A Weighty Issue

Ch 1

By Rachel

“Counselor, please come in and join us.” Captain Picard said as Deanna walked into the Ready Room

Deanna smiled, and gave a quick nod at Beverly as she sat down, “I came down as soon as I could.”

“And you didn’t tell anybody you were coming here, right?” Beverly questioned.


Captain Picard smiled, “Good, because the matter we need your help with could be quite embarrassing to a fellow officer if it got out.”

This intrigued Deanna, and she quickly pulled out a note pad, “What is the problem.”

Beverly leaned over the table and grabbed Deanna’s hand, “You aren’t here professionally, you are here because it deals with Will.”

Deanna dropped her pen, “What’s wrong with Will.”

“Nothing a good diet couldn’t fix.” The Captain blurted.


“What Beverly, the man has gotten to big for his britches, literally.” He turned to Deanna, “He failed his physical, he doesn’t know it yet, but I’ve got precisely three weeks to get him in shape for another one. If he fails that one, he’s off the ship and sent to earth to function in a nice cushy desk job.”

“And I’m here?”

“Your here because I don’t think pulling him into here, sitting him down with Beverly and myself, and going over his weight problem is the best solution. You know how he is . . . touchy. I felt that if the news came from a friend. . .a close friend like yourself. . .it may soften the blow.”

“You want ME to tell Will he needs to do more diet and exercise.” Deanna asked.

Picard nodded, glad to be pushing a task like that off on someone else.

“How do you suggest I do that?”

Picard and Beverly shrugged, “Your the psychologist, think of something.”

“Great!” Deanna said sarcastically.

“Good,” Picard smiled, choosing to ignore any negative comments. He could, he was the Captain.

Chapter 2

Deanna strolled back to her office, deep in concentration. The Captain had nailed it on the head when he had said Will was touchy about things of this nature, and she was definitely not looking forward to talking to him at all.

“Why such the long face Dee?”

Deanna snapped her head out of the fog, to look up and smile at Will, who had fallen into step next to her. “I’ve been assigned a task by the Captain I’m not looking forward to.”

“Really, feel like gossiping.”

Deanna looked up into his boyish eyes, crinkled at the corner because he was smiling, “No, definitely not this time.”

Will pretended to pout, “No fair, that means your assignment is extra juicy.”

Deanna stopped and took a good hard look at him. Yes he had put on a few . . .a lot of extra weight since the begining of the Enterprise, but he was still “Will tactical moves are my middle name Riker”. He had gotten through a lot harder things then having to lose a little weight.

“You really want to know?” she asked.

“Yes!” he was practically jumping out of his skin with excitement.

“I’ve got to tell a certain senior officer that he failed his physical and if he doesn’t lose a couple of pounds in three weeks, he will be kicked off the ship.”

“Really?” Will’s eyes grew wide, and Deanna breathed a sigh of relief. He knew now, and together maybe they could work on the problem at hand.

“Yes, what do you think about that?” she asked cautiously.

“I think Worf will be greatly missed.” Will said with a smile.

Deanna slapped her head, maybe a desk job would be a good thing, “Will, it isn’t Worf.”

Will gave her a wink, “Right, sure, you can’t tell me . . .gotcha.” he bent down and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, “I’m starving and Guinan promised me a large pizza would be waiting at the Ten-Forward, want to join me?”

“Will, I would really like to, but I have patients. Will you be at home later.”

“Yes, are you making house calls,” he asked seductively.

Deanna ignored his obvious advances, she was to lost in how she was ever going to break this news, “Yes for you, can I stop by tonight.”

“Please do.” ____________________________________________________________________________ _____

Will walked into the Ten-Forward lounge, whistling, with a smile as wide as a jack-o-lanterns plastered on his face.

Guinan smiled back, Riker’s smile could be infectious, “Your in a good mood?”

Will nodded, “I just found out be arch enemy may be kicked off this ship, and then Deanna comes on to me in the hall, she INFORMED me she would be visiting my quarters later tonight . . .life is good.”

Guinan placed a large pepperoni, ham and sausage pizza in front of him, “Anything else?”

“A chocolate milkshake, I feel like celebrating.”

Chapter 3

“Can I come in?” Beverly peeked around the corner of Deanna’s office.

Deanna looked up from the papers she was reading, “NO. For what you and the Captain have pinned on me, I never want to see you again.”

Beverly gave a sheepish grin, “Dee, we knew you could handle it.”

“Handle it? How am I suppose to handle telling the ship’s stud muffin to lose some weight? Guys like Will Riker don’t handle to effects of aging so well.”

Beverly sat down, “Well do you need to come right out and tell him. Can’t you . . .you know. . . finesse his ego. “

Deanna turned her nose up, “Finesse his ego? please.”

“Dee nobody knows Will Riker better then you, just do what works.”

Deanna nodded, even though she didn’t have the slightest idea what would work.

____________________________________________________________________________ __________

Will Riker sat smugly in his easy chair, watching a televised football game, eagerly waiting. It had been a long time since Deanna had pursued his company, and he was planning to milk this evening for all its worth. A kiss would be nice, some mutual groping would be better, and well . . .anything beyond that would be a small piece of heaven right here in his quarters.

A knock came at his door, and Will’s grinned spread even wider, “Show-Time.” he muttered to himself. Standing up he sauntered to the mirror, ran his fingers through his hair, sucked in his gut, and opened his door.

“Hey beautiful.”

Deanna gave an inward grown, his come on lines were not improving with age, “Hey yourself, can I come in?”

Will nodded and stepped aside, Deanna walked in. Will took a quick one over, noting the tight with blue work-out suit she was wearing, and decided heaven may just be visiting his quarters tonight after all.

“Nice out-fit, very . . .you.”

Deanna smiled, maybe Beverly was right, maybe she did know Will Riker better then he knew himself, “Thanks, I was thinking maybe the two of us could go to the gym and burn off some excess energy.” She made sure to bat her eyes at the end.

“Gym?” Will cringed slightly, he hadn’t been to the gym in a good couple years. At least not since Worf had beat him at a friendly little sit-up match, and bruised his ego for life. “Why the gym, we can burn a little excess energy right here in the Riker Palace of Love.”

“Riker Palace of Love. . .oh he’s truly an outdated Casanova,” Deanna thought to herself, outside she put on her best pout. She always came prepared with a back up plan, “Will, can I share something with you.”

“Share something, with me.” Riker grinned, his mind totally lost in a fantasy world that revolved around Deanna and that body hugging work-out suit.

Deanna took a deep breath and hoped maybe she could channel some of her mother’s mellow dramatics for this award winning performance, “It wasn’t Worf who failed the physical, it was me, and if I don’t pass it in three weeks they are going to transport me back to earth.” To her pleasure a tear formed in the corner of her eye.

As suspected, Will’s face softened into putty. “Deanna I had no idea. I would have never made such jokes. Of course I’ll help you, your my imzadi.”

Deanna smiled, “Great, I’ll meet you down in the gym in five minutes . . .don’t be late.” She happily bounded out the door before he knew what hit him.

Chapter 4

Will walked into the gym, hating the stench filled torture chamber immediately. He didn’t want to be here, he wanted to be back in his quarters, in bed, watching the game with Deanna draped seductively on his right side and a large bag of Doritos on his left. But, alas if Deanna was in trouble it was his duty to save the day. He was her Imzadi, her night in shinning armor.

He spotted her out of the corner of his eye, talking to Worf, and immediately he felt his blood pressure rise.

Deanna looked up from the conversation she was having with Worf, the moment she felt Will’s rage hit her mind head on. It was a strong rage, it was an angry rage, and it was a rage that seemed to be burning off an exorbitant amount of calories. She titled her head back and gave a flirtatious giggle, right now she would work it.

Worf, who had been talking to her about a new type of defensive martial art he had picked up, stared at her oddly, “Counselor are you okay.”

Deanna smiled, “Just play along Worf.” She hissed through her teeth.

Worf looked at the door, saw Riker, and gave a disapproving growl, “I do not want to be part of your little fetish.”


“The two of you, making moves on everybody but each other, it’s sick and wrong and hurtful, but an obvious turn on to the two of you.”

“Worf.” Deanna forgot her little flirtaous thing to stare angrily at her former lover, “I do not make moves on other men to turn Will on.”

“Yeah, sure.” Worf took another look at Riker, “Although what you see in him is beyond me. The man is a walking cream puff lately.”

“He is not, he’s a teddy bear.”

“Deanna, am I interrupting something?” Will asked curiously, shooting his version of a dirty look at Worf.

“Nothing that didn’t need to be broken up.” Deanna replied hauntingly, “Let’s go to the treadmill.”

She walked away first. Will, not wanting to miss an opportunity to watch her behind in that outfit, lagged behind to taunt Worf.

“Gee Worf, to think I’ve had Deanna in my bed on and off for almost twenty years, and you had her for what . . .three or four months. Guess that makes me the reigning champs of the men around here, doesn’t it.”

Worf groaned, “It’s either you or the person you ate for breakfast.”

“Hey! What’s that suppose to mean?”

Worf chuckled, “Nothing sir, nothing at all.”

Will, hurt, walked away. He looked down at himself, wondering if Worf was right, if he had let himself go.

“Deanna,” he ran after her.


“Do you think I’m fat?”

Chapter 5

Deanna bit her lip and turned around, “Fat, compared to?”

Will rolled his eyes, “Compared to every other guy on this ship. Have I lost it?”

This was exactly what Deanna was trying to avoid, Will Riker on the brink of panic. “Will you will never lose it. Okay?”

“Are you sure, Worf said . . “

“Will when are you going to quit letting Worf get to you. He’s obviously jealous that you are here with me and he is here alone. Now are you going to do some sympathy treadmill exercises will me, or am I going to have to ask Worf for help.”

“Worf . . .ah . . no.” the two laughed and headed for the treadmill.


“Do you seem them Beverly.” Captain Picard asked.

“Yes, they are over there working on the treadmill.” Beverly felt relief wash over her, “I think we should leave them alone. I’m sure Deanna can slim him down.”

“Nonsense, I want to go congratulate him on his hard work. It shows great dedication that he is down here tonight, especially after a twelve hour bridge duty shift.

“Jean-Luc I really don’t think Will wants to discuss his faults with his superior officer.”

“I do not want to discuss faults, I want to discuss his future accomplishments. Come on.”


To her horror Deanna saw the Captain and Beverly walk in, and head their direction.

“Will, let’s go somewhere else,” Deanna said quickly, trying to catch Beverly’s eye and stop them.

“Come on Deanna, it’s not the end of the world that you flunked your physical. Things like that happen, and we will work together to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I don’t think the captain will bring it up here, in front of everyone else.”


“Counselor, Number One, it’s great to see you two here.”

Deanna gave the death look to the Captain behind Will’s back and frantically ran her finger over her throat to stop him. The Captain had no idea what she was trying to get at.

Will smiled, “Well I’m here for moral support. Deanna’s really the great one to be down here, working to overcome her obstacles.”

Deanna paled, and looked at Beverly. Beverly shrugged her shoulders, at this point in was useless to try and stop the avalanche.

Picard looked at his Number One in confusion, and then understanding, “Right, Deanna,” he winked at Will and playfully patted the man’s gut, “Well tell Deanna by this time next week she will be a six pack.

Will turned green, and he turned the treadmill off.

“Will,” Deanna whispered, seeing the man’s face crumple into anger, “I’m sorry.”

The Captain, totally lost on the conversation going around him, shrugged, “Well Number One, your make up physical is three weeks from tomorrow, hope you can pull it off.” From:

Chapter 6

Will ran down the hall to his quarters.

Deanna ran down the hall just behind him.

Will reached his quarters, red-faced and out of breath. He quickly punched in his acess code. Deanna was at his side before the last number was punched.


“Deanna you embarrased me down there. I don’t want to talk to you right now.”

Deanna closed her eyes and tried to break into Will’s thoughts. No luck, he had his mind closed tighter then Fort Knox.

“Will, please. I didn’t want to embarrass you. That’s why I told you I flunked the physical.”

“Yes lying, very effective.”

He went into his quarters, never bothering to close the door behind him. He knew Deanna had set her mind to making things right and there was no point in stopping her.

“Will, I’m sorry. Lying to you was wrong. But, I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to hurt you.”

Will made his way to the refridgerator, opened it up and grabbed a Snickers Bar. He opened it up, “Do you want one?”

Deanna looked at his cautiously, “No, and neither do you. Will, please let me help you.”

Will looked at her, and defiently took a bite of the candy bar, “Maybe I want an earth desk job, so I can get away from here. The Captain can’t tell me the truth, me his second in command, so he pushes it off on you. You, my imzadi, my sole mate, lies to me to avoid telling the truth. What do I have to stay here for?”

Deanna walked over, and put her hand around his, stopping him from taking another bite, “Will I think you look perfect, and that wasn’t a lie. I think you would look perfect twenty times larger, or twenty times smaller. That’s my problem, I don’t want to tell you that your fat, because to me you aren’t. To me you are my strong and burly alaskan wilderness man.”


“Yes, that’s why I told you that I needed the help.”

He smiled down at her, reading in her eyes what was truly words from her heart. He reluctently let the candy bar fall into her hands.

“Can I tell you a secret.” he asked.


“My weight didn’t get out of hand until you started dating Worf. I know I told you I could handle that, but I couldn’t.”

She smiled outwardly, inwardly she was positively glowing. If only he’d drop those damn pickup lines and speak like he was now, she would truly become a permenant fixture to his quarters.

“My turn for a secret.” she said.


“Sometimes, in the heat of passion, I would call Worf, Will.”

Will smiled, that comment right there would fuel him the next three weeks of intense physical training. He held out his arms and Deanna came to him, snuggling close to his chest. That comment and maybe a few variations of Deanna in Deanna’s work-out clothes.

“Want to come to my room, for a little bedroom gymnastics?”

Deanna groaned, and stepped away, “Just when I think you’ve turned into Prince Charming you turn into First Officer Horney of the USS Little Will. I’m going to my room, I will see you bright and early for your workout.”

Will nodded, sensing that a tiny part of her wanted to take him up on the offer. Therefore, he wasn’t to upset he made the comment. He was Will Riker, by the end of three weeks he’d pass the physical and get the girl. That’s just how things worked.

Chapter 7

Will awoke in the middle of the night. It was time for his ritual midnight snack. He walked blindly out of his room and into the kitchen. To his surprise he found Deanna propped up against his refridgerator.

“Dee?” he rubbed at his eyes to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

She opened her eyes and looked up, “Your stomach woke the both of us up. I just beat you to the refridgerator.”

Will nodded, “Guess that mean’s no midnight snack huh!”


“So if I make my way back to the bedroom, you will be heading back to your own quarters, right?


“Damn.” Will said, although secretly pleased to see her taking such an interest in him remaining on the ship. “Can I get you anything blanket, pillow, spot on my bed perhaps.”

“Nope, I’m fine. Little mediation never hurt anyone. So I will see you in precisly five hours for our workout.” She closed her eyes.

“Right, 5a.m.” Will relecutenly made his way back to his bedroom.

____________________________________________________________________________ He laid on his bed, wide awake, stomach growling. He couldn’t sleep. He wanted to eat.

He rolled over to his right side and looked at the clock, 2:32 a.m. He had been laying wide awake in bed and could not sleep.


“Dee?” Not quite sure if he was dreaming again or not.

“Will stay rolled over to your right, don’t turn around.”

“Dee, am I dreaming.”

“No, now do not turn around.”


He felt the sheets of the bed he thrown back and her slip quietly in between the covers. She inched closer to him and he gasped, she was naked. God this brought back some memories.


“Will, you know the routine, I don’t want sex I want to talk.”

He nodded, unsure if we going to be able to talk. He was alot older now then the first time they did this and consequently it was a lot harder for him to maintain control of himself like he used to.

“What do you want to talk about?” he asked, his voice coming out like a mouse squeek.

“I don’t know, life. I want to talk about why you think you need food.”

“Geez Dee, that’s a hard one, could it be because I’m hungry?”

“You never used to depend on food as much as you do know, I think your hiding something. From me and from yourself. What has food replaced.”

“Dee, this is stupid.”

“Will, five years ago, what would you have been doing right now.”\par“I don’t know?” he asked, lying through his teeth.

“Will, you lying. This time of night what would have been doing.”



His body tensed, he knew what the correct answer was, he just didn’t feel like sharing it. “Dee, can’t you go meditate or something.”

“Do you really want me to leave?”

“No,” he sighed. He didn’t want her to leave, this, the two of them, laying together sharing, it felt to good to stop. “I would have been laying here, resting, after bedding Riker’s flavor of the evening.”

Deanna nodded, “And what has happened to Riker’s flavor of the evening conquest.”

“Riker got bored.” he closed his eyes, hoping that didn’t sound like the geekiest thing he ever said.

“No Will, it didn’t.” Deanna snuggled closer to him. “So you’ve matured and realized bedding everything female on this ship can get boring. Why didn’t you replace your serial dating with something a little for substantial then food.”

“I wanted to, but . . .” he trailed off, feeling embarrassed by this whole conversation.

“But . . .” she probed.

“she was dating Worf at the time.”

“Oh.” Deanna pulled away.

Chapter 8

Will knew the drill, he wasn’t suppose to turn around, but he did anyway. Once again he had bared his soul to her and now he had to see her face.

Deanna, stunned, sat up in bed. This is what she had wanted, him and her, honest and straightforward with one another. Still this blew her away, she was confused.

“Did I say something wrong?” Will asked fearfully, he could see her eyes they were tearing.

“No, I think that was the most straight forward you have been with me ever. Thank you.”

Will sat up in bed too, “Dee, what I told you, how does that make you feel.”

She looked at him, the starlight coming through the window and falling on his naked form. It was to much. “Scared Will. You have scared me out of my mind.”


She nodded, “This is my dream, you, me, together being totally honest, baring our souls with no regrets. This is my seceret dream and it scares me that it’s real.”

Will was lost, “I don’t see how that scares you, I would think it would make you happy.”

“Will if Captain Picard walked in here right now and said ,’I’m retiring, your in control of the Enterprise, enjoy.’ wouldn’t that scare you.”

“No, because it shows me he has faith in me. That’s why I shared this with you, I have faith in you. I . . .”

“Will don’t.”

“Don’t tell you I love you.”

“I need to go back to my quarters.” she got up.

“Dee,” will got up too, and stood in front of the door, “Let’s talk about you.”

“No, enough talk, you need to sleep so you can get up in the morning.”

“I can’t let you leave like this, neither one of us are going to be able to sleep.”

This was true, and she knew it was unfair of her to do this to him, but she felt suffocated. She was so damn scared she was going to wake up and find herself sleeping against his refridgerator. Or worse, she was so damn scared to turn her heart over to him and find out he reverts to his old ways.

Will picked up on this, and it angered him. It angered him that after all these years the faith she had in him was smaller then a penny. It angered him that he told her his inner most secrets and now she was turning it around and using it against him. “Deanna you can leave, but just be scared that if you leave you won’t ever know if what we could of had was everything you’ve ever dreamed of.”

Her jaw dropped, everyword that escaped his lips tonight were filled with such heated passion, every look in his eye revealed emotions so deep in his soul that it racked her entire body, she couldn’t leave, she couldn’t stay, she was rooted in her place.

Will sensed this, and although he was angry, her emotions had excited him to no end. He was finally breaking through that shell, that wall that she had built around herself. “Deanna, I will pass that physical, but I need you by my side. I’ve told you everything tonight, and I can’t go back to just being your friend anymore.”

She gulped hard, stepped closer to him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him. Will, relishing in her essence, picked her straight up and she swung and locked her legs around his waist. Their lips locked, and soon were exporing each other’s lips like hormonal teenagers. All lost time forgotten, all scared feeling forgotten, all past loves forgotten, the only thought on their minds were the thoughts of becoming one.

Ch 9

Will Riker awoke to an empty bed. He rubbed his eyes, running through the events of last night. It couldn’t have been a dream. It was to real, it was to perfect. If he closed his eyes he could still smell the vanilla scent of her hair.

He checked the clock by his dresser, it read 8:00 a.m., exactly three hours past the time Deanna said she was going to wake him up. He grabbed his chest, as he felt a panic overtake his whole body.

He climbed out of bed and ran to his living room, “Deanna?” he called blindly. Empty.

“Will?” Deanna peeked her head out of the bathroom, “I’m unavailable for the moment.”

Will looked at her and the relief that washed through him made him drop to his knees.


“I thought you left.”

“No such luck, I just let you sleep in. Now why don’t you grab a bowl of cereal I left for you on the table and I will be out in five minutes.”

He nodded, feeling kind of dopey for carrying on like that. It was amazing how much power she could hold over him after one night of being together.

He grabbed the bowl and stared at the unapetizing creation in front of him.



“I think my replicator is broken.”


“It spit out gerbil food in this bowl.”

Deanna walked out of the bathrrom, “No such luck, it’s whole grain cereal, its suppose to look like that.”

Will looked at the bowl oddly, “There’s no sugar.”

“That’s the point.”

“What’s the point?”

Deanna smiled and kissed him on the cheek, “Three weeks Commander, and then you can go back to your Count Chocula and your Twinkies.”

He groaned, and dug his spoon into the bowl.

A knock came on his door, Will looked up from his bowl.

Deanna’s face took a guilty expression, “I kind of went ahead and asked a mutual friend of ours to help with your workout. This person was in the gym when the Captain announced your little problem, and offered his services.”


“Will before you say know, I want you to remember what a wonderful exciting night we had last night, and the wonderful exciting life we have to look forward to together, assuming you stay on the ship.”

“Deanna, who?”

“This person got the highest scores on his physical, and can be harder then you then I ever could.”



Ch 10

“Worf? N-O.” Will set the bowl down, “I am not going to be humilated like that, so sir, not now not ever.”

“Will, we need to get you in shape fast. I have a full schedule, Worf doesn’t.”

“Deanna I’m a grown man...”

“Really?” she shot up an eyebrow, “from the way you are acting I was starting to wonder.”

He shot her a dirty look, “NO.”

“Please.” she batted her eyebrows.

“Deanna, the man will put under physical torture. I know this for a fact.”

“Really, how?”

“Because if the situation was reversed, I would do it to him. I don’t know if you have noticed this or not, but Worf and I aren’t exactly buddy-buddy.”

“Will, give him a try.”


She gave him a smile, walked over to where he was, and whispered certain things she may reward him with later that evening, if he would give Worf a chance.

He shifted uncomfortably and turned slightly red. Things flying out of her mouth he didn’t dare think she even thought about, let alone be willing to do.

“Okay, I will give him a try, but if I come home in a body bag it’s your conscious.” he reluctently grabbed his gym bag and was out the door.


“Why are you doing this Worf?” Will asked, “Honestly. We are out of her earshot.”

“Because I wish to see you pass, sir.”

Will rolled his eyes, “Worf, off the record, rank forgotten, why are you helping me.”

Worf was silent for a moment, and then a devilish grin appeared on his face, “Because when you fail, I want to be in favorable light with both the Captain and Deanna. I want to personally help them pick up the pieces of your failure. I want to be promoted and I wouldn’t mind reuniting with Deanna either.

Will nodded, “I thank you for your honesty, but I WON’T FAIL.”

“Commander, it would take a miracle to work years of fat off in three weeks.”

“Worf, my miracle happened last night and has renewed my faith. This physical will be a piece of cake.”

Worf chucked, “A piece of Cake . . .that’s funny.”

Chapter 11

“I hate you Worf,” Will groaned, having been flipped over once again onto his back knocking the wind completely from his lungs.

This made Worf smile, and he offered his hand for Will’s aid. Will pushed his hand away and got up himself, “Aid is for the weak minded and women, isn’t that what you’ve said in the past.

This made Worf laugh, his deep gutteral laugh, “I have Commander, I didn’t know you listened.”

Will got up in a judo stance, and within moment Worf had him huffing and puffing on his back again, “Treadmill, stationary bike, aren’t those effective?”

“If you are trying to work off baby fat.” Worf said, intentionally trying to proke Will, “however real men like ourselves don’t need such trival items, we have our hands, our fist. We do not need anything else.”

“I really hate you Worf. Not just because we both share Deanna as a common goal either. More your principals and life views are just way too screwed up for someone as normal, rational, and well rounded as myself”

Worf plunged to kick out Will’s leg, and Will, finally warming up to the Klingnon’s less then honorable practices, clearly jumped out of his way, Worf growled, with turned smug, “Problems Lietenant?”

“No, but do not feel like you are the only one who hates. I too hate you. I hate your cocky attitude, your smug smile, your gut, the fact that no one on this ship besides me realizes you an idiot with nothing between your ears but wasted space, and the fact that you became Deanna’s imzadi, ruining the chances of her ever finding someone who could be true to her.” Worf went for Will’s legs again, and one again Will jumped.

Will looked at Worf in amazement, “How do you know Deanna and I could not be happy.”

“Because you have nothing on your mind but whatever ensign has the shortest skirt.” Worf said, jumping back from Will’s kicking attack.

“I’ve changed.”

“You have not. Your pride was crushed when you failed your physical and so like a wounded puppy, you put your tail between your legs and ran to the comfort and protection of Deanna. If and I do stress IF you pass your physical, you will eventually discard Deanna and go back to you flandering ways.”

“I’ve changed, and you could never be SO wrong in all your life. Deanna and I truly bonded last night, and I think we made a real turning point.” Will stopped in his place, staring directly at Worf, “I’m going to marry her this time, I swear once this damn physical get’s over, I’m going to make it right. I’m going to discard my abuse for food and I’m going to admit, work on, and grow with Deanna.”

“We will see Commander.”

Deanna, smiling and unaware came bounding into the gym, “See about what.”

Embarrassed Worf shrugged, “Nothing.”

She looked at Will, who also shrunk away from her gaze, “Nothing.”

Captain Picard next walked into the room, “Am I missing something here?”

“Oh I stuck the boys together, and now they are keeping secrets.” Deanna shrugged, “You know how boys can be.”

Picard nodded, “Did you tell them.”

Deanna giggled, “No, I thought it would be better coming from you.”

Picard nodded, “Seems there was a mix-up with the test results.”

“Oh please say I passed.” Will hit the ground on his knees, and over dramatically walked to the Captain, “Please please please please please he is going to kill me.”

The Captain laughed, “Well your in luck Commander, seems your test results were mixed up with Worf’s.”

Will’s face broke into a smile.

Worf’s face turned into a scowl.

The Captain, sensing tension, made his escape, “Your exam will be in two weeks Mr. Worf. Maybe the Commander can give you some help.” he quickly walked out the door.

Will, starting to love his job once again, turned and gave a chesire grin to Worf, “If you need any help Worf, I mean ANY help at all, let me know. It would be my pleasure to help a fellow officer out.”

Worf barred his teeth.

Will raised his hands in surrender, “You don’t have to answer now, why don’t you get back to me.” He turned to Deanna, who seemed to sparkle in her excitement, “Deanna, darling, shall we go back to our room?”

Deanna nodded, and the two walked out of the gym. Once out of Worf’s sight, Will slunk onto Deanna’s shoulder, weezing and gasping for air, “He really beat the living day lights out of me. Please take me home, to a nice hot shower.”

Deanna smiled, it was nice to know with all the change going on around this ship, somethings never changed.

The End