Rising Sun

Rated: PG-13

Summary: Troi’s life hangs in the balance as Jarod and Parker play the game of hunt and seek.

Classification: Crossover

Disclaimer: Pretender and Trek characters portrayed do not belong to me. No copyright infringement intended.  All other characters depicted are purely fictional and any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental.

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Story written - November 5 - 27, 2002


Jean Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher were having their usual quiet moment together having breakfast.  Long time friends, the only moment in their hectic schedule that they found for peace was breakfast.

 "I could not believe that they wanted a full scale simulation in one month!" Picard said.

"I was just as…" The words died.

"What?" He prompted.

Beverly blinked. "I could have sworn I saw a baby float by."

"A ba…" The Captain tapped his com badge.  "Captain to the bridge."

"Data here sir."

"Mr. Data, scan the immediate area within a radius of a hundred meters. Tell me; do sensors pick up any unusual readings?"

"One moment, sir."  A few seconds Data reported in. "Sir…"

"Data hesitant?" Beverly mouthed to Jean Luc.


"Sir… we have found a baby floating sixty meters to the port bow."

Beverly took over. "Data beam it directly to sick bay. I'm on my way."

"Aye Doctor."  The Android replied.

"I'm coming with you." Picard informed her. "Mr. Worf join me in sick bay."

"Aye sir." The intercom carried the gruff voice.

Such was her hurry to get to Sick bay Beverly ordered the computer. "Computer - site to site transport. Two to beam from the quarters of Captain Picard to the Sick Bay."

+        +        +

The baby, the Doctor and the Captain arrived at the same time.  Beverly took control.  “I’ll need to do an autopsy.”

“Do you know this baby?”  Jean Luc asked.

She did a quick visual and then tricorder scan. “No.”

“How can a baby be on board and you not know?” He was amazed.

“Add it to the mounting list of questions.” She snapped.

The office doors swooshed open and Worf marched in with a Lt. Commander in tow.  “Commander.” Picard addressed Worf.  “We have a mystery here.  Assign one of your security team to Dr. Crusher. I want answers!”

“Aye sir!” Worf replied. “This is Lt. Commander Jarod Sydney.  He will assist the Doctor.”

“Commander.” Picard acknowledged Jarod.  “You have experience with detective work?”

“And profiling.” Jarod grinned.

The grin irritated Jean Luc and endeared him to Beverly.  “Keep me informed.” The Captain walked out.

“Aye sir!” Jarod replied.

“You WILL assist the Doctor.”  Worf said.

“Aye sir.” Jarod echoed as Worf too walked out.

“Well that leaves just you and me.” Beverly quipped.

“Have you done the autopsy yet?”

“About to.” She replied.

“May I assist?” He offered.

“You a doctor too?” She teased.

“I am today!” He was chipper as he followed her to change into gowns.

The reply startled her. “You always this cheerful?”

“Only when Parker can’t find me.”

“Your wife?”

Jarod burst out laughing. “Parker! My wife!” He abruptly got sober. “And why not!  Yeah! Why not!” The idea was obviously novel.

Beverly was totally confused. “I hope your techniques on this case are less complicated.”

He smiled and stepped aside.  “After you Doc.”

+        +        +

Deanna came in search of her friend.  Beverly Crusher had this habit of forgetting time.  Instead she spotted Jarod. “Lt. Commander Sydney.” She greeted.

“Commander.” He replied.  She smiled self-consciously – she was not used to being called by her military rank. “You are in search of Dr. Crusher.”

“Is she around?” She scanned the room.

“We just finished the autopsy.” He explained, “She’ll be here soon.” He stared at her.

“Is there a problem?” She inquired.

He leaned against the table and folded his arms. “At the risk of violating regs but has any one EVER told you just how beautiful you are?”

Deanna was an empath not a telepath and though she has sensed his interest she had not foreseen his boldness.

Beverly answered.  “Commander Riker thinks so.”

The object of the conversation whipped around. “Beverly!”

“Doctor!” Jarod snapped to.

“Flirting? Counselor?” She teased.

Deanna blushed to the roots of her jet-black hair.  She rallied “You forgot our lunch date.”

Beverly got serious “That I did.”

“The results Doc?” Jarod prompted.

She dropped herself into her chair.  “The results …” She decided to just hand Jarod the PADD.

He read it.  “Romulan Ale?”

Deanna needed to be brought up to speed. “What is going on?”  Beverly told her.  “Romulan Ale in the baby’s system?”

Jarod passed the report to the Betazed “Says here the baby died of asphyxiation.”

“What gets me is that I have not a clue as who that baby is!”  Beverly was frustrated.

“May I see her?” Deanna offered.

Beverly shrugged “Why not?” She stood and led the way.

Jarod stepped aside to allow Deanna to pass.  She paused. “You are looking for something.” She stated.

He was grim “A killer.”

She shook her head. “No…” She focused her talent on him. “A mate… No… a family.”

The flippancy died.  “How did you know that?”

She explained.

“An empath?” he was intrigued. 

She cut across him “Parker? Who’s Parker?”  She staggered “Commander …” She gasped at the emotional overload.

 “Are you two still in here!” Beverly had returned. “Deanna what’s wrong!” Deanna had grabbed Jarod to prevent her collapse.

She took a deep breath as Beverly scanned her.  “I’m ok.”

“Your hippocampus has been stimulated.” She glared at Jarod.

“Don’t look at me.” He squealed.

“I don’t see anyone else here.” She accused.

“I’m OK” Deanna insisted, “Show me that baby.”

Reluctantly Beverly led them out.


Captain Benjamin Sisko spotted a long legged brunette striding his way with great confidence. He didn’t know her but his gut lurched  - a sure sign of trouble. He groaned.

“Captain?” Colonel Kira stepped through the door.

“I see her Colonel. Can you handle it?”

Sometimes a look is worth a thousand words this was one such time.  Kira looked at Parker heading their way, looked at Sisko then back to Parker and shook her head.

Sisko groaned again.

Parker waltzed into the office.  “Who’s in charge here!”


Jean Luc Picard placed the report onto the table.  How Counselor Troi found herself entwined in the investigation he knew not and did not wish to know, but she had set them down a path that was unexpected to say the least.

He looked at the team of Parker, Troi and Crusher.  “You are certain.”

“Yes sir.” Deanna replied.

He sniffed, nodded his acceptance, tapped his com badge and said “Mr. Data, takes us back to Deep Space Nine best speed.”

“Aye sir.” The android replied.


Deanna Troi relaxed in her quarters even as her brain whirled.  She stared at the blank screen of the computer and contemplated Lt. Cmdr. Jarod Sydney.  The wave of emotion that had hit her at the mention of another woman was an onslaught she had not felt since her empathic ability had manifested at adolescence and she had had to learn to control herself.

“You ok?” Will asked her.

She smiled at him. “No I am. How was your day?”

“Missed you on the bridge.” He flopped down nest to her. “And you?”

“Met a man.”

That got his attention. He played it cool? “Oh yeah?”

She chuckled.  “Imzadi – I am tuned to you not to mention I’m an empath don’t give me that **oh yeah** line.  I know better.” She leaned over and kissed him soundly.

Coming up for air she continued. “He is hollow.”

The kiss had Will Riker confused. “Mmm… hollow? Who’s hollow?”

She glared at him. “The man I met today. Lt. Cmdr. Jarod Sydney.  I have never met a man who yearns to belong as much as he does.”

He was totally focused on her. “Go on.”

She struggled to explain.  “I think… I feel his need for someone to love… “ She made up her mind and reached for the computer.  “Computer search mode…”


Benjamin Sisko was surprised to see Jean Luc Picard.  “Problem Captain?”

“Not with the ship. You team here is excellent.” Picard assured him. “But we need to talk… Privately.”

Sisko caught the mood. “My office.” In no time the small office was filled with members of Enterprise as well as Deep Space Nine. Once the story had been told there was a pause as it sank in.

“That is one amazing story.” Colonel Kira finally broke the silence.

“Odo?” Sisko asked the security officer.

“As much as I hate to admit it. This is beyond Quark… Garak on the other hand.”  The shape shifter got pensive as his mind tackled the topic.

“Garak!” Jarod latched onto the name. “Who is this Garak?”

“A self proclaimed ex-member of the Obsian order.”  Lt Commander Dax informed him.

Troi snorted.  “No such thing.”

“My thought exactly.”  Odo’s voice rang with admiration at her observation.

“Are you saying that Garak is more than likely the prime suspect?” Picard pressed.

Pressed on the point Odo felt the need to be fair. “I can’t see him as a child killer…”

“But…” Jarod pressed.

“Constable.” Sisko encouraged.

“… if the child was in the way of something… a deal.. a mission…” He left the thought unfinished.

Again silence settled on the group but not for long. Again Kira broke the silence.  “So now what!”

“We’ll need to search the premises and question him.” Dax suggested.

“Constable.” Sisko indicated to the security officer.

He nodded. “I’m on it.”

“I’ll go with you.” Dax stood and walked out with him.

“Me too.” Jarod joined them. Deanna decided to follow the story to the end and joined the grim team.


Odo followed by Jarod, Dax, and Troi entered Garak’s haberdashery.

“Well now that you mention it…” They heard his oily remark.

“Don’t play with me.” The woman threatened.

“Oh please I’ve been threatened by better and worse than you.” He assured her.

With no warning a tidal wave of emotion hit Deanna.  She began to sag and Dax caught her just in time.  The action caught the attention of the Cadassian man and the Human woman.

Suddenly Jarod was looking down the barrel of Parker’s gun.  “Gottcha!” She snarled.

With the assistance of Dax, Deanna had regained her equilibrium but wave after wave of emotion still washed over her as Jarod faced Parker. 

“Over my dead body” He grinned at his huntress.

The intent of Parker registered on the Betaziod with absolute clarity. “NO!” She yelled and stepped into the firing line. As they both fired.


Beverly Crusher burst through the door to transporter room four.  The tech looked up at the distraction, as did Will Riker.  “Will?” She could say no more. What was there to say?

He nodded grimly.  “She’s been shot.” Was all he managed to say.

As they stepped onto the platform the doctor didn’t know who to worry about more – Deanna who had been shot, how bad she did not know – or Will who looked like the life had been sucked right out of him.  If Deanna died… she shivered at the thought as the transporter activated.


Dr. Julian Bashier registered the arrival of two persons in his lab, great just what he needed.  “Out!”  He bellowed but never stopped working on the woman before him.

Riker remained rooted to the spot and Beverly stepped forward.  His eyes blazed as he looked at the intruder.  He recognized her from her visit when the Enterprise had docked for a maintenance check and nodded grimly.  She was scanning the readouts on the various instruments and didn’t like what she saw.

“Beverly?” Will squeaked.

Before she could answer the comforting peeps of the cardiac machine changed to a monotone.   One did not have to be a doctor to know what that meant.  “NO!” Riker screamed.

Deanna’s last thought was projected at Riker [Imzadi] she barely whispered.

After the initial reaction William T. Riker shut down. He became cold and grim and focused what remained of his being into one channel.  The Klingon’s believed that revenge was a dish best served cold.  He could do that. He turned on his heel and walked out of sickbay.

Captains Picard and Sisko heard the anguished **NO** and knew what it meant, a few seconds later Picrad spotted his Executive Officer. “Number One” He didn’t know what to say.  His emotions were scattered too but he had to be there for his friend.

The man never heard him as he walked by.

Sisko looked at Picrad expectantly.  “They were more than friends and colleagues.”

“Despite their best efforts.”

“Love can be a cruel master.” Benjamin observed.

Picard nodded grimly. He considered following Riker but decided that the man needed space to grieve. It was not often that your soul was ripped from you.


Luxanna Troi sat up bolt upright. She recognized the void. “Oh my Little One!” She wailed.

Mr. Han entered the room and watched.  She gathered herself.

“Mr. Han!” She snapped. “Pack! We are going to Enterprise.  Oh don’t look at me that way. Just find that ship!”

The goliath bowed before the force of nature and complied.


Odo stood observing the prisoners.  Parker in true feline manner was prowling the cage, which held her while Jarod just sat and stared.  He had asked more than once about Deanna and truly seemed to feel contrite. 

Still Odo just watched the tableau.

It had been like that for nearly fifteen minutes: Jarod sitting, Parker prowling and Odo studying.  The loop was shattered when a fraction of a man stormed in. For a moment Odo thought the man was going to attempt to reach through the force filed.  Such was his conviction that he took action and grabbed the man “Commander Riker!”

Anger blazed in the man’s eyes. He was half crazed with fury and at that moment it would take a shape shifter to stop him as no other mortal could. He pointed in accusation “THEY KILLED HER!” So much for cold revenge.

Jarod groaned.  “Oh God!”

“GOD!”  Riker spat out.  He twisted in Odo’s grip but the security held fast. “GOD!!! YOU CALL ON GOD?  WHEN I GET DONE WITH YOU AND HER NO GOD WILL RECOGNISE YOU MUCH LESS CLAIM YOU. YOU BETTER PRAY THAT THE DEVIL TAKE PITY ON YOU!”  He turned on Odo. “WILL - YOU - LET - ME - GO!” He roared and struggled harder.

“No.” Odo increased the pressure of his grip. 

“Do you think inflicting bodily harm on either of these two will make you feel better? It will not.  Is this what the Counselor would have wanted?  She would not. Is this an example of how a man is supposed to act when he faces the end of his reason for being? May be.  But today Commander you need a friend. A strong friend.” He gripped harder to emphasize his point. Riker winched.  “Today William T. Riker I am that friend.” 

With the same abruptness of his arrival Riker crumbled and Odo took the full weight of the six-foot plus First Officer.  “Oh God…” Riker howled, “She’s dead.” The insanity still throbbed in his eyes but it was no longer anger it was grief and despair as the promise of life without his Imzadi sank in.

Though out the entire display Parker and Jarod had watched. Neither had commented, but both were affected.  From their respective cells they watched Odo walk the shattered man out the door.


With death of Deanna Troi affecting the entire crew of Enterprise, Data took on the case that had brought them to DS: 9 in the first place and had ultimately been the conduit to her demise.


Once Riker was convinced that Odo was gone he left his quarters and drifted.  He couldn’t stay still.  If he did memories flooded in.  He had to keep on the move keep occupied.

He adjusted his step as he almost collided with a pedestrian. 

“Hey watch it!”

“Sorry.” Riker mumbled absently.  He looked round to get his bearing and found himself standing before the Bejoran temple. He shrugged his shoulders and walked in.


“Parker we killed her.” Jarod stated the obvious.

“I know.” Parker was suddenly deflated.

“She was a kind soul. Never hurt a person and we killed her.”

“I know.” Parker repeated in deadpan voice.

“He loved her.” Jarod again stated the apparent.

“Mmmm.” She replied. “Must be nice to have a man love you that hard.”

“You could have had that if you stayed still long enough.”

“I did once and the Center killed him. Remember?” She snapped the old Parker flashing for a moment.

“Lightening has been known to strike twice.” He ventured.

“Yeah?” She sneered.  “Where!”  There was a pause.  “I said where Jarod!”

“Me” Came the soft reply.


“Julian! Beverly! Stop!” Dax repeated for the third time as the two doctors took turns at working feverishly on the still body of the Betazoid.  As her words seemed to penetrate she said softly “It’s over.”

Beverly allowed herself the indulgence of a sob.

Julian flung his tricorder across the room; narrowly missing Picard and Sisko who had stood as mute witnesses to the fight for life.

“Damn it!” Beverly bellowed, “Bettazed’s are more resilient than this!”  She began to pace.

“The damage was extensive.” Dax pointed out.

“She’s right.” Julian backed up his colleague.  “I… we should have been able to save her!”

“It seemed to me you did all you could.” Sisko tried to comfort them.

“You don’t understand!” Julian was on the verge of tears himself at the waste.

“Explain.” Picard ordered.

“Despite her delicate look Deanna’s genetic makeup matched that of a Klingon on any day.” Beverly began.

Ignoring the surprise on Picard’s face at the declaration; Julian picked up the narrative.  “Her system is full of back-ups and redundancies.”

“Under the right conditions Klingons have been known to die.” Dax pointed out.

Julian’s magnificent glare of disgust was interrupted as Deanna’s chest suddenly heaved.  All the heads in the room snapped, turned and focused on the corpse.

“What just happened!” Sisko demand.

“Spasm?” Dax suggested. Deanna heaved again.

“That was no spasm.” Picard stated.

Dax grabbed three tricorders and threw one each to the doctors.  As they sailed through the air she was already focusing hers.  The others caught the instruments in midair and in one fluid motion began scanning too.


Riker’s sudden aversion to silence abruptly left him as he walked into the shrine.   He found a quiet spot and cried noiselessly as his grief threatened to choke him.

His body shuddered under the intolerable weight of facing life alone gradually came to bear on him.  As the black hole of anguish slowly sucked him in, he heard it [Imzadi] softly at first.  He cried harder as he realized that he was losing his sanity. May be it would be better this way. As a mental case he’d never appreciate his true fate.

Again [Imzadi!] stronger this time, he looked around desperately.  [Imzaidi!]

The pilgrims looked up in disapproval and dismay as a Starfleet Officer ran through the shrine and out the door at full tilt.


Data’s investigation continued. He’d now teamed up with Odo.


The crowds on the promenade had parted to let Riker though.  Riker had bolted from the Shrine to the Sick bay in record time.  He skidded to halt yet still managed to collide with his Captain.  Panting he demanded, “Where is she?”  No apology.

“How did he know?” Sisko was surprised.

Piccard made a sign at his counter part that said **Don’t ask**

Beverly emerged “I wondered how long it would take you to get here. You can see her but only for a minute.”

With every step he took toward her his soul sang with joy. She lives!!! Was all that his befuddled brain was managing to process.  When she opened her eyes and smiled him he thought his heart would burst.

“Deanna.” Was all he managed to say and it carried the world.

Her smile deepened and in instant response his ears rang as his heart pumped the news that his Imzadi lived. 

Julian interrupted with cough. “I’m sorry but she needs her rest.”

“Sure. Sure.” Riker agreed.

Only one word had been spoken but no more were needed.


“You ARE joking right?” Kira asked. What she had just heard had to be a joke.

Data looked perplexed. “I assure you I am not capable of humour.”

Riker chuckled – he did that a lot lately “That’s true.”

“Just be sure I understood correctly let me repeat.” Sisko said.  “Garak hired an assistant and while he was away on … God know what mission; this assistant who he thinks he is Bram Stoker’s Dracula killed a woman. While he killed her in his blood ritual he placed the baby face down on the follor.”

“Which had the spilled Romulan Ale.” Data editorialized.

“The baby asphyxiated on the Ale saturated carpet and the man having no use for her chucked her anywhere.  Anywhere being onboard Enterprise.”

“Cargo bay three to be precise.” Odo injected.

“If this were not a double murder it would be funny.” Kira announced.

“And the evidence supports this?” Picard had to be sure.

“Yes sir.” Data assured his CO.

“Plus he confessed.” Odo added.

“That leaves your Jarod.” Sisko pointed out.

“And his Parker.” Riker reminded everyone. “Deanna seems to think that they love each other…”

Picard had had enough and snapped, “You do not shoot the people you love!”

“Since the death and resurrection of the Counselor the huntress seems to have calmed down considerable.” Odo reported.

“Captain.”  Picard and Sisko were hailed simultaneously.

“Yes.” They replied.

They both received the same report “Luxanan Trio had announced her ETA in ten minutes.”

Kira struggled mightily to control her mirth and somehow managed to articulate.  “If this were not Luxanna it would be funny.”


Ten minutes later the combined forces of Enterprise and Deep Space Nine stood before the open space hatch awaiting the telepath.  As she emerged the Captains automatically braced themselves for the formidable woman’s presence.

It never happened.

Luxanna Troi paused at the exit port for a moment. She scanned the small delegation that was obviously there to meet her complete with two Starfleet Captains no less.  Her gaze finally rested on Riker.  She reached out with her powerful mind and gently touched him after all he was only human with no ESP ability what so ever.

He gasped.

She was surprised at first then realized that it had to be Deanna’s influence on him.  He was sensitive to telepathy.

Again she reached out – this time to her daughter. [Deanna?]

[Mother?]  Came the instant response.

[I am here on the station and will be with you soon.] Mother assured daughter.

[I am in sickbay.  Have Will show you.]

[Of course dear.]  On that note Luxanna nodded to the group and swept by.

“Well that was short and painless.” Kira stated.

Left in the anticlimactic wake of the Betazed the group disbanded.


She couldn’t resist she had to take the long way to the medical facility.

Parker panted, “What are you doing?”

Jarod was in no better condition.

Luxanna felt a hand on her shoulder and turned and came face to face with Odo.  “Luxanna” The name sounded a warning.

“I’m only scanning them.” She explained flatly.  The events of the last few days were nothing to be upbeat about.

“I know.” Odo growled.  “Now stop it and go visit your daughter.”

The woman nodded. “Walk with me?” She asked whimsically.

“Always my dear lady.” He gave her his arm.

Parker collapsed as the powerful telepath released her grip on her.


Deanna felt her mother approaching but the wave that preceded her was different. [Mother?] She reached out.

As Luxanna touched her daughter she replied [I’m here.]

[I’m glad.]  Then it dawned on her. [Are you not calling me Little One?]

[I know how much you hate it.] She confessed.

Deanna chuckled [You know? Now that you have stopped I actually miss it?]

[Oh Little One!] 

[Er not that much mother.]

[Oh!… well alright.]  Luxanna conceded this round after all her Little One was not well.  [I worry about you.]

[I know… I’m sorry about what happened.]  Deanna apologized.

[Not your fault.]  Her mother soothed [Not your fault.] 

Julian was fascinated.

“You do know that they are telepathic?” Odo asked.

“Oh yes.” The Doctor enthused.  “It’s just so … facilitating!”

Odo decided to ignore Julian Bashir. He watched as Luxanna slowly but surely inflated.  Yes that was the word he’d been looking for. She’s looked deflated and now seeing that her daughter would live to battle another day the woman was bouncing back.

She looked his way suddenly. [I must go Little One.]

[Mother.] Deanna read her mother’s mood change.

The older Troi tapped the younger Troi on the arm.  [Have no fear Little One.]  With that she moved away from her daughter and toward the Constable.

Odo had never come so close to a groan in his life.


“You look perplexed.” Guinan took a seat next to Data.

“I am contemplating the situation of Commander Sydney and Miss Parker.” Data explained.

“What about it?” She prompted. She was good at that.

“I am tabulating the charges that may be laid… there is the attempted murder of each other…”

“Not to mention grievous bodily harm.” Guinan chipped in.

“Indeed.” Data concurred. “There is also grievous bodily harm to Counselor Troi.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“Does one charge for the murder or attempted murder of Counselor Troi?” He articulated his quandary.

And for once Ginan had no response.


“God what a mess!” Parker groaned.

“Are you alright?”  Jarod asked.


“I’m not used to you manifesting human traits.” He confessed.

“We are not amused.” She snarled.

“You hear a joke somewhere?” He retorted.

“God what a mess!” Parker repeated.

“Tell me about it.” Jarod said, “Are you THAT obsessed that you are not only willing to shatter lives but take them too!”

“Two days ago I would have replied yes.”

“And now?”

“I don’t know.” She confessed.

“What has changed?” He pressed.

“It has never been this close… personal before.” She struggled to explain.

“I don’t understand.”

Parker took a deep breath to settle herself.  “Killing at the Center is done by others.”

“Others?” He was still confused.

“Oh for God’s sake Jarod!” She snapped.  “The sweepers kill. The hunters catch!”

Finally it hit him “You had never killed someone before?”

“Apparently I still haven’t.” She pointed out.

“For a while there we did.” They went silent for a moment. “Parker?”  He called.


“I haven’t killed anyone either… well my sims have… but not me personally.”

“Ugly feeling huh?”


“Yeah Jarod?”

“I love you.”

“Now you tell me?” She was incredulous.

“Well I would have told you earlier but most times we meet there is a gun between us. This is the first opportunity I’ve had.” He chuckled.

She snorted.

“What was that?” He quizzed.

“Don’t ask me to reconcile this but I lost my heart to you the day you let me hold the bunny rabbit.” She told him.

“Then why the hunt?” he was perplexed.

“Deaf too huh?” she teased.  “Did you not just hear me say **don’t ask me to reconcile this?**”


 “It’s all right.” She softened. “But having loved Tommy and then to have him killed … I…”

“You are scared to go down that path again. I understand.  I still love you but I understand.” Jarod assured her.

“You don’t understand. What I fear is that I am already on that path.” Parker corrected. “I have always loved you Jarod. It made the chase all that more intense and poignant. Hence Sydney’s constant concern for me.”

“Parker we’ll survive this.” Jarod blurted.

“I don’t see how.”

“We have to.  We can’t come this close to an understanding not to be together!”

“After we pay the piper my love. After we pay the piper.”


Luxanna was pre-occupied with two related topics: her daughter and the two in the brig.  She entered her quarters and that is when she realized that there was someone already there.  She scanned quickly…  “Anton.”

“Luxanna” The man responded.

“You presence here tells me that the Parker in the brig is yours?” She deduced.


She sat with a flourish.  “So the question is - What is to become of the two of them?”


“You want them.”

“Yes.” He confessed.

“Don’t try your charm on me.” She warned.

“Luxanna…” Parker still pressed his case. “Release Jarod and Angel into my custody.”

“I was about to make a witty comment about the Center being a jail but then realized that the Center is indeed a jail.” She said.

“I NEED THEM!” He was loosing his cool.

“Control Anton … Control.” She warned. “I will use every influence I have to ensure that those two are NOT released to you.”

He glared at her.

She was unperturbed. “Oh save your energy for the Triumvirate.” He was beginning to irritate her.  “Mr. Han!”  The man appeared.  “Show this… this gentleman out.”

Han took a step forward.

Parker took a step back. “Ok Ok I’m leaving.”

“For the first transport.” She recommended, “Don’t let me hear that you were near your daughter. Such a dear child.”  And with that Luxanna had changed from prosecutor to advocate for Jarod and Parker.


Deanna was finally released and allowed to board Enterprise but under the strict control of Dr. Beverly Crusher.

“You are healing fast but not THAT fast.” Julian had warned.

After much assurance Mother Troi had departed for the home world of Betazed.

“Lord knows how may stops she’ll make on the way.” Deanna had chuckled.

“I’ll never understand how or why Jarod and Parker were released with all charges dropped.” Will said as he relished the feel of Deana in his arms.

“Do you REALLY want to know?” She warned “Or for that matter did you want to change place with either Captain when **Advocate Troi** launched her defense?”

He contemplated her scenario.  “Come to think of it there are distinct advantages to being a mere First Officer.”

She snuggled in close.


“I’ll never understand how or why we were released with all charges dropped.” Jarod unknowingly echoed Will Riker.

Parker never answered she just snuggled closer to her husband.

~*~ END ~*~

Author Note: OK So that death thing was wicked but I really could not give a warning could I?

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thing or not since i recently joined here but if so

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The challenge is to write a crossover for Pretender.  Would very much like to see some finished Pretender crossovers, so we can fill up the crossover category for the Pretender fan fiction awards nominations for next year.

Best wishes.