Title: Squeak
Author: Sarajayne
Rating; naked Riker
Disclaimer: Paramout own him, but I own the trousers :-D


The gentle squeak of leather could be heard amongst the wide open
area of the hangar bay, drawing a smile to Deanna's lips. She didn't
have to turn to know it was him, she could feel his discomfort four
decks away before he'd even entered the shuttle bay.

"You alright?" She asked, trying to hide a giggle behind her petite fingers.

"Sure." He said, with a little gasp to his voice as he tried stepping
up into the shuttle. "Tell me something?" He asked once standing
right behind her. The sent of leather tingling her nose.

"Everything." She replied, still trying to hide the laughter in her reply.

"How the hell am I supposed to sit down in these tight trousers
without damaging the Riker line?" He grumbled as Deanna lost her
grip, and unable to keep in her laughter, became a wriggling bunch of
giggles before the poor Commander.

"It's not funny Deanna." He grumbled, rubbing a certain part of his
anatomy, before grabbing the tight leather and trying to inch it up
over his, now easily highlighted, muscled thighs to allow more room
for sitting.

"Well Commander, perhaps if you'd never rejected the section head's
advances, then she may of actually given you the right size to wear."
She winked, trying not to sight the large bulge between his legs once
he sat gingerly. His maleness hard to hide with the way his legs lay
wide open, his torso slumped back on an angle, just so he could

"What! And then get in trouble with you for flirting with the garment
advisor?" No thanks, I'd probably need Beverly's help in extracting
your foot from my groin and not leather stitching." He grumbled back.

"Well at least it's only for three hours Will. Then you get to go
nakid." She grinned, wholly enjoying herself in the moment.

"Nakid? Naked you mean. So tell me? How'd I get hood winked into this
mission anyway, surely the Captain would of been better." He said
hitting the co-ordinates and waiting for clearance to exit the
shuttle bay. "It's a damn diplomatic occasion anyway."

"Because it's a matriarchal world Will, where I get to be the
diplomat and you get to be may aid." She grinned. The subtle squeak
of leather hinting that he was trying to get comfortable again.

"But unclothed. How come the women get to wear clothes?" Throwing a
casual hand in the direction of her exquisitely tapestried cloak over
her roomy leathers.

"Because us woman don't like being ogled at. Besides I figure you'd
be a better specimen than the captain to show off with. " She winked
before blowing him a kiss.

"I see. The bigger the...." Deanna's lips over his caused him to shut
up his whining as she passionately took away his breath.

"Commander Riker, you now have clearance. See you back in three days
sir." The monotone voice of a young nav officer cut the two in half
as they laid back into their seats. One more uncomfortable now from
the decreasing space in his trousers.

"Acknowledged. Riker out." His voice a little higher than normal.
Punching the console harder than needed, he fired the shuttle out of
the Enterprise bay and set course for Dura Nine.

"You sure your OK Will? You know, you can take them off now if you
want." She offered as she saw him grimace in tandem with the
corresponding squeak. "We're light years from the Enterpise and just
about anywhere. No one's going to see you but me." She encouraged.

"I may have worn and done some strange things for diplomacy before
Deanna, but right now, flying a shuttle naked is not one of them. And
having to be bare assed in front of a whole civilisation of ogling
women is not my idea of fun." During his speech Deanna had giggled at
the way he changed seating postures every few minutes.

"Will, it's not like they're going to be starring at you, your just a
man to them, nothing more than a show and tell item." Her last words
she regretted as his blue eyes flashed angrily. Tightening his lips
against saying anything he tried moving again until he gave up in one
great sigh.

"Damn it!" He yelled standing up, instantly shrieking at the sudden
rearrangement of genitals being pulled in the wrong direction from
his body. Taking a deep breathe he carefully pried open the zip and
sighed with relief as the torturous material gave way, now allowing
him to bend over with his manhood free to gaze at the console.

"Well I have seen some funny sights before but this is just
priceless." Deanna said before catching Will's large grin.

"Not the most Commanderly of poses I guess." He smiled.

"Just take them off and be done with them." Deanna said trying to
keep her gazes his way quick, and uninterested. Catching the sigh in
his voice, she had no idea that he was actually going to do just that
until she heard him clear his throat.

"Um. Could you help me? I'm not sure I can do this myself." The
little boy tone of his voice instantly made her want to mother him,
not that she'd mind doing others things to him right now, especially
as she found herself face to groin as she struggled to help him out
of the tight leather.

Squeak, groans and grunts were soon replaced by relief as the
offending garment finally found itself manless. "You do realise we're
going to have to get you back into those or something else before we
return." Deanna smirked.

Lying back against the shuttle bulk head, he crossed his arms,
regardless of what he uncovered, and grinned. "I don't know about you
but I for one am never going near those again."

"Is that a promise?" Deanna inquired, still kneeling before his glorious body.

"Sure for the sake of little Riker's in the future, I feel that a bit
more dangling space is what is required right now." The waggling of
his eyebrows, and crossing his ankles, instantly sending her into a
bout of laughter.

"Then waggle over here Commander and lets see what we can do about
kissing it better." Her velvet voice taking on a seductive tone that
made Will Riker for the first time in a very long time, blush in a
ladies presence.

"Or are we a little sore for some onboard activities with this ship's
entertainment officer? It's a long time to stand around like that
till we get there of course. You might need a little warming up."
She said leaving her kneeled position to slowly drag herself up his
muscled body to twirl her fingers through the fine hairy chest.

Speechless Will followed orders, taking Deanna's lips pressed to his
as a sign of better times ahead. Pressing away at mere millimetres,
Deanna smiled up into his eyes and grinned before whispering... "Full
steam ahead Commander."

And with a deep chuckle, Will replied "Make it so."

The end