Title : I Think I Can ... I Think I Can ...
Series : TNG
Author : Sarajayne
Rating : Wooohooo!!! It's raining men...in skants ;-)
Disclaimer : No Riker's were harmed in the making of this snipp...et ;-)


“What are you drinking?” She asked sliding into a seat before him.

His blue eyes looked up into Deanna's own, and smothered her in his
depression. “Corrosive acid.” He rumbled before dropping his eyes back
to his drink.

“That’s a bit much for one slight hiccup.” Deanna jibed, waiting for
the giant before her to start throwing rocks. She knew what she was
doing. Pushing him to eject the negativity that had been encasing him
for weeks.

“A hiccup.” He ground out. “It’s not like a good fright or a glass of
water will fix this Deanna.”

“Nor a surgeon.” She added in understanding. “But it’s not the end of
everything Will.”

He took a slug of his thick clinging brandy and swallowed hard on its
burning aftertaste. “There’s still sex, but how can I reward you with
my love when I can’t father a child.” She watched his Adam’s apple bob
up and down as he swallowed hard on his admission.

Reaching across the table, she pulled his large fingers away from the
glass and held them tightly. “Do I have to scold you again?” She

He stopped scowling for a moment to raise an eyebrow.

“I’ve already told you. To marry you is enough. To share your soul is
rich beyond the bounds of belief. And if you keep this up I’ll ask my
mother to have a chat with you about an Imzadi’s rabeem.” That seemed
to work as she watched him shake his head and smile.

“As lovely as she is, I’m not sure if I want to discuss this with your
mother.” Will spoke, looking up and beyond her to the stars rushing
past. It was late and Ten Forward was empty. Only the glow of the
tabletops illuminated the weary lines around his eyes. His blue eyes
cold with sorrow.

“Then discuss this with me…and Thomas.” She suggested. Feeling his hand
jerk slightly between her fingers.

“What about Thomas?” The scowl was back.

Deanna sought his heart, grasping it within her own, tying them
together with love and contentment. “I’ve been talking to Beverly.
There is a way to do this.”

“If you think I’m going to let Thomas bed my wife, you’ve just stepped
over the boundary of my patience.” He growled, ripping his hand away,
and growing 2 metres taller by standing tall. His chin jutted out in
anger and his eyes flashed hatred.

Deanna sat patiently waiting for him to start pacing, she knew him that
well. “It’s not what I or Beverly were thinking.”

He stopped his carpet-wearing stride. “Then what is it? Cloning another
set of matching Riker genitals?”

Will Riker’s anger was so oppressive that it was almost urging her on
to shout back. The only thing keeping her balanced was to remember that
same tall broad body encased in the skant from a few months ago. “I
like yours how they are Will. Now if you’d stand still I’ll tell you
what I have in mind before I bludgeon some sense into you.”

Will paused and pinched the bridge of his nose. He was trying not to
grimace as Deanna flashed a skant-clad version of himself into his
mind. “You keep doing that and I’ll send one back of you in your
Farpoint bun.” The usual Riker grin creeping out from under the frown.

“And if you keep blowing up like this, I’ll kick you so you’ll need
that skant again.” Deanna winked back. “My plan is this. Implantation.”

Curious he sat back down and faced her with curiosity. “Who gets
implanted with what?”

“I get implanted by one of Thomas’ swimmers. No sex, no contact. Just

Will sat back in his chair and sat quietly mulling over her words. “I
guess if he is me, it would be me...” He finally replied. The near
castration, months earlier had left him demoralised enough, let alone
to find out from Beverly Crusher that not all was as well as they had
first thought.

“Pregnancy is hard enough in Terrans without cross pollinating with
Betazoids Will. Let alone when your equipment is not performing to
order.” Her words ringing in his ears.

“Have you consulted Thomas yet?” He queried. “I’m sure he’d be tickled
pink to know he’s more whole than I am.”

Deanna sighed heavily, keeping her internal bubble of enthusiasm around
her, while Will’s despair tried to pop it. “I wanted you to be happy
with the idea first. But I left a message for him to contact us.”


The intercom buzzed for his attention. Shaking away the cobwebs of
sleep, Thomas Riker pushed away the sheets and stumbled through the
cold night air of his bedroom to answer the persistent call. “Riker
here.” He mumbled as he thrust an arm through the wrong hole of his
dressing gown.

Will Riker appeared on screen with the widest smile possible until he
spied his brothers’ bedraggled form. “Shit, sorry Tom. Didn’t realise
the time there in Alaska.” He apologised.

“It’s ok.” He yawned. “Had to get up early anyway. What’s up?” Thomas
asked as he finally gave up with the dressing gown and dumped it on the
floor to straddle the chair instead. Now seated before the viewer he
watched his brother’s smile take over the whole screen.

“Good news. We’re parents.” Will Riker beamed, holding up a small
squirming bundle in his arms. “Meet our daughter, Journessa.”

Thomas laughed, nearly falling off his chair. “Isn’t that what got us
into this?”

Will nodded as a small hand settled onto his shoulder and Deanna
appeared next to him. “We thought it a fitting name. Well Deanna did.
Something to keep me in check I guess for when she’s old enough to date
and I want to castrate every single boyfriend she goes out with.” He

Thomas chuckled. “That’s if we let any testosterone charged men near
her.” He winked.

“Thank you Tom, this means a lot to me.” Will confessed, his mirth now
replaced with an ever-grateful smile.

Thomas nodded, sincerity in his voice as it broke with emotion. “Me
too. Being part of a family means more to me than a career. A ship.” He
blinked back happy tears. “Just one thing though, don’t let Lwaxanna
spoil her rotten. Those Riker genes she’s carrying won’t make her any
easier to handle growing up as it is.”

“Something we’ve already discussed.” Deanna winked. “And something Will
will be discussing with my mother soon.” Laughing as Will’s head swung
round in shock.

“Like I’m that insane.” He grinned.

“Better watch those nails of hers Willie boy, She might just castrate
you after all.” Thomas barked out a loud laugh. “Congratulations
Deanna, she’s beautiful just like her mother.” His azure eyes
glistening with raw emotion.

“And just like her fathers.” She added, as Deanna blew him a kiss and
bade him well.


The snip snip end ;-)