"Metaphors of the Mind" - 1 of 1



"It's like a steady heartbeat...you know? No one ever knows what you're
saying until the warnings die and you have no where else to turn. Well, my
warning just died. You just blew it pal.....and you can't turn to anything or
anyone. May I suggest something?"

There I was....sitting in a chair with this wise guy's hot breath beating on
my face. I tried to keep my thoughts from randomly shooting out of my mouth,
but I felt that soon I would fail. His faithful, yet gorgeous sidekick with a
smug taint of laughter on her face stood against the desk, her legs crossed
at the ankles. Not a thing to worry about was what was running through her
mind. I can tell you, because I know.

Could he suggest something? He could suggest anything he wanted to....how to
win a beautiful girl's heart, how to save my life from an assassin's attempt,
or just plain advice about the small things in life. I didn't care.

So, I smiled back at him with the same expression, all in the same thought
that started it. "Why?" I simply asked. Not that it would do me any good. He
hated those types of questions. Actually, he hated it when people answered a
question with a question. I knew it....so I asked. Why? Because I hated
him....and he knew it.

I watched as his smile grew bigger. Millimeter by millimeter, it got bigger.
It was the reaction I was hoping for. I had finally broken through...there
was no denying that. Within a few seconds, his smile was now insane laughter
floating out of his mouth. Well, it sounded more like it was pounding rather
than floating.

I watched as he threw his head back as the pounding got louder and louder. He
really was insane. That I knew as well. But, of course I dared not mention
it. Had I done that, he would have killed me right then and there. No...he
was insanely dangerous.

Anyone would know what I was talking about if they had been sitting in that
chair, watching him. There was the gun he so casually played with as if was a
misplaced chess piece. His finger so close to the trigger, I found it hard to
sit still. Just one pull would do me in for good. I was losing control. I
knew it as soon as the first drop of perspiration formed on my brow. Was I
scared? No...jumpy maybe, but never was I scared. I had learned early in life
to avoid fear at all costs. So far...it was going well.

His voice held the lingering affects of his laughter like a mother holds her
newborn babe. He spoke with obvious disgust toward me...or humanity in
general...I couldn't tell.

"Why? Why you ask?" Now, I found this ironic, because he had just answered my
question with a duplicate of it. The man didn't know his own mind. But I did.
He was about to do something drastic. I could feel it in my blood as sure as
I could feel the wind outside on a windy day.

In the sudden silence, one of the loudest noises I had ever heard, entered my
ears. The gun had been brutally slammed into the surface of the desk. "I'll
tell you why!"

His loud outburst was only second to the loud sound that had just occurred.
"You are the life-force that everything is driven on. People count on you in
ways that you could never imagine. But they can't anymore! You just blew it!
My suggestion to you is that you better run as far away from here as you can!
Don't you ever even think about coming back or you'll be dead before you even
get anywhere close to here."

That last sentence was one of the quietest noises I'd ever heard. Apparently
his warnings hadn't died...not just yet. But I knew when enough was enough
and I took his suggestion at heart. I would have to care...this time.

His sidekick released the ropes around my feet that binded me to the chair. I
rose, ever so slowly, not making the mistake of taking my eyes off of him for
a second. I pulled at the bindings on my hands. They, however, were not
rope...but chains. The kind that you could only get out of with the right
key. It was a key that I didn't know how to get to.

I looked at each one, expecting then to free me of the chains, but neither
did so much as move. They stared me down cold like I was a statue they were
admiring. I couldn't finish the job and God knows they weren't about to
either. As far as they were concerned, they had done all that they could
do....I can tell you that, because I know.

There was the silence again. That, I can tell you without a doubt, is the
loudest thing I've ever heard in my life. It drowned out the gun and the
yelling. The silence was my last warning as I walked out the door. I had
nothing to turn to....I had just died.

There it was. Now it's gone. I saw it all. The museum, the painting, the
tree, the jungle, and the falls. That voice that had invaded her life was
dead. "You're afraid of me." The phrase that she had buried in the depths of
her mind had resurfaced out of nowhere just now as he said it.

A flash...then the tree. No one was there. I looked straight out and saw the
outline of the city. Leaves were forcefully blown into my face by the wind. I
looked down and saw the ground so far below. So far I had come, only to find
that I hadn't advanced at all.

Hope springs eternal....eternity had just ran short. I inched my way across
the thick limb of which I was standing on. My hand was outstretched against
the trunk to brace myself. I was out of practice...anyone would be able to
tell. I crouched down and curled my hands around the limb, being careful to
get just the right hold.

In an instant, I pushed off and flew through the air, but my feet never
touched the ground. They dangled above the grass as I closed my eyes. A fear
ran through my blood like the wind ran through my hair. Fear was something
that I had never tried to avoid. It had to be dealt with or else it would
never leave you. This fear though, I could not rid myself of. It kept
taunting me day and night. It had always been there, I just kept it hidden.
No one could know...not even him.

He knew though, of course. He always knew. It had to be a gift. He didn't
know the power of his own mind, but I did. His power always demanded control
and he was fast losing it. I could tell.

The wind began to quicken its pace and the leaves began dancing to its song.
I knew when enough was enough. Opening my eyes, I saw that the sky had
darkened and a storm was setting in. I pulled myself back up onto the tree
limb and carefully stood. It was difficult to balance when the wind was so

Quickly, I sought escape from the storm. My foot slipped, though this time,
without me having hold of anything to keep me from falling so completely. One
of the loudest sounds I've heard entered my ears. It was the sound of my body
brutally slamming against the ground below the tree.

That was truly the loudest sound I'd ever heard because this time...no one
was there to catch me. I had just died.
The waves crashed onto the shore, announcing their majestic presence. I threw
a stray stick into the ocean that I had found embedded in the white sand. The
wind blew its rough course through my hair and loose clothes, leaving them
tousled. I stuffed my hands back into the pockets of my tan shorts and let
the soothing sounds of the ocean cover the wound on my heart.

I saw him, walking through the sand. He was quiet and reserved. It was the
right time. I brushed the branches away of the bush I was crouched behind. He
knew I was watching, but didn't seem to mind. I began to walk toward him, my
goal to meet him in mid stride.

I could see her coming out of the corner of my eye. There was nothing I could
do to stop it. I had ran as hard as I could, but still did not get away. Was
I about to die again? I knew that I didn't want to hurt her at any cost.
Obviously she was determined to talk to me though. Her stride was purposeful.
All I wanted to do was unlock the chains that binded my hands together. She
was the key...but I still did not know how to get to it.

There he was, standing in front of me. His eyes were riveted on mine. "I
thought you never wanted to see me again." His tone was soft, but carried
great defense in it.

I felt tears threaten my emotions, but I fought back hard, not willing to
give up. Not willing to give him up. I reached out gingerly and placed my
hands on his strong chest. "What we say in anger, we say in vain."

I watched as he looked out into the ocean. His blue eyes searching its blue
depths. All I wanted was to have my eternity back. I wanted him to catch me
the next time I fell.

His gaze into the ocean was so intense that it scared me. There was that fear
again. But this time, I knew it was going to be all right. This time it would
go away...forever.

"I'm not afraid of you anymore, Imzadi. I love you." I paused, looking for
the right words. "Can I suggest something?"

He turned back to look at me. "Marry me," he asked.

Now I could feel the tears as they fell freely from my eyes. I could feel his
strong arms around me under the tree. I felt eternity grip me once again and
a new life beginning. My hands brushed through his hair lovingly and I kissed
his lips.

"Yes, precisely what I was going to suggest," was her response and she kissed
me again. I heard the chains rattling and then fall to the ground. She had
unlocked them for me and now I was free. I pulled my hands from my pockets
and wrapped my arms around her tightly. The good thing about our arguments is
that we can make up just as easily as if it never happened.

I felt his hand as it took mine and led me back to the beach house. The fight
was long forgotten and forgiven. Our death had been mutual....but our life
together was destiny.
Will looked down at his new wife of only a few hours. She was so beautiful
lying there next to him. He couldn't believe that a simple fight had almost
denied him of what he was feeling now. All he wanted to do was be with her
forever...but eternity would have to wait for now. They were only beginning.

Deanna reached out and probed her new husband's feelings. They were feelings
of warmth and love. She couldn't possibly imagine how she could ever be angry
with him. He was so incredible. She looked down at their entwined hands that
proudly displayed their gold wedding rings. All she wanted to do was be with
him forever...but eternity would have to wait. They were only beginning.