Title: Sons of Duty
Author: Sarajayne
Rating: Rude bits
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Sons of duty


There were days that even a brand new Captain wished to be
languishing in boredom, far and away from pomp and ceremony, and this
was well on it's way towards it.

Will Riker held part of the revealing outfit up before his eyes, a
frown creasing his forehead as he watched the gold embroidery flicker
over the soft white cloth. "I'm not wearing this Deanna. "His tone

Annoyed at his animosity, she took the garment from his fingers
before he crushed the finery. "Will you have to, you're son of the
fifth house now and it's expected of you. Mother demands it of you,
even Starfleet knows how important a role it is. You should feel
privileged to enter such a well known aristocratic society." She
intoned, inspecting every detail of the clothing to make sure it was

'Tradition' 'expectations' 'privilege' Realising how like her mother
she was right now, Will sighed heavily and moved away from the pile
of boxes, afraid of what else they may contain.

Will collapsed on the couch in their combined quarters, watching
Deanna as she began to lay each item of clothing out before him on
the table. "Well as son of the fifth house I'm making my first royal
decisionŠand that is to burn whatever it that is." Will sat back,
arms crossed in determination, with a look that pretty much could of
combusted the boxes before him.

Opening a long rectangular box, she held up the knee length white
silk boots in front of him, brushing off imaginary dust from the
embroidery, and when he shook his head adamantly at her, Deanna
sighed. "It's official clothing for the royal ceremonies. All the
other son's from the houses will be wearing it, you won't be the only
one Will."

Picking up a small crystal trinket from the coffee table, he rolled
it over in his hand, as he orchestrated his next line of words. "That
may be true....but they won't be on display like I will be, nor do
they have the problem of lack of telepathy." He tapped his temple.
"They'll be laughing their damn heads off in that silent room."

Dropping the boots, Deanna shook her head in exasperation and took
the small crystal Muktuk out of Will's palm, pulling him to his feet
and placing the small tunic up to his hips. "I don't think this will
be big enough, take your pants off." Ignoring his excuses outright,
continuing with her duty in preparing for the next days' ceremony.

"Excuse me?" He stood staring at her, his brain struggling to come up
with an excuse, any excuse to get out of this. When none came, he
tried to change her mind in the only way he knew would work on this
determined Betazoid. "Imzadi," he said softly pulling her in to his
arms "I love you, and I would do anything for my wife butŠ"

"Don't even try to use that on me William Riker." She admonished
pushing him away, checking to see if he'd creased the tunic she was
holding. "This is important to me."

"Deanna, you know me better than myself, and surely you can
understand my trepidations . Especially of parading around in some
fancied up underwear, having people probe my mind and gape at my
body. I'm a Starfleet Captain, I'm high profile now, not some young
ensign who can get away with this without damaging their reputation."

Deanna, truly frustrated, threw the tunic back into one of the large
boxes on the table. "Will Riker! I've seen you wear the most
ridiculous costumes in the past sixteen years, just to bed a woman. I
think you're being unreasonable."

Hurt at his comment, he drew himself up straight. "I'm being
unreasonable?" His voice rose in response to hers. "You never told
me, that prancing around in a white sheet daubed in gold, was my duty
before we got married. I thought being a husband, father and Captain
was enough."

Deanna stood shaken by his comment, and eyes wide in disappointment
and upset by his outburst. Pausing to let the silence settle in,
Deanna then spoke softly, a question she never thought she'd of
asked. "Would it have stopped you marrying me?" Their first fight
since being married and she was determined not to end this in tears.
By the fire of Orion's Nebulae she'd done enough crying in the past
for him.

"Never Imzadi, and I think you know that." He answered, feeling her
disappointment and sadness via their bonded souls. "It's just that I
would of appreciated more time to prepare myself for this. It's a big
thing Deanna." He paused, pulling her down to sit next to him on the
couch. "Maybe it's because I've never really been too comfortable
around telepathic strangers, or maybe it's just my male ego that is
having trouble understanding why I need to wear such a ridiculous
outfit. Something that seems to of been pulled from the pages of some
fairy tale."

Being Imzadi had it's benefits and it's short falls, but right now
it's benefits were shinning as she pushed past her own feelings to
absorb Will's and see how terrified he was of the contents of her
mother's gift to him. But this was something they had to do for
Betazed and their union. "Please do this for me, for us." She asked
placing her hand on his cheek, her dark eyes starring intensely in to

A warmth invaded him, following each heartbeat throughout his body,
and filling it with enthused pleasure. Will couldn't help but notice
the sparkle in her eyes and shook his head, she'd almost had him. For
a mere human, Will was always astounded at the effect she had on him,
but in the last few years serving together he knew exactly how to
block it.

Will smiled at her with ecstasy until he slowly lowered his block
into place and turned away from the source that was stirring his
loins. He stood up sadly and started to pace the room, ignoring her
hurt look. "If you truly wanted me to do something Deanna, I'd of
expected you to of asked me. Not to sit there and demand it of me, or
bribe me with sex. "

She sat still studying his pacing as if he was working out what he
was about to say next. "To think you ran away from these customs all
those years ago to follow a dream, one we've now made real. And all
it took for you to revert to your aristocratic lineage was one
delivery via your mother." Will grumbled.

"So you're saying that you don't support me and my heritage?" Deanna pushed.

Will turned back to her from his pacing, hoping she would see this
chance to try and fit that damn tunic up against his hips again.
"Deanna," he sighed. "It's not like that, it's just that, well I
thought you'd given up on your mother's pressuring."

"Will, she's not pressuring!" Deanna spurted. Kicking the white boots
by her feet and storming off into the bedroom. Will's first thought
was to follow her until he noticed that she wasn't storming off to
cry but to grab another small decorated box. One from an earlier
selection that Mr Homm had dropped by.

Will eyed it warily. "So if she's not pressuring you, then why now?
What's urged you to embarrass the hell out of me?"

Deanna turned, playing with the clasp, while staring at the fifth
house seal. "Because I've been running all these years from something
that I never thought I'd miss until now. Betazoid has always been a
part of me, but just recently with our marriage and the bonding
ceremony, did I realise how beautiful some of these ceremonies are."
She blushed a little. "And, I wanted to show those other houses what
a true son from a House of Betazed should be".

Will smirked and placed a puzzled frown upon his face. "Sorry? Did I
hear that right? Deanna, I'm not Betazoid."

"That's right, and quite frankly every time I met a son of another
house, while mother lined them up, no one could come close to the
gentlemanly skills of one Will Riker." She winked, moving forward to
take his hand and to place it on top of the sealed box.

Will gave a pale smile and slowly removed his hand. "No matter how
diplomatically you put it Deanna, it still doesn't make me want to
parade around like some Christmas tree decoration."

Deanna looked up into his mirthless eyes, and saw he was telling the
truth, even without having to tap into his essence. He was
uncomfortable about this. Will Riker wasn't a man who wore admiration
well. Nor did he like being the centre of frivolous entertainment. He
was right. If she were to convince him to do this for her, she was
going to have to try better than just an invite of sex.

"Alright." Deanna said, placing the box down onto the glass table,
careful to dodge the delicate tiara that lay upon his gold
embroidered cape. Each delicate piece of finery mimicked her own
gown, except her clothing was all gold with white embroidery licking
the edges. A sign that she was the daughter, who came first of the
house and Will the son.

Pinching the bridge of her nose, an action Will performed quite
regularly when cornered, she sighed heavily. "Will I wouldn't ask
this of you, but I need you. I can't perform this ceremony without
you, and I wouldn't want to. We're Imzadi, and more importantly the
newest joined couple of the Betazoid lineage. And it's something I
know my father would be proud of if he could see us both together
proving the houses wrong. For berating my mother for so long about
marrying a non-telepathic Starfleet officer, and claiming I'd suffer
her curse from never feeling another soul like a true Betazoid would."

"So it's personal?" Will prompted as he placed one finger under her
chin to lift her onyx eyes. "You're not doing this out of tradition
but for spite? Why drag me into it?" He waited silently as a tear
drifted down her cheek.

"No. I want to prove them wrong. I want to gain their respect for
both of us by performing this ceremony. To show our commitment to
carrying on the tradition of the fifth house. To erase their
xenophobic attitudes for the sake of my home world." Will didn't need
look into his Imzadi's eyes, he could feel her determined wish
beating strong in her heart. A heart that was linked to him and was
tearing him apart.

"Please" She whispered as Will drew his wife into his arms and held her tight.



Looking skyward, Will cursed his soft heart. "OK. But we'll need a
slight agreement between the both of us. If I'm to forfeit my ego,
and show off my legs in those tights, then I'll need a little
encouragement from you."

"Will! This is not some sort of betting arrangement!" She said angrily.

"Deanna marriage is two people who compromise at times to make the
other happy, am I not right?" He asked with a smirk as he watched how
uncomfortable she became, using her own sound words against her.

Deanna pulled herself in tighter to Will's embrace and gave her
approval, enjoying the beat of his heart against her ear. She was
unsure of how bad an agreement it was going to be, but she knew this
was the only way. "Name it."

Will grinned and began to sway to an imaginary beat of a song. "Well,
let's start with something I know will be just as hard for you as it
will be for me to show my face at the next Starfleet Convention." He
paused for effect, feeling her tense up. "I want you to give up
chocolate for the next month." She stopped swaying, ignoring Will's
body as it tried to carry on without her.

Realising that he was adamant upon an agreement she rolled her eyes
at him. Give up chocolate? She'd done it before on long away
missions. How bad could it be? "Fine, I agree."

This time he stopped swaying to the imaginary music truly surprised.
"You promise?"

"Yes I promise Will." She said irritably.

"Just remember, I'll know." He smiled tapping a temple with his finger.

"Wait a...How?" She demanded, angry that he new exactly what she was
thinking, a plan, a plan to thwart his request. Some way to bend the

"Every time you eat chocolate it's like pure sex, I swear the room
heats up 5 degrees more." He winked. Halting her reply with a gentle
finger to her lips he continued. "Now, before I step into something
nasty and white, I need a few more extras."

"Will!" He was going to push this deal as far as he could, she could
tell, and fear was starting to lace her thoughts.

"Now, I know it's going to be difficult settling in with a new ship,
but as soon as we get the chance, you have to come ice fishing with
me in Alaska. You know that lake just down from our cabin? Just the
two of us...and some bait." He grinned wickedly.

Deanna looked at him dumbfounded. "Ice? I don't think one night of
discomfort is equal to all that Will."

"Let's see, stress and discomfort? Seems pretty fair to me, I could
go on if you like. Or do you want to break this whole thing off?" He
asked as she moved back to the table and tentatively touched the
infamous small white package. Clasping it tightly within her hands,
she moved passed him back to the couch.

"So tell me what's so important in that box?" Will queried as Deanna
once again moved it out of reach, shuffling along the couch. Her coy
moves starting to worry the handsome bearded captain. "You're hugging
it like it's a coiled snake trapped inside." He joked.

"Will stop being so suspicious." She smiled, tucking it away behind
her on the couch before she held out a small thin wad of material in
her hand. Will rose one eye brow before taking the offered parcel
from her petit hands. The other eyebrow rose and met the first one in
shock. "Please don't tell me these are mine?" Will begged as he shook
out the tights to their full length, holding them at length from his

Deanna uncoiled from the couch and took the thick white tights from
his hands and held them over his waist, sizing them up. "I'm pretty
sure they'll fit, though we'll need a full dress rehearsal before
tomorrow." Chatting away regardless of Will's distress. "Oh relax
Will." She finally said. "The majority will be hidden under your
boots and tunic." Deanna chastised him.

"And the parts not covered by cloth are?" Will said pointedly
directing his hands to gesture over his groin. The Betazoid daughter
tried to hide her mirth at first, but finally allowed a small smile
to appear.

"For me to give up chocolate for a month Will, sacrifices have to be
made to certain egos." She winked, finally holding out the small
white box to Will. Never before had she seen the fearless Captain
approach such an innocent box in a manner so afraid.

Carefully he removed the heavy box from Deanna's guarded fingers and
unlatched the house seal to finally peer inside to view it's
contents. He almost dropped it with shock before tentatively reaching
in to handle the object python-like. "What the hell is this?" He
murmured in trepidation.

"Well you worried about what the tunic didn't cover, and now you have
an answer." Deanna advanced and took the jewel encrusted codpiece
from his hands before he crushed it within his talon like fingers.

"You've got.." Before he could finish the door chime rang and Lwaxana
floated in at Deanna's beckoning.

"Ah William, I'm surprised that a well built handsome man like
yourself should be so afraid of a little ceremony." The Matriarch of
the fifth house absently plucked the codpiece out of Deanna's hands
and drew her to the couch. Blocking the beginning of an escalating
battle between the newly married couple.

<Mother! You're not helping.> Deanna sent, as Lwaxana gripped her
daughters hands within hers, holding her still for the moment.

"William come join us please." Lwaxana spoke guiding the broad Human
with her eyes to the chair diagonally opposite to her. He cautiously
sat down into the comfy padded chair but refused to relax. "Now what
seems to be the problem." She asked of him.

Will took a deep breath and smiled. Knowing it was useless to lie or
deceive his new mother-in-law. "I'm just not comfortable with the
ceremonial garments." Ending it with a sheepish grin as he leant
forward to rest elbows on knees.

"And wearing those awful Starfleet dress uniforms a few years back
was?" She prompted. "William, those "dresses" left less to the
imagination than the ceremonial clothing for the House ceremony."
Lwaxana drilled right down to the core of it. "Quite frankly, you
have the better body of any of the other houses, and should be proud
to strut it around for your wife. Not to mention showing them what a
real man looks like." She laughed happily at Will's own chuckle.

"You're good for the soul Lwaxana, but I'm still not convinced about
this outfit. " He winked.

"Have you tried it on?" She prompted. Deanna was about to respond
until her mother held up a hand, and peered at the flustered
Starfleet captain before her.

"Well...no." he knew when he was cornered.

"Well before making any astute comments, I suggest you have a dress
rehearsal. Then you can grumble all you like." She smiled. Before
getting up and de-creasing her crimson flamboyant dress. "Now I must
go, Jean Luc is waiting, so I'll be back in half an hour. And please
don't pout William, it's only for one day." And with that she swished
her way out of their quarters leaving a deathly quiet silence.

Will closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, trying to hide within
the chair stuffing as Deanna leant forward, her mouth poised to say
something, but for the life of her, she didn't know what.
"Ummm...shall we start with tights or tunic first." She winced at the
glare he fired in her direction.

"Alright, tights first. But I'm not guaranteeing anything. They don't
fit, I don't go." He grumbled pulling himself upwards and heading
towards the bedroom, the majority of the glistering garb now swung
over his shoulder haphazardly.

Moments later Deanna peered into the bedroom in time to see her
husband bare assed and struggling to get the tights up over his fine
muscled thighs. His back to her, he was all encompassed within his
little world, until she coughed politely to catch his attention.

"Need a hand captain?" She smiled mischievously.

"I'm just glad your mother isn't here to see this.." He grumbled as
he pulled tighter.

"Hold on a sec, my fearless leader, you'll tear them if you grab them
like that." She cautioned. Deciding to pull from behind than in
front, she carefully began to inch them up and over until they were
snugly fitted around his waist. "Too afraid to come around the front
and do that?" He jibed.

"Yes, and you know it. If mother had come in with both of us
undressed and one pair of torn tights in the corner, she'd of
annulled our wedding right then and there."

"Spoil sport." Will grinned, as Deanna circled him, admiring the
clinging qualities of the fabric. Licking her lips, she swallowed
hard and turned her attention away from his gorgeous body. For a man
in his later years, Will Riker was still an incredible man to behold,
clothed and san-clothed.

Will took the proffered tunic from her hands and dropped it over his
head, fighting to get it over his chest, it's snug fit made even more
so as Deanna then pulled the laces tight and secured them, ensnaring
him within the gayly embroidered soft white silk. The fine white
collar reaching up around his neck, with a small opening to allow for
his adams apple, quite similar to his old uniform, but taller. "Think
I'll be expected to bow in this?" Will grinned.

"I hope not or they'll get a nice shot of your behind as the tights
rip." She winked. The tunic hung low to almost his heels but the
front rose up to expose his groin, no doubt to show off the jewels
that would soon be placed there. As Will turned and pulled on the
long white silk boots, she headed back into the living room to
collect the final items. He was just dragging the top of the last
boot up to mid thigh when she returned, cape draped over one arm, and
box and tiara in the other.

"Guess there's no going back now." Will sighed as he took the white
box from her. He gently prised the bane of his ego out as Deanna on
tippy toes draped the small cape over his back. More like a short
matador's cape, it's fifth house emblem glinted in the star light
outside the window, picking up the stray light as he fumbled down
below with his codpiece that did nothing to protect his modesty.

"Here , let me do it." Deanna said, taking it out from his hands and
instantly pushing it into place while her other hand tried to secure

"I thought you said you didn't want to be found naked Deanna." Will
murmured trying to ignore her cold fingers as they bumped and moved

"Well I wouldn't mind, but I'm sure my mother would." She grinned
back as she snapped it finally into place. Standing up and stepping
back a little, she admired her work, checking to see if it was on

"This is damn embarrassing." He said as he looked down to the bulbous
glistening bulge.

"Well at least you'll be warmer down there." Deanna winked before
turning back to the table and holding the engraved tiara in hand.
Will bowed down onto one knee and gasped with the tight confinement.
"You Ok?" She said placing the fine golden band over his head,
pushing it down over his spiky hair.

"Yeah, just don't ask me to tango Ok." He whimpered at first as she
helped him stand.

"No dancing Commander, that's a promise." Pulling his head down to
hers she kissed him till they both pulled apart panting for breath.
"And you are so brave my kind, loyal prince." She whispered into his
ear as her Imzadi nuzzled her neck.

"If I do it you mean." He replied in mirth, Deanna pulling away. As
he pulled on his collar, she dragged him over to the mirror in haste.

"Will you look fabulous." Deanna impressed. "What's to worry about,
you'll floor them all." She said proudly as she pulled his collar
back into place.

Will eyed himself critically in the mirror, reminding himself of the
old fairy tales his mother used to read him before she died.
'Imzadi?" Deanna prompted feeling his sorrow.

"Sorry, just remembering." He replied, just before the chime rang
again. "Come." He commanded before she could ask any further. As the
door opened, Lwaxana floated in with Jean Luc draped reluctantly on
her arm. "Now don't you agree he looks absolutely ravishing."

Will groaned and turned redder than a beet, shoving Deanna in front
to cover the majority of himself. "Lwaxana I thought this was a
private dress rehearsal." He said, noting the Captain's discomfort

"Well yes dear, you are the only one in dress. Now William, tell me
it's not so bad." Lwaxana grilled, moving forward to check the
embroidery was all in perfect order and care., all the while bumping
Deanna out of the way and giving Captain Picard a better view of his
blushing ex-first officer. "Does anything pinch or catch?" She
carried on regardless of Will's distress as she moved lower to regard
the codpiece.

He needed to get the hell out of there soon before something
regretful happened. "Um, Lwaxana, maybe its best if I go get changed
out of this before I damage it." He suggested, until she stood back
up and held his forearm gently to stall him.

"Will you do this for her William?" She asked sternly, her onyx eyes
burning into his own crystal blues. "Will you embrace your new house
and family?"

Family. Now there was something Will had missed for many years. And
yes in truth he and Deanna were married, but no children yet. Though
that shouldn't take long with the strides they were making in the
bedroom of late. But truly the House of Troi and the other Houses
would be the biggest family he had ever known. Sure, he probably
wouldn't get along with everyone, but who did in large families.
Lwaxana watched and read him as he mulled over the one word that did
mean something to him just as much as Imzadi. Family.

"Alright. But on one condition, no Beverly." Three pairs of eyes
skewered him in query.

"The last thing I need is Beverly seeing me after the ceremony in
these clothes. I swear she'll take holophotos, and send them via
Starfleet's intranet." Will said, apologising to the captain with his

"Agreed, Captain." Picard winked. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to
go feed Livingston." he said giving a weak excuse. Will grinned, sure
that the captain left the room mainly before Lwaxana no doubt roped
him in for a role in this farce. Then again, just plain embarrassed
by Will's mountain of jewels, was more like it.

"Please try to keep your mind out of the gutter while in the Holy
Temple of Houses William." Lwaxana berated, removing his band of gold
from his head, and carefully placing it on the bedroom side table.
"Now, I'll be leaving you this padd," handing them a padd each, "to
peruse for the ceremony tomorrow, but in the meantime I suggest
carefully removing yourself from these ceremonial robes and getting
some sleep." Before leaving Lwaxana wrapped her arm around Will's and
lead him to the living room, patting his forearm affectionately.
"Thank you William Troi, it means a lot to us." And with that she
left, leaving a stunned male head of her House.

"Deanna." He whimpered, suddenly remembering the matriarchal society
of Betazed.

Grinning maniacally Deanna collapsed onto the bed laughing. "She's
only playing with you Will." Sitting up, she held out her hands and
beckoned him hither. "Now come here and let me help you remove this

"It'll be worth every second of it to see you in this again." She
mused, carefully removing his codpiece and admiring it's jewel
encrusted surface.

Will groaned already sorry with his decision to go ahead with it.
"This is precisely the reason no one, especially Beverly, can see me
in this." She smiled sweetly at his wrinkled forehead.

Once finished, the clothes now laying upon the bed, she leaned
against his bare skin, skilled fingers running through his hair and
coming to rest behind his neck. "You'll be fine, and I'll be right
beside you the whole time."

Looking down, he watched as Deanna snuggled into his bare chest.
"Maybe you could go naked, that would take some of the attention off
of me." He suggested.

Her musical laugh spread to her eyes in the form of mischief. "I
don't think it would make a difference my gorgeous Imzadi, everyone
has already seen me naked."

"I'm not sure if I should be concerned about that." He grinned.

"It was only once." She assured him.

"Yeah but look what happened to me the first time I saw you standing
there in full naked splendour." His grin turning lascivious.

Deanna smiled at the memory and moved out of his embrace. "Go and
have a shower, I'll have this ready for you to put on when you get
out." She said, picking up his robe and crushing it against her.

"For what I have in mind Imzadi, neither of us will require that
robe." He winked. <You owe me big time tonight Imzadi, big time>
Sending her a last thought before the feel of the sonic shower
removed his powers of concentration, blocking out Deanna's promise to
fulfil his request.



Deanna woke to an annoying ache throbbing at the back of head.
"Great. Just great." She groaned until she realised that it wasn't
hers. Slowly blocking of the source, she turned around within the two
strong arms and gently placed a hand over the creased forehead of her
Imzadi. "Most probably tension." Deanna smiled at the position she'd
cornered him into, before extricating herself form his arms. Their
extravaganza was due to happen in approximately 6 or so hours.
Luckily for them, they'd been honoured a day off by the Captain for
lounging, relaxing and of course getting ready for their official
role in Betazed history.

"Deanna to Doctor..." Deanna proceeded no further as the door chime
rang. Glad she'd covered up in Will's immense robe, Deanna opened the
door to halt the next set of buzzing. Lwaxana strode in, and to her
surprise, Doctor Crusher.

"Beverly? How did you know?" Deanna stammered quietly.

"Little one, I could feel it all the way to the ambassadorial
quarters. Where is the poor boy." Lwaxana had a voice that travelled,
and in it's whispered form, her daughter was sure it would still wake
the dead.

"It's just a simple headache." Deanna shrugged, "I kind of shared it
with him last night I guess." She said, catching a glimpse of her
tired expression. Since the growth of their bond, she'd found herself
slipping into his mind more and more often during sleep, sharing
everything he felt, even pain.

"I'll go check him over." Beverly smiled, after scanning her friend
first. "I think a good breakfast and a shower will do wonders for you
both though." She winked, wandering into the bedroom.

Before Deanna could reply Lwaxana had brushed past her to traipse
after the doctor, as if it was a full red alert emergency.

The object of their intense scrutiny began to wake, with a head
shoved deep into the pillows, only allowing a muffled groan to escape.

"Well it's tension alright," Said Beverly as she closed up her
scanner and reached for a hypo. "And if you too have been swimming in
each others minds again, then that might not of helped either."
Beverly remembered her discussion the other day about Will having
blinding headaches. Will wasn't telepathic, but somehow he could
reach Deanna, but not naturally like a true Betazoid. And this
unnatural link became a little painful if pushed too often. But this
seemed to be just pure stress.

A familiar pressured hiss was heard, and the groans quietened, soon
followed by the appearance of a familiar face and voice. "Oh shit,
it's real." He moaned as he caught sight of Lwaxana pulling imaginary
lint off a pair of silk gloves. His head hit the pillows hard, at the
same time his eyes squeezed shut.

"Hey it's Ok Imzadi." Deanna whispered into his ear as she sat down
on the bed and comforted him. "It's just an hour out of our life
together. I'll be by your side the whole way." She felt him chuckle
lightly before he struggled upwards, with some difficulty as Deanna
was sitting on the edge of the bed linen.

Squinting into the bright light of the room he viewed his audience.
"Well it's good to know people are concerned." He said, soon eyeing
his blue robe on Deanna and tightening the sheets around his waist.
<Umm can you get Beverly out of here before her curiosity exposes
me?"> He sent, as Beverly seemed more interested in the pile of
slightly open boxes than Will's head.

"I'm sorry but I'm going to have to ask for privacy so Will and I can
get ready for the ceremony. And Beverly...thank you." Deanna said,
hugging her friend tightly, before chaperoning them both toward the
living room.

"Best of luck Deanna, I know you'll both look stunning. And don't
forget... I want a holopicture." She winked before waving goodbye.

<Oh Deanna I envy you> Her mother sent, giving her a comforting hug,
drawing a surprised look from her daughter. <The excitement of being
newly wed and crowned siblings of our House.> She wistfully continued
her thoughts of past days, as she waved her way out of the room,
leaving them some semblance of peace.

"So how long till I'm needed?" Will asked, wiping the sleep from his
eyes, standing tall and using the sheet as a wrap around in case his
new mother-in-law buzzed her way back in.

Deanna picked up the padd and ran her finger over the index. "It's
nearly 10:00, so we've got about six hours on our hands. And some
heavy reciting to learn." She said placing it back down onto the side
table and merging herself within his strong muscular arms.

"Did I wake you?" Will asked, concerned about the pain he may of
passed onto her.

"No it's fine Will." She smiled, "woke up with a hell of a headache
but soon rectified the source." Kissing his lips lightly and heading
for the bathroom.

They rested and practised their lines between mouthfuls of rich
platter foods to nibble on for brunch. Curled up beside each other,
Deanna beaming at the way Will took the ceremony in perfect stride.
Reciting the Betazoid words effortlessly out loud. Sure there were a
few he couldn't pronounce at first, but for a human, Will had learnt
Betazid extremely well.

"Helps to fall in love with one, and to write poetry for her" He
replied. Slapping his shoulder affectionately Deanna tuttered at his
attempt to sweet talk her. Pulling him down into a deep kiss.

As the chrono chimed 9:00, she sighed. The last thing Deanna wanted
to do right now was to leave his protective embrace, but tradition
was calling for them. "Well Mr fabulous, it's time we got ready. Only
an hour left to be presentable."

The vibrations from Will's chuckle felt just like minute tremors. As
he smiled a lop sided grin. "Remind me why I'm doing this?"

Removing the blue robe and draping it over the bed end, Deanna turned
to him in her full bare glory. "Because you are the most sensitive,
and kindest man I have ever met." And ignoring the look of hunger in
his eyes, wandered into the bathroom, swinging her hips seductively.

Turning on the sonics, she paused before getting into the bay, just
as Will's broad frame leaned up against the bathroom wall. "I need to
apologise for being so difficult over this." His eyes all large and
doe eyed.

"And just how do you intend to make up for your indiscretion?" Her
eyes taking in the bulge beneath the fabric. Taking one of his hands
she pulled him closer to slowly run her fingers through the light
path of hair scattered over his chest, the others loosening the twist
of the sheet around his waist.

"By helping to wash your feet Imzadi." He offered, moving her
backwards into the stream of the sonics and taking her mouth whole
into his. As her fingers expertly grasped him, he let out a groan of
pleasure, urging him onward.

The sonics hummed to the powerful energy of two beings, now one,
until their moves became even more frantic. Cries of passion and
ecstasy were later replaced by harsh breathing. Each trying to brace
themselves before their legs collapsed beneath them.

Still panting, Deanna smiled into his eyes. "I love how you
apologise." Tracing a finger around his left nipple before descending
down to stop at the end of the hairy trail above his belly button.
"Want to beg for forgiveness again?" She smirked, turning off the
sonics. To answer, he required no words, only to lift her up in his
arms and to stagger back to the bed.

What seemed like hours later, Deanna glanced over Will's shoulder at
the chrono just in case and shrieked. "Will!" She fought off his
exploring hands, his moves sluggish as his heartbeat tried to slow
from the massive work-out. Deanna's own body still in the throws of
ecstasy failed to work as she stumbled out of bed and landed on the
floor. "Ow. Damn legs won't work." Will's laughter became contagious
as they both lay laughing at their own current disabilities.

Eventually they both struggled upward, Deanna racing to shower again
first, allowing Will the lesser of the time left to get dressed.
Deanna had only just stood up from helping Will attach his codpiece,
when the Daughter of the Fifth House came knocking.

Dressed in a long golden silk dress, Deanna hurried out to the door
to stall her long enough for Will to get his boots on. Her flowing
dress was identical to Will's patterning, though it was white
embossed over the golden fabric. A long split up one side, showing
off her boots and tights aswell, though not as flamboyantly cut as
Will's tunic front. "My what a beautiful sight for this old
daughter." Lwaxana exclaimed. "Let me check your lacings." She said,
spinning Deanna like a top and checking the golden lacings that
fitted the dress to every curve of her body. The tall neck, tapered
down to a low cut bodice where the large jewel encrusted emblem lay
over her midriff. A delicate necklace lay gently against her
breastbone matching the earrings that were revealed by her expertly
style hair, that piled above her head, supporting her tiara.

"Sorry to butt in, but could someone help me adjust this codpiece,
it's kind of biting every time I walk." Will grimaced as he lent
against the door jam of the bedroom.

"William you truly are a gentleman of Betazed." Lwaxana exclaimed
dramatically, nearly crying at the sight of them together. "Here,
just one more thing." She said handing him the pair of white gloves
he'd seen her playing with that morning. The true Daughter to the
Fifth House, Lwaxana Troi was also dressed in the same style as her
daughter but carrying the relics of her house. A short stubby golden
pot and a small carved box, no doubt holding the holy rings.

Fitting the gloves and moving around gingerly to make sure the family
jewels were comfortable, Deanna smiled at him. "My prince." She said
proffering her arm.

Will graciously clasped his arm around hers and together they both
stood before Mrs Troi, ready to advance out into the corridor and
towards the transporter room. Just as Lwaxana turned for the door, a
strange smell caught Will's nostrils. "Uh Lwaxana, may I ask what
that is?" Ignoring the sharp jab in his ribs from Deanna.

"William! I thought you would of known. This is the sacred chalice of
Rixx." She said swinging it closer to Will's nose and receiving a
distasteful look from him.

"You weren't kidding when you said it was mouldy." He mused looking
at Deanna sympathetically.

"Nonsense, this is the sacred essence." She hmpfed.

Moments later the captain arrived, confirming the right coordinates
had been locked in the Houses were now ready for them. "Now if you'll
follow me. " Stepping out the captain then moved to the right,
indicating for them to follow through to the left of the doorway. As
regal as anything, Lwaxana erected her posture as tall as possible
and strode past Picard into the corridor. A corridor, as Will bulked
in horror, that was lined with every officer possible.

"All hands, Attention!" Worf boomed. "The House of Troi!" Every
officer stood tall to the Klingon's command, faces forward, but
peripheral vision no doubt doing overtime. No doubt the Klingon was
counting himself lucky he'd never pursued his and Deanna's
relationship now.

With all this pomp and ceremony, Will paused in the doorway until
Deanna tugged him along and got him moving. <Just focus on the
transporter padd Imzadi, it won't be long.> She sent.

Wandering down the corridor lined with every ensign, lieutenant and
junior grade officer he'd ever met, Will Riker began to sweat.
Anxiety was rife, and at any moment, he was pretty sure he was about
to do a runner to the next shuttle and get out of there.

Deanna, still with her arm linked through Will's, patted him
sympathetically. Just when he thought he could take no more, an
essence crept into his mind, steeling his nervous disposition and
calming him. Lwaxana smiled ahead of them at how much they both
relied on each other. As his soul mate wrapped herself around his
emotional core, he relaxed substantially, until he spied something
through the veil of euphoria.

<Oh shit!> Will swore. At the end of the long line lay the
transporter room, door wide open. Glancing around the form of Lwaxana
before him, Will could see the senior staff surrounding it's
interior, and one red headed officer wearing a look that bespoke of
hilarity. Beverly's grin was so wide that he was sure the tears in
her eyes, the ones eyeing him off more than Deanna, were from pain.
<You promised she wouldn't see me in this.> Will groaned.

<Well I didn't know the captain was planning it to be so grand.
Besides you did say 'after' the ceremony.> Deanna sent the message
back infused with love and understanding. She knew exactly what her
Imzadi was feeling right now.

Once the party was inside, Picard and Worf included, the doors
closed, locking out the senior staffs well wishes from the rest of
the crew. "Nice legs." Worf greeted, knowing not what else to say as
he shook hands with Will's soft silk hand. Beverly hearing his
comment couldn't keep it in any longer and burst out laughing. Even
Lwaxana's burning stare couldn't stop the giggles. "I'm so sorry Mrs
Troi, it's just that... that.." she couldn't finish her statement as
she finally spied the jeweled codpiece.

Self conscious, he swung Deanna around to stand in front of him, glad
the tunic was heel length at the back. <Do something.> He commanded.

As Lwaxana took her place on the transporter, Will and Deanna paused.
"Thank you." Deanna said to her friends, then taking one of Will's
hands wrapped around her waist, she turned and held it within hers.
"And thank you Will." She said turning to kiss him sweetly. "My
prince charming." Will's anxiety dropping some.

Though he was sure that this costume had been outlawed in the 16th
century. He was feeling a little less awkward prancing about in it
<You did this on purpose.> He sent.

<I'm sorry Imzadi, we had to get you to relax within a crowd
situation, and somehow before we hit Betazed soil. I couldn't have
the son of the Fifth House peeing his tights in front of a bunch of
snobby nosed old women.> She smiled sweetly, kissing him once more
before pulling away and drawing him up to the padd, with a slight
grimace on his features as something pinched during his step up.
<Promise me there are no steps.> He sent, before turning back to his

"I'll be back soon Captain." Will said, keeping his eye contact from Beverly.

"All in good time number one. No rush, to the both of you. We'll
still be here to meet up with the Titan in due course. Just enjoy
yourselves" The Captain ordained. "Lwaxana." He said giving a small
bow in her honour. "Mr and Mrs Troi." He bowed again and called
"energise". Watching as Will rolled his eyes before the beam whisked
them away.



Extravagance was all Will could say as he viewed the Houses'
Piazza. An immense dome open ended at the base on each side,
balancing upon large doric columns to allow the sweet warm air to
waiver through. The mosaic murals upon the ceilings in shades of
white and cream depicted noble emblems of what Will guessed were the
house crests. White and gold leafed ornaments were tastefully
positioned around the room, almost blending in to the other people

"Ah Lwaxana! You made it." A short wirey man came forward grasping
Mrs Troi's hand and kissing it as he bowed. "This day is one that we
had hoped would arrive soon." The mans grovelling was incredible, but
Mrs Troi only seemed to bloom from this official. Dressed in gold
embroidered indigo, he seemed to be more a dignitary than of a House.

A Will glanced around and found a large smattering of people all
dressed the same way as Deanna and he, though a lot shorter, he
mused. Then again Betazoids weren't a tall race from what he'd seen
before on past trips here.

"Nor are all Terrans as tall as you I guess." A fake aristocratic
voice wafted into his ear. Realising his error in broadcasting his
thoughts, Will blushed and apologised to the gorgeously olive skinned
beauty beside him.

"I'm sorry Chandra. Guess I forgot where I was for a second." He
grinned as Deanna hugged the breath out of her friend.

"Just don't do it over there." Chandra jigged with her head. "They'll
consider you lower class and heathen." She grinned.

"Good to see nothing's changed then. So when are we supposed to..."
Will gestured with his hands.

"Ah in about another moment or so. Once the Holy Rings are in place
and the Debrente is ready, then we can begin." She looked him up and
down. "I envy you Deanna. And to think it was my wedding that I
missed him at." She winked, as Deanna pulled Will tighter against her.

"I must say I kind of like you in white silk Imzadi." Deanna purred
as she ran her fingers through the hair at the base of his neck where
it brushed against the high collar.

"And the only white I will wear after this my dear is a white
Starfleet dress uniform." He replied, leaning down to take her for a
breathless ride as he locked lips with hers. A clearing throat
brought them apart to find all eyes in their direction. Sniggering,
Chandra shook her head as she went to stand by Lwaxana.

A loud chime rang out, signify the ceremony was to begin.

Soon the Ten Houses took their places. Some House large in members,
and some bereft of only one of two members left, representing each of
their Houses. As Will and Deanna took their rightful place on either
side of Lwaxana. The Debrente, a priest-like official, began the
proceedings, telepathically. Lwaxana, one of the stronger telepaths
amongst the Houses acted as translator, sending the proceedings
onward to her own daughter, hoping Will could understand it via their

At times he found himself lost, having missed a few lines of praise
from the Debrente, the translation muffled and almost fuzzy to his
hearing. He knew he was going to have a headache before the end of

"May the new step forward and accept their destiny." The Debrente
called. And all three moved forward.

Lwaxana held out her hands, the Chalice of Rixx in one hand, the Holy
Rings of Betazed in the other. Passing them over, she then returned
back to her Houses' dock, leaving Will and Deanna to stand on either
side of a large crystal bowl of water, placed almost precariously
upon a plinth.

Will tried to focus but couldn't help but feel awkward as the
Debrente questioned his Imzadi, demanding to know if she wantonly
wished to take on the Rings and all that they held. And was she
ready. Will could feel her shiver in dread as the Betazoid official
laid out her duties once her mother had passed away to the deities.
Wishing he could hold her, he stilled himself for her sake and the
ceremony. So used to the quiet whistle of bird life outside
whispering in on the breeze, Will nearly jumped out o his skin when
the Debrente spoke aloud to him.

"Son William of Troi, are you willing to pledge your services to
Daughter Troi and all she is. Will you stand behind her heritage and
her body for the soul of Betazed. Will you dispel the old and accept
the House of Troi as your family. Answer thrice wisely." The
crotchety old lady rose her nose up high and waited as Will returned
each answer three times, soon re-reciting his replies and boring her
eyes into his soul for sure.

Breaking the Debrente's stare he looked to Deanna to see a small
smile appear at the corner of her mouth. "Son William of Troi."
Caught, Will turned back to the old lady to slowly see a smile appear
on his face. " I see you do represent her being well." She leant
forward taking Will's hand within hers and pulled at his fingers till
she had removed his glove totally, following soon with the other
aswell. Doing the same with Deanna she plunged both their hands into
the water, clasped together as one.

"The House of Troi, Fifth in the line of Ascension, Holy bearers of
the Rings of Betazed and the sacred Chalice of Rixx. I do claim you
complete and with Son." She called out, pulling Will and Deanna's
hands free of the water.

Another official draped in the same indigo and gold wiped their hands
dry and proceeded to place each of the Rings on their fingers. Twenty
Holy Rings, fitted upon each finger of the new Son and Daughter of
Troi. "Complete" The Debrente signified, soon followed by an applause
of clapping and silent cheering.

As the Houses came to congratulate them and Lwaxana, the sacred
chalice was handed to Deanna for her safe keeping. have to keep that mouldy pot on the ship.> Will sent. Receiving a
baleful look from one of the officials. Deanna laughed and pulled
him aside, looking down to view his bare hands and all ten of the
glittering pale bands of gold encircling his fingers.

"Thank you Son of Troi." She whispered into his ear as they pulled
each other into their grasp, Deanna fitting beneath his chin
perfectly. Many of the spectators agreeing as they warmed their
hearts with the view.

"And thank you Daughter of Riker." He jibed, wiggling his eyebrows.
"Though I am afraid that the sacred cabin of Alaska has to be shared
with one grouchy old hermit called my father, but I can offer you a
holy kiss from above." He grinned bending down and leaving her

Lwaxana appeared suddenly by their side, pulling them apart abruptly.
"Not now children, we have 'family' for you to meet." She said
drawing them into the diplomatic circle.

A few hours later and Will's head was buzzing, not to mention his
feet after standing so long in the uncomfortable boots. Feeling the
first pangs of hunger hit, he excused himself from the Daughter of
the Eighth house before her youngest daughter decided to ravish him
right out of those tights then and there.

He glanced over knowing exactly where she'd be, and waved in Deanna's
direction, her replying wave letting him know she wouldn't be long.
They seemed to have an internal tracking device for each other, he
could tell when she was in the room or even a corridor away, their
bond that much stronger since they stopped fighting it. But there
were still times they fought it, like when on duty. They're agreement
for the safety of the crew was with mutual understanding. At times
Will was sure he could get lost within her empathy and the same for
her too. Right now he seemed to be doing it again, jumping slightly
when a hand touched his shoulder.

"Sorry William." Said one of five men, all about Will's age, standing
beside him at the drinks table. The one who'd jolted him from his
dreamy sate smiled before continuing to sip his nectar. "Didn't know
Starfleet Captains were so jumpy." He mused.

"Probably still dazed that he's a Troi now." Grinned one man. "I'm
Dalienx, third house's son." He introduced himself. '"And that's
Alecx." He pointed to Will's waker.

"Call me Will." He replied taking the hand before him and lightly
shaking it. "And well yes and no, I've had a few years in getting
used to Lwaxana as my mother-in-law." A querying eyebrow leading Will
into describing Earthern customs.

"So how does it feel to be family?" Alecx, the second in line Third
House Son asked, winking at the others. Meanwhile slowly eating a
sticky Melwa fruit with a degree of skill no doubt earned from years
of eating them.

"Family?" Will queried, then realised they weren't talking about just
him and the Troi's, but the whole of the Betazoid Aristocratic
society. "Feels good, really good. Except for the tights." He mused
more to himself, before another group of men moved over and
introduced themselves, all speaking for his benefit and causing quite
a raucous, until Deanna appeared.

"I see you've found the riff raff." Deanna grinned, moving into
Will's arms. She could feel how relaxed and comfortable he was now.
She could even feel a slight sliver of belonging filtering in through
their link.

"Congratulations Deanna," Dalienx saluted with his nectar glass.
"He's a fine and worthy catch. For a Terran, and I mean this
sincerely, it takes xiesta to wear tights in front of a bunch of
strangers." He winked, as the whole group agreed.

"Thank you Dali," Deanna smiled warmly before moved forth and hugging
him for his kindness. <It means a lot to me for Will to fit in here.>
She sent.

<The pleasure is ours Deanna, he's more suitable for this role than
half the House Sons here> He grinned. <We are proud to have him as

Deanna pulled away with small tears of happiness. Unaware of what had
just transpired, Will immediately was by her side, wiping away her
tears with his thumbs as he held her chin up, gazing into her eyes
for an answer.

<It's alright Will, these are tears of joy> Pulling his head down and
engulfing his being within one almighty kiss. A polite round of
clapping and murmurs of approval were blocked as Deanna enraptured
Will within what she was feeling, immense joy and belonging. The same
he too had been feeling moments before. After a while they parted,
understanding in each others eyes, until Will winked and placed a
Cheshire grin upon his face. "So, what does a Son of the Fifth House
have to do to get a drink around here."

"Well first he has to serve the Daughter then himself, that's if Mr
Homm isn't present." She laughed, pulling him away from the crowd.

"I will always serve you Imzadi." He whispered, his love and joy
filling her being. "But only as long as you can unhitch this
ridiculous codpiece without damaging the equipment, and heirs."

"Heirs?" She enquired.

"Well I was hoping to be smothered by grand children by the time I
was old and grey." He grinned.

"Well first things first Imzadi," She moved in, rubbing her body
against his seductively, "we have to work on them one at a time." Off
to the side of the chamber, their sight hidden by an array of
embroidered tapestries in white, Deanna began arousing something
under the jewels that quite frankly, Will Riker was beginning to
worry about. Strangulation was not something he wanted to try.

"Perhaps a more relaxing setting would be preferable." Will offered
as her hand slid up his tunic front, teasingly tracing his belly
button above the tights. Deanna looked up to see Will already with
his eyes closed from her ministrations.

"It's fine Will...." She started to say until the voice of Lwaxana
appeared. "Little one! Oh little one!"

Risking a look Deanna immediately stopped and peered around the
tapestry to see Lwaxana hunting them down, and heading in their
general direction. In fear of being discovered, Deanna fumbled to
find her communicator, "Looking for something." Will grinned holding
out his own, but just out of her reach.

"Will! Not now, Beam us out!" She pushed. Hoping that the official
pausing her mothers advances would contain her long enough.

"Only if you keep to your promise." His nefarious grin riding up to
his mischievous eyes, his breath still heavy from their attempted
union. "No chocolate, only me." He leant down and tried to kiss the
squirming counsellor, and his wife.

"Ok! Ok! Just get us out of here...!" She stressed, pushing away his
mouth and grabbing the communicator from his hands. "Troi to
Enterprise. Two to beam out immediately!"

As the golden flickers of the transporter pulled them apart piece by
piece, they froze during the process, lips together and Deanna's hand
riding still up his tunic. The last thing Lwaxana saw as she passed
the tapestry was her Daughter and Son wrapped together as one,
beaming up to the heavens.

"Oh Ian. I think the universe is truly complete now." She whispered
with a wide all knowing smile. Giving her blessing, she glanced
upwards to the sky, and laughed. "Enjoy, my little ones."

The big jewelled fancy end