Title: Lust is a tricky thing
Series: TNG
Author: Sarajayne
Rating: Innuendos abut two adults who love each other very much, but
no animal noises for you Robin ;-)
Feedback: Would I ever say no?

Disclaimer: TPTB owns them, but I've just borrowed, worked them hard
and exhausted them for a moment ;-)


"How is he?" The captain whispered, glancing through the glass from
Beverly's office.

"He'll be fine Jean Luc. Again." She sighed. "Mild exhaustion, a
little blood loss but he'll perk right back up there." Beverly

"That's what I'm afraid of." The Captain replied, with a heartfelt
sigh. "We've got the Zebralian Conference on in two days, and Will's
presence is a must." He ran a hand over his bald palate, showing his
worry in leaps and bounds.

"Stop worrying about him. He's quite safe here. And he is
recovering." She smiled warmly and placed a comforting hand on the
Captain's arm, squeezing it with encouragement before herding him to
the door.

His solidness didn't budge. "And Deanna?"

"Well she was pretty distraught over Will, which is understandable,
but she's fine. I gave her a sedative to relax her. Both of them need
rest, and her worry over Will isn't helping either, nor yours.
Now..don't you have somewhere to be Captain? Like a bridge or
somewhere?" She hinted.

He smiled at her persistence. "Love is grand is it not Beverly?"
Before turning on his heal and moving out into the main sickbay area.
He sidled up to the sleeping XO and listened to the deep breathing,
accompanied by the occasional snore.

"You know, at first I thought it all pretty much hilarious, but
seeing the after effects on them, now I'm not too sure. " Beverly
mused quietly.

"You said yourself that they'll be in tip top shape by the conference
Doctor. You're not disputing that theory now are we?" He inquired
with a raised eyebrow.

"No no not at all, it's just that, well...seeing Will with passionate
fingernail marks and severe exhaustion was fine at first, but this is
the third time Jean Luc. I've never seen injuries this bad from
something so simple as sex. And that's counting the time Will came
back from Risa on a stretcher." She laughed, well aware that there
was no way in which she'd be able to wake Will with simple noise, not
with the recuperative drugs circling his system.

Picard smiled, a twinkle of mirth in his hazel eyes as he finally
made his way to the door, pausing before escaping the confines of
sickbay and heading for his demanding bridge. "Well from what they'd
informed me of before hand, I do believe the phase is something not
to be taken lightly Beverly, not lightly at all."

"Aye sir, that I totally agree with." Beverly grinned as she gazed
back down to the more than satisfied face of Will Riker.

The rumpy pumpy end ;-D