Title : The Bold and The Shy
Series : TNG
Author : Sarajayne
Rating : ooo me aching head
Disclaimer : They own the characters and premise, but we sow the seeds
of imagination to improve our enjoyment ;-)



The bold and the shy


Beverly Crusher stood with her arms angrily crossed over her chest as she took in the pouting officer before her. She'd heard it said that Admirals were meant to bow before her fury, but right now the myth had been busted by the very tall, unusually shy first officer before her.

The annual physical that all Starfleet officers were ordered to perform was always seen as a challenge to the fiery red haired doctor, but the man before her was always considered the most slippery of physical challengers. even though William Thomas Riker was four weeks late for his, the fact that he was here in her sickbay, wasn't any easy on her hormones.

"I said to strip Commander." She ordered once more, wondering what was wrong with the normally out going first officer. "And make it soon before I note your shyness to the medical board and the Captain."

Will Riker sighed. One hand reaching up to squeeze the bridge of his nose. A headache was brewing it it wasn't just with his head. "Look Beverly..."

"No Beverly's. No first names. Strip Commander." Her anger growing. "Do you want me to pull you from duty?"

Already Will Riker was bare chested and de-socked. Grimacing, He finally gave in an inch by angrily undoing the fastener and removing his trousers. "There. Done."

"If you think undoing a pair of trousers is striping Will, it makes me wonder what you did with all those busty beauties you've dated in the past. Look if there is something your embarrassed about I can make it Captains eyes only. You of all people know I can do that, so why the Mr Broccoli act?" Beverly hinting to Will of how much he was presently exhibiting what could only be called Reg Barclay behaviour.

"Oh that's just great. I'm Barclay now?" Folding the rest of his uniform, Will placed them calmly on the chair provided by the biobed.

"Briefs off now Will, or I'll have to inform the Captain of your hesitance." Doctor Beverly Crusher aimed her medicorder in his general direction, wishing she could throw it at him instead.

Again Will sighed, but this time his cheeks began to glow red. "There's a slight problem."

"If it's an engineering problem Will, then that's why you're here, to make sure the ships lothario is up to scratch." Enjoying the tease. 'Not that you need to be if the grapevine is working." Winking at the rumour she'd heard that the two bumbling love birds had finally given in to each other.

Taking a seat on the biobed, Will decided it was now or never. Or in this case tell all or tell the Captain who'd tell Beverly anyway. As he took the weight off his feet he watched beverly read the monitors around the biobed, hoping to work out why Will was being so coy about being nude.

"It's like this...you remember how Deanna and yourself got a little plastered recently? And you encouraged her to get a temporary tattoo?" He waited for the nod before continuing. "Well she dared me to do the same. The problem is, it was meant to be a temporary tattoo that would vanish in a few days." Frowning a little at his our predicament Will took another deep breath. "Well is hasn't. Not even a dermal regenerator will budge it."

Beverly tried not to laugh but couldn't contain the smirk that broke through. "You've been avoiding fyour physical for the last few weeks because of a branding on your behind?" Wondering if that was the location or more brazen than that.

He nodded. "It just won't budge. Hasn't even faded a little. Deanna's not helping either, she just keeps laughing." Rolling his eyes. "That is until I mention how it'll look if the groom at her wedding is butt naked and advertising his position within the Troi household." Winking in mirth. The first sign of the Will Riker she knew peeking out from the shy boy scout disguise.

"Well get the briefs off Will and I'll see what I can do. A tattoo can't be that embarrassing to risk court martial for." Emphasising how official his regular check up was.

Will gave a weak smile before making sure the coast was clear. The last thing he needed was Ogawa or one of the other medical staff catching him with his pants down. Turing around to face the biobed, Will slowly removed his briefs to expose the thick black lettering written across both buttocks.

The next few minutes seem to last a lifetime as Doctor beverly Crusher nearly asphixiated from laughing too much. Trying to settle herself, Beverly bit down hard on her own hand. "Oh Will!" She gasped soon followed by another few minutes of laughter.

Nymphomaniacal Betazoid's Sex Toy

The words were at least two centimetres tall each, crossing both buttocks and was emblazoned in dark ink black. And as Will had said, it certainly didn't look like it was going to fade.

"I think I can write this up without mentioning the exact phrase Will, but why on earth didn't you come and see me sooner?"

Pulling his briefs back up for modesty's sake, Will Riker turned back to face the wide eyed laughing doctor. By the looks of it, she'd been in tears. "It was meant to fade." Rolling his eyes.

Putting down her scanner, Beverly grabbed a few implements, soon ordering Will to remove them once more and lie down comfortably on the bio bed.


Deanna Troi sat waiting in Ten Forward, with a chocolate sundae under threat from her spoon. She was meant to be meeting Will for lunch but he was already 30 minutes late. every time she'd tried to contact him, the computer had intoned that he was currently in a meeting in sickbay.

The cat was out of the bag, or should that be the joke had finally misfired? At least Beverly had been there when she'd had her own temporary tattoo "Property of Will Riker" applied, so she'd have an inkling of how Will's latest boo boo had gotten there. Deanna just hoped it would be kept confidential. With a Captain's seat imminent for Will, this was not a great prank to be listed on his record.

A tingle at the back of her mind singaled his close approach, and the doors to Ten Forward admitting him confirmed it. Though he seemed to be walking a little painfully. "Will?" She enquired, concerned about the pain she was feeling from him.

Swinging the chair around for him to straddle, Will gingerly settled into place, careful of his wares. "How did it go?"

"Go?" He shook his head. "Damn thing wouldn't 'Go'".

"Oh no." Reality started to settle in for Deanna. "Mother will never let us escape a tradition wedding ceremony. What do we do?"

Will patted the air in front of him. "Wait a minute, it's alright. It's gone now. And so is 14 layers of my skin." he grimaced.

"Oh Will I am sorry." Deanna moved closer to hug him, soon noticing how un-private Ten Forward was for cuddling. Twenty pairs of eyes oggling the couple. Giving him another careful squeeze, she soon released him, keeping their couple status as friendship only in public.

"It's fine. Though I've been given light duties only, can hardly sit for more than ten minutes, and no sex for four weeks." The last rule causing Deanna to groan.

"Never fear Imzadi, I have plans." Will grinned. An evil machievalian smile that to Deanna said a little skin graft wasn't ever going to stop Will the Thrill Riker.


The painful end....so far