Title; Fun in the sun sun sun
Author: Sarajayne
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount, I only tease and
torture them to keep them on their officerly toes. :-D

And thanks to Red Dwarf for the use of theirs lyrics as my title for
Will and Deanna's little romp in the sun.


Fun in the sun sun sun

The shuttle bay doors opened and the Galileo approached for landing,
Geordi frowning as it settled to the floor a little less carefully
than Commander Riker was capable of. The main shuttle bay doors
clanged shut with a commandig presence, allowing the Engineer to
approach the now dormant shuttle.

"So did Deanna say why she needed you here?" Geordi enquired to
Doctor Crusher as she moved beside him, biting her bottom lip in
eagerness to address her patient.

"She said Will had had a minor disagreement with the planet's
atmosphere." She shrugged. "Said it was nothing too serious but would
require my talents."

"Isn't that normally so with the Commander?" Geordi joked waiting for
the doors to unlock to their passengers.

"Sure. But a hospitable planet such as Xeita is certainly not a
dangerous environment to get injured on in the first place. It's a
major Federation holiday planet like Risa." She smirked. "Face it
Geordi, Will could get injured anywhere any time, hell... the number
of times he stubs his toe in his bathroom is enough to class him as
injured officer of the year." Geordi gave a hearty chuckle along with
the red haired doctor as the shttle door finally opened and revealed
a smug faced Deanna Troi.

"Beverly, your patient awaits inside." She moved aside and allowed
Beverly inside as she greeted Geordi. "Commander's flying was a bit
off." He mentioned.

"Ah..well that would be because he wasn't flying Geordi. My skills
are a little rusty." She smiled.

"Ah sorry Counsellor, just thought it was the Commander and..."
Geordi blushed a little as Deanna laughed as his back pedalling.

"No harm done Geordi. Let's say I made it a little rough just to make
Will more uncomfortable than he really is." She smiled evilly and led
the way inside.

Following the deep groans was all he needed to locate his commanding officer.

Inside Geordi fought back the urge to laugh as he spied Commander
Riker on the floor, immersed in nothing but a small towel and Doctor
Crusher's care.

"Oh great. More witnesses." Will Riker grumbled before hissing in
pain as Beverly touched the reddened skin of his stomach, trying not
to flinched from her touch.

"Well if there isn't any engineering problems here that require my
attention, I'll just leave you ladies to the Commander." He nodded
and left before the laughter he'd contained spilled over.

Inside the Galileo, the faint hint of laughter echoing around the bay
wandered into the shuttle drawing another groan from Will.

"Well I'd say you've definitely disagreed with the atmosphere
Commander." Beverly announced. "What I'd like to know though, is sun
protection is common sense where sun, surf and sand is concerned, how
did you forget so badly?" Beverly administered a mild pain killer and
tried keeping a straight face.

"Don't ask." He grimaced and Beverly lifted the towel and spied how
far the tan went.

"Well if your going to be burnt may as well do the whole lot by the
looks of things." Beverly said as she scanned every inch of the
sunburnt commander.
"I take it you went to the Four Beaches of Waven?" She said
indicating the fact that the sun burn covered even Will's groin.

"Will's idea." Deanna spoke up for the first time. "He thought sun
baking on a nudist beach would be enjoyable for me, seeing as we're
supposed to get naked for this up coming wedding soon. A little tan
was his excuse." Her words were lashed with hidden anger.

"Well all I can say is you didn't disagree when we got there." Will
fought back.

"But that was well before the Commander here started attracting the
ladies like flies." Deanna returned.

A light clicked on and Beverly giggled. "You did this?" She pointed
to the chest of the red lobster before her.

Deanna nodded and gave a proud nod. "OK. Own up. What happened?
Surely you didn't go swimming with the ladies Will?" Beverly
questioned as she packed up her medi kit and attached a com badge to
Will's gingerly replaced towel. When no one answered, she stood and
tapped her foot. "You do realise that I need to give a report to the
Captain? And he is going to need to know what it was that downed his
first officer in the prime of his vacation." She waited until Will
rolled eyes in reddened sockets that were already beginning to flake.

"I was just looking, that's all. Nothing more. I thought teasing
Deanna would make her a little more....." He coughed gently and then
regretted it. "Horny." He finished.

Beverly let out the laughter that was bottled deep below. "You were
stalking women in the presence of a very dangerous Betazoid? Oh Will.
Thought you'd know better after all these years." She giggled turning
to Deanna waiting for her explanation. None came.

"So? You fell asleep? And if so how did you get that marking Will?"

Will groaned and closed his eyes from the haughty stare of his
ferocious fiance. "Ask her."

"He was ogling more women than me, even chatting them up, so I got a
little jealous." She replied.

"A little? I'd hate to see you really angry Deanna." Beverly replied.

"We were discussing our honeymoon when I found myself talking to a
heathen male who didn't have the decency to stay awake while I was
suggesting my thoughts." She humphed.

"And so you did this to him? Oh Deanna. You do realise that it's
going to take a few days for this to disappear even under my care."
Beverly shook her head in mirth. "Maybe not even in time for the

Deanna looked up in horror at the same time as Will. "You're kidding
right, Doc?" Will asked in obvious pain from the burnt tightness of
his skin.

"'Fraid not Will. I'll do my best but I'm not sure this will
disappear straight away." The doctor pointed to the unburnt branding
the Betazoid has scrawled. "Let's get you to sickbay first. The
captains going to meet us there. And in the meantime, Deanna I think
you'd better give me as much as possible before he arrives."

Deanna looked down to Will with an apology in her eyes. "Jello" She uttered.

Beverly halted her hand before it hit her communicator. "What?"

"I used jello. I should of woken Will up or at least covered him from
the sun but I was so mad. So mad that I used the jello and stormed
off for a while." She shrugged her ashamed shoulders. "I am so sorry

Will gently shook his head and opened his cracked lips. "No Imzadi,
my fault." He then grinned. "My fault to of brought along the jello
in the first place." He joked.

Deanna slapped him playfully and regretted it as Will shouted
hoarsely, the sting of baked skin traversing his entire frame.

"Oh Will. I'm sorry!" She hovered her hands over his body, not sure
where to handle him to give comfort. Will remained speechless as he
tried to still the gasps emanating from his bearded mouth. "My fault.
My fault." He managed eventually in whispered form.

Beverly shook her head and ordered for transport, Will's repentance
bringing a smile to her lips, as the air tinkled with transport.

A small band of nurses surrounded them once their molecules joined.
Instant care at Will's side as the doors whooshed open to admit the

"I am so in trouble now." Will whispered before his CO and surrogate
father approached the bio bed. The soothing coolness of the gel
seeping into his skin, instantly effecting a relief to his face.

"Number one?" Picard approached and raised one eyebrow. His eye
directed to Will Riker's chest. "I see you annoyed more than just the
insects down there."

Will cleared his throat and looked sheepishly, before relaxing his
eyebrows from the torture he'd just inflicted upon his self. An
explanation? How do I explain this?!? He thought. Deanna beat him to
it. The answer a real doozey.

"I got a little jealous." She watched as Jean Luc Picard, a man who
didn't always show his mirth, smiled and kept the laughter in his

"I'd say you did." He looked to the three members of his senior staff
trying not to laugh. "It seems, Number one, you've already received
your punishment. Carry on Doctor." He said before making his way back
outside the confines of sickbay.

Will groaned until Beverly gave him something to sleep, putting him
out of misery before she could hold back no more. A deep cackle of
mirth exploded from her, soon joined by Deanna after the medical
staff had left.

"Bastard? You wrote bastard with jello on his chest?" Beverly said
astonished, looking back to the reddened skin, the word 'bastard'
written in white where the jello had blocked the sun's rays.

Deanna said nothing but smiled with her exacted revenge.

The end