Chapter 1

Victor DeDavis sat in the overstuffed armchair in the living room of what used to me Lwaxana Troi痴 house and smiled contently. He lazily laid his head on the back of the green velvet upholstery of the chair and inhaled the ancient fabric. Yes, after all these years he could still detect the scent of Deanna. He closed his eyes and imagined the first day he had come across the delicate beauty.

His mother had dragged him by his collar kicking and screaming to Lwaxana Troi痴 mansion, for her daughter Deanna痴 sixth birthday extravaganza. Victor had never hear of Lwaxana or Deanna before and therefore felt he should not be forced to go to a 渡o-good girl party. His mother had replied to such an argument with a quick slap to the jaw and told him in no uncertain terms that Deanna Troi would grow up to be one of the most eligible young ladies on Betazed and therefore he must go to every party for her, from now until she had chosen a suitor for marriage. His mother had high hopes of her only son marrying into high society, so that she could tag along for the ride.

So, Victor had went to the party and thought it was incredibly stuffy and stupid, that is until he had spotted a tiny girl, sitting on an overstuffed green armchair, pouting. He had been intrigued by the girls delicate features and dress, so unlike most of the females on Betazed, that he decided to walk over and find out her story.

[Hi] he had telepathically sent to the girl.

The young girl stared blankly at him before speaking, 的 am not a full Betazoid so therefore I can not read your mind.

Victor had been amazed at such a concept, 迭eally?

The young child, at least three years younger then him had rolled her eyes, 添es really, now do you want to ditch this party?

Victor had smiled, 鉄ounds good to me, he had extended his hand, 杜y name is Victor.

The young girl smiled back, a smile that had brought Victor痴 heart to a complete stop with its beauty, 泥eanna, Deanna Troi.

In the chair, Victor happily hugged himself, 添es, he thought to himself, 鍍hat was the day Deanna Troi had given herself to him whether she knew it or not. It was only a matter of time now, before they would make it official.

* * * *

Back on the Enterprise, the senior staff along with Lwaxana Troi were preparing to meet in the Captain痴 Ready Room, to discuss the loss of the Troi home to Victor DeDavis. Deanna Troi was sitting in her usual position next to William Riker, except now, unlike usual meetings, Deanna clutched tightly to Will痴 hand. This is because they had recently renewed their relationship and couldn稚 survive being farther then arms reach apart. Beverly Crusher, Worf, Geordi LaForge, and Data were also around the table in their usual chairs, acting in their usual manner.

The Captain cleared his throat, 鄭s you all have probably heard, due to some unfortunate circumstances Ms. Troi has lost control of her position in the fifth house of Betazed.

Lwaxana Troi chuckled, 鼎aptain, since I am not a diplomat anymore, please lets dispense with the pleasantries. I lost my house, my title, and everything remotely related with the fifth house of Betazed over a few too many beers and a deck of cards.

A few giggles escaped the senior staff, Lwaxana smiled innocently and continued, 典he guy who I lost this house to goes by the name of Victor DeDavis. Victor has been a mildly annoying thorn in Deanna and my side for a very long time, but before this date I was under the impression he was a harmless thorn. I am currently starting to rethink my position and further have reason to believe that Mr. DeDavis purposely drugged me so that I would loose the game to him.

Deanna cleared her throat, 天ictor comes from a broken home and had a considerable amount of stress put on him by his mother at a very young age. I believe

Lwaxana cut in, 泥eanna, I知 trying to make this story short and straight to the point so lets cut the psychobabble. Victor痴 mama was warped and obsessed with my life. She grew her son up believing that he was going to marry Deanna so that the four of us could live happily ever after at my home.

鉄o this guy is obsessed with Deanna? Beverly asked.

徹h yes, borderline stalker. Lwaxana replied.

鉄o, wouldn稚 the obvious solution be that Deanna appeals to this man痴 compassion towards her, and ask him to relinquish the rights of the fifth house back to Lwaxana? Beverly further inquired.

添es, that sounds like a fine plan to me. Captain Picard said, nodding his head in agreement.

Deanna violently shook her head, 哲o, I mean yes it would be a good plan if Victor had the rationality of a normal Betazed male, but he doesn稚. He believes that because I was nice to him at my sixth birthday party, we are destined to be together. He has been constantly keeping tabs on me my whole life, waiting for that one thing that could snare me in his trap, and ultimately force me to marry him. The problem is, I think he might have found it.

William Riker got up from his chair and went over to give Deanna a reassuring hug, 泥ee, I told you we will get this back for you and we will.

Suddenly the cackling of Deanna痴 badge sounded as it came to life, 鼎ounselor, there is a Mr. DeDavis from Betazed hailing us. He is stating that you have requested him to be transported to this ship at once . . .so the two of you could make the adequate wedding arrangements. a confused officer replied.

Deanna gave Will a panicked look, 的 haven稚 spoke to him since that first time on the bridge. He is lying to get aboard this ship.

Will patted Deanna reassuringly on the back, 的f it is okay with you, I say we let him on the ship and put an end to this fiasco once and for all. Page 1

Chapter 2

 泥eanna, darling. Victor DeDavis gushed, stepping off the transporter deck of the Enterprise, which he recently had arrived on, 土ou wouldn稚 believe how wonderful it is to be so close to you again. He confidently strutted over to where she stood and wrapped his muscular arms around her tiny waist,

笛ust a few more short days until we finally make official what we knew in are hearts all those years ago.

Upset, Deanna struggled, trying to break free from his grasp, 天ictor, you are really delusional. Now please let me go.

Victor laughed a loud, shattering, insane laugh, 泥eanna my love, your fore-play talk could use some brushing up.

Will Riker, hardly keeping a grasp of his control, finally stepped up next to Deanna, and wedged his arm between her and Victor, 的 don稚 believe we have met, I am William Riker, First Officer of this ship, and Imazdi to Deanna.

Victor shook Will outstretched hand, 的 wish I could say it痴 nice meeting you, but I can稚.

Tightening his grip on the Betazoid痴 hand, Will shot Victor the dirtiest of all looks, 的 wish I could tell you Deanna痴 going to marry you, but . . that would be a lie, so I can稚.

Victor snorted a reply of disgust and left his handshake with Will to join Lwaxana, 溺other dear, I really don稚 think we should invite him to the wedding. However, since you are the matriarch of our family, I do think that you have the final word.

Lwaxana, amused by the boy痴 lack of what was really going around him, patted the boy痴 head, 溺y dear you are a few short of a full deck aren稚 you. Deanna is not going to marry you, therefore, can we stop all this nonsense and discuss how I can get you out of my house.

Victor reached into his coat pocket and produced a small circular ball.

徹h how cute, a boy and his toy. Lwaxana chided, 殿nd to think I actually thought of you as a real threat.粕

哲o . . .let痴 try a boy and his photon displacing bomb. Victor said, moving his eyes back and forth for any sudden movements by his new hostages,蚤nd for you information Lwaxana, I am a BIG threat.

天ictor, Deanna soothed, switching gears into her counselor voice, 妬f you use that you are not only going to kill all of us but you are going to kill yourself as well.

泥uh! Victor said as he walked over to Deanna and started stroking her hair, You really don稚 give me enough credit my dear. I know we will be dead, but we will be dead together, and isn稚 that all that really matter.

展e will be dead, is that romantic? Deanna reasoned.

的t is more romantic then me returning to my lonely Deanna-less life on Betazed and you resuming your life with loverboy, he rolled his eyes towards Will痴 directions, 杜apping out new worlds and boldly going where no man has gone before. He made a gagging sound.

[Mother, can you read him?] Deanna telepathically sent out to Lwaxana.

鉄he can, and just so you know in her opinion I am a fucking lunatic and should have been committed to an institute a long time ago. Victor informed her sarcastically, while continually stroking her head, 努ould you like to know anything else?

哲o Deanna shook her head a feeling of unease creeping into her body.

迭eally, I thought maybe you would like to know about the lame strategical moves your darling Will is cooking up in his head to overcome me, grab the bomb, and get the girl.

Deanna shook her head vemently, 添our scaring me Victor.

Victor eyes softened, as he lovingly wiped a tear falling from her eyes, 的 don稚 want to scare you, I just want to love you. My problem is that there are to many damn obstacles always in my way.

的 don稚 want you to kill them Victor. My mother means the world to me, and Will . . .and i share a bond that can never be broken. . .and the rest of them, Beverly . . .Geordi . . . are like the brothers and sisters I always desired when I was growing up. Please Victor, if you care for me as much as you claim, please let them go. Deanna plead, getting on her hands and knees to emphasize the importance of her request.

Victor grew uneasy at her begging, and roughly pulled her up by the elbow, 泥on稚 beg, it痴 not becoming of you.

Deanna gulped back her tears, 的f I come back with you to Betazed, will you let them go?

Chapter 3

徹h Deanna, I really wish life was that easy, but both you and I know that as long as you and Commander Blue Eyes have this imazdi relationship we willnever be able to escape him. He is just the type of person who could ruin by lifelong pursuit of happiness. Victor lectured. He walked over to Will and stared coldly at him. 展hat he doesn稚 understand is that you were mine far before he ever landed on our fair planet. You promised yourself to me the day of your sixth birthday. Victor sighed, his eyes softening, 溺y mother knew it, I knew it, I just don稚 understand why you and your mother refused to see it.

添eah that痴 why I am her imzadi and you aren稚. Will mutterted under his breath. No one heard the comment but Lwaxana, who softly chuckled.

Deanna sighed, 天ictor, I am pleading that you let everybody go. You and I both know that . . . she reluctantly looked at Will, and hoped he would understand that everything she was about to say from here on out was to save his life. She hoped he realized Victor was a ticking time bomb and was not going to respond to anybody痴 attempts to stop him from blowing them up, except her own., 鍍hat even an imazdi link could never stop our love for one another. She seductively walked behind Victor and wrapped her arms around his waist, 的致e been waiting on this ship for so long. I致e been waiting for you to come and rescue me.

Victor closed his eyes and dreamily smiled, 滴e still will try to find us Deanna. He and your mother will ruin us.

During all this Will Riker stood in the corner of the room and scowled. He knew Deanna was trying to save the lives of everybody on the Enterprise, but at what price was it if she was jeopardizing her freedom in the process. He didn稚 like the risk she was taking and desperately needed to get her attention to make her stop.

Deanna could feel the persistent attempts by Will, Lwaxana and Victor痴 to read her mind and tried her hardest to fully block them from it. Victor, because she did not want him to know how much the sight of him repulsed her. Lwaxana because she did not want her mother to know and worry about the risk her daughter was about to take, to save everyone else痴 life. And Will, because what she had in mind to save everyone else would definitely put a wedge into their relationship.

天ictor, she started, trying her hardest to appear devoted and in love with him, 的致e got an idea that may benefit the both of us. Can we go somewhere more private to talk?

Victor nervously looked around, 的 don稚 want any tricks Deanna.

Deanna shook her head, 哲o, no tricks. I just thought that if we went somewhere more quite to negotiate we could avoid any outside distractions.

Will cringed, he couldn稚 take being quite anymore, 泥eanna I don稚 want you alone with this psycho.

Victor, becoming enraged by Will痴 negative outburst, ran full force into the commander痴 chest knocking him to the floor. Will, being surprised by the man痴 sudden attack, fell backwards, landing flat on his back and knocking him unconscious.

Deanna holding back the urge to scream, bit firmly down of her lip.

展ell, I must say that was the smartest thing I have done all day. Now back to your proposition my dear.

Deanna, turned to stare at Victor, amazed at the depth of hate she was experiencing towards this man. Her mind was screaming for her to draw a knife to this man痴 throat and end his life. However, deep down in her soul she knew that death was never an option. Therefore, she opted for her back up plan instead, turning to Victor she uttered 展e must break the imazdi bond between Will and I, and then the two of us can start a life together. . .alone.

* * * *

Victor happily danced about his group of hostages, as Deanna lighted the ceremonial candles and Lwaxana reluctantly ground of the Betazed herbs. William Riker continued to lay in a heap on the ship痴 floor, unconscious from the recent scuffle he had experienced with Victor.

Lwaxana, anxious to speak with her daughter inched her way towards Deanna, praying that Victor was to distracted by the up and coming imazadi bond breaking to notice.

撤sst she whispered.

Deanna, fearfully whipped her head towards Victor. Seeing that he appeared distracted by taunting the unconscious Will, Deanna leaned towards her mother, 的t痴 the only thing I could do.

泥eanna, this is a risky task that could permanently damage both your and Will痴 mentality.

Deanna stole a glance towards Will痴 direction, 添es, but an impaired Will means more to me then a dead Will.

展hat is you plan? Lwaxana whispered.

典hat痴 the scary thing mother, I don稚 have a plan. All I know is I have to ensure the safety of you and Will at all cost. If that means spending my life with Victor, so be it.

Lwaxana recoiled, as if being slapped in the face, 的知 sorry Deanna, this is all my fault. One night of foolish gambling has lead my only daughter down a path of misery for the rest of her life. I belong in that living hell, not you.

Deanna grabbed her mother痴 hand and gave it a squeeze 泥o me a favor, when . . .if Will wakes up, tell him I知 sorry and bond or no bond I will always love him.

* * * *

Will Riker moaned, 泥eanna, Deanna. He groaned when trying to open his eyes, his body ached with a rampant fever.

Lwaxana Troi grabbed his hand, 展ill lay still. The effects of the Tocco root on humans can be kind of rough so it would probably be wise if you lay still and don稚 talk.

鼎old . . .I知 so cold. he whispered.

Lwaxana held tightly to his hand, 鼎hills, that is an unusual side effect. I should probably fetch Beverly, she would know more about the human male then I would.

哲o chills . . .my mind feels cold. . .empty . . .dark . . .quite. he croaked, barely audible to hear, 泥id somebody get that psycho away from Deanna?

展ill, let me go fetch Beverly.

Will痴 body shot straight up out of the bio-bed, his face draining of all color, 泥eanna is dead isn稚 she. I can稚 feel her . .oh my . . oh my.

Lwaxana panicked by Will reaction, instictively yelled for Dr. Crusher, 釘everly . . I need you in here with a sedative right away.

Will assuming the worse by Lwaxana痴 reaction, grabbed her forearms and began frantically to shake the woman, 滴ow did she die . . when did she die . .did he die with her.

Beverly Crusher along with Dr. Selar ran into the room, each armed with a hypospray full of sedative. Will panicking at the thought of being put to sleep, pulled his feet onto the bed and stood up.

展ill, Beverly pleaded, 菟lease come down from there.

哲o, not until I get some answers. I want to know what happened to Deanna. his voice crackled, thick with emotion, 的 can稚 feel her. I . . . Will crumpled to his knees, softly crying into his hands, 都he been part of me for so long, I can稚 function without her.

Beverly started to walk over to Will to administer the hypo-spray, but waved her hand to hold off. Slowly, Lwaxana eased herself onto the bed next to Will, and wrapped her arms around the man痴 neck in a comforting embrace, 的f I tell you everything, can you be calm?

Will looked up into the older Troi eyes, 擢or my piece of mind, please tell me what happened.

Lwaxana gave him a sympathetic smile, 擢irst of all Will, I want to remind you that Deanna loved you very much. She would kill me for telling you this, but just between you and me her life has focused on nothing but you since the very first day she saw you on Betazed.

Will smiled, despite everything, 典hank you Lwaxana. It means a lot to hear that from the president of anti-Will league.

Lwaxana gave Will an exaggerated huff, 擢or the past couple years I have done nothing but give my daughter encouragement when it comes to you two thank you very much.

Will eyes began tearing over again, and the smile slowly disappeared off his face, 滴ow did she die Lwaxana?

展ill, she didn稚 die . . .she broke the bond so he would leave us alive and take her with him

Will took a deep breath, 展ell, I am thrilled beyond comprehension that she is alive. he began, relief evident in his voice, 塗owever right now I壇 like to wring her neck for pulling such a dangerous scheme.

Lwaxana laughed, 添ou and me both.

A moment of silence fell between them, as they both pondered on their next move. Will glanced at Lwaxana, 都he know that I am going to go after her, doesn稚 she? 展illiam, Lwaxana stated in her authoritative tone, 都he is depending on it.

Chapter 4 

Deanna Troi groggily awoke from her sleep in a cloud. Out of habit, she closed her eyes and mentality reached out to Will expecting to feel his familiar warmth and compassion that only he could give her. However this morning her attempts only resulted in cold empty darkness.

敵ood morning my love, glad to see you are finally awake. Victor DeDavis greeted from the doorway, he was holding a tray full of assorted fruits and pastries, 的 was starting to worry by sleeping princess was never going to wake up from that evil Will Riker痴 spell.

Deanna opened her eyes, 展here am I?

Victor laughed, 的 know that you have been in space to long, when you don稚 even recognize your family planet.

Deanna looked around the room for windows, put none were present, 添ou brought me back to Betazed? she inquired.

Victor walked further into the bedroom and set the heaping plate of food on Deanna痴 lap. 添es, isn稚 it brilliant. No one would think that I am stupid enough to bring you back here to your home, so while the U.S.S. Awfulprise waste time searching far away planets, we will be here. Victor tilted his head toward the ceiling, 溺other is so happy, she can稚 wait until our wedding day. She will be down later to greet you.

Deanna turned her head and studied the room around her. The surrounding were unrecognizable except for the overstuffed green armchair that stood in the corner 典hat chair. . .is that my mother痴 chair.

Victor clapped his hand in delight, 泥o you remember, its our chair Deanna. It痴 the first place I saw you. It痴 where you proclaimed your love to me and I to you

Deanna feeling sick by the comment shot her hand out from underneath the covers of the bed she layed, and grabbed for a cheese danish. She was anxious to stuff it down her mouth and stifle the scream that wanted to get out.

敵ood, you need to eat and get your strength back up for our wedding day. Victor got off from the bed and walked towards the door. 的 will be out today to gather a few things for our day, therefore, you will have to stay in your room. He motioned to the closed door on the other side of the room, 添ou will find the bathroom in there and of course with winning your mother痴 home I retained Holmes. Therefore if you need anything, call for him and he will fetch you what you want I want you to have anything your hearts desire.

添ou are you locking me in here, aren稚 you?

Victor turned from the door and shook his index finger towards Deanna痴 direction, 哲ow really Deanna, you didn稚 think I actually believed the song and dance you gave me on the ship about being in love with me, did you? You have to realize I致e spent my life studying you, your thought patterns, your emotions, I know more about you then you do. Therefore, I can read right through all your lies.

Deanna pulled her legs up to her chest in a little ball, as if to shield herself from this man痴 craze, she held her head down and quietly responded 擢ine, since are being straight forward Victor, please tell me what happened to Will after the separation process. I just want to know if he is okay?

Victor smiled, 展ell I was going to spare you the details, but if you must know, you passed out . . .he died. I guess women are the stronger sex after all.

With that Victor turned back to the door and walked out, locking the door痴 reverse dead bolt behind him.

Deanna sat perfectly on the bed, still in human ball position. She had tried to read Victor, to tell if he had been lying or not about Will, however her empath abilities seemed muted. Closing her eyes again, she thought of her mother, and sent out a distress signal, 溺other . . . help me . . .I知 so scared.

* * * *

Lwaxana Troi sat by herself in sickbay痴 waiting room on the Enterprise waiting for the Will. Will was suppose to be released from sickbay any minute by Dr. Beverly Crusher, and then he and Lwaxana planned to immediately beam down to Betazed to search for any clues of where Deanna might have been taken.


Lwaxana痴 whipped her head around. She could have sworn she had heard Deanna.

[Mother . . .I am so scared.]

Lwaxana gasped, she had been trying to contact her daughter telepathically since she had been taken three weeks before but had not experienced any luck, which made her fear the worst of Deanna痴 fate.

[Deanna your alive, where are you.]

[I don稚 know. . .I just woke up today. . .I知 really scared. . .I can稚 seem to function since the . . .breaking]

[Little one, don稚 be scared. . .please concentrate . . . can you describe your surroundings?] Lwaxana pleaded, fearing that at any minute she may loose contact with her weakening daughter.

[I think he said Betazed, but it doesn稚 feel like Betazed. Mother he痴 got that awful green chair here from your house. I woke up for the first time today since the ship, and discovered I was wearing a dress that is the exact duplicate of the one I wore at my sixth birthday party. Mom he is really insane. He痴 got me locked up in my room and the only way I can get things is if I ring for Holmes.]

Lwaxana sat stunned in her chair, [Did you say Holmes?]

[Yes, why?]

[Deanna, Holmes is here with me.]

Chapter 5 

哲o mother, Holmes is with me . . .I saw him myself. Deanna痴 voice shot back, causing Lwaxana to grab her head in shear agony.

添ou don稚 have to scream little one, I can easily hear you in my head without your added infliction.

溺other I am trapped a psychotic person who is reliving my sixth birthday party in a sick demonic fashion, and now I have my mother accusing me of being a liar. Why do you think I might be screaming in your head Deanna hysterically cried, all rational thinking and reason lost in her moments of panic.

鏑ittle one, I must have been mistaken. Why don稚 you lay down and try to get some sleep. I will talk to Will and I will get back with you later. Lwaxana soothed, trying to keep her daughter from crossing the fine line from scared silly to scared crazy.

添es Mother, sleep sounds good. Maybe I can fall to sleep and wake up in my own bed. . .find out that this is all a bad dream. Deanna crooned, her voice sounding eerily like a six year old child.

堵ood night dear.

* * * *

展ill, I was just in contact with Deanna. Lwaxana smiled, reasuringly patting the first officer痴 hand, as he sat down and joined her in the waiting room.

William Riker smiled, 典hen she is okay, did she give you any clue to where she is?

Lwaxana turned away from Will, 添es . . and no. I fear that she has suffered some side effects from the separation. She is easily agitated and I think that she is hallucinating.

泥amn it, Will ran his hands through him hair, 的f only she hadn稚 broken the bond. . .we were so damn close these last couple days Lwaxana. If she hadn稚 broken the bond I could feel her and . . .派e stood up from his chair, 鍍hen I could hold her in my arms and protect her. That痴 all I have ever wanted to do, was to hold her and shield her from any pain.

展ill, Lwaxana sternly spoke from her chair, 的 know your hurt, however, now is not the time to wallow in the would, could, and should aspects of Deanna and your relationship. Now is the time that we put our heads together and take some action.

Will looked at Lwaxana, admiration sparking in his eyes, 添es, you are right. Let痴 go see if the Captain is available for a meeting. I would like to get together with everybody who was there when Deanna departed and discuss what I missed when I had been knocked out. There might be some key piece of the puzzle that we are overlooking.

* * * *

徹kay, so let me get this straight, when I was knocked out you, Will pointed his finger at Beverly, 途an over to my side to check me out, correct?

A unison of nods went around the table.

哲ow what I don稚 understand is how Deanna and Victor got off the ship without the rest of you knowing or stopping him.

Captain Picard cleared his throat. 哲umber one, Victor attached the bomb around the door in such a fashion that if any of us attempted to run after them . . . the whole ship would have blown up.

William Riker stood from his chair and began to pace around the room, he knew he was being unreasonably hostile to everyone in this room, however, he was having a hard time with the notion that Victor and the unconscious Deanna got off the ship without anybody noticing them and stopping them.

泥id we check the computers.

Data piped up, 鼎ommander, as I explained to you before, the computers had an unexpected malfunction that lasted precisely five minutes.

Riker slammed his fist into the table, making everybody jump, 泥amn it, this is all to convenient.

哲o,猫waxana said, 渡ot convenient, well planned.


添es Data, Will sighed, sitting back down in his chair.

展hat if we all went on the Holodeck and simulated the time that passed between you falling unconscious and Deanna being taken away. Maybe it would help us get a better understanding of what transpired.

泥ata that brilliant. Will jumped up and hugged the very confused android.

展ait, Beverly Crusher reluctantly stood up, 的 hate to put a damper on our first ray of light all day, but the holodeck is broken.

Captain Picard looked curiously at his first officer, 滴ow long has it been broken? I was never informed it was broken.

Beverly shrugged her shoulders, 的 don稚 personally know how long it has been down. All I know is that today was the first time I致e had any free time since, she caustiously glanced at Will, 鍍he incident. I had decided I was going to go to the Holodeck to take a nature hike and maybe clear my head, with everything that was going on and such. However, when I went down there, there was a sign on the door that said, Closed for Repairs.

Will Riker stood up, 鼎omputer, status on the Holodeck

滴olodeck is closed for repairs until further notice.

Will felt his heart start to pound harder in his chest, he knew it was not procedure for a sign to be put up on the holodeck when it was broken, he knew it was procedure to fix the holodeck when it was broken, right- away 鼎omputer, who authorized such shut down for repairs.

鼎ommander Troi

Will looked at Lwaxana, 釘ingo.

* * * *

William Riker ran full force to the Enterprise痴 Holodeck, closely followed by Worf and his security team. Lwaxana Troi, Captain Picard, and the rest of the senior staff followed behind.

鼎omputer, open the holodeck doors. Will Riker demanded.

鄭ccess denied, due to repairs.

鼎omputer, I demand an override of Counselor Troi痴 instructions. Captain Picard spoke up from the back of the small group.

溺alfunction, I do not understand override.

Will Riker, without a moments hesitation, pulled his blaster from his side and blew the computer痴 side terminal apart, 鉄orry you didn稚 understand.

Will motioned for Data, who stepped forward and pried the Holodeck痴 doors apart.

Will ran full force into the room, 天ictor, where the hell are you. he screamed.

展ill the small voice of Deanna Troi spoke up.

Will turned to see Deanna, dressed in a little girl痴 party dress and patent leather shoes tied with rope to an overstuffed green armchair, 塗e heard you guys at the door. He climbed up the air shaft.

Worf, upon hearing this, quickly lifted himself into the airshaft to go after Victor.

Will stood dumbfounded next to Deanna, torn on whether to go after Victor with Worf, in hopes of catching the guy and tearing him apart or to stay with Deanna.

展ill if he is still here, Worf will find him. Lwaxana whispered, making his mind up for him 的 think there is somebody here that needs you more right now.

Will looked at Deanna, small pale, the dress highlighting how delicate the recent events had made on her.

Captain Picard was kneeling beside Deanna working on the ropes that bound her.

Will bent down on his knee next to the Captain, 鉄ir if you don稚 mind I will take it from here.

Captain Picard gave his Number One a genuine grin, 哲ot at all number one, be my guest.

Will freeing the last knot, scooped up Deanna out of her chair and into his arms, and started to make his way out the door.

展ill, Beverly Crusher called after him, 的 hope you are taking her up to sick bay so I can run some test.

Will turned back to Beverly and gave her a smirk, 泥r. Crusher what she needs she can稚 get from sickbay :) * * * *

Will made his way through the doors of Deanna痴 quaters, with Deanna body laying limply in his arms. He eased his way over to her bed and gently laid her in the vast sea of pillows that graced it.

Deanna had tears flowing freely down her pale cheeks as he laid her down, which Will gently wiped off with his hands. 泥ee, you have to promise me no more heroics and sacrifices. He laid down next to her on the bed, propping his head up on his hand so that he could look down at her.

Deanna gave him a weak smile, 的 am a starfleet officer, I had to save my fellow officers.

Will sighed, 典he imazdi bond was not just yours to give up. I believe it belonged to the both of us and I should have got some say as to breaking it or not.

Deanna sniffed, 展ill I am so lost without it, without you.

Will leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her lips, 泥eanna bond or no bond I am lost without you too. He reached into his pocket and produced a small black box. 的 had so many plans on romantic ways I could give this to you. . .however, none seemed so perfect as right now. He opened the box and produced a large diamond solitaire.

Deanna quickly pushed herself in sitting position, causing Will to smile, 添ou act like you have been waiting for this all you life.

Deanna raised her chin up, 哲ot all my life, just the past decade or so.

Will laughed, and slipped the ring on Deanna outstretched left hand, 泥eanna Troi will you marry me.

Deanna, renewed by her joy, jumped off the bed and ran over to the window, to inspect her new jewelry by the starlight coming through the window.

的 think my question was supposed to be answered by a yes or a no. Will chided.

Deanna turned to Will, 添es Will Riker I will be your wife. She ran back over to the bed where he laid, 徹n one condition.

迭eally, what痴 that?

典hat you help me out of this damn dress.

Will stood up and extended his hand to Deanna to help her up. She happily took his hand for the help. Once she was standing up, he walked behind her and unzipped the dress, letting in fall down in a pool at her feet. Deanna felt tinly goosebumps form all over her skin, as his hot breath touched her bare skin.

泥eanna, he whispered in her ear, as his hand slowly made it痴 way from the nape of her neck down her front, 的f you want me to stop I will stop.

Deanna felt the pleasure of being so close to the man she loved, as he expertly manipulated her body to bring forth such desire, slowly overtake her soul. She took a sharp intake of breath as she felt her heartbeat become one with Will痴.

At that moment Will was also feeling the familiar beat of Deanna heart becoming stronger next to his. He closed his eyes and could hear her thoughts, 泥ee . . . he moaned, 的 can feel you all through me, just like before. . . only stronger.

She turned to him, her full strength returned to her body, 的知 back, Imazadi, and I promise NOTHING is going to come between us again.

Will grabbed her around the waist, and brought her down next to him on the bed. The two then began to physically rejoice in their newer, stronger, imazdi bond with one another.

* * * *

迭eport Mr. Worf.

鼎aptain, Mr. DeDavis is no where to be found.

The End of Victor痴 Vengeance