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Rising Sun

Rated: PG-13

Classification: Star Trek: The Next Generation T/R

Summary: Having decided to marry Troi and Riker face a challenge to actually saying “I DO”

Spoiler: TNG Series and TNG Movies in particular ST: Nemesis.

Disclaimer: Star Trek: The Next Generation characters portrayed belong to other people – not me. No copyright infringement intended.  All other characters depicted are purely fictional and any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental.

Author Notes:

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Story Written: January 24th and 25th, 2003



Kyle Riker leaned back against a rock. The sun had set and the only illumination for the camp was from the fire and the halogen lamps they had brought with them. He watched as he two “sons” had first cleaned and were now cooking the fish they had caught during the day.

Life was good for the Riker family – at last. First Kyle’s wife had died when Will was young. Then he and Will had become estranged for decades. Then Tom had arrived.  Talk about instant family!  Now they all seemed to have come to terms with their demons.

“Do I have to call room service?” He teased.

Will grimaced.

“I told you to leave him home.” Tom teased.

Will waived a fork at his clone. ”That you did.”

“By the time that fish gets here I’ll be too old to care.” Their father insisted.

“Ha!” Tom snorted. “You? Old? That’ll be the day.”

“Speaking of old.” Kyle launched. “When are the two of you going to settle down and make me a grandfather?

“You need a mate.” Tom stated, “And in light of the fact that I don’t have one that leaves you.” He stared at Will.

Will took a deep breath. “Funny you should mention that…”

The older Riker smelt a story. “Oh yeah?”

“Deanna and I are engaged.”

Tom just gaped at his brother.

Their father feigned confusion.  He fidgeted, “Let me understand this. You have been out here with us for the last two days and said nothing!”

“Yeah.” Tom agreed.

Will shrugged his shoulders. “The time never seemed right.”

His father sighed. “I suppose I should just be grateful you finally had the good sense to propose.”

Tom spotted Will’s discomfort. “You did propose.” He asked.

“Ah… well…”

“Well what!” The patriarch roared.

“She proposed?” Tom whispered.

Will’s guilty red face said it all.

“No.” Kyle refused to accept as true what he was being led to believe.

“It just happened.” Will defended.

“Proposals of marriage don’t just happen son!”  He was upset. “Do you love her?”

“From the day I met her and I always will.” Will avowed.

“Then why…?” Riker sr. let the thought die. “Pass me a fish!”  And with that the three men sat in silence to contemplate the news that had been dropped in on them from nowhere.

Tom broke the silence. “When is the wedding?”

“Soon.” Was all Will could manage.

Kyle stuck a piece of fish into his mouth and made no comment.




It was like searching for gold in the days of the Mars rush of ‘49 Deanna Troi concluded. She had come to this conference to hear the theories of certain eminent parishioners in her field.  She could have stayed on Enterprise and followed it on the Net.

Her head snapped up. She’d nodded of to sleep during a presentation! I wish I were on the Enterprise she thought.




“Captain Benjamin Sisko watched Lt. Worf approach his office and wondered what the latest crisis was on the Space Station.  There was always something.

“Enter.” He called as Worf pressed the doorbell.

“Sir!” The Lieutenant greeted the Captain.

“How may I be of assistance Mr. Worf?”

“Sir…” The Klingon growled, “…the Enterprise is due to dock here in six hours.”

“I am aware of that.”

“I wish to request a transfer to that ship.” Worf was not a person to meander.

“Unhappy with us?”  Sisko teased.

Worf softened slightly. “Never sir.” He breathed.  He struggled with his thoughts, and then came to a decision. “My recent temporary duty with the Enterprise when we assisted the Ba’ku gave me an option I had not considered.  The Trill are not allowed to resume past intimacies…  with Esri onboard …”

Sisko raised his hand. “Stop, I understand completely. Mr. Worf a lesser man would have broken under these conditions. I will speak with Captain Picard when he arrives.”

“Thank you, sir.” He turned on his heel and left.

Sisko returned to his report.




The highlight of the conference so far was the notoriety of having the Vulcans, Romuluans and Remans in the same place at once. Three branches of the same tree yet all different.

Not to mention an abundance of Romulan Ale.

Deanna made up her mind and began preparations to leave the planet.



Captain Jean Lu Picard and Captain Benjamin Sisko emerged from the turbo lift and were about to head for Quark’s Bar.


“She calling you or me?” Sisko dared not turn.

“I really hope it’s you.” Picard replied.

“Jean Luc!”

“I have sway with the Prophets.” Sisko grinned.

The men braced themselves, smiled and turned to face Lwaxana Trio.  “Mrs. Troi!” Picard greeted the extroverted mother of his Ship’s Councillor.

“Captain Sisko.” She barley acknowledged the man. “Jean Luc!” She got to the matter at hand. “I am due at Croxley Prime at any moment and you… dear man are going my way. When do we depart?”

This woman was a powerful telepath and both men struggled for a blank mind.  “We leave in twenty four hours.” Jean Luc informed her.

“Thank you Jean Luc, see you then.” She waltzed off and then suddenly spun on her heel. “By the way, please have one of your people collect my luggage.  Captain Sisko knows where my quarters are.”

“You think Worf still wants that transfer?”  Sislo asked.

“Hell, I want a transfer.” Picard retorted.



Will dropped the pile of branches he had been carrying. They were to be used to keep the fire going.

“Where’s Tom?” His father asked.

“He’s not with you?”


The two men looked at each other concern fast becoming fear.  Will said it, “Do you think he’s lost?”

“The man’s a former Marquis for God’s sake. How far can he be?” The older man assured the younger.

“He could be hurt.” Will wasn’t ready to let the topic drop.

That gave his father pause.  “We’d better take a look around.



The face of the delegate on Croxley Prime filled the screen.  “She is preparing to leave the planet.” He reported.  “Will you scan her from your location?”

“Bring her to me.” The superior ordered, ignoring the question.

The delegate bowed, “As you command.”



Four hours later the Rikers reassembled.

“Any luck?” Will asked. His father shook his head.

“Damn it!”  Kyle flung the flap of the tent aside.

Something or the lack of something caught Will’s eye. He entered the tent. Five minutes later he emerged.  “He’s gone.”

“Gone?! What do you mean gone!” Kyle “Breezed past and entered the tent.  He returned sober.  “Why?”

Will shook his head. “Who can tell with Tom?”

“Now what? This was supposed to be a family affair.” His father asked.

Again Will shrugged.

“Wanna go home?”

“The Enterprise is not due to pick me up for another week.”  Will reminded his camping companion.

“I said home… as in Alaska.” Kyle replied.

Still confused at the sudden departure of his brother Will reluctantly agreed. “Why not?”



“The reason for your visit Mr. …” The Immigration Officer looked at the ID. “… Riker?”

“For no other reasons than I’ve never been before.”

“Remus is not Riza.”

“All the more reason to visit.” Tom grinned.

“Federation Citizens do not often cross the Neutral Zone to visit, without a reason.” The Officer held on to the ID.

“Do you wonder?” Tom replied. “Here I come in peace and you are ready to deny me access.”

“Says here you are a Marquis.”  The Official accused; as the computer screen revealed Tom’s history.

Tom sighed. “EX… I did my time. Now… are you going to let me in or not?”

The Officer finally relented. “Two weeks. If you are still here after that we will arrest you.”

“You promise?” Tom blew a kiss as he walked away.




Under normal circumstances Deanna would not have had time for “mingling” she was very good at it but usually at conferences the workload was such that one did not have time to “party.” Yet here she was doing just that – mingling.  She needed to see Will.

“Counsellor?”  A delegate approached her.  “Troi isn’t it? Of the Enterprise?”

“You have me at a disadvantage sir.” She smiled her greeting.

“Ah forgive me. I am T’Phal …”

“… of Remus. Of course. It is I who must be forgiven.” She chuckled nervously.

“I see my reputation precedes me.”

“Indeed.  Your approach to remote scanning is intriguing.”

“So some say...” He got conspiratorial; “But I suspect the popularity of my delegation is due to the fact that the Romulan Ale is finished and our batch has just begun.”  He grinned.  “… anything to combat this mind numbing conference.”

Deanna kept her poker face on. Instead she focused on another aspect of his comment. “Reman Ale?” she had not heard of this.

He snorted. “Ale is for uneducated pallets. No my dear what we have is wine. Nectar of the Gods; come have some.” He reached into his pocket and handed her as miniature.  “Try it at your leisure and let me know what you think.”

“Thank you I will.” She promised.

“Well … must mingle.” With that he was gone.




Deanna placed the hairbrush down and prepared for bed.  As she moved about her assigned quarters she spotted the sample of Wine that she had been give earlier. She decided to sample it.

She sipped the wine. She was impressed; it was indeed good.   She poured the rest out into the glass and drank the amber liquid.

The gift finished Deanna Troi went to bed.




Guinan watched the flamboyant mother of Deanna Troi.  Lwaxana was in a contemplative mood.  Rare but there you had it.

“Is everything alright?” The hostess asked.

Lwaxana looked up.  “You must be Guinan.”

“That’s right. Can I refill you drink?”

She looked at the glass absentmindedly. “Er… um … no thank you.”

Now Guinan knew something was up. “Is everything alright?” she repeated.

“You seem to know who I am.” Lwaxana said.

“I know that you are Counsellor Troi’s mother.” Guinan offered.

“I am also a powerful telepath and where it concerns my daughter I am formidable.”

“So I’ve heard.” Guinan replied.

Lwaxana took a deep breath. “I think my daughter is in trouble.”

Guinan sat. “Tell me.” She instructed.

“It’s just a feeling.”

“Tell me!” Guinan insisted.



“Captain to the bridge.” Data’s voice came through on the intercom.

“On my way.” Captain Picard placed the report down and left the Ready Room.

“Sir we seem to have a problem.” The Android reported as soon as the Captain emerged.


“Counsellor Troi does not seem to be on the Planet.” He reported.

Picard’s forehead cringed.  “Is this not the rendezvous time and place?”

“It is sir.” Data confirmed.

He signed “When did she leave and where did she go.”

“Captain…” Lwaxana’s voice came though.

“No now Mrs. Troi.” He cut her off and indicated to Worf to keep her off the channel.  He repeated his question.

Data checked his databanks. “Records indicate that she is still on the planet.”

Picard’s antenna went up.  “Data take Worf down to the surface find out what’s going on.”

“Aye sir.” The two officers chorused and left.



Will returned from accepting the priority call.

“Trouble.” It wasn’t a question that his father was asking.

“Deanna is missing.” Will explained as he headed to his room to pack.

“Tom is missing; now Deanna is missing… who the hell is next!” His father had followed him.

“There are no details yet but I have to be there.” Will said.

“Of course you do.” He father concurred.



“Well done, T’Phal.” The superior praised the Doctor.

The man bowed. “I thank you Shinzon.  Do you wish to remote sense her now?”

“No hurry. No hurry. She will sleep through the whole affair.” Shinzon’s gaze caressed Deanna as she slept.

+          +          +

Deanna may have been asleep but the dream was not pleasant.   She and Will were in their quarters.  “Will, you need to rest.” He continued to work; “As ship's counsellor, I'm recommending you get me sleep.” She pulled rank.

He tossed the PADD he was working on onto the desk, rubbed his eyes, and looked up at her. “Some honeymoon.”

She smiled and went to him. “We have time.”  She kissed him. “Come to bed.” She pulled him up.

“Imzadi, what am I going to do with you?”  He moaned as they kiss deeply. She pulled him across the room and they fell into the bed.

Their movements become passionate, erotic. Her arms undulated around him sensually….her fingers snake through his hair, but something is wrong. Riker's hair is now blond.   She’s startled, her eyes growing wide.

Riker is gone. She is now embracing Shinzon!

“Imzadi. This is so good.” Shinzon moaned.

“No!” She screamed.

He caresses her face...  “He can never know you as I know you ...He can never touch you as I touch you.” The impostor cooed.

“This isn't real.” She told herself.

Shinzon continued, “Can you feel my hands… are they real? Can you feel my lips, my loins?”  He kissed her neck --but when he raised his head again.  It is the monstrous Viceroy!  He held her, caressed her. She was frozen in horror.

Shinzon's voice seemed to come from the Viceroy's lips, “I'm with you, Imzadi…” Then it became Shinzon again, kissing her. “I'll always be with you now. Now and forever…”

“You sick bastard!” Deanna spat out at him and tried to push him away.  But Shinzon held her close.

The nightmare continued.




Data and Worf stood outside Deanna’s quarters considering their next move.

“Hello.” A female Andorian said.

“Hello.” Data replied.

“Are you looking for Counsellor Troi?” She inquired.

“We are.” Worf replied in his usual gruff manner.  The woman backed away.

Data intervened. “I am Commander Data of the Star Ship Enterprise. This is my colleague Commander Worf.  We were supposed to meet The Counsellor but we can’t find her.”

“Oh she took ill three days ago.”

“Ill?” Worf growled.

“Oh yes. Dr. T’Phal had to come to transport her to sick bay.”

“T’Phal …” Data prompted.

“Yes the Reman delegate.”

Data’s brain whirled.  “Thank you ma’am.”

“You are welcome.” The woman smiled “When you see her tell her I hope she feels better.”

“I will.” Data assured her.  Once out of sight Data issued an order. “Mr. Worf I will go to sick bay. You examine the Counsellor’s quarters. We will rendezvous at the spaceport at 2130 hours.”

“I will be there.” Worf replied.



“You are sure.” Picard demanded.

“Yes sir. Counsellor Troi was never taken to sickbay.” Data confirmed.

“Her room is untouched.  It was obvious that she was preparing for bed.  Dr. T’Phal’s flight schedule shows two passengers and a path direct to Remus.”

“It doesn’t mean that it was Deanna.” Beverly pointed out.

“True but under the circumstances…” Picard stated.  “Mr. Data plot a course to the Neutral Zone there we will meet with the USS Mackenzie, collect Commander Riker and review the situation.

“Aye sir.”


Beverly hung back and once the room was emptied. “Jean Luc.”  He waited to hear her. “Deanna’s mother is on board.  You need to visit her.”

He took a deep breath. “Of course you are right. I will do so now.”

She smiled encouragement at him.

+          +          +

With Commander William T Riker back on board and fully briefed the Enterprise went to warp nine to get to the Neutral Zone in record time.  Once there the team met again.

“Suggestions!” Picard demanded.

 “Cross the Neutral Zone!” Worf was emphatic.

“And violate the treaty!” Riker was shocked.

Sir we do have the registered flight path of Dr. T’Phal.” Data reminded the leader.

“There is no way of knowing if he kept to it.” Geordie pointed out.

“True.” Data granted.

“Cross! It is the only way!” Worf repeated.

“Mr. Worf…” Riker began.

Worf growled softly and deadly “If it were my mate…”

Picard raised his voice a decibel and cut across both men “I thank you for your strategic plan, Mr. Worf.” He needed to calm the charged emotions.  “That will be a course of last resort.”

“Can we put a signal out?” Beverly inquired.

“Signal?” Data prompted.

“Yes. Point it in the direction of Remus and send a call for help.” Even as she said it she felt foolish.

“Geordie? Data? Is that possible?” Picard turned to the Chief Engineer and Second Officer.

“Geordie looked at Data. “We’d need to boost the transmitter and tighten the frequency to laser sharpness…”

Data nodded all the way.  “The scanners from astrophysics will lend themselves best to a reconfiguration.”

Geordie turned to Picard.  “I think we can do it.”

“How much time.” Riker demanded.

“Six hours.” Data replied.

“You have four.” Picard corrected “Dismissed.



Alone in the room Shinzon admired the still drugged Deanna. “Well Ms Troi I shall now set you forth as a wolf among the sheep, but we shall meet again.”

He beamed a thought and called T’Phal.  When the Doctor reported Shinzon gave further instructions.  “She is ready. Take her to the shuttle craft. Picard is hovering at the Neutral Zone. She’ll be picked up soon enough.”

T’Phal bowed, “As you command.”

+          +          +

Tom Riker was having a grand ole time.  Two weeks really were not enough for a red blooded human to explore the beauties of Remus.  His ever-roving eye followed a Reman female as she walked along.  As his gaze followed her; his peripheral vision absorbed all.  After all one might miss something if one became too absorbed with any one thing.

So it was he came to bare witness to Deanna Troi being bundled into a transport.  The Marquis in him kicked in.  He hopped into his rented vehicle and followed.

They ended up at a space terminal and he watched as an obliviously drugged Troi was placed in a pod and launched into space.

“Tom…” he said to himself “… you are about to over stay your welcome, and miss a wedding as you need to know what your sister-in-law-to-be is doing drugged in a place like this.”



“Sir!” An ensign called.

“Yes Ensign Dax.” Picard replied.

“I’m picking up a shuttle craft off the starboard bough.” She reported.

“On screen!” Riker ordered.

“Scan for life signs.” Riker instructed.

“One… human.” Dax reported.

“Could it be her?” Riker said softly.

“I sincerely hope so number one.” Picard replied just as softly.  Then louder, “Mr. Worf hailing frequencies.”

“Hailing frequencies open.”

“This Jean Luc Picard, Captain of the Star ship Enterprise calling the occupant of the shuttle craft…” He paused for a response.  There was none. He repeated the statement again silence. He turned and faced Worf.

“The shuttle is receiving the message.” Worf confirmed.

Picard shifted his gaze to Will. “Not her?”

“She would have answered.” Will replied.

“Assuming that she could.” Data added.

“You saying that she may be injured?” Picard demanded.

“There are many possibilities sir, one is that she is injured and cannot answer. Another is that it is not her and the occupant refuses to reply.” Data stated. “There is not enough information to form a viable hypothesis.”

Picard took charge “Worf as soon as that craft is in transporter range lock a tractor beam on it and haul it in to cargo bay two.”

“Dr. Crusher you are needed in cargo bay two.” Riker complimented the order.

“On my way.” Beverly’s voice came through the com.

+          +          +

Beverly had run every test that she knew and could find nothing.  She finally gave up. “The only thing I can tell you was that you were drugged but there seems to be no side effects from that.”  She told a now conscious Troi.

While Will and Deanna were reuniting she spoke to Jean Luc.  “I’m keeping her for twenty four hours just to be on the safe side. You can debrief her then. But I can tell you she doesn’t have a clue as to what happened. We know more about the affair than she does.

+          +          +

Lwaxana reached out to her daughter. [Deanna?]

[Mother?]  Came the instant response.

[I am here on the Enterprise I will be with you soon.] Mother assured daughter.

[I am in sickbay.]  Deanna felt her mother approaching. 

Lwaxanna entered sickbay but still touched her daughter telepathically.  She replied [I’m here.]

[I have something to tell you.]  Deanna beamed her thoughts.

“MARRIED!?” Lwaxanna’s surprise was such that she vocalised.

“Guess you told her.” Will grinned.




“Duty…” The speaker paused dramatically.

“A Starship Captain's life is filled with solemn duty. I have commanded men in battle. I have negotiated peace treaties between implacable enemies. I have represented the Federation in first contact with twenty-seven alien species.  But none of this compares to my solemn duty as… Best man.”  Picard was cut off by the uproarious laughter of the friends of Will and Deanna who were in attendance for their wedding.


~*~ THE END ~*~

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