. The noise of Will痴 fall caused heads to turn throughout the lounge.

鼎ommander, I think you致e had a rough day, Mitch spoke, loud enough for the whole room to hear, 努hy don稚 you let me help you back to your room.

Will blushed, 的 am not going anywhere with you. he spoke through clenched teeth.

的 think you want to follow me back to my room. Mich said in a hushed tone, 添our wife痴 life, as well as your daughter痴 may depend on it.

Chapter 5

展hat the hell is that suppose to mean. Will roared.

Mitch ignored Will痴 outburst and started towards the door. Will dumbfounded by Mitch痴 comment, quickly ran after him to catch up. He wasn稚 quite sure what other choice he had.

展hat the hell kind of sick joke are you playing, Will puffed, out of breath from trying to catch up to Mitch.

Mitch continued to ignore Will as he made this way through the enterprise corridors towards his quaters.

鄭nswer me damn it, I will not be ignored. Will said, pushing Mitch up against the wall.

鄭ll will be answered in good time Commander, however only if you are on good behavior.

Will slammed his fist into the wall next to Mitch痴 head.

釘etter? Mitch asked, cocking his left eyebrow.


Mitch then walked a few feet more to the door of his quaters, quickly punched in his access code, and the doors hissed open. The two men quickly walked in.

Will choked, as he gazed around the picture laden walls of Mitch痴 corridors. Everywhere he looked there were pictures of Deanna. Deanna as a young girl, playing outside her mother痴 mansion; Deanna as a teenager, walking around campus with her friends, Deanna痴 image was plastered everywhere.

添ou really need a hobby. Will replied, disgustedly.

Just then the door of Mitch痴 bathroom hissed open, and an older lady walked out, carrying a new born baby swaddled in a man痴 shirt.

的s he ready to negotiate? Or do we get to kill? the woman spat, her dark eyes full of hate.

的 haven稚 finished telling him the story yet mother.

The woman rolled her eyes,燃eally Victor, you can稚 pull off anything under five hours can you. The woman bony figure sat next to Will on the bed and passed him the baby, 鍍his is your daughter.

Will looked down at the small infant with the dark coal eyes and the dimpled chin, 典his is one of your elaborate tricks again, isn稚 it. Deanna lost our baby.

哲o trick, the woman with the steel gray hair and the dull dark eyes replied, 的 slipped your ignorant wife a labor inducing drug in her morning cocoa at the ten - forward the morning before she supposedly lost the baby. That way, by the time Victor arrived at her office for Mitch痴 supposed psych evaluation, the baby was well on it痴 way.

Will stared down at his daughter, mesmerized by her miniature Deanna features, 的 don稚 understand why, or how?

Mitch reached behind his head and unclasped a large silver band from his neck. As he unlatched the necklace, the features of Mitch disappeared with the features of Victor taking his place. 滴olograms, you gotta love them.

Will shook his head in disbelief, 釘everly said Deanna lost the baby. How did you doctor her diagnosis.

Victor walked over to sit on the other side of Will, 的 didn稚 doctor her diagnosis, I doctored her equipment. This Enterprise is too dependent on computers. Computers that I can and have hacked into without even thinking about it. I simply did a little fancy computer work before ever setting foot on this ship, and ta da, new identity with credentials from a fake captain and a fake ship, new DNA, the works.

Will subconsciously clutched tighter his baby, 展hat痴 do you want from me?

The woman pushed the swaddle of shirt away from the baby, which revealed a small circular metal charm with flashing lights, 典hat, she pointed to the object, 妬s a bomb that I hold the detonation code for. Your wife was fitted with one that my Victor holds the detonation code for.

Will stared down at the baby, a sense of helplessness washing over him, 敵o on. . .

的t痴 simple, we want one of the two. The woman said in her matter of fact tone. 溺y son is holding out for Deanna . . .however, I myself have taken a fashion to your little girl. The woman痴 wrinkled hand patted the head of the sleeping child, 的 think it would be nice to hold Lwaxana Troi痴 first grandbaby over that wretched woman痴 head for the rest of her miserable life.

添ou want me to chose? he asked incredulously.

添es both Victor and his mother said in unison.

Before Will could respond baby Riker decided to but her two cents in, by belting out a loud cry.

鉄hhh. Will soothed to the baby, he picked her up from his lap and layed the small child across his chest. The child痴 weight accidentally triggering an open communication with the bridge of the Enterprise.

* * * *

Captain Picard, Worf, Data, and the other members of the Enterprise currently on the bridge, sat silently listening to the communications being relayed from William Riker痴 badge to their loud speaker.

的 can稚 chose between my wife, and my child. Will voice came through muffled through the speaker.

添ou will, or I will gladly kill them both. Victor/Mitch responded.

溺r. Data, Captain Picard swiveled his chair to meet the android face to face, 田an you pinpoint the location of Mr. Riker.

滴e is in Ensign Mitch Demoss Quaters.

溺r. Worf the Captian then swiveled his chair to his chief security officer.

Worf without comment, ran to the turbo-lift with his security team. He did not need further commands on what to do.

Chapter 6

鄭nd what if I don稚 chose? Will asked.

的 kill them both, then I fake Mitch痴 death at your hands. You will be alive and miserable. The older woman laughed, 殿nd Victor and I will have the final laugh on the wretched Troi household.

Just then a knock came at the door.

轍uite the old woman hissed, 天ictor fixed it so the computer will recognize nobody to be is in here.

Just then the doors swished open and Worf痴 mammoth presence stood in the middle of the doorway, 轍uite a shame your boy couldn稚 figure out how to shut off the communicator badges.

The woman shot a cold stare in Will痴 direction, 添ou will be sorry Commander. Victor, begin your detention sequence.

哲O rang a voice from the ceiling, followed by two blaster shots. Each shot precisely hitting the correct DeDavis in the head, quickly ending their miserable twisted lives.

Will stood back in the corner of the room, protectively holding the crying baby away from blaster shots and falling debris.熱y god Worf, who was that?

The Klingon shook his head in confusion.

A panel slid out from the ceiling air shaft, and a pale Deanna Riker tumbled out onto the floor with a weak smile plastered on her face, 哲obody messes with my family . . .nobody.

* * * *

Will Riker sat with his daughter on his lap, next to his wife痴 bio-bed, and recounted all the events that had happened within the last twenty-four hours since her fateful appointment with Mitch Demoss.

鉄he really activated your comm-link? Deanna asked amazed.

徹f course, she is a Riker so she knows how to handle a bad situation.

迭eally, I was thinking more along the lines that she is a Riker so she knows how to throw her weight around. Deanna chided, a twinkle in her eye.

Just then a soft tap came from the doorway, 的致e come to put the little hero in her bed for the night. Beverly Crusher said smiling, a tear of admiration and love in her eye.

Will groaned, 的 really think she is comfortable where she is.

Beverly gently lifted the baby out of Will痴 arms, 的 know, but I壇 like to run a few scans of her anyway, and it is always better to do it when they are sleeping.

鉄he is okay, isn稚 she? Deanna asked, rising up from her bed to look Beverly in the eye.

迭elax, I知 sure she is fine. I am just being overly protective because she was born without any medical attention.

Deanna smiled and layed back on her bed, satisfied with that answer.

泥id you name her? Beverly asked curiously.

Will smiled, 添es, you are looking at little Reanna Riker.

迭eanna? That unusual.

哲ot really, Deanna said, 展hen you think her Mommy is Deanna and her Daddy is Riker, and she is a combo of both her mommy and daddy.

Beverly smiled, 添ou two are doing that nauseatingly sweet thing again . . .I gotta go before I resent you guys anymore then I already do. And with that Beverly and little Reanna retreated to the nursery.

Will grabbed Deanna hand and met her eye to eye, 的 am sorry I didn稚 believe you about Victor.

Deanna sat up and kissed him on the lips, 的t痴 okay, you have the rest of your life to make it up to me.

Will gave her his winning smile, 的 can do that.