Title: A picnic for forty-three and a bit
Author: Sarajayne
Series: TNG

Rating: R/NC-17
feedback: Now who wouldn't
Disclaimer: Paramount owns our illustrious duo, but not the other forty-three


A picnic for forty-three and a bit

The sweet lilt of laughter could be heard over the mound of sand to a
nearby Risan pencil pine tree. It's large branches waving in the
gentle breeze carried off from the beaches shore, playing with their
voices and pushing them far.

A couple lay curled up together, fun and games at play, one tickling
the other until the other screamed stop.

"You Will Riker, will pay for that." The sensual Betazoid said with
mirth. Her pointing finger doing the best imitation of an evil
promise as she pulled together her swimsuit.

"Moi? Surely not. You started it did you not?"  The large bearded man
was sprawled across the blanket, with his legs hanging over into the
warm white sand.

"No. If I'm correct you were the first to start it when you bought
that Horghon along with you." Deanna said uncovering the ugly little
wooden sculpture she'd hidden from view.

"The captain stowed it away in my luggage Deanna, I had nothing to do
with bringing it here. It's his way of payback I'm sure. Anyway,
what's wrong with partaking in an activity that a woman happily
wishes to perform." He grinned from under the sunglasses and swatted
an insect before it made a meal of his warm skin.

Deanna shook her head in amusement at his excuse for gathering the
women in flocks. Neither had seen the sculpture until it fell from
his bag. Jealous, she'd picked it up without a word shoving it back
into his bag, flashing an angry glance at the women and towed him
along after her, arm in arm. The last thing she'd wanted was one of
the Risan girls asking if Will wanted hamogeron while they were
supposed to be enjoying shore leave together...alone.

Forced some would say, but Deanna had been glad they'd both been
hassled into leaving the ship for a brief rest. A set-up by the
Captain and Beverly Crusher, who she thought in her own mind needed
to take their own medicine.

Horghans. She laughed internally thinking how cheap the planet could
be with the sacred emotion of love. Well if Will really did like his
women like that perhaps it was time to give it back. Deanna gave Will
a deep smile as an evil thought crept into her mind. "Will?"

"Mmm?" Will replied with eyes closed and sun filtering through the
branches to dapple his body with tan.

"Maybe you should take off those baggy shorts. Wouldn't you prefer a
tan all over?" Deanna, leant over and began to drawing lazy circles
over his chest, watching as the corners of his mouth curled up.

"You sure it's a tan you want me to catch? Or you? Perhaps." He
winked once he'd lifted his sunglasses.

"Maybe both." She coyly remarked, leaning over to place pressure onto
his lips, her hands drawing the strings undone from his shorts. Will
groaned a little with pleasure as her hand trailed over the hardening
bump under the now loose fabric. Lifting his hips, he allowed her to
remove the garment, leaving him bare for all, soon covered by her
shadow as she leaned down and trailed her tongue over his abdomen,
winning another murmur from the man's lips.

His hands came up to try to remove her own garments a few times, each
time swatted away by her hands until she tired of their interplay
with her little game. Breaking off her ministrations she reached for
her bag, drawing out a sarong she's been wearing earlier and wrapped
it around each wrist as she pulled Will's arms back over his head.

"Hmm wanting to play rough are we Imzadi." Will's voice said,
cracking from the intense ministrations her tongue was preforming as
she sucked the tip of his ear.

Stretching him out straight she then anchored the playful arms to an
above ground tree root. She tested the knot and kissed each arm
slowly in length until she was back to his lips testing and teasing
his tongue with her own.

Still clothed she then began to draw further and further down his
body, until she'd covered every square inch of him in kisses and
teases from running her nails lightly over sensitized skin.

He was now beyond simple words as groan after moan replaced the words
of modern man's vocabulary. And still Deanna kept on until he was
beyond breaking once she neared her prize. He was hard and ready by
the time she'd gotten there, but refused it, reaching for the small
pot of jam in the basket beside her instead.

Will's breathe whispered from between clenched teeth as she plied his
manly wares with the sticky red jam in soothing caresses until he
begged for release. Deanna laughed to herself as she ignored his
frustrated sighs and began to encase the rest of him within the
sticky sugared substance.

Removing his sunglasses she found his eyes tightly clenched, at her
utter mercy as she kept up her torture. "Who needs a horghon now?"
She whispered into his ear waiting for his reply.

"Please Deanna." He gasped, bringing his knees up to topple her
forward onto his sticky chest. Lifting his hips until he could feel
her against him, waiting for her to do more than grind against it,
incased still in her swimsuit. He knew he had no way of satisfying
himself until she removed all and feared how much longer she was
going to draw this out for. "Deanna." He begged as with sudden
frustration he felt her lift herself up off him and move away.

Squinting through sun blinded eyes he watched her wander back down to
the beach, wading into the waves until she was waist high. The next
thing Will saw was his beautiful Imzadi casually washing off the
sticky jam from her bathers.

'Deanna?" He called starting to panic. "Deanna!" He yelled as he
watched her find a rock up high from the waves and assume her
meditation pose. Legs crossed she smiled before sending him a message
of scorn, about men who needed ugly tourist sculptures to get their
kicks with the local women, leaving the poor swollen man tied to the
tree with it's branches laughing with the wind.

"Deanna." He yelled on and off for quite sometime until he felt
something crawl up his leg. Shakily his limb he groaned as the sudden
movement caused pain to the over strained organ between his legs. As
he settled back, thinking maybe meditation could cure his problem, he
felt another tickle crawl along his leg, and then another and another
until he looked up and screamed.

"Deanna!!!!" Will's high pitched shriek broke through her mediation
to view a distress man kicking the sand around himself, arms
straining and pulling on his bonds with immense fear. Jumping quickly
from her perch, Deanna ran back to find herself unable to keep the
humour from her face.

"It's not funny Deanna! Get them off me!" He screamed as he wriggled
against the might of forty-three thousand ants traipsing across his
sugar coated body.

"They're only little harmless ants Will." She said looking for
something to gather water in.

"And they're about to find a rather dark warm cave if those tickles
have anything to do about it." He said aggressively as he thrashed
against the large mountain of ants forming a black tower upon his

Finding the salad bowl as ample as anything to carry water, she threw
out the leafy contents and made her way hurriedly back to the waters
edge, regardless of Will's pleas to untie him first.

Tears cascaded from each eye, as more and more ants made their hungry
way towards various parts of his naked body, until a large splash of
salty water flushed them away. "At least most of the jam has gone."
Said Deanna as she knelt down carefully amongst the drowning bodies
of the little black creatures, untying his wrists until he was free
to suddenly dash towards the waves.

Watching as a fully grown naked man rushed into the waves headlong
until he rose from the water like Adonis the Greek sea god, but less
godly as he roughly slapped and wiped his body rid of the phantom

Eventually he returned to stand before Deanna, reddened wrists rested
on his hips, no longer in arousal as he hung limp from the last few
terrifying moments of his torture at her hands.

He said two words "Payback time." Before shaking his head hard and
spraying her with water and a few more dead ants from his hair. Once
he was happy with her drenchment he then marched back to the picnic
area and grabbed his horghon, weighing it in his hand, before lofting
it into the air and deep into the sea from sight.

Deanna's claps of celebration made him smile as he turned around to
see her begin to pull the dead bodies from her hair. "Unfair." She

"My sentiments exactly." He replied before diving onto the sand and
knocking her flat. "Now." He said wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.
"Shall we continue our earlier activity or shall I just order up ants
next time you want to visit the holodeck for a romantic tumble in the

"Ants in my pants? No, But I can think of better things." Deanna said
finally lowering her swimsuit's straps to allow the poor Commander to
conquer her world.

As the sun set, two bodies became one, and the ants continued happily
throughout the picnic basket with no interference at all.

The Anty End.