Title : A Merry Frown-Mas To All
Series : TNG
Author : Sarajayne
Rating : ooo me aching head
Feedback: that or a mince pie would be nice
Disclaimer: Paramount own Trek but I'm taking them for a spin ;-)


A Merry Frown-Mas to all


“Are you sure it’s a good idea sir?” Vale enquired as she joined the
Titan’s tall captain at an intersecting corridor.

Glancing sideways and barrelling onward down the corridor for the
nearest turbolift, Will Riker grimaced. “I have to say our diplomatic
officer moves fast.”

“Whatever you said really ticked her off sir. We were scheduled to
finish off on a few evaluations. For her to cancel so angrily…” Her
voice trailed off as she sighed. “She said to stick the Captain’s
reports up his torpedo bay.” Vale spoke squeezing her eyes shut for a
moment as Riker stopped suddenly.

“Why is it that the moment I do something wrong, half the women on this
ship immediately know?” With his back to Christine Vale, Riker tried
hard not to take it out on his first officer. She was only passing on a

Vale adjusted her shoulders and readied herself for a reprimand. The
Titan’s first officer had gotten used to the casual banter with Deanna
during crew evaluations. And sometimes it strayed to the mighty chested
man before her. The one with fire in his eyes. “Sorry sir, I over
stepped the line.”

He sighed. “Don’t worry about it.” His shoulders slumping before
turning and striding forward once more. “She’s right, she’s always
right. Not sure why, but I’m going to find out.”

Vale frowned and quickened her pace to catch up to the long strides he
was putting out. “She didn’t say what made her lock you out of your
quarters. Only that you were culturally biased and asked me to ignore
anything you requested to do with ordering up pointed ears.”

He smiled at that and slowed his pace. “She may have a point. Though
making me seek out guest quarters wasn’t fair.” Punching the call
button for the lift he exhaled heavily. “Tell me Christine, what’s
you’re stand on Christmas festivities on board a multi-species ship?”

“Christmas?” Vale repeated. Waiting for Riker to enter the lift first.
“What does that have to do with Vulcans?”

“Elves Chris. Pointy eared elves.” Will turned and grinned just before
the lift doors closed between them. One finger tapping the top of his
left ear.


Striding off the lift and onto the bridge of the Titan, Riker’s eyes
were immediately drawn to the brown haired beauty sitting left of his
command seat. Her back was rigid and straight, and no doubt she was
well aware who had just stepped up behind her. “Can I see you in my
ready room counsellor?”

Heading for the doors, he ignored the heated anger she sent his way via
the bond. He was still getting used to that. With their marriage and
acceptance of the bond’s full connection, there were times Will Riker
could swear he was a Betazoid. All he could feel and hear in his mind
was Deanna’s ramblings about uneducated apes.

[at least I didn’t de-evolve into a frog] he sent back to her. His
flippant comment hit the right spot. Resting one hip upon his desk,
Will folded his arms and watched her angry open mouthed stare.

“Now that you’ve quite finished insulting my heritage and beliefs,
would you like to explain why I spent last night as a guest on my own

“Every captain should know how comfortable his quest quarters are.”
Arms crossed, mimicking his own stance she added a small smile of

“Not when he is married to his diplomatic officer. Deanna let’s drop
this. All I wanted was to celebrate something special with the crew.”
He could see she wasn’t going to make this easy, and perhaps backing
down was the only way.

Deanna advanced a few more steps into his ready room. Will Riker
partially glad the door was closed as she wrapped her arms around his
shoulders. Was she going to kiss him or throttle him? “I did miss my
bed warmer last night.” She taunted.

“Great. So I’m a heating specialist now? Deanna…Imzadi…what’s wrong
with celebrating Christmas here on this ship? Sure it’s not every one’s
‘cup of religion’ but surely we can just look at the fun side and not
the religious ramifications.” He bargained for his life.

“Have you even considered the ramifications Will?” She asked, moving
away to take a seat in his chair. Seeing his one raised eyebrow she
continued. “How would the Vulcans feel being portrayed as elves?”

“We’ve been through this already. We just cut out anything to do with
elves.” Glaring at his wife now occupying his throne.

“And the Ferengi?” She added.

Sighing, he wander away from the desk and melted into the couch across
the room. “What about the Ferengi?”

“Well have you wondered how they would cope with the theory of giving
presents and not expecting one in return? The theory of festive
generosity without profit.” She watched Will roll his eyes. “How a
minority on board this ship are allergic to pine trees. And what about
the Hanvalians?” She watched Will throw his head back to lie across the
couch back and sighed heavily. His eyes now closed in irritation.

“I have a beard. How would the Hanvalians see it as an insult?” One
blue eye skewering her with the query.

“You’re beard isn’t white, long and accompanied by white bushy eyebrows
and a big belly. And not very jolly if you go ahead with this. Santa to
them would be an insult about their physical appearance. Shall I go
on?” She grinned seeing Will wave one hand high as if to surrender with
a white flag.

“Can I at least have mistletoe to kiss you from under?” He prodded.

Unable to keep her smile hidden any longer from watching him squirm,
she vacated his seat and carefully stepped over his long legs to sit
next to him. “We could have a turkey.” She offered.

“I feel like one.” He sighed but added a smile. “I knew there was a
reason I fought for you as my diplomatic officer.” Quickly leaning over
and kissing her nose he added a large maniacal grin “ Know-all.”

“So Christmas is cancelled?”

“Guess so. What did we do last year on the Enterprise?” Will asked
trying hard to remember his last festive encounter.

“Well you spent it unconscious, and I sat next to you holding your hand
when that rogue entity attacked your away team on Lucinder 9.” Deanna
tenderly took his hand in hers and kissed it gently.

Blushing a little, Will Riker gave in. “Yeah, now I remember…or don’t.
So…umm….can I move back in?”

“As long as you come bearing gifts.” Her hand moving down from his, to
wander lower.

Leaning away from her teasing fingers he looked affronted. “I thought
you said no Christmas?”

A wicked glint to her eyes pulled him forward again. “ I thinking more
about a make-up gift for me, but if you want to dress up in baggy red
and whites….”

“Nah, we’ve worked out that clothes are just too restrictive where gift
giving is concerned.” He jibed. “And just to remind you, we’re in my
ready room. Christine could burst in anyti…...”

Covering his lips with her own she sent [Imzadi, she knows not to come
knocking till I give her the all clear when we make up] Letting their
lips part, she smiled at the loving look upon her husband’s face. “And
besides we’re both adults, I’m sure we can keep this just to
ourselves.” She winked, letting her hands wander lower once more.
Undoing his fasteners.

“I’ll let you make-up, but only if I can add one more festive
theme…you’re Prancer and I’m Dancer.” He winked before letting her
hands take him all.

The red rudolph end

Jingle balls jingle balls
Riker’s on his way ;-)