Title : Losing your head over love
Series : TNG
Author : Sarajayne
Rating : Off with her head!
Disclaimer : TPTB own the characters, but I get to play with Riker's
fears ;-)
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Losing your head over love


“No! Wait!” William Riker commanded as his burly guards dragged him
forward. The immense chopping block and its telltale signs of prior use
making his legs rubbery with fear.

“It wasn’t my fault! You’ve got the wrong man!” He continued to fight
for his freedom, but his hands were painfully roped together about the
wrists. His black masked guards dragging him up each well-worn step
towards his doom.

The headsman stood poised, as silent as death itself, leaning upon his
axe handle. Waiting for his next customer. “I didn’t mean it!” Will
Riker screamed again as the crowd roared with excitement.

A foreboding figure moved across the chopping platform to stand before
Will, as he was thrust down onto his knees before the fateful headsman
block. “If you didn’t mean it, then why did you let yourself follow the
path of love?” the figure asked.

Will stammered with confusion. “wwww..with love?”

“You. Commander William Thomas Riker. Have been found guilty of love,
passion, and for giving away your soul.” The cloaked figure announced
with finger pointed at his condemned soul.

“Who the hell are you!” he snarled, anger taking over from fright.

“Headsman, may your strike be true.” The woman’s voice ordered as Will
Riker found his neck shoved forward to lie upon the worn groove of the
headsman’s block. “In the name of love” the figure announced

Pushing back her hood to reveal the seductive face of his Imzadi, was
the last thing William Riker ever saw…

…till he awoke in a cold slick sweat, heart beating madly. A light
touch to the base of his neck made him flinch till he noted Deanna’s
concerned face peering into his wide-eyed gaze.

“I’m fine. I’m fine.” He repeated, wrapping a hand around the back of
his neck to hold her hand.

“A dream?” Deanna enquired, running her other hand over his chest.
Feeling the thump da thump of his slowing heart beat.. She noted the
small nod of his head, and the sly grin.

“Let’s just say that I lost my head over love for you Imzadi.”

The chop chop end

Sjayne : 1/10/06