After Work


His quarters were cool and quiet after the noise and bustle of the ship. He sat down in the nearest chair and closed his eyes, letting the silence of the rooms engulf him in comfort. Will Riker was dog tired. There was so much to do when you were captain of your own ship, and newly married at that. He hadn’t seen Deanna all day.

After sitting there for a while, Will felt revived enough to go for a shower, and think about dinner. He checked Deanna’s schedule, and saw that she would be with him in about half an hour. He resolved to have some dinner ready for her, so he programmed the replicator to produce a meal in about 40 minutes time.

“Now for a shower,” he muttered, but then he noticed a message from his father, and he spent five minutes reading it. As usual, this message left Riker feeling unsettled. Kyle Riker’s message had been full of news, but Will could never quite shake the notion that there was unspoken criticism in his messages. Finally, he settled down to respond, and left a short message, telling his parent that yes, they were settled in on the Titan, and yes, it was good to be a captain at last, and yes, he and Deanna were happy.

Standing under the shower, Will wondered if that last was true. He and Deanna were happy on the surface, but there were still a few tensions between them when they were making love. It cast a slight pall on their relationship, but they hadn’t chosen to talk about it. “We should,” Riker thought.

He was standing in their bedroom when the door to their suite hissed open. Deanna was home early. “Hi,” she called.

“Hi,” he answered, and she followed his voice into the bedroom.

Riker was naked. Deanna admired his body, as he stood there watching her. His chest was broad and deep, covered in dark curls, which narrowed to a strip leading to his navel, then blossomed again in his groin. His shoulders were broad, and his arms graceful. Deanna lowered her gaze, and saw the erection, which sprang into life under her eyes. Will’s legs were long, also covered with some dark hair. His hands were large and capable, yet could be incredibly gentle, too, she knew.

Will said nothing, but he didn’t have to. His body said it all for him. Deanna was the most beautiful woman he had ever known, and he wanted her. Slowly, languidly, he walked across the small room, and took her hand.

This time, there was no hesitation in her eyes. This time, Deanna clasped his hand, and followed him willingly. Riker slowly peeled her uniform off, and unhooked her bra, before slipping her panties off.

Compared to him, Deanna was slight. She barely reached his shoulder. He hair tumbled down around her face, framing those wonderfully deep dark eyes. Will ran his hands over her breasts, still as high as they had been all those years before when they first met. He traced her body, his hands dipping into her waist, before they continued down to her pubic hair. He knelt before her, and buried his face in her most private parts.

“I love you,” he said, huskily. “I want to make love to you.”

“Yes,” Deanna whispered. “Oh yes.” She reached for his head, and pulled it to her throbbing flesh.

For the first time since it had happened, she didn’t think of Shinzon.