Title : Irresistable
Series : TNG
Author: Sarajayne
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Captain Picard turned down another intersection leading him toward the
Enterprises’ main brig, and entered the lightly guarded entrance. There
was no need for a guard in the captain’s mind, but the man inside had

And that man was? None other than his executive officer.

“Commander, would you do me the good favour in explaining why you have
ensconced yourself within our brig facilities?” Picard requested as he
faced the tall man slumped forward on the small inner cell bench.

Knees spread wide, their owner lent heavily upon them taking his time
to compose a worthy answer.

Hands clasped in front of him, Will Riker slowly allowed his head to
rise as the captain took a seat next to him. There wasn’t much room,
but the captain managed to perch there comfortably.

“Sir, I’m sorry but I think its best if I stay here a while.” If the
older man hadn’t known Will Riker he’d have missed the faint blush of
guilt or embarrassment coating his cheeks.

Picard allowed one eyebrow to rise northward. “Well Number one, from

what I’ve heard the officers quarters are very comfortable. More so
than a hard plastiform bench in my opinion.” Jean Luc jested lightly,
hoping to bring out the humour that normally came so easily to Will
Riker. But Will remained cold and silent.

“I haven’t heard of any charges directed towards you, nor complaints
Will.” The captain urged, using his diplomatic patience to allow his
officer time to formulate a reply. “Perhaps Deanna could help?”

As soon as the offer was spoken, Will groaned. “Ah no sir. Thanks all
the same but I need a little distance from the counsellor right now.”

A small twinkle in his eye, allayed that the captain had a theory.
“Would the counsellor be the reason you are here?”

Will sat up, grimacing from the stiffness of slouching for so long.
“No sir. It was my idea.” He rubbed a tired hand across his jaw,
stifling a yawn and wondering how spiky and unkempt his hair must be by
now. “I need a refuge, just for a few nights sir.”

“Are you aware that this refugee will affect your ship’s duties?” the
captain queried, starting to grow bored with Will Riker’s circling
refusal to answer his questions.

“Yes sir. It’s just….” He sighed and dropped his head back into his
hands. “I saw Beverly earlier and she agreed sir. It’s just not safe
for me to be in command of anything right now.”

Curious, Picard stood up to face his executive officer. Watching as the
man before him struggled to face him. “Is it viral?” Ready to call
Beverly at a moments notice.

“No sir. Genetic.” He replied promptly. “And Betazoid.” Finally looking
up with a sheepish grin.

Shaking his head the captain grinned in reply. “Number one, if this is

The normally reliable officer still looked a little flushed. “No sir,
it’s alright. Dr Crusher was going to inform you later as to Deanna’s

“A condition that is affecting you?” He prompted “Will…for you to stay
here, I need a full report, not a shy answer dodging session.” The
frank but true statement forced Riker to shake off his relaxed posture
into a rigid stance.

Bracing himself, by moving towards a wall to lean against, Will began
to tell his tale of woe. “Deanna may be only half Betazoid, but she
packs a lot into that half. Including the genetic pheromones and
over-sexualisation that occurs with a Betazoid and her mate.” Picard
watched as Will stared at the floor, reciting the details in a
controlled monologue.

“Like the phase you spoke of before with Lwaxana.” Picard surmised.

Riker nodded. “Deanna’s not of that age just yet, but there are other
stages…like the one she’s progressing through now.”

Picard began to frown with concern. “Has Dr Crusher confined the
counsellor to her quarters?”

Riker glanced up and blushed again. “No sir…” He swallowed hard. “She
can only affect those bonded to her hormonally.” Will looked as if he’d
been told he had a son out there somewhere. “And that person is me

Picard smiled. “Will, we know the two of you are close…”

“Closer than you think…soul mates on a cosmic Betazoid level.” He
gulped before sliding down the wall to hang his head in shame. “I
shouldn’t even be telling you these things. Lwaxana will kill me.”

Depressing his communicator, Picard signalled for Dr Crusher. Soon
carrying on with his interrogation. “What effect does Deanna have over
you in this state? Is it pheromone based?”

“More like smitten based.” Beverly jibed as she appeared at the
entrance to the brig’s main cell. “Will, I said to lock yourself into
your quarters. Not court martial yourself.” She stated, flipping open
her medicorder and taking a reading.

“She has my access codes.” He whispered quietly. Feeling like he was
betraying ever secret they had.

Picard moved to Beverly’s side, gaining her attention. “How is he?”

A beatific smile enveloped Beverly’s face. “He’s showing elevated
stress levels which is understandable. But the serotonin levels are all
over the board.” She knelt beside Will and drew a hand over his
forehead. “Temperature seems fine. Hypo must have helped. How’s the

Again Will Riker blushed. “Subdued. Headache is killing me though. Nero
blockers are helping but she’s still trying to get through.”

Picard’s raised eyebrow prompted Dr Crusher to hold a finger to her
lips. “Don’t ask. Lets just say that, Deanna and Will have a bond that
was created a long time ago when they were too young to know what they
were doing. In the long run it meant that Deanna could sometimes send
to Will.”

Again another eyebrow rose to meet the first as the captain stood
astonished at his bridge crew’s capacity to keep him unawares of this
important fact.

“In this case, or stage. Deanna is unconsciously sending images
directly to Will. It’s left him pretty bamboozled and seeing as some
things she is sending aren’t exactly kiddie-safe, he’s been
experiencing some pretty interesting bodily effects.” She smirked,
trying not to giggle at recent memory of the shy Commander asking for
something to stop unwanted erections.

“You’ve got that right. Feel like I’ve been working 36 hours straight.”
Will yawned. Holding a hand over his mouth, he closed his eyes only to
moment’s later blink them wide open as Deanna sent him something hot,
daring and dangerous.

“Oh hell, she’s doing it again.” Will groaned through clenched teeth as
he covered his lap in frustration.

“Doctor?” Picard queried, seeing the agony and ecstasy written all over
Riker’s face.

“I’d say Deanna is getting stronger. The amount of neuro-blockers in
Will’s blood is still a healthy level. I’ll have to increase her dose
along with Will’s.” She replied dialling up another hypo.

“Before you do…” the captain started, waiting till the doctor had
paused with her hypo. “…I believe this is all part of the phase in some
way, but a different level, mind before body.” He waited for Beverly’s
nod. “Then why are we keeping them apart. Wouldn’t they both be better
off in each others company?”

“I don’t trust myself.” Riker voiced. Causing the duo to turn and look
back to their barely sexually restrained first officer. His chest rose
with heavy gasps as air rushed in and out, and sweat beaded his
forehead. “She’s a victim in this as much as I am. I won’t take
advantage of her to cure myself.” Despite the seriousness of the
conversation, he sighed happily as his Imzadi pleasured his soul.

Jean Luc began to pace. A habit he’d picked from Will Riker. “Have you
asked her?”

“What?” Will murmured, eyes closed. Jerking out of his sensual daydream.

“If she wants to cure this “stage” in her life with you.” Jean Luc
rubbed his forehead at the awkward situation. “Have you asked her if
she wants to ravish you till she’s healed? Being a gentleman may cause
more harm than good Will.”

Beverly seemed gob smacked, where as Will just laughed. “No I haven’t.
She’d just tell me I was thinking of the flesh and not the soul.”
Thinking back to his first few smitten days on Betazoid, and the
beautiful psychology student.

“Ask her. You know she would hate to see you in pain Number One.” Jean
Luc stated. “Doctor, I will leave him in your charge, and Will…I
approve your request for release of duty, but you will not reside in my
brig. That is for criminals and heathers. Neither of which you
resemble.” Giving a small nod, Picard retreated from the cell, doors
swiftly closing behind him as he exited the brig.

“Well I guess that means I either strap you down in sickbay and
introduce you to my new med techs who’d love to see little
Will-the-thrill in action, or I go and see Deanna. See if I can set-up
a dinner date between you two.” Beverly smirked at Will’s discomfort
before administering the hypo to hopefully block Deanna’s sultry

“Didn’t know date fixing was a doctors prerogative.” Will sighed as the
feelings of desire subsided.

Well I for one see this as fate. About time nature knocked you both
back into each others arms.” She winked. Snapping shut her medicorder
and making her way to the cell’s doorway. “Head back to your quarters
Will. I’ll see how Deanna’s doing. And if she knocks on your door, let
her in, ok? She may be hurting more for your refusal than your need.”
And with that, she left him alone to ponder.


Will Riker stood under the cold water of his shower, hands braced
against the wall as he tried to shake the hot thoughts burning through
his groin.

“Dammit it to hell!” he ground out, fighting the urge to reached down
lower and release the pent up frustration. It’d been 6 hours since the
captain had ordered him to his quarters and Crusher’s hypo. She’d
assured him she’d dose Deanna up to. Obviously both their hypos were
wearing off.

Squeezing shut his eyes, and trying to concentrate on the frigid cold
water gave only a slight relief. Giving up and deciding to take the
easy way out, Will began to lower a hand until a small arm encircled
his waist. “Dee…anna.” He groaned as her petite hand grasped the one
region he’d nearly handled himself seconds ago.

”What did I tell you about the mind over the body William.” Her voice
purred as her lips slowly kissed their way from one shoulder blade to
the next. Steadying himself against the wall with both hands once more,
he watched as she reached around to turn off the water.

“Cold water makes Billy a soft boy.” She giggled.

“No, don’t. You’re not well Deanna.” Will ground out. “We both need Dr
Crusher. Not this.” He almost pleaded as he felt the first signs of her
psychic fingers entering his mind. The filaments of the bond broadening
with her careful knitting of love and soul.

“I’m not sure I want Beverly to join us Will. Threesomes are foreign to
Imzadi.” Her response rang throughout his mind. Deanna was talking to
him now mentally, no longer verbally. She was happily ensconced within
his mind, like another cerebral half, and part of him relished this

The other half began to panic. “This isn’t right Deanna.” he spoke,
fighting the sensual tingles of his figment fingers tracing his grey
matter. “This is wrong, you’ll hate me for this.” He trembled as fear
flashed to the forefront of his emotions. “I can’t live without you
Imzadi, please don’t cause me to loose you.” Tears were running down
his face as he felt her turn him around. His back against the cold
tiles of the shower recess.

“We both want it Imzadi. I won’t hate you. I never have. You complete
me. You release me from ceremonial inheritance…and I love you.” She

Will opened his eyes and took in her naked damp body. Beads of shower
water covering her olive skin. Her hands wrapped themselves around his
neck, playing with the hair at the base of his skull. A set of fingers
tracing his beautifully trimmed beard till she came across the dimple
on his majestic jaw. “I miss this dimple.”

And she smiled…and Will could have sworn the room had brightened ten
fold, a hundred fold even. “I love you Imazdi. And I am not sick…I am
in love.”

Within moments realisation struck Will wholeheartedly. She did love
him, and he was a fool to push her away when she needed him. And an
even bigger fool to push her away when he needed her. “Imzadi. I want
this, do you?”

“I have always wanted you. Especially when you’ve bedded others. You’re
mine Imzadi, heart, soul, mind.” The vixen smile finalised the
agreement as Will wrapped his powerful arms around her body and lift
her from her feet. Four quick strides and they were at his bed, sheets
soon bereft.

As the four armed, many-legged beast heaved and groaned, murmurs of
love cried out, echoing off walls. But only one word of love was shared
internally. “Imzadi” The word ringing through the newly combined soul.

One soul, one heart, one Imzadi. And many many orgasms.


“Well?” Picard asked. Trying to loose his tightening uniform collar. He
felt uncomfortable standing here outside his first officers quarters
like a voyeur.

“If it wasn’t for sound proofed walls, you know for sure.” She winked.
“They’re definitely at it. Another medical case solved.”

“Only because drugging Deanna would have gone against your Hippocratic
oath when she demanded to see Will and sort this out the Betazoid way.”
His eyes twinkling with mirth.

“Who compromised Will’s new door code?” Beverly’s red hair reminding
him of a she-devil.

Indicating with one hand for them to move along the corridor, Picard
chuckled. “Call it an early wedding present.”

And as the pair meandered down the corridor, Deanna and Will bathed in
the afterglow of love making, held each other and wondered why they had
fought separation for so long, when it felt so right to be as one.

“Because you never listened to me little one.” Lwaxana replied, as she
listened in to her daughters far away query.


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