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"Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them"
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Earth - San Francisco - 2378
Transport/Shuttle Center

In the fiasco everyone one must experience called life, there are certain
things which are difficult to cope with and then there are the things worth
living for. One of those things worth living for is catching up with an old
friend. Someone who you haven't seen in a while. Someone who was like your
twin in childhood. Someone you could trust with your life. Then a little
thing happens called growing up. You meet a particular man or woman that
you're convinced will be your future mate. You get engaged. That's when the
catching up comes in for old friends. That's when you get together and plan
the wedding. At least, that's what the plan was for Deanna Troi and Sierra
Wyant. Both Betazed born and bred. Both coming from elite families of high
standing. Both had met their one true love - their Imzadi. Now it was time to
celebrate that love and remember the good times spent together on Betazed.

"Sierra!" A woman in her late thirties, dark hair and ebony eyes turned at
the exclamation of her name. A huge smile graced her lips at the sight before
her lit eyes. Deanna Troi. Probably one of the best friends she ever had
growing up on Betazed. She, Chandra, and Deanna had all been like three
sisters. They had done everything together. They had the same classes in
school, went on trips together, liked the same music and art - they had even
fallen for the same boys in those days. Sierra thought back fondly of those
days together and realized just how much she really missed them. But now was
her opportunity to reunite with her two best friends and hopefully relive
some of those moments that could never be forgotten.

Deanna was almost a blur as she ran to hug her friend, just stepping off of
the shuttle. The two women laughed joyously, this being the first time they'd
seen each other since Deanna had left to go to Starfleet Academy. They hugged
fiercely, laughing and crying at the same time. People stared at them as they
passed by, letting a knowing smile come to their lips for many of them too
were meeting loved ones.

Eventually the old friends both came under control and pulled back to look at
each other. Deanna was the first to speak. "Just look at you! You don't look
a day older than I remember. You just look wonderful. Not only that, you've
gone off and gotten yourself engaged!" Deanna allowed her eyes to wander
around, looking for Sierra's fiance who was supposed to arrive as well.
"Now, where is this incredible man you told me about over the communications

Sierra laughed and strapped her bag onto her shoulder, "He had a final
meeting and couldn't make the early flight with me. He'll be here this
evening however, and you don't look so bad yourself," Sierra said as she
motioned at Deanna's lean figure.

Deanna smiled, "Yea, not so bad for a woman who is approaching middle age."
Deanna crossed her arms over her abdomen a little self consciously. Having to
admit that these days was becoming a bit of a dreary task. But it was true.
She was getting older but still had along way to go before she began to look
old. At least that was a comfort, she thought. And if that little sentiment
didn't work, she remembered what her mother always said - life only gets
better the older you get.

Sierra playfully swatted at Deanna's arm, "Please, Deanna, you still haven't
learned how to take a sincere compliment have you? I'm serious, you look ten
years younger...and very happy I might add. I've heard wonderful things about
your husband as well."

Deanna smiled as she thought about her new husband and took Sierra's bag for
her. "He would be here, but he's in a meeting with the Captain. You know, the
horrible pressures of being the first officer...at least those are his words.
Come on, lets get back to the house and get you settled. Then, we have a
lunch date with ourselves to catch up on everything. There's this great
restaurant downtown that I know you'll love."

The two women walked side by side into the sunlight, disappearing into the
crowd to catch the next transport to the house.
Earth - California - 2377
Pebble Beach Golf Course

Will Riker bounced slightly up and down on his feet. He wasn't sure how
golfers could stand to play in these shoes. They were supposed to be designed
for comfort, but unfortunately he was stuck with a pair that seemed to not
have passed the designer's desk so to speak. "Are you sure this is such a
good idea, Captain? How come you get Data?"

Picard looked at his first officer with a slight smile of amusement on his
face. "Captain's prerogative, Number One. Besides, I've heard how you two
play, and frankly, I don't want to risk losing." Riker and LaForge glanced at
each other with a look of shear dread on their faces. A meeting. That's what
they thought they were going to be doing this afternoon. They were supposed
to be stuck in a stuffy room around a table talking about some technical or
Starfleet matters that never held much relevance to them anyway. So what were
they doing on a golf course?

Riker rolled his eyes, "Thanks," he said dryly, responding to Picard's rather
blunt comment.

It was about that time when Data came out of the clubhouse, carrying his
golfbag on his shoulder like the rest of the men had. He donned plaid pants,
a polo shirt, and a golfer's visor to complete the ensemble. "I have
registered our presence and acquired two score cards, one for each team."

Geordi took a scorecard from Data and stuffed it in his pant pocket. "You're
going to go easy on us, right Data?"

Data fetched a ball out of a pocket on his bag, "Of course, Geordi. You and
the Commander have nothing to worry about. I have reprogrammed myself to
match the strength, coordination, and accuracy of an average human male. I
will not likely be able to hit the ball any farther than you can."

"Not the way we play," Will whispered to Geordi as he walked by. Will and
Geordi both grabbed their golf bags carrying a complete set of clubs. The sun
was shining very brightly and it was hot. Extremely hot. In fact, Will
already had sweat droplets appearing on his forehead and they hadn't done
anything yet.

As they all moved toward the first tee, Picard smiled and inhaled deeply the
fresh air. "Nothing like a great day to play golf, right gentlemen?"

Will and Geordi tried to look somewhat happy to be there while Data plastered
on his best android smile, ready to play his first round of golf ever.

"Captain, maybe we should have found a more private, less traveled course to
play on. I've never even
attempted golf and I know Geordi hasn't." Will set his bag down at the first
tee, hoping his captain would change his mind and call the entire thing off.
However, his hoping was entirely futile.

"Relax and enjoy it, Will. Let the ball come off of the club naturally. It
will soar through the air and give the birds a lesson or two in flying."
Riker raised his eyebrow at Picard's choice of words. He made it sound like a
poem or something. Picard designated himself as the first player to tee off.
He might as well because he would never get one of the others to volunteer to
go first.

He stepped up and dug his tee in the ground. Ever so carefully he balanced
his ball on the tee and took a step back, trying to judge the best way to hit
the ball. Of course, he judged correctly and hit a beautiful shot right down
the middle of the fairway. "You're up, Data."

Data, even though it being the first time he'd ever played, almost mimicked
Picard's shot. Apparently he had not been reprogrammed in the way of
mimicking someone else. That's how an android learned. "It's going to be a
long afternoon," Geordi told Riker just before he took his place to hit the
next ball. A few practice swings followed and a deep breath followed that.
Geordi swung with all his might. His ball went about fifteen feet in the air,
bounced on the ground a few times, and then rolled another couple of yards.
His club and head both dropped in despair and he rolled his head on his
shoulders to look in Riker's direction. Will only held a smile on his face,
although he knew he was about to do the very same thing.

Indeed, Riker didn't do much better. Will heard the Captain's soft chuckling
from behind him. He turned to pick up his gold bag and sarcastically mimicked
the Captain's voice loud enough for only Geordi to hear, "Let the ball come
off the club naturally," he said as he angrily shoved his club back into the

Geordi chuckled and took a few steps to catch up with his teammate, "So this
was the 'meeting' he wanted to have with us this afternoon?" Will shrugged
and kept on walking. He just hoped the Captain wouldn't want to play golf
every day on shoreleave.


"I am so excited that you and Nathan decided to have your wedding on earth."
Deanna sat down on the sofa next to Sierra and handed her a nice, hot,
steaming cup of coffee.

"Thank you," Sierra said in return. "Nathan is from earth and he really had
his heart set on it. But I made him promise that we'd spend our first
anniversary on Betazed."

Deanna laughed, and curled her legs up under herself, wrapping her hands
around her mug. "Well, it sounds like you've already got him right where you
want him."

Sierra chuckled, "I had him from the start. All I had to do was give him 'the
look' and I had him wrapped around my little finger."

"Mmm, I only wish it was that easy with Will. To be honest, he had me wrapped
around his finger when we first met - I just didn't let him know it." Deanna
sipped her hot drink.

Sierra smiled and reached over to lightly touch Deanna's hand, "Oh, Deanna, I
wish that I could have made it to your wedding. The more I here about it and
your husband, the more I hate that I had to miss it."

Deanna smiled back and took Sierra's hand, "Don't worry about that. It was
several months ago and I already forgave you once. Let's just concentrate on
YOUR wedding. We have a lot of planning to do in the next few days."

Sierra almost squealed for joy, and turned behind her to set her coffee down
on a nearby table. "Yes, we do! I'm so glad that you and Chandra are helping
me with this. All Nathan is doing is showing up for the ceremony."

Deanna laughed, "Welcome to the club. That's about all Will did too. Of
course, come to think of it, that's about all I did as well. My mother seemed
to do most of the planning, which was a mixed blessing I suppose."

Sierra knew Lwaxana Troi well. Growing up so close to Deanna, Lwaxana had
been like a second mother to her and to Chandra also. She fully understood
what Deanna must have gone through with her wedding. She was only glad that
Lwaxana hadn't made it a point to attend her wedding. "Well, I'm sure it will
be fun. By the way, where is Chandra?"

"Out shopping the last I heard. She ought to be back any minute now. She's
had a lot of fun with Will the last couple of days. Since Bev isn't here, I
suppose someone has to pester the man."

"Well, I for one, can't wait to meet him. Oh, is this a picture of him?"
Sierra spotted a nice photo of Will sitting on the very same table she had
set her coffee on a few short moments ago. Only then, she was too excited to
notice it. The photo had been taken almost two years ago. It was summer on
Betazed and he had his soft spiked hair, a Hawaiian button up shirt, and
khaki shorts that showed off his tanned, muscular legs.

"Yes." Deanna's face lit up at even the photographic image of her husband and
the memory that that picture invoked. "He doesn't have the beard any more
though. I shaved it off - a prerequisite to dating and marriage."

"Deanna, the guy's gorgeous. Look at those eyes and that build....how tall is

"Six, four." Deanna saw Sierra's eyes widen at the revelation. Men on Betazed
rarely grew over six feet tall. Nathan was five inches shorter than Will.

"I make him bend way down. Kissing him is not as hard as you think," Deanna
said to Sierra's rampant thoughts. "Speaking of Will, he's been gone with the
Captain for almost four hours. That must be a long meeting."

"Watch out!" Geordi called out to an elderly couple walking along a sidewalk
right off of the golf course. Luckily, a rather large tree interfered with
Will's ball before it had a chance to hit the couple. "Man, Will. I think you
killed another squirrel."

"Ha, ha, very funny Geordi," Will retorted as he less than gently stuffed his
club back into his bag.

"No, I'm serious. It just fell out of the tree." Geordi pointed in the
direction of Will's ball and both men jogged to the area. Lying on the ground
was indeed a dead squirrel.

Will looked from the squirrel to the tree and then to Geordi, "Well, at least
the ball got off the ground that time."

Geordi chuckled, "Yeah, but it's stuck in the tree. You'll have to drop
another ball."

Will sighed loudly, "What's my score right now, huh? Like three-hundred or

Geordi smiled and pulled out the scorecard, counting the scores of each hole,
"Nope, try fifty-six."

Will smiled, "Well, that's not bad at all."

Geordi shook his head and put back the score card, "We're only on the fifth

"Shut up," Will said quickly and dropped another ball. "Well, that makes
fifty-seven." He took out another club and did a practice swing, "But, at
least I can find my balls after I hit them. You've dropped more times than I
have today."

"Maybe so, but at least I don't go around killing innocent members of the
animal kingdom."

Will pushed Geordi away from him, "Go find your ball."

Geordi chuckled, "This is the last time I attend a meeting on shorelave
again." Just as he walked off, Geordi turned to see Will's ball shoot across
the fairway and into a nearby bunker.

Chapter 2


"This was a great idea. Do you two know that it has been over five years
since I've had ice cream?" Sierra spooned her double chocolate delight with
nuts and whipped cream like a reverent servant to the god of desserts. Deanna
sat in her chair across the round, glass-top table watching her friend sculpt
her dairy treat into various forms. She wondered for a moment if Will found
it as humorous and entertaining watching her play with her dessert as she did
watching Sierra. He probably did, after all, he'd always sit and watch her
every time with an inane grin on his features.

Chandra considered Sierra with an astounded look on her countenance. "How in
the world did you live, child? I couldn't go two days without ice cream -
vanilla ice cream. I don't see how you two eat that chocolate junk. I can
stand to eat a little piece of chocolate candy, but forget an entire bowl of
that stuff."

At that remark, Chandra watched as her two best friends placed their bowls on
the table with an audible thump. It was clear that she had punched the red
button. She watched also as they leaned in closer to her, both with very
disconcerting looks on their faces.

Deanna gripped the edge of the table with white knuckles - whether it was for
show or to keep from falling forward any farther, she couldn't tell. Deanna's
mouth opened, and she spoke, "Did I ever tell you that chocolate is a serious

Chandra could sense only slightly that her friends were having fun with her -
but only slightly. "More times than I need to hear again," she said dryly.

Chandra, next, felt the brush of Sierra's mind and turned to look at her
other friend. Sierra, however, had a somewhat less serious guise on her face
and possibly a less hazardous one. "Chocolate is my driving force in life.
Whenever I don't know what to do with myself, the brilliant idea pops into my
head to go and...eat...some...chocolate," she said in between bites.

Chandra just shook her head and plastered a halfway grin on her face. "You
two are way beyond help. But, I concede. I don't want to get into a fight
with a psychologist and a lawyer. I'll never win."

Both Deanna and Sierra sat back with a satisfied smirk on their faces as they
recommenced eating their mid-afternoon treat. It was then that Sierra
noticed two very attractive and very single looking men examining the three
of them like a hawk. "Girls, you would never believe who we have for an
audience. Don't look now, but there are two extremely good-looking gentlemen
at the bar, and they are looking this way."

Deanna smirked and tipped a glance at Chandra. Chandra mirrored Deanna's
expression. To Sierra's utter horror, they turned and looked directly at the
two striking men and the men looked right back. Sierra nearly fell out of her
chair, "You guys! I told you not to look at them! Look what you did. Now
they're coming over here!" she whispered harshly.

Deanna and Chandra turned back and finished off their desserts quickly before
the men found their way to the table. The taller of the two had brown, sandy
hair and blue eyes. Not to mention a good build. The other was built a little
smaller and had dark hair and green eyes. The blue-eyed gentleman spoke
first, "We couldn't help but notice the three of you over here, obviously
enjoying yourselves."

Chandra winked at Deanna and straightened her poster slightly, "You noticed
us out of all the other people here?"

The other man smiled and held his hand out for Chandra to take. She did. "My
name is Sean and this here is Philip. We noticed the three of you because
you're special."

Now it was Deanna's turn to smile sweetly and have some fun, "And do you go
around a lot talking to women?"

Philip stuck his hands casually in the pockets of his pants and returned
Deanna's grin, "Well, you see, there aren't that many special women out

Deanna's smile grew and it would have grown off of her face if it were
conceivable. The men warmed up to it immediately. Sierra sat back, hoping
that her friends had a good plan to get out of whatever they had gotten into.
Deanna sat back as well and crossed her arms over her abdomen. "You know
what?" she asked.

"What darling?" Philip asked seductively.

"My husband thinks I'm special too and so do their husband and her fiance,"
she said indicating the other two women at the table.

Sean and Philip visually stiffened. They shared a look with one another.
Deanna continued, "Now, if you would like to sit down and have some ice cream
with three women that you have absolutely no chance with, you're more than
The men both let out a uneasy mutter and began to back away, "No thanks,"
Philip said and they sauntered away. Deanna, Chandra, and Sierra all looked
at each other and laughed until their sides hurt.


The men came home to an empty house. They had just concluded a six hour
round of golf that should have been completed in four. Jean-Luc was the first
to enter. With a triumphant grin and a confident stride, he walked into the
kitchen to get something to drink. Data held a neutral expression, not yet
able to appreciate the satisfaction of victory.

It was a sad picture indeed to behold when Will and Geordi entered. Both were
dirty, wet and not a glimpse of a happy expression on their faces was to be
seen. Alone in the expansive entrance hall, Will turned to his best friend,
"I am never playing golf again as long as I live. Not only did I kill three
squirrels, I had to have a heart attack when a huge snake decided to pay me a
visit in the woods when I was looking for one of my stray balls. After ten
minutes of waiting until the snake lost interest and left, I had to wade
through a muddy creek to find another ball, slipped on a rock, and fell in
the water!" By now, Riker's voice echoed throughout the hall.

Geordi wiped his feet on the available mat just inside the door, "That about
sounds like my day too. At least our score broke two-hundred. I say we never
go on shore leave with the Captain again."

"Heard that." Picard poked his head around the corner. "I can understand if
my and Data's golfing skills have wounded your interest in ever playing the
game again. But, all in all, I think it is best if you never play again. I'm
sure the furry little creatures of the forest will thank you." With that, he
went up the stairs and out of sight.

Will and Geordi glared at the Captain's back as they watched him leave. They
decided to go into the living room and spread out on the plush sofas. Will
laid his head back and moaned. "I'm getting too old for this. I feel like
I've been on an exploration adventure with all of the pitfalls in the right

"Golf is supposed to be playable well into old age. Just look at the
Captain," Geordi offered.

At that, Will laughed out loud. "He would have you court martialed if he
heard you say that." He paused for a moment to look at their situation. "You
realize that if the women come through that door and see us lying on these
beautiful, expensive sofas, we're going to be in big trouble."

As if on cue, the three women came in and saw them lying on those beautiful,
expensive sofas - in all their wet and muddy glory. Deanna and Chandra all
but ran into the room. "You guys! Get off of the furniture! You're both a
mess!" Deanna reached out and scurried them both off of the couches. Chandra
checked the furniture for any damage.

With her hands firmly planted on her hips, Deanna let it out, "William Riker,
I thought you knew better than to lay around on nice furniture looking like
that!" she said in a penalizing tone.

Will and Geordi exchanged a look and they both shrugged. Deanna took Will's
shrug as a response and she sighed noisily. "Honestly, I don't know what
I'm going to do with you. Now, go upstairs and take a shower because you smell
worse than you look." She wrinkled her nose at the unwelcome aroma.

Will took a step closer to her and held his arms out, "Don't I at least get a
hug first?" The gleam in his eye said it all. He moved toward her but Deanna
sidestepped him and let out a squeal.

"Don't you dare, Riker! Or else..."

She didn't finish her sentence for lack of what to say and for trying to
dodge the mess that stood across from her. "Or else what, babe?" Will
suggested with a waggle of his eyebrows.

"Oh, please," Chandra interjected. You two are acting just like newlyweds -
and if you're going to do that - don't do it in front of other people.
It's annoying." Turning to Sierra, she pointed at the two love birds, "See what
you have to look forward too?"

Will turned his attention from Chandra back to Deanna. She shot him a warning
look. He raised his hands in Indian fashion, "I'm going upstairs to take a
shower." He left quickly, giving Chandra an off-hand glare. She only smiled
amiably in return.

Sierra finally joined Deanna and Chandra in the center of the room as Geordi
slipped past her and journeyed upstairs as well. Nothing was said for a full
minute as all three had their arms crossed and their weight resting on one
foot or the other.

With a confused look on her face, Sierra glanced back and forth at her
friends. "They went to a meeting you said?" she asked Deanna specifically.

Deanna mimicked her husband's motion of only a moment ago when she shrugged.

Another minute went by as they contemplated the possibilities of coming back
from a meeting wet and muddy. Finally, Sierra let out a cute snuff. "He's
gorgeous," her voice penetrated the silence. "Wet, muddy, and gorgeous. I
can't wait to see what he looks like when he's clean."

Deanna and Chandra cast exasperated looks at Sierra. "What?" was all their
companion managed to say.