William Riker, Mr. Mom


Chapter 1

“I’m huge. If Holmes were to get stepped on, and squished, this is what he would look like. A short massive being wider around then tall,” Deanna moaned dramatically, turning around in the mirror and examining herself at all angles, “I’m so fat.”

“Darling,” Will Riker walked up behind her and wrapped his arms protectively around her waist, “your pregnant.”

Deanna pulled away from him, and narrowed her dark brown eyes to slits, “Excuse me. I don’t appreciate cracks about my weight. YOU made me this way.”

Will looked at her stunned, completely baffled, “Did I just say something wrong? I could have sworn I stated an obvious fact. You are pregnant aren’t you.”

Deanna burst into tears, “GET OUT, I want to be alone.”


“GET OUT.” she screamed again, picking up a pillow from the couch and chucking at his head.

“Okay, I’ll get out.”~~~~~~~~~

“Keep em coming.” Picard ordered Guinan, as he sat at the bar of the Ten-forward Lounge, drowning in a sea of empty synthol glasses.

“Mind if I join you sir.”

Picard turned on his bar stool in surprise, “Number One, Please do.”

Will nodded his thanks and pulled up the chair, “Kind of surprised to see you down here alone on your night off. I figured Beverly had a permanent right to your nights off.”

“She tries, but tonight I escaped.”


“Number One, when I heard you and Deanna were getting married in the nude, I thought you were crazy. I’m not so sure anymore.”

Will nodded, “Wedding plans. Been there, done that, and swear on the holy bible I will never do it again. Nude of not, I fought with Lwaxana on everything from the color of the flowers, to how Deanna was going to wear her hair . . .everything.” Will looked amusingly at the thirty or so empty glasses, “Kind of wants you to strangle the damn officer that created synthol and took our real stuff away.”

“What, oh yeah the glasses. Seriously though, you and Deanna didn’t fight?”

Will shook his head, “No, she kind of sat back and let her knight in shinning armor take on the telepathic beast himself. Problems in Picard paradise, sir?”

“Yes, she insist on including me in all the plans. I DON’T CARE what color the flowers are. I DON’T CARE what style of dress she wears, of how her hair is, or if I wear tails or if I don’t. I DON’T CARE how many tiers on the wedding cake, or if we need a grooms cake, or if there should be dancing, I DON’T CARE if.”

Will put his hand on the Captain’s arm, “With all due respect sir, I get the picture.”

“What, oh yes, I guess I was rambling a bit. It’s just why can’t things be like the old days, where a guys responsibility ends with her saying yes to his proposal.”

Will nodded, “The old days, when a woman would keep her mood swings to herself, and would only say positive things to her husband.”

Picard looked at Will oddly, “I don’t recall any era when a woman kept her mood swings to herself.”

“I know, but a guy can always dream can’t he.”

Chapter 2

“Here you are dear.”

Will took the last gulp of his drink and turned in his bar stool, “Well if it isn’t my beautiful wife.”

“Hello Deanna.”

“Hello Captain.” she walked over to the empty chair next to her husband and sat down, “Beverly is frantically searching for you.”

“I was afraid of that.” the Captain took another swig of his synthol, “I’d better be going.” He nodded good-bye to them all and headed for the door.

“So feeling any better,” Will asked cautiously.

Deanna sighed, “Guess I’ve been a little moody, huh?”

“Dear, since I really enjoy you speaking to me, I’m going to remain silent on that last question.”

Guinan walked over and set a chocolate milk in front of Deanna, was smiled appreciatevly, “Thanks.” She raised the glass to her mouth and downed the 32oz within a mere four seconds.

“Wow,” Will shook his head, “that amazes me everytime I see it.”

“Will, I think we need to talk.”


“About what happened when Beverly did my first ultrasound.”

Will removed his gaze from his empty glass, to his wife, “Is something wrong? Damn it, I knew I should have been there.”

“No Will, don’t jump to conclusions,” she laid her hand lovingly on his arm, “It’s just there is more then one baby in here.” she laid her hand on her swelled stomach.

A smile spread across Will’s face, and he stood up, “I’ll be damn, Guinan drinks for everyone, the Riker’s are having twins.”

“Will,” Deanna patted her husband on the back.

“This is great, we can have a nursery with two of everything, and we will have to have cutesy matching names.”

“WILL,” she slapped his harder on the back, causing him to choke on the piece of gum in his mouth.

“What?” he asked, slapping his own back in hopes of disloging the gum.

“More then two.”

“Triplets?” he asked.

“More then three.” Deanna said cautiously, watching her husband for signs of shock.

Will paled slightly, “Four”

Deanna gave him a weak smile, and raised her thumb higher.

“Five?” he asked, his face going compleatly white.

“Plus two.”


Deanna smiled, “Surprise?”


“You said you wanted lots of children.”


“Will, we will have our own little bunch.”


“We can have seven little matching cribs.” she said lightly, not liking the look on his face at all.

“Deanna, seven?”

She sighed, “Yes Will, seven.”

“Is it common for Betazed women to give birth to LITTERS?”



Deanna clenced her teeth and balled her fist, “Yes, seven.”

Chapter 3

“How’s the Enterprise’s newest mommy-to-be.” Beverly teased, as Deanna walked into the examining room of the enterprise.

“Don’t ask.”

Beverly nodded her head knowingly, “That good, huh?”

Deanna hopped onto the examining table, “I told Will.”

“and . . .” Beverly coaxed, running her tricorder over Deanna.

“He handled it just as well as Jean-Luc handled china patterns.”


Deanna shot a look to her friend, and Beverly shrugged, “He wasn’t exactly bubbling over with sensitivity then.”

“To say the least, he first asked me if it was normal for Betazoid women to give birth to litters, and then later made certain comments about my mother being a female dog, if you get my drift, and maybe me having seven is just a side effect.”

“Will Riker said this? I though he would have been bubbling over with excitement.”

“You and me both.” Deanna laid down on the examining table, and Beverly started to hook up the ultra sound equipment.

“Did you mention to him the fact that you will likely be bed ridden after four months.”

“Are you nuts. I didn’t get past the number seven last night and when I got up this morning and he was long gone to the gym.”

The monitor in front of them blinked to life, and Beverly and Deanna quit the serious talk to oh and ah over the Riker seven.

____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________

“Wow Commander, seven, that is quite an honor.” Geordi shook his head in amazement, “Seven little Rikers, that is so cool.”

Will stopped his rowing on the rowing macine, and stared at his chief engineer, “Cool? I think of a lot of words to explain this predicment and cool just does not factor in. Sleepless, cranky, wet, crying, screaming, words like that come more apparent in my mind . . . times seven of course.”

“Of course. But still, seven little charmers to say Dada. Seven little angels you get to witness take their first steps, say their first words, laugh their first laugh, smile their first smile,” Geordi shook his head, mesmerized.

“Geordi, you need a girlfriend.” Will muttered, “because you’ve obviously intuned yourself into your femine side just a little to much.”

“I agree,” said Worf, coming up to the two, “the Commander has every right to be upset. Seven screaming human infants will not be an asset to furthering his career.”

Data walked up next, “Yes, but producing seven infants does prove the Commander is a rare speciman of the human race.”

Geordi smiled, “Data’s saying your one in a million, Commander.”

“Actually one in 10 billion.” Data corrected.

“You know,” Will said, starting back up his rowing, “when you say it like that it doesn’t sound to bad. Not to bad at all.”

____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________

“Hello sweetheart,” Will walked into the Riker’s shared quarters and handed Deanna a dozed of perfect replicated red roses.

Deanna took the flowers in surprise, “Your mood has done a 180.”

“Yep,” Will bent over and place a kiss on his wife’s cheek, “the guys helped me put life back into perspective. I mean how many men can produce seven children at once.”

“I’d like to think my daughter get’s some of that credit.” came a voice from the guest bedroom.

Will froze.

Deanna smiled, and in a neutral voice stated, “Mother has decided to move in with us until after the birth. Isn’t that wonderful. Won’t she be an asset.”

Will’s face distorted into detest, as he desperately began to shake his head and mouth no.

“William, I can read your mind so no bother you trying to do silent communications with me around.” Lwaxana walked out of the room and handed Deanna a pillow, “I mean somebody has to be around to coach her and wait on her.”

“I think I have that covered.” Will snapped, sitting down on the floor next to Deanna’s feet.

“Really?” Lwaxana shot up an eyebrow, “I’ve seen your children today in an ultra sound, have you seen them yet?

Will’s jaw dropped, dumbfounded.

“Mother that’s not fair, my husband is a busy man.”

“Please, he could have joined us if he wasn’t so busy being with the boys comparing . . .what’s the word Will . . .litter sizes. Yes, your dear husband was to busy having beer with the boys and referring to the size of his brood being reative to the size of his worth, if you know what I mean, then to come down and actually see his children.”

Deanna sniffled, “I think I need to go lay down.” She got up from the rocking chair she was sitting in and ran to her bedroom door.

“Deanna,” Will shot up after her, missing his chance to squeeze through their slamming bedroom door by mere seconds.

“Go Away, I want to be with Mother alone.”

Will pounded on the door, “Deanna, I really was planning to go see the kids, honestly.”

“Yeah right.”

Will turned and glared at Lwaxana, “How long do you exactly plan of staying and ruining my life.”

Lwaxana shrugged, “As long as it takes for my grandchildren’s first words to be Nana.”

“Please, my childrens’ first words will be Dada.”

“At the rate your going, the only time your children will be saying Dada, is when they are twenty and going to regular psychologist visits to discuss their non-exsistent father.”

“You want to make a bet GRANDMA.”

“Nana.” Lwaxana corrected.

“You heard me GRANDMA, care to place a wager?”

Lwaxana nodded, “Okay by me, what do you have in mind?”

Chapter 3

“I bet you my childrens first words will be Dada and NOT nana.”

“And what does the winner of the bet win?”

“If I win, which I will, you will go home to Betazed on the first transport out of here and only return on birthday and holidays. You will treat me with respect, and you will keep you nose out of my wife and I’s business.

Lwaxana nodded, “And if I win, which is a more likely scenario, what do I get.”

Will shrugged, “What do you want.”

“I want the children to be raised with Betazed values, I want them to be taught in Betazed schools, and I want ALL their parents shore time to be spent at Nana Troi’s house.”

“All shore time?”

Lwaxana nodded, “What do you say Will, I mean if you are going to win, like you seem to think you are going to win, what’s the big deal?” She smiled, knowing his foolish male pride would be his downfall.


“Well Will, those are my terms. Take them or leave them.”

“Deal,” the two shook.

Will smiled, he could hold hold a year or so, until the children could speak. “Now, Mother dearest, do you think we could throw are best efforts into getting my wife out of our locked bedroom.

“Yes, I suppose.”

____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________

After an hour of coaxing, Deanna finally made her way out of her locked bedroom door, “You two mean it, no fighting.”

Will nodded, trying to forge his best smile, “Dee, honestly, I can’t promise that things will be perfect, but I will try to live with your mother and she will try to live with me.”


Will wrapped his arms affectiontly around an unsuspecting Lwaxana, “See.”

**Laying it on thick William?** Lwaxana shot telepathically.

**Shut up mother, I like it.* * Deanna responded, **It’s an obvious false attempt,but I’m an emotional pregnant woman so it somehow works.**

She walked over and wrapped her arms around the two, “This is going to so great, we are going to be one big happy family.”

Lwaxana and Will groaned.

____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Three months later:

“Well Will, how’s life in the Troi-Riker household.”

“Beverly, don’t even ask. I came home today from a thirteen hour bridge duty to my mother-in-law redecorating the quarters. Redecorating my quarters in the lovely colors of Orange, Green, Blue, Gold, and Brown. It’s ugly.”

Beverly laughed, “Well considering Deanna’s progress the last couple of months, I don’t think you will be residing in your quarters much longer. I really want to keep her here Will. She shouldn’t be getting out of bed anymore.”


“Will, she four months along and already double the size of a normal nine month pregnant woman. Given the petite body structure of her, I think it would be best. Those chicken legs are liable to buckle under all that weight.”

“Chicken legs?”

“Yes, Will. I love your wife, I would die to have a body like she once had, but you’ve got to admit those are the skinniest legs you’ve ever seen, and the way she looks right now, it too comical.”

Before Will could respond, Deanna supported by Lwaxana enterted sickbay.

“What were you to laughing at?”

“Chicken legs.” Will responded.


“Nothing.” Beverly quickly cut in, shooting Will a dirty look. Will came over to his wife’s left side, Beverly and Lwaxana got to her right, and the three of them hoisted her onto the sickbay table.

Chapter 4

Beverly smiled at the three estatic faces staring at the monitor in front of them.

“Look Will, the little head right there.” Deanna gushed.

“Look at the Little feet.” Will oohed.

“Look at the one in the corner, the one with the big head, that one must take after the father.” Lwaxana threw in.

Beverly smiled, these three had come a long way in these three short months. Lwaxana and Will constantly ribbed each other, but never to the point of Deanna breaking into tears. And Deanna, for her part, had been keeping her emotions under control fairly well, considering she had started to become increasing intune with each and every childs emotions as well as her own, Wills, and her mothers.

“Have you started thinking of names yet?” Beverly asked.

“Names?” Will asked blankly, his eyes never leaving the ultrasound monitor.

“For the kids?”

“My gosh, we haven’t?” Deanna eyes started to glass over, “I’m such a failure.”

“Nonsense.” Lwaxana soothed, “we aren’t suppose to give names until the birth.”

“Well when can we tell the sex of each child?” Will asked.

“Oh we can tell right now.”

Will looked at Beverly oddly, “No we can’t, I mean its obvious there’s no budding Riker males in there.”

Beverly shook her head, she was not looking forward to breaking Will’s heart, “Your right, there is no budding Riker males in there. There are instead seven ravishing Riker females.”

“Seven GIRLS?” Will asked.

“Seven Girls?” Deanna asked.

Beverly nodded, “You are going to be the proud mama and papa of seven little beauties.”

Will looked at Deanna, “I’m happy,” he said, “but I think I need a drink. If that is okay.”

Deanna looked at him, wide-eyed and pale, and nodded, “Sure Will, go right ahead.” She was afraid he was going into shock.

He nodded his good-bye and stumbled out the door, dazed.

____________________________________________________________________________ ______________

“Guinan, the usual.”

“Sure Commander, is something wrong?”

“Yes, and no. I mean . . .I don’t know.” Will put his hands over his face. “I mean this whole father thing has me freaked out already.”

“What’s wrong.”

“I was at first a little freaked out about seven, and then I talked it out with the guys and I became okay with it, but now I find out its seven girls, and I’m feeling kind of freaked out again.”

“Commander, if I may, what’s the difference between having seven girls then having seven boys, or a mixture of both.”

Will looked at her, “Guinan if I tell you, you are going to think I am the biggest male chauvenistic pig.”

“Try me Commander.”

“Well, it’s just seven girls mean seven sets of doll cribs, and seven sets of curling irons, and seven sets of hormones, and seven sets of boyfriends, and seven different weddings.”

“Commander, your right I do thing your a pig.”


“Commander, your going to be the father of seven girls. Seven personalities, your likely to have at least one who prefers to play ball over playing doll. Seven girls, means at least one is likely to have short hair and no need for a curling iron. Hormones, yes they will probably hit at the same time, but would you rather ward off the boys or have some other parent complaining about warding off your boy. And as for weddings, how many men are privileged enough to walk their daughter down an isle seven times.”

Will smiled, “Well if you put it that way.”

Guinan smiled back and grasped his arm, “Don’t making any rash decisions till their born and you get to see them face to face. The first time your eyes meet theirs, it will come clear.”

“What will come clear”

“Everything. I promise.”

Chapter 5

Deanna put her book down as Will walked into their bedroom.

“Feeling any better?” she asked.

Will smiled ruefully and climbed into bed next to her, laying his ear right on her bulging stomach.

“Will, are you okay.”

“Yeah I’m fine. Dee, why do you stay with me? I mean I’ve been such a jerk these past four months.”

“Will, you haven’t been THAT bad.”

“Dee, it took me four months to go see them, and then when I find out there is no boys, I walk out and abandon you. Your mother’s right, you should have went with Worf.”

“Will it’s okay. Your just a little nervous. New father’s get that way, and I’m okay with it.”

He smiled and leaned up to give her a kiss. “I’m going to make you a promise. You and all of them. From tonight on I will become your shadow.”

Deanna looked a little alarmed. “My shadow?”

“Yep, I will be on call to your every whim twenty-four hours a day. I will help you shower, I will help you to bed, I will get you a pillow if you want it, I will read to you from your book if you want it. I’ll go to every doctor’s appointment, I’ll be there for it all.”

“Will, darling, that’s really great, but you don’t have to do all that. My mother is here, and you have a job. Just a little more interest is all I really need.”

Will shook his head, “No, a promise is a promise. I will figure out someway to work around work.”


“Deanna, my mind is made up.”


Deanna opened her eyes and screamed.

“Data? You scared me to death. What are you doing here.”

“I’m here to watch you counselor.”

“Watch me?”

“Yes, the Commander has rounded up several volunteers to take turns watching you, while he is on duty.”

Deanna tried to scoot up in bed, “Data, I am a grown adult, I do not need to be watched.”

“It’s the Commander’s orders. He said not to let you talk us away either. He wants twenty-four hour a day starfleet supervision on you.”

“Your joking, right? Twenty-four hour a day supervision.”


Deanna groaned, “Well since your here, why don’t you come here and help me out of bed. I have to use the bathroom.”

Data nodded, and walked over to the side of Deanna’s bed. With ease, he lifted her to her feet. “See, I’m an asset.”

Deanna gave a weak smile, and started towards the bathroom. She made it three steps before her knees buckled, and she hit the floor.


“Data to Commander Riker.”

“Commander Riker here.”

“Sir, the Counselor has gone into premature labor. I am rushing her to sickbay as we speak.”


“Will,” Beverly was waiting for him at the turbo-lift.

Will was shaking, “Where is she? Why aren’t you in there with her.”

“Will, she’s fine, false alarm.”

“Beverly are you sure.”

“Will, she fell, the weight was to much for her and the fall caused her to cramp her up. I gave her some muscle relaxers and now she is fine. I’m not letting her leave sickbay, but she is okay.”

“My girls?”

“There fine Will, everybody is fine.”

Will smiled, and then he fainted.

Chapter 6

Will awoke to the sounds of Beverly and Deanna talking.

“Do you think he should have his blood sugar checked or something, he’s been dropping left and right lately.”

Beverly giggled, “No, its not a medical problem its a psychological problem.”

“Ladies, I can hear you.” he mumbled, never opening his eyes.

“Whoops.” Beverly looked guiltily at her patient, “I think that’s my sign to leave.”

“No Bev, it’s okay. I have been a little jumpy lately.

“Understandable, just try to calm down a little. We have five more long months to go. “

Deanna nodded, “And Beverly is going to keep me under lock and key here, so you can call off your watch dogs.”

“Watch dogs?”

“Data, and whoever else joined your ‘save the babies’ brigade.”

Will shook his cloudy head and started to sit up, “Deanna, if it wasn’t for Data, you may still be lying on the floor .”

“Will, if it wasn’t for Data scaring me, I might not have fallen.”

Beverly gave a loud coaches whistled, and the two quieted down. “I declare a referee call. As designated sickbay referee I have decided Will, will call off his volunteer, and Deanna on her behalf will not under ANY circumstances get out of bed. Will, I will have this room monitored for any break-away mommies, and Deanna I will occupy your husband with planning Jean-Luc’s bachelor party. Any objections.”

“No.” said Deanna.

“Bachelor party?” Will asked blankly.

Deanna leaned over in her bed, and playfully hit him on the arm with her book, “Oh best man, did you forget the wedding is in two months. I believe you’ve been neglecting your duties.”

“It seems to be an epidemic with me doesn’t it.”

Beverly nodded, “I don’t mean to be a nag, but Jean-Luc’s nervousness is driving me batty. Maybe you can have a talk with him. It could be therapeutic for the both of you.”

“And Deanna?”

“Will, if Deanna so much as sneezes I will personally call a red alert myself.” Beverly mocked, holding her right hand up.

“Very funny Doc, pardon me if I don’t laugh.” _____________________________________________________________________


“Number One, I assume Deanna is okay.”

Will nodded, “False alarm. Although it finally got her bed ridden is sickbay, which makes Beverly’s day.”

“Well that is good, I assume I can go back to my quarters and you can handle the bridge.”

“Yes, sir. However, before you go, I was wondering when your next night free might be.”

“Friday, why?”

“Why? Because as your best man I have a special duties to uphold . . .like a bachelor party.”

The Captain gulped, “Number One, it’s not necessary.”

“Captain, it’s my duty, and you know I am not one to shrink out of my duties.”

“You should be with your wife.”

“She will call me if there is a problem. I can break away for one night.”

“Number One.”

“Captain, meet me at the holodeck Friday night.”


“It’s an order.”


“Well what do you think Deanna?”

Deanna shook her head, tears of laughter rolling down her eyes, “He will kill you Will. The Captain will absolutely murder you.”

Will smiled, “Yes, but I think it’s the only female Beverly wouldn’t get jealous of.”

“And have you talked to my mother yet.”

“Deanna, your mother is one raging hormone, she jumped at the idea of playing belly dancer/seductress at the Captain’s party.”

“And have you warned any of the other guest.”

“No way, I didn’t want to scare them away. I still want guest.”

The two looked at each other, and immediately broke into fits of laughter.

Chapter 7

“Well little one, what do you think.”

Deanna gaped open mouthed at her mother’s green bikini spangled top and sheer genie type pants. “It’s scandalous Mother, but knowing you that is what you are going for, right?”

“Right.” Lwaxana smiled, “and if Jean-Luc should decide to have one fling before taking the plunge.

“He won’t.”

“I know, I know, but your mother’s getting up in her age and relies on her dreams to keep her young.”

Deanna’s eyes sparkled,”Mother, you are far from old.”

Lwaxana grinned and walked over to her daughter’s bed, bent down, and placed a kiss on her forehead, “You my dear are a gift from the heavens.”

“Mother, how long did it take you to pick up my thoughts.”

“When I was pregnant, oh two or three months after conception, why?”

“They are getting ready to come mother. I’m not sure when, but my children are getting ready to come.”


“No,” Deanna shook her head, “I don’t want him to know, I might be wrong.”

“Deanna your not wrong.” Lwaxana grabbed her daughter’s hand, “Your scared?”

“It’s to soon mother.”

“They are Troi’s, they will be fine. Just lay back and relax, okay.”

Deanna nodded, “Okay.”

Just at that moment, Beverly walked into the room, “Am I interrupting something?”

“No.” Deanna said quickly, dropping her mother’s hand.

“How are they doc?” Lwaxana piped up.

“The children, they seem fine. Getting kind of cramped in your stomach, but there fine.”

Lwaxana gave a reassuring look to Deanna, “Well then, I’m going to go, duty calls.” She gave a quick wave.

Beverly turned to Deanna curiously, “Dressed that way, she isn’t going where I think she is going, is she?”

“I don’t know whatever you are referring to Beverly.”

“Jean-Luc is going to kill Will.”

____________________________________________________________________________ “Captain, are you ready for the entertainment?”

“Number one, just sitting here and talking to you gentleman is enough for me.”

Will smiled, and motioned to the holographic waiter. Within moments, the holographic stage went dim except for a spot light.


The curtains parted, and out came Lwaxana, barly covered except for the arabian headpiece covering her face.

“Captain, you still want to chat with us guys.”

Picard eyes, as big as saucers, shook his head no, “Shh! Don’t interupt the show.”

Queen Mysterious began to seductively dance towards the Captain, her eyes twinkling with mischief.


“Shh! When I told you to be quiet it wasn’t a request, it was an ORDER.”

Will sat smugly back in his chair, this definetely would not be a night the Captain would forget anytime soon.

Chapter 8

“Do you like what you see Captain,” Queen Mysterious purred.

The Captain nodded, “You sound so familar? Are you a holographic of someone from my past.”

“Maybe Yes, maybe no, if I told you I wouldn’t be mysterious.” she whispered, while dancing around him, teasing her scarf around his bald head.

Worf, seated between the Captain and Will, leaned over, “Commander, I know that voice.”

Will smiled, “Really Mr. Worf.”

“He will kill you.”

“Come now Worf, the Captain is obvious taken with the lady.”

“She’s no lady Commander, you of all people should know that.”


Deanna looked at her watch, twenty minutes, it had been exactly twenty minutes since she had felt the last muscle spasm. She looked reluctenly at the call button, she didn’t want to call Beverly. She didn’t want to know what deep down she knew these were.

Her stomach contracted again, fifteen minutes, five minutes faster then before.

She went for the call button, she pushed it, within moments Beverly came into the room.

“Need something Dee?” Beverly asked, she didn’t wait for a response though, Deanna’s face gave it away. “How far apart.”


Beverly nodded, “I don’t think I can stop them this time.”

Sweat beads started to form on Deanna forehead.

“Nurse, call Commander Riker right away.” Beverly screamed, “We are about to deliver some babies.”


Will was laughing, harder then he has ever in a very long time. Lwaxana had somehow managed to make her way onto Picard’s lap. This was almost to much to bear, and man did he wish he had a video camera.

“Sickbay to Commander Riker.”

“Bevely relax he’s behaving.”

“Commander, Deanna has gone into labor.”

“What? It’s to soon.”

“Commander, can you locate her mother.”

Will stood up, “She’s with me, we’ll be right there.”

“Commander,” Geordi asked.

Riker ignored him, “Lwaxana she’s in labor.”

To Picard’s horror, Queen Mysterious stood up and ripped off her mask, “Already?”

Riker nodded.

Without a word the two ran out the door, leaving a stunned group of men behind them. A stunned group minus Worf, who sat back in his seat laughing. Riker was right, having Lwaxana dance for the Captain was a very funny situation, the look on his face was priceless.”

Chapter 9

“I want someone stationed by the turbo-lift door. Riker is going to be a nervous wreck,” Beverly ordered, she looked at Deanna, “Shall we see if we can make him faint again.”

Deanna smiled at her best friend’s valient attempts to lighten the mood, “Beverly, are they. . .”

“I don’t know honey, lay back while I make the incesion to get these little ones out. Once I see how they look we will go from there.”

Deanna nodded, and lowered herself onto her back. Closing her eyes, she focused all her energy on those miracle seven.


Will swore this was the longest turbo-lift he had ever been on. Looking at the anxious face of Lwaxana, he had an inkling she was thinking the same thing.

“They will be okay, right?” Will asked her, praying that the woman could throw some of her trademark confidence in his direction.

Lwaxana just nodded, she knew what he wanted to hear, she just didn’t know if she could say the words effectively enough to please him. She didn’t have the heart to tell him technically Betazed babies take even longer to develop then humans.

The doors of the Turbo-Lift opened and Will bolted out.

“Commander.” the nurse tried to block his strides, “Commader, Beverly. . .”

Riker stopped briefly to glare at the young nurse, “Don’t you even dare try to stop me.”

The nurse nodded and stepped back. The look of fire in his eyes scared her to death.

Riker grabbed Lwaxana’s hand and the two forged through the doors.


Beverly looked up in surprise, “Will, you.”

“Can it.” he replied, quickly walking to Deanna’s side, “How are you.”

She opened her eyes and smiled, “They are going to be okay.”

“Did you give her something Beverly?” Will asked cautiously, not trusting his wife’s overly optomistic view.

Beverly shook her head no, intent on the task ahead of her.

Lwaxana, who had walked to Deanna’s side, took her daughter’s other hand affectiontly, “They talked to you then, Little One. Did you get your first telepathic communication.”


“What did they say.”

“They said not to worry, they said that I carried them this far, and they can take it from here.”

“Will, come quickly,” Beverly demanded.

Will gave a quick squeeze to Deanna’s hand and ventured to the other side of the sheet.


“Will take this,” she handed will a small medical laser, “when I pull the baby out, you quickly cut the cord, and then we will rush them to the incubator.”

Will looked at the laser hesitently, “Shouldn’t a nurse or something do this.”

“Will, my staff is going to busy rushing these babies from here to the incubators. I need your help, so please don’t flake out on me.”

Will nodded and grabbed the laser


“One,” Beverly screamed.

The baby screamed.

Lwaxana screamed

Deanna screamed.

Will screamed, cut, and handed the baby to the nurse.

“Two,” Beverly cried.

The baby cried.

Lwaxana cried.

Deanna cried.

Will nearly cried, but mananged to cut, and hand the baby to the nurse.

“Three,” Beverly cried, tears were steaming down her face. This was the most amazing thing she had ever done in her career. Delivering seven babies.

Lwaxana held tightly to Deanna’s hand. Tears were streaming down her face as well. It just seemed like yesterday she was giving birth to Deanna, and now Deanna was giving birth to babies of her own.

Deanna’s tears were the most heavy, as all the babies emotions were flowing through her. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever experienced such a rush. She wished she could see Will’s face and see if he was feeling the same.

Will, on the other side of Deanna, to was becoming emotional choked up as well, as hard as his ego made him fight it. In his mind he silently reminded himself to get Guinan a dozen roses. She was so right, once he looked at the faces of each girl, everything became clear . . .everything.

“Four, five, six.” Beverly yelled again.

“Will I love you.”

“I love you too, Dee.”

“Seven . . .EIGHT?” Beverly screamed again

“EIGHT?” Dee asked, confused.

Will looked at the hiding little infant in Beverly’s hand, a boy.

“Bev?” Will choked, his eyes glazing over.

“Will hold on.” Beverly shrieked.

“It’s to late.” he whispered, before faininting cold.

Chapter 10

“Mom . . .I mean Lwaxana,” Will shook his head and sat up, “Where’s Deanna, the babies.”

“Shhh.” Lwaxana put a reassuring hand on his arm. “Everybody is fine, and everybody is sleeping. How are you? You head took quite a bang.”

“I’m fine, Deanna.”

“Tired, warn out, deliriously happy. Usual new mother syndrome.”

“Shoud I . . .”

Lwaxana smiled, he didn’t need to finish, his mind screamed loud and clear him dilemma, “Why don’t you go take a peek at your little gang and I will sit with Deanna. When she wakes up I will let you know.”

A broad smile broke on Will’s face, and Will leaned over and kissed her cheek, “My dear, I think today maybe a turning point for us.”

“William, I believe you are suffering delusions from new father syndrome.”


“ . . nine and ten.” Will smiled contently, all babies had ten fingers and ten toes.

“Hi Dad.”

Will turned around to see Beverly and Jean-Luc standing at the doorway.

“This is so . . .so . . . cool.”

“Cool, Number One? From what I hear you were anything but cool.”

Beverly elbowed the Captain.

He grinned, “The man had Lwaxana Troi dancing at my bachelor party, how do you expect me to treat him.”

Will grinned and turned back to the babies, “You know, I’ve always been known as a ladies man, but I never thought it turn around like this.”


“Hello darling,”

Deanna perked up in bed, “Will, you’ve seen them haven’t you.”


“Are they normal.”

“Tiny, two and a half pounds a piece, but otherwise precious. Beverly says they will be okay, we will just have to keep them in incubators for three or four month.”

“I want to see them.”

Will nodded, and walked over to the side of the bed, and scooped her up, “Come on Mom.” Will carried her into the nursery.


“Oh Will,” Deanna shook her head in amazement, “I’ve never seen such beautiful babies in all my life.”

Will nodded, staring affectionaly at the way motherhood had brought a special sparkle to Deanna’s eye. A sparkle that matured her and made her more beautiful at the same time.

“Names, we never thought of names?”

“Well,” Will carried her to the beginning of the incubator line, “there is never a time like the present.”

The two stared down at the first little girl, the one with the small cleft in her chin.

“Beverly.” Deanna responded immediately.

“I think that desirable, next.”

The next little girl had her fist balled up, and her face scrunched up in a pre-cry stage.

“That is Lwaxana the second.” Will announced.


“Deanna, look at that demanding for attention face. She looks like your mother.”

Deanna stared down at the little girl, “She does.”

“Settled, on to Riker number 3.”

This little girl laid angelically quiet, her hands laid firmly at her sides.

“Kestra.” Deanna said firmly.

“Kestra it is.” Will nodded, taking another step.

“Riker 4?” Deanna asked.

This little girl was the only one of the eight who had not one spec of hair on her head.

“Gene Lucy after the Captain.”

Deanna giggled, “Will!”

“What? I admire the man, but I’m not going to name my only son after him.”

“Are you sure?”


“Gene Lucy it is.” Deanna said, wondering if she was scarring her poor daughter for life.

“I believe it is your turn my dear.” Will coaxed.

“Guinan.” She answered, “I mean if it wasn’t for her friendly advice, you might have skipped ship.”

Will looked at Deanna amazed, “How did you know.”

Deanna shrugged, “Your wife knows all.”

“Okay, little Guinan. But I just want you to know I draw the line at little Worfina.”

“Riker 6, papa, your call.”

“Well that one’s easy, that’s my boy, that’s William T. Riker the second.”

“Really, well since you are cursing our boy to your name, I get to pick the last two.” Deanna ribbed, “I want the names of the last two girls to be Troi, for obvious reasons, and Jill.”


Deanna shrugged, “I like the name. We don’t have to have symbolism for everything.”

“Okay, well here they are Beverly, Lwaxana, Kestra, Gene Lucy, Guinan, William, Troi, and Jill Riker.”


“Gene Lucy, I love it.” Beverly tickled the little babies feet, “I mean it’s an honor to have a baby named after me and all, but Gene Lucy it’s so original.”

“She’s the only bald one,” Picard muttered.

“Captain, she will have hair, I promise.” Deanna said assuringly.

“So, Deanna, are you sure you don’t want me to set you up with some volunteer help. I mean this will be your first night homes with the kids, eight kids.” Beverly looked questioningly,”I remember how hard one baby was, eight babies?”

“Beverly, I told you we will be fine.”

“Deanna, I know you had Ian for awhile, don’t you remember the sleepless nights.”

“Beverly, please don’t question my parenting skills.”

“Deanna, I’m just trying to help.”

“Beverly, we will be fine.”

Beverly held her hands up in defeat “Can we at least help you get them home.”

Deanna looked at her rowful of sleeping babies and then at Will, her, and her mother. “I guess maybe help home would be a good idea.”

Lwaxana grabbed Lwaxana and Kestra.

Deanna grabbed Guinan and Troi.

Will grabbed William Jr. and Jill.

Beverly grabbed Beverly.

“Jean-Luc grab Gene.”

The Captain looked down at the crying infant, “Why don’t you grab her Beverly, I will supervise.”

Beverly clenched her teeth, “Jean-Luc she is your name sake.”

“Beverly, what is it going to look like to have the Captain of the ship carrying a baby around.”

Lwaxana piped up, “This is easy, it’s going to look the Captain of the ship carrying a baby around.”

Picard glared at Lwaxana.

Beverly glared at Picard. “Do it Jean-Luc. It will give you good practice for fatherhood.”

“When we have a baby, ours won’t cry.”

Will bit his lip. Deanna looked at the ceiling. Lwaxana flat out laughed.

“Do it.”

Jean-Luc hesitently grabbed the baby. He held it two or three feet in front of him.

Beverly rolled her eyes.

The group was off.


The group made it to the Turbo-Lift before Gene Lucy started crying, which set off an avalanche of screaming.

Deanna closed her eyes and concentrated on sending soothing thoughts to the babies. This only quieted down a couple of them.

“Mother, you told me that would work.”

“Dear, I told you that worked on you and your sister. These babies are only a quarter Betazoid. Most of them probably don’t even hear you at all.”

Deanna paled, “That was my seceret weapon to controling them.”

Over in the corner Picard, tried desperately to rock baby Gene, “Beverly, maybe we should forego parenthood and travel instead.”

Beverly opened her mouth to say a snappy negative reply, but closed it quickly, right now, amist eight screaming infants, traveling sounded like a blessing.

_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

Beverly and Jean-Luc helped the couple settle in, and then left, quickly.

“Will, we should probably go down the line and change them.” Deanna announced.

Will looked at his watch, “We will have to do this quickly, I have bridge duty in fifteen minutes.”


“Dee, your the one who told me not to take any time off.”

Gene Lucy began to cry, again.

Soon after the seven others began to cry.

Deanna looked helplessly at Will, “You really have bridge duty.”

Will nodded.

Deanna began to cry.


“Riker to Crusher.”

Beverly, who was having drinks with Jean-Luc in his cabin smiled. “Crusher here.”

“Bev,do you happen to have that list of volunteers handy.

“I’ll call a few and have them come down, Crusher out.”

“Your a life saver, Riker out.”

Beverly looked teasingly at Jean-Luc, “Time.”

“Four minutes and thirty seconds.”

“I told you they wouldn’t last five, pay up.”

Picard groaned and sat back in his chair, Beverly smiled and handed him a wedding cake album. She set five more wedding cake albums on the table, “Let me know when you’ve narrowed it down to ten.”


“Hey, I won fair and square. A bets a bet. Now you pick out cakes and I will go call some volunteers.”

Chapter 12

Beverly went for her badge, but Jean-Luc leaned over and placed his hand over hers.

“Cakes.” she ordered.

“Later.” he whispered in her ear.

“Jean-Luc you are the biggest procrastinator I know.”

He pulled her into a passionate kiss, making her drop her badge.

“Five minutes.” he promised.

She nodded, rarely did she know him to get so spontaneous. Deanna and Will could wait for five minutes.”

____________________________________________________________________________ __________

Will looked anxiously at his watch and gave an inward groan. It had been twenty minutes since he had contacted Beverly for help, it had been fifteen minutes since Deanna had fled to the bathroom in a fit of tears, and now it was precisely five minutes till he was suppose to relieve Commander Efferal from duty. Efferal, a agressive human, was new to the ship, and had made it a point to let Riker know he would do anything to become the Enterprise’s Second in Command. . . anything.

“Any luck Lwaxana.”

Lwaxana, who had been stationed outside the bathroom door, sadly shook her head, “The girl’s got the worst case of post-baby jitters I have ever seen.”

Will looked down at the crying row of babies. Never in his wildest dreams did he figure Deanna would be the one to flake out.

He walked over to the replicator and began to punch request in.

“Lwaxana can you come help me a second.”

____________________________________________________________________________ __________

“William are you sure about this?” Lwaxana asked.

“Considering Deanna’s needs you and Beverly stood me up, what choice do I have?”

Lwaxana nodded and stared at the middle aged man, with five baby’s carriers creatively strapped around his body, one baby in his arms, and two in a baby carriage. “If anybody comes down to help or Deanna’s comes out of hiding . . .”

“Come get them.” he nodded, “Quickly.”

____________________________________________________________________________ __________

Will walked out of the Turbo-Lift and onto the bridge, “Commander Riker here to relieve you Commander Efferal.”

Efferal looked at the man and began to laugh, “Oh my god, it’s Mr. Mom. You can’t be serious.”

Will raised his head taller, “About exposing my children to Starfleet, you can bet I’m serious. It’s the Riker heritage.”

“You can’t command like that.”

“Our agenda is to chart out a few stars, I think I can handle it.”

William Jr., the baby in Will’s arms began to cry.

“Shhh.” Will soothed, “The ugly man will be off the bridge soon”

Efferal raised his hand and extended his middle finger to Will.

“Hey, watch it, they are impressionable.”

____________________________________________________________________________ __________

Deanna reluctently made her way out of the bathroom, “They are quiet.”

“They are not here.”

Deanna sniffed and checked on their cribs to be sure, “Where are they.”

“On the bridge. Your husband took them.” Lwaxana grabbed Deanna by the arms and gave her a shake, “You’ve obviously got a good man behind you, and eight beautiful healthy children, get a grip.”

Deanna looked at her mother in surprise, “But they were crying all at once, what could I do.”

“You attend to them, one at a time. You learn to live with a few tears. Your there mother, now act like it.”

“Mom I’m scared.”

“Deanna, your a grown woman and I’m still scared about you. It’s a mother’s right to be scared, you’ve just got to get past the part where it consumes you.”

Deanna hugged her mother, “I should probably get to the bridge and help huh?”

“If you want your husband to come home you better.”

____________________________________________________________________________ __________

William Riker, Ladies Man, First Officer of the Enterprise, and now father of eight, found himself rocking back and forth, from foot to foot, humming a little tune, while reading over statistics. Somehow, he had managed to put all eight little ones to sleep.

He smiled down at all their faces, deep down realizing that although he would love to be Captain of a ship someday, this would be the greatest accomplishment of his whole life.

The doors of the bridge opened and Deanna and Lwaxana walked in. Deanna and Wills eyes locked and the two passed a special look between them. A look that stated yes he flipped out before the birth, and she forgives him. Yes she flipped out after the birth, and he forgives her. Yes the love between them was still there, burning, and would always be there, and yes they had a future all ten of them.

____________________________________________________________________________ __________


“Da Da.” Will urged, “Come on one of you, Da-Da.”

“Don’t listen to him, Nana . . .come on kids Na-na. “ Lwaxana begged

Deanna looked curiously at her mother and Will, who had been insistent on this name thing since birth. Neither one of them would fess up to the reason why either.

“You guys no pressure, the kids will feel comfortable to talk when they want to.” Deanna begged.

“We aren’t pressuring, we are urging.” Lwaxana smiled.

“Yes, urging.” Will agreed.

Deanna smiled and sat down next to Kestra, “Are they pressuring you guys.”

The little girl, with bright blue eyes, and soft brown ringlets smiled up at her mother, “Ma-ma.”

Lwaxana and Will stopped dead in their tracks.

“She just said Na-na.” Lwaxana said.

“No way,” Will shook his head, “that was a Da-da.”

Will Jr., the lone little boy, crawled over to Deanna, “Ma-ma.”

Then Guinan, Troi, Jill, Beverly, Lwaxana 2 and Gene Lucy began to chant “Ma-ma, Ma-ma.”

Will looked and Lwaxana, Lwaxana looked at Will, the two gave a simultaneous grown.

Deanna just smiled, she thought of telling them that Da-da and Nana were mentioned by the each of the kids earlier but then decided not to. If they could have secrets, she could have secrets too.