Spring Thaw

By: R. Dreamer



No point to this teeny little piece, just toying with Riker for a moment to
satisfy myself....and now I'm inflicting it on you:-) Feedback is welcome,
but beware, the negative will be forwarded to my dark side. So read or
delete....whatever you choose:-) And Paramount, Viacom, Rick, Jon,
Marina....you now the drill.


"Come on Deanna," He looked down on the dark-haired women looking up at him
and smiled invitingly.

"I don't understand how you can even think about that," She answered with a
frown, "it's freezing out here."

"Just try it, the colds all in your mind" He urged, "Open your mouth and
take it all it at once......you might like it." He added with a wicked

"No, I won't." She shot back, pressing her lips together tightly and shaking
her head repeatedly.

"Don't you get bored with the same thing over and over?" His frustration
crept into his voice, "just stroke your tongue over it.....come on, it will
make me happy."

"I'm sure it would, but to be honest I don't care if you're happy." She
stood up and brushed the dusting of snow off her knees, "You said this was
the spring thaw."

"It is......down there," He nodded his head toward the shimmering lights
that sparkled in the valley below, "And it is here too if you'd just give in
to the moment." He dropped to his knees, brushed the light covering of snow
aside and pulled a flower from under the powdery snow, "See," He said,
smiling up at her, "You're the only one that doesn't think it's spring."

She plucked the flower from his hand, stroked her thumb over the amber
petals, and released a disgusted sigh, "This flower is as crazy as you are
that's all, it doesn't have any understanding of what *thaw* means."

Will flopped his head forward, tossed the stick he was holding aside, and
stood up, "OK.. screw the marshmallow ....you and I" He said, stabbing his
thumb at his chest, "are gonna melt this damn snow ourselves."

He pulled her to her feet in one swift motion, a combination of his own
suggestion and the trace of annoyance he was still feeling prompted him to
use a bit more force then he'd planed.

"Will," She said insistently, "We promised each other before we left on this
adventure, no intimacy, we're not ready."

"You promised," He answered, repositioning the arms she was using to
separate them to a more comfortable position under his sweater, "I said mmm,
that doesn't constitute a yea, or a nay, so I'm calling off all previous
promises due to the fact that I want you." His playful voice deepened....
soft, like silk it caused goose bumps to rise on her arms.

She drew in a breath, not only to respond, but to try to abate the
sensations he was generating.... Her battle appeared lost as the released
breath quivered from her lung, his strong hands drawing her firmly against

A dangerous smile tugged on the corners of his mouth, his predatory eyes
completing an expression she hadn't seen on his face since she couldn't
remember when. He leaned his head down, a whisker from her face, permitting
only his warm breath to contact her lips.

"I'm going to kiss you now, and I'd like to think my response will be
positive," He said it on a jagged breath that momentarily locked in his
lungs as his hands continued to explore her skin.
It had been a thousand years since she'd felt his hands, rough compared to
her skin, brush tenderly against her, but it stirred the same ache that it
had then. Without a rational thought, she relaxed into him, his strong hands
tracing over the curves of her waist, his thumbs brushing frustratingly
lightly against the peaks of her breast made her completely forget the
chilly breeze that kissed her now exposed skin. His lips finally met hers,
warm, sensuous, drenched with a flavor that was all his own. Against her
better judgment, if she had any left, she reached deeper for it, the
unsatisfied hunger she'd been ignoring for so long growling for more.


It was a thought.... or had she mumbled it against his lips, whichever it
was it only seemed to increase his appetite, his mouth more eager, his
gentle exploration, firmer, more driven....cold became a thing of the past,
heat spanned it's wings, overpowering logic, and drowning her in her own
want for this man. He pulled her sweater over her head with one fluid
motion, the minimal interruption in his lips and tongue's heated
ministration creating a loss, a momentary yearning that caused her body to

He lowered her to the ground, stripping off his own sweater, he brought his
warm lips to her shoulders, his heaving chest to rest against hers. She
shivered, his heat, the cool snow that penetrated the light blanket she lay
on, contrasted and blended, icy fire, and frigid heat.

"Are you cold?" He fractured the silence, his question muffled as he
whispered against her skin. She was sure she'd said no, but he pushed up on
his arms, drawing his lips and tongue from her neck he continued to move his
erection, firmly, but slowly against her.

"Are you hot?" He asked in a voice that stroked over her as provocatively as
his mouth.

"Mmm," She answered, scratching her nails against his shoulders, attempting
to draw her back against him.

"Are you sure?" His eyes were smoky, they rolled slightly as she answered
him this time with an encouraging spiral of her hips.

"Well then," He growled, a wicked smile pulling at his swollen lips, "I
guess I rest my case......must be a spring thaw after all." He pulled
himself off of her, and got to his knees beside her.

"Riker," She said, shakily pulling herself up to knell in front of him, "See
that shriveled, frozen marshmallow," She tilted her head to the charred and
frozen mass in the snow, "that's you if you don't lie back and do exactly as
I tell you."

Pressing firm hands against his shoulders she thrust him back, down onto the
snow, and straddled herself on top of him.

Will's eyes seem to travel a line, starting with the gentle rocking of her
hips, progressing up her belly, lingering on her breast, examining her
shoulders, studying her lips.... finally meeting with her demanding eyes.

"God, I was hoping you'd say that." He whispered, a staggered breath of
relief escaping him.

"You may not say that when I'm finished with you Riker." She contended,
running admiring hands over his chest.

"Try me." He challenged, arching his hips and flipping her below him again
in one quick move, "I've been waiting for this spring thaw for a lot a
years......I'm not sure it's me who should be worried."