Title : In The Pale Moonlight
Series : TNG
Author : Sarajayne
Rating : ooo me aching head
A TNG challenge to celebrate man on the moon ;-)
Disclaimer : Bare butts belong to me, but the TPTB can have the
discarded clothing ;-)


As if sculptured by Michaelangelo himself, the figure’s sleek, solid
construction reflected the moonlight of Corsicus IV. Painting the pale
skin in a wash of ivory. Subtle dimples and creases highlighted the
toned body. And lust soon replaced awe of the watcher.

Bathed in the glowing orb’s aura, the sculpture moved, sensing the
wachee’s interest, and a smile slipped onto the soft jaw. Seduction and
torture as one, their gazes met, deciding who would break the silence

Turning back to the illuminessence of the silver globe. The statue
once more gazed out of the transparent aluminium. Admiring the beauty
before and behind. A small smile tugging at the corner of lips as the
intruder stood patiently behind. Waiting, watching and no doubt coming
up with the best line.

“You know it’s rude to moon new civilisations?” The intruder announced.

The statue turned, in it’s pure delicious nakedness. “Don’t I need to
be turned around to do that?’ The deep humourous voice replied.

Moving forward Deanna smiled coyly. “Well you are now.” Adding a small
teasing wink.

Will glanced behind him, his bare ass reflected in the pane, greeting
the orbiting moon and world below. He chuckled, the deep vibration
within his throat drawing goosebumps along the surface of Deanna’s

“So? Big boy. Any reason you’re out here flaunting your assets than in
here sharing them with me?” Deanna enquired, placing a foot forward to
begin her slow seductive waltz towards her marblesque prey.

Taking in the view, the Betazoid empath slowly but surely levelled her
senses, drowning in the warmth of his emotions. Naked as the day he was
born, except the beard and general terran hairiness, he stood before
her as a champion. A giant stead to provide safety and security. And
the love she always required, and always cherished.

Taking his first step, Will Riker only had to move once before he was
immersed within a pair of wonderfully petite arms. “I was just taking a
moment to realise how lucky I am. Where our past has led us to. And how
important those first few steps are to a new civilisation, like
Corsicus IV.”

Her upraised eyebrow and teasing fingers drew him on. “Without warp
drive, or that first step for mankind, way back in the 1900s, I’d of
never have met you. I have a lot to thank those first three brave
astronauts for.” He grinned.

“Well if your quite done here saluting to the moon, maybe we should
retire to more comfortable surroundings to thank the gods.” Her soft
perfect mouth tracing a line of faint kisses across his perfectly
structured collarbone.

“Houston, we have ignition.” He replied.


The bare bummed end 22/7/05