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Victor痴 Vengeance

An Enemy痴 Return

Regretting Decisions

Get Real

It痴 Good to Forgive

To Be Stranded

Q痴 Imzadi Experiment

Risa Riker


Chapter 1

A gentleman with jet-black hair and piercing black eyes, stared at the night crew of the Enterprise from the ships viewscreen, 的 have an urgent message for Deanna Troi, daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed. He diplomatically announced in regal fashion. William Riker, who had happened to be the commanding officer on the bridge at that time smiled to himself. It had been a long time since someone had referred to Deanna by her official Betazed title. It felt good to him to hear that title again. It made him think back to the time he and Deanna had spent on Betazed, the time when the two were so in love that nothing else, like stupid Starfleet regulations, could get in their way. A time, he often secretly wished he could go back to.

鉄ir, Ms. Troi is likely to be in her quarters sleeping, it is considered night aboard this ship. If I may ask, is this something of great importance that I should wake her for? Will asked, inflicting a serious tone in his voice. Something about this guy had rubbed him the wrong way from the very moment his beady eyes had appeared on the viewscreen.

The dark haired man fidgeted under Riker痴 impenetrable stare, 溺y message is only for the ears of Ms. Troi herself, therefore, I will give you one hour to retrieve her and make her presentable for my call. The transmission abruptly cut out, before Will had any chance to respond. He didn稚 much like the condescending way the man had ordered him around, however, if it was something that concerned Deanna, he could learn to live with it.

泥ata, can you lock down where that transmission cane from? Will asked Data, who was acting second in command.

的 can only get as specific as Betazed, Sir.

鄭n urgent message from Betazed that didn稚 come from Lwaxana personally? Riker thought curiously, 鍍hat could only mean trouble.

溺r. Data, you have the bridge. Riker commanded, before stepping in the turbo-lift to go retrieve Deanna.

Chapter 2

Riker stood outside of Deanna痴 Quarters impatiently tapping his fingers. He had knocked on her door several times in the last couple of minutes, and had yet to get any response.

鼎omputer, location of Counselor Troi.

The animated voice of the computer materialized, 鼎ounselor Troi is in her quarters.

泥amn it, that girl could sleep through anything. He muttered.

Pacing back and forth, he finally decided to go against his better judgement and manually punch in Deanna痴 access code. He knew she hated to be surprised and had only given his this code on the condition it would be used for extreme emergency purposes only. But hell, if she didn稚 answer the door what other choice did he have. He signed and walked through the doors into her quarters. From the doorway, he eased his way through the dark to Deanna痴 bedroom. He knew he could probably have turned on the lights, however he knew Deanna痴 quarters almost as well as his own so there really was no point.

He slowly made his way over to Deanna痴 bedside and kneeled down on the floor, so he could be at her level.

滴oney, he whispered, not quite sure why he had used such an endearing term. There was something about her that always had the throw caution to the wind affect on him. If only he could produce that same affect on her, then maybe they wouldn稚 be going about life on this ship as 笛ust Friends.

Deanna痴 dark eyes flew open at the sound of Will痴 voice, 展ill? Confused she bolted to an upright sitting position, 展hat the hell are you doing here and how did you get in? Will got up from his position on the floor, 泥ee, I didn稚 mean to startle you, He started to put a reassuring hand on her shoulder but stopped inches away when he realized she was nude. He quickly dropped his hand in his lap and diverted his eyes away, 填hh . . .you just received an urgent message from Betazed. I was not given any details except that I was to have you on the bridge, Riker glanced at his watch, 妬n precisely 50 minutes to receive the massage personally.

Deanna gave an outward grown as she threw back her comforter, 溺other can be so demanding sometimes.

William Riker gasped as the sight of Deanna痴 fully nude body came into view. All sorts of visions and fantasies started flying through his head as he watched her walk from her bedroom to the other side of her quarters, to her bathroom. He felt a sweat start to from on his brow, 填hhh . . . , shaking his head he tried desperately to retain focus, 的 am not sure it was your mother.

徹h please Will, you know as well as I do that if it came from Betazed you can be sure that my mother was involved.

添eah sure. Will answered not really hearing anything she had been saying since he had watcher her cross the room and disappear into her bathroom.

泥eanna peeked her heard around her bathroom door, 展illiam Riker it truly amazes me that after all these years those thoughts still run rampant through you head.

Will blushed, his cheeks turning the same color as his uniform.

Deanna smiled at the result of that comment, and seductively waked over to where Will still sat perched on her bed. She slowly bent down, and placed a long lingering kiss on his ever so eager lips. She purposely let her body brush against hi,, fully enjoying the arousing affect it had on him.

When finally breaking away from the kiss, she moved her lips just above his ear and whispered, 泥on稚 ever change commander.

Will, pleasantly stunned sat speechless on her bed, a goofy grin plastered on his face. Playfully, Deanna punched him in the shoulder, 哲ow get out of here so I can get ready. I will meet you on the bridge in 30 minutes.

Chapter 3

The doors of the turbo lift opened, and Deanna Troi walked out onto the bridge, 滴ave we heard from my mystery caller yet?

哲o, not yet, William Riker said, staring down at the computer terminal in front of him. He didn稚 quite trust himself to meet Deanna in the eye and not loose all hormonal control.

展ell like I said, it probably has to do with mother and mother痴 philosophy has always been it is it痴 better to make them wait and you wait for them.

Will rolled his eyes, 迭eal Socrates that Lwaxana

A signal beeped at Data痴 counsel, 鼎ommander. we are receiving that same hailing frequency from Betazed.

Will Riker glanced at Deanna, who nodded her head that she was ready.

徹n screen Mr. Data

The viewscreen fizzled to life and Will felt Deanna痴 body go tense.

[Dee, what痴 wrong] he sent to her mind, something he had thought he had forgotten how to do.

Deanna ignored him and continued to shoot the man of the viewscreen dirty looks, 天ictor

泥eanna, daughter of the fifth house, it has been to long.

Deanna cringed, 迭eally, I had just been thinking that it hasn稚 been long enough.

In the Captain痴 chair, Will Riker sat, silently watching the exchange between Deanna and this mystery man from Betazed. His curiosity was stirring. What the hell had happened in the past between these two? And, more importantly, was it something he needed to be jealous about. Page 3

Chapter 4

 The man Deanna referred to as Victor, let out an exasperated sigh, 泥eanna, I did call you for a reason other then a verbal sparring match.

迭eally, I couldn稚 tell.

Victor ignored her comment and continued, 鄭NYWAYS I was wondering if we could lose the audiece and go somewhere more private to talk? Or is you your ship to cheaply made to have more than one view screen?

Now it was Will痴 turn to tense up, 摘xcuse me

Suddenly, before Will痴 temper could completely flare up, Deanna entered his mind and sent across a soothing sensation, that eased his whole body. [Don稚 loose it Will. I値l handle this joker, and than maybe you can escort me back to my room for little R&R]

天ictor, for your information this ship has a variety of viewscreens all over this ship, however, I consider everyone present family, so what ever you have to say to me, can be said in front of them.

Victor let out a sarcastic snort, 擢ine, whatever. . .I just wanted to let you know I had a nice evening with your mother last night.

[I knew she had to be invoved in this somehow.] Deanna sent to Will.

徹h yes, Victor continued, 努e had dinner, gossiped a little, and then played some round of Betizer.

[Betizer?] Will inquired.

[It痴 Betazed痴 form of Poker. Accept when you play your stakes must me extremely high. Mother promised me she would never risk playing this game.] She sent to Will.

天ictor, it痴 really late and I am really tired, so does this story have a point? Because if not I am going to cut transmission and go back to bed.

Victor smiled, 泥eanna, Deanna, I have always loved your spunk. You remind me of a younger, more attractive Lwaxana.

Riker felt the emergence of his Temper again, and he knew even Deanna was not going to be able to stop it this time. This guy was trouble, big trouble.

Victor continued, 展ell since you are in SUCH A RUSH, let me give you the condensed version. I won big - your mother lost big - and now I am the owner and official title holder of the fifth house of Betazed.

William Riker doubled over like he had just taken a blow to his gut and fought the sudden urge to pass out. Looking over to Deanna he shuddered, she looked so distraught. Nausea was trying its hardest to overwhelm his body.

[Will, I知 sorry] Deanna痴 small voice echoed in his head, [的 can稚 find my balance. My emotions are out of control . . .I should attempt to break the imazdi bond to save you]

[NO, it痴 okay Deanna, let痴 not be rash. Focus all you need to on me. I can try to be the balance for the both of us.]

Deanna gave him a small smile and grabbed his hand for support. Will instantly felt Deanna痴 presence grow stronger in his mind.

Deanna herself began to sit taller in her chair, and hold her chin up higher, as the combined strength of her and Will entered her body. 展ell Victor, I hope you don稚 mind if I call my mother before I believe anything that has come out of this conversation tonight. Given our history and all.

A wicked smile crossed over Victor痴 face, 哲o go right ahead and call her - I believe she is staying with your childhood friend Chandra. However, when you find out that this little tale is true, feel free to call me back, his dark eyes narrowed, 的 believe you know the number.

At that instant - the transmission faded to black.

Chapter 5

 鼎handra, let me talk to my mother, Deanna snapped, while continuously pacing back and forth in front of the viewscreen in her living room. Will Riker sat in the living room with her, slumped over in her couch.

泥eanna, please be gently. Your mother has been through alot. Chandra pleaded

Will Riker, from his seat in the livingroom subconsciously clenched his fist, the intensity matching the anger radiating off Deanna. He probably would have kept doing this indefinitely, if he hadn稚 broken the skin and a small trickle of blood began to form. He looked down and shook his head despairingly, these were the first negative signs he had experienced in the ten years the couple had shared as Imazdi and he wasn稚 quite sure how he could counteract them. He closed his eyes and tried desperately to bring him and Deanna to an emotional balance. However, her passion had completely overwelmed him to the point that a balance was not possible.

鼎handra, until you live through your mother loosing your history, family home, and heritage in a game of Betazid you have no right to talk to me about how to react, so it other words shut the hell up.

The tired voice of Lwanana Troi piped up behind Chandra, 的 have to face her sometime Chandra.

Chandra reluctantly stepped back, and a very old, very worn Lwaxana Troi stepped up, 滴ell Little one, I see you have talked to Victor.

Deanna痴 pacing became more furious, 溺other, tell me what he said isn稚 true, PLEASE.

鏑ittle one, you really need to center yourself better, your emotions are truly out of sync.

Deanna, not being able to contain herself anymore, let out a bellowing scream.

Lwaxana smiled, 展ell that should help some.

Deanna, red faced from a shortness of breath, began to softly cry, 滴e wasn稚 lying mother, was he?

哲o, her mother said mater-of-factly, 塗e wasn稚.

徹h mother, how could you risk something so important. Mother, the family home, our heritage, is was not just yours but it was mine too. You lost it for the both of us.

Lwaxana stammered, trying not to cry, 的. . .I had to much to drink that night . . . and I thought I had a really good hand. . .I though I could. She finally broke down compleatly a steady stream of tears falling, 泥eanna the fifth house may be your heritage but it is MY LIFE. You have Starfleet, but what does you mother have, huh? She has NOTHING!!!

Deanna recoiled at the sight of her mother crying. She had never seen her mother cry before, not even at her father痴 funeral. The sight of it was both intriging and frighting to her.

溺other, Deanna started, in a more humbling manner, 天ictor did mention something about negotiating.

Lwaxana backed away from the screen, as if it would make her next statement less life shattering, 滴e didn稚 tell you what he wants?

哲o Deanna responded.

滴e told me that he would give us everything back if you would marry him.

Will Riker bolted to a standing position, 典hat is not an option.

Deanna turned, a look of concern crossing her face, 展ill, I will handle this, why don稚 you go back to your room and try to catch some shut eye.

哲o Will responded a strong conviction in his voice, 的 am not going to leave you in the fragile state you are in by yourself. I can稚 risk you making a choice that could ruin both our lives. Will turned to the viewscreen, 鏑waxana, I want you to find a way to this ship as soon as possible. We can talk with the Captain and strategize. There has to be another option.

[Little one, have you and the Commander picked up things again.] Lwaxana telepathically inquired, curious about the craze that had enveloped Will Riker in a matter of seconds.

Deanna sighed, [Yes and no. You know how we are, the never ending on again off again relationship. However, maybe I should have never lent so heavily on him as I have today, I think I might have unintentionally opened up our imazdi bond.]

[Is that a bad thing little one?]

[It is when you are looking at engagement with another man. Now hurry up and find a way on this ship.]

* * * *

Deanna cut transmission with her mother soon after, and turned her attention to the worn out first officer hunched over on her couch.

添ou look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulder

泥eanna, I won稚 let you marry him. I swear, as god is my witness, it will be over my dead body that you leave this ship.

Deanna gave a weak smile, 典his is all my mother has Will. I have to get it back.

Will got up from the couch and crossed the room to be directly in front of Deanna, 添ou are all I have Deanna.

Deanna felt her heartbeat accelerate as she came face to face with his deep blue eyes, 展ill, you only feel this way because I opened up the imazdi bond more today, by emotionally leaning on you. If I hadn稚 used you to keep balance, you likely would稚 be feeling the way you do at this moment.

Will pulled her into a tight embrace and brought his lips down to her ear, 鼎ounsler, have you really been so wrapped up in everybody else problems not to notice the ships first officer hopelessly yearning to be with the ship counselor for several long agonizing years.

展ill, I don稚 . Deanna started to say, cut off by Will lips coming down on hers, in one long, demanding kiss. She tried to fight the feelings the kiss was welling up inside of her, but she found herself returning the passion. She wrapper her arms around his neck and leaned her body into him, pressing herself against his chest.

泥eanna, I don稚 want you ever to be sorry for leaning on me for support. Will Riker whispered between fevered kisses.

Deanna felt a pleasure overtaking herself, as Will痴 hands expertly explored every inch of her body. Deep down she knew that she needed to stop things, at least until she decided what she was going to do about Victor, but she couldn稚 get over the fact how right this whole scene felt.

At that instant, Will scoped her up in his arms and carried her away to the bedroom. He had dreamed of this moment for so long, he was going to relish every moment of its passion. He further vowed to himself that tonight he was going to prove to Deanna how important she was to him, and once and for all dissuade her from even toying with the idea of marrying Victor.

Chapter 6

Deanna lay quietly in her bed peacefully watching the rhythmic rising and falling of Will Riker痴 chest as he slept. She was so in love with him.

[Little one?]

Deanna groaned, she knew she could not live in this fantasy world forever, no matter how much she wanted to. [Hello Mother, are you on the ship?]

[Yes dear, but I thought it would be highly inappropriate if I busted in on you and William. I know he can be embarrassed so easily.]

Deanna took a long hard look at Will, a tear starting to make a way down the corner of her eye, [ Mother, how hard would it be to break my Imazdi bond]

A shock gasped escaped Lwaxana痴 lips [Little One, does Will know you are contemplating this.]

[NO, and I don稚 want him to know either. Mother, I can do it without his knowledge right? Like if I drugged him so the two of us could perform the ceremony.]

[Deanna, he said we could think of something else right? I think you may be acting irrationally.]

Deanna voice shot through Lwaxana痴 skull, loud and defiant [Mother, I have to marry Victor in order to save the fifth house. You and I both know that there is no other way of getting around that. Therefore, I need to break the imazdi bond so at least Will can get on with his life easier. Now please meet me outside of my cabin in twenty minutes with all the ceremonial items.]

* * * *

Once she was finished contacting her mother, Deanna quickly made her way to sickbay. She had been enough of a regular around sickbay to know that Beverly would be taking a coffee break in 5 minutes and Dr. Selar would be in the nursery going over charts. This would give Deanna just enough time to slip into Beverly痴 supply cabinet and steal a hypospray gun and a mild sedative. Although she wasn稚 thrilled with the idea of administering Will the drug herself, she just couldn稚 risk the chance of Will waking up before the ceremony was over. He was just going to have to learn to understand that it was her responsibility to take care of her mother, at ALL cost.

As she reached for the door, a large man痴 hand came from behind her and grabbed her in a forceful hold, 的 don稚 think so Deanna.

* * * *

Deanna turned around, a guilty expression gracing her face, 展ill . .uh hi . . you don稚 think what.

展ell dear, I don稚 think I am going to let you go in there and steal some drugs to sedate me. Will said sternly, never letting his grasp go on Deanna.

溺other, I don稚 understand her. One minute she wants me to save our house and the next minute she goes and wakes you up to come stop me. I really wish she could make up her mind.

Will led Deanna over to a bio-bed and sat her down. He then sat down next to her. 泥ee, you mother never told me anything, and quite frankly, I didn稚 even know she was on the ship yet. However, since I woke up from your room, I could sense everything you have been think and doing. It痴 more than our past link, it痴 like . . . I have a sports commentator in my head giving me the play by play of everything you do or say.

Deanna stared at him oddly, 鄭re you saying that you think since our little rendezvous in my quarters you feel our imazdi link is stronger.

Will lifted his hands and cupped her face, 鼎lose your eyes Dee, can you feel it.

Skeptically, Deanna closed her eyes and focused on Will. Suddenly, like a bolt of lightening, she could see inside him and yes, he was right it was more dramatic of a link then she had ever experienced before. She could see through his eyes everything that had happened in the past and present. She could feel his fear when he had woke up and been alerted to her plan, she could feel his hurt when he second guessed her reasons for ridding herself of him for Victor, and more importantly from all directions she could feel his love for her. A love that had no boundaries, no stipulations, and no doubts. She could feel goosebumps rising all over her body as she began to realize how deeply his feelings for her were.

She slowly opened her eyes. 展ill, I had no idea.

徹f my love, Deanna? I have never been deceitful to you about my feeling. I always told you I had deep undeniable love for you.

She leaned forward to him and he happily gave her a long slow kiss. 展ill I love you too. However, I still have mother to deal with. I feel that I owe it to her to retain our title back. Marriage to Victor seems like the only way to accomplish it.

Will, 泥ee, I made a promise to you that I will get your title and house back, and I meant it. However, you have to promise me that you will trust me and not do anything rash behind my back. If we are to be successful Deanna, we have to completely trust one another.

Deanna closed her eyes and opened herself up to Will痴 thoughts again. Yes, she could feel is confidence that Victor could be defeated if they worked together.

Smiling, Deanna opened her eyes, 展ill I am placing the fate of the Troi family in your hands.

Will gave Deanna a warm smile, 的 promise I won稚 let you down.

* * * *

End of Story 1. Next is Story Two - Victor痴 Vengeance