The challenge:

It's time to try your hands on a short or long story of your choice.

Parameters for the story are:

1. A Riker must be discovered part naked (your choice) in the
observation lounge, and you have a choice of two riikers to choose
from, never forget you do have a Tom option here

2. Data is to use the phrase "theoretically it is possible"

3. Beverly to say "you did what?"

4. Riker must be wearing something yellow

So the challenge starts now :-D

Have fun, and there is no time restriction with this. just something
short and sweet if you can :-D


Title: A day at the zoo
Author: Sarajayne
Feedback: Flames welcome
Disclaimer: paramount own the zoo animals but I own Riker's little
naked butt ;-D

A day at the zoo


"Ah not there..there." Commander William Thomas Riker ordered. The
authority missing from his frustrated voice.

"Well if you'd move your fingers out of the way I'd be able to see."
His helper snapped.

"See what? Not even the light from a steady pulsar could pass through
that." He grumbled. "What the hell is this made of anyway, Duranium?
Why don't we just phaser it to death."

"Stop moving." Deanna slapped his muscled thigh, ignoring his
comment. This close, his body was purely delicious to gaze at, the
urge to lick that perfectly muscled thigh right there and then was
hard to hold back from. It just wasn't on the agenda right now,
freeing him was. "Well hopefully this will help loosen the fit."

" where you put those fingers Deanna, it's not like I
need to add girth to my predicament right now." He said angrily.
Trying to push the item down a little lower himself to cover
something a little obvious right now.

"So how serious is it? The whole ship's system breakdown, that is."
Deanna worked as she talked, hoping to keep both their minds on
track. His state of dress wasn't helping, she herself was trying hard
not to rip away the small piece of fabric to ravish him then and
there, especially with feeling the beginnings of his own arousal at
her ministrations.

"Very serious. I think I'm already on page one of the Captain's
little black book of infamous boo boos. Not to mention how many more
listings I'll get when he sees I've fallen for my own incompetence.
And Deanna, if you don't hurry I'm going to be in even worse trouble
if the Captain sees me like this." Riker said, indicating a growth
problem, dropping his arms by his side finally as he let Deanna
fondle with the problem at hand. Focusing on the mounted ship display
upon the far wall, Will tried to calm his breathing and lower half,
ignoring the slippery feel of butter.

"What I can't understand is why it's this low anyway? Shouldn't this
be around your waist?" Trying to get it lower, she jerked down hard
on the item, to hopefully ease a little of the pressure away from his
nether regions . "Is that better?"

"I don't know, but it's damn painful, just grab the dam thing and
pull it off, and fast." Riker grumbled until she followed his orders.
"Arghhh! Stop! Stop!" He yelled, pulling away from her nimble fingers
and resting his bare back against the observation windows. The
coolness of the transparent aluminium made him shiver and realise how
open he was to the elements. Resting his hands on top of the
giraffe's head he mused at how thankful he was that Deanna had sensed
his embarrassment earlier on. Though at first when that door had
opened he'd feared the worst. But all things aside, apart from her
hysterical laughter, at least it was she who had come in search of
him. Crossing his fingers, Will hoped the current bridge crew were
uninterested in the counsellors whereabouts.

Shivering he tried turning his back to her, only to remember that he
was missing his pants as well as his uniform top. Only a very small
pair of swimming briefs remained under the devious device griping his
legs together. Turning back quickly, he let the orbiting planetoid
bathe his behind in a nice pale glow, grimacing at the position he
was in. The transporters where down, the replicators off line and a
very long set of corridors lay between here and his quarters.

No way was he going to march down the decks with his groinal contents
displayed like a pair of fly's eyes. At least the yellow beastie
wrapped around his hips covered the worst.

Not to mention that Deanna was still eyeing him, especially the small
fragment of material that was only just covering his modesty, though
not all of him. Butt cheeks exposed and a very tight wedge of fabric
dividing them, he sighed deeply, knowing that she was seeing a great
deal more detail than even Beverly Crusher had medically. "Well I
guess we better give it another go before...." Just then the doors to
the observation lounge opened.

"Not now Data!" Deanna and Riker hissed together, hoping the second
officer would take note and leave. But to their dismay, Data's social
programming must of been off line too, along side everything else on
board the ship. "Sir, can I be of assistance?" He queried, stepping
further into the room with his head cocked to one side. No doubt
intrigued by the amount of butter on the counsellor's fingers and the
undressed first officer.

"Not unless you've ever pulled apart arc welding as a hobby." Riker's
droll reply came back tiredly. "I swear I'm going to get O'Brien for
this." He muttered to himself as he moved away Deanna's butter coated
fingers and had a go himself at trying to squeeze it down further.

Surmising the reasons for the First Officer's distress, Data
continued never-the-less about his superiors appearance. "Sir, the
transporter malfunctions are erratic, and certainly not the cause of
a jest. To cause insult to the Executive Officer of a Federation
vessel can be construed as a court marshall offence."

"Data, could you just leave me alone here? I'm trying to get ....damn..."

"Oh my!" Beverly sniggered as she moved into the lounge from behind
Data. The door to the bridge closing behind her.

"Oh great, more witnesses." He said exasperated. Turning away from
Beverly too late before realising that she was now exposed to an even
better view of his left buttock. Twisting back he grimaced as
something tightened and made him draw his breath.

"I could release you sir. Theoretically it is possible. A quick jolt
downwards should suffice." Data propositioned.

"You do that with your iron strength Data, and that's not all that
would be downwards and mostly likely removed." Riker replied with a
snarl as he tried to wipe away the excess butter smeared around his

Moving closer to lean up against the conference table, Beverly smiled
at Deanna as she rose and wiped her hands on a small towel. "So how
did this happen?" Beverly asked as she ignored Riker's blushing
features. As a doctor she'd seen Riker's unclad body before, not to
mention often in his case, though this time round there was something
alluring about the outfit he was wearing.

"Well all I can say is, with the malfunctions we're having onboard
this shake down cruise, they have in no way missed in causing havoc
with our transporters aswell." Riker growled as Beverly slapped away
his tinkering hands and moving down to kneel on the ground and take a
closer look.

"Well maybe if we deflate it?" Beverly suggested as she touched the valve.

"Been there, thought of that." He said sarcastically. "Beverly that
still doesn't tell me how to get it off without causing permanent
damage to the Riker lineage."

"I am sorry sir,  did not realise you were expecting." Data apologised.

"Data! Not now. OK?" Riker rubbed a hand over his face before he
closed his eyes and crossed his arms, letting the good Doctor
continue to play with the blow up toy.

"You know, those flippers remind me, I need to get some swimming back
into my schedule." Beverly mused, ignoring Deanna as she burst out
laughing. Muffling her mirth at Will's glare, she picked up the black
rubber items from the floor and placed them with the rest of the
swimming aids. A small pile of yellow floaties, goggles and a snorkel
already decorated the obsidian table top.

"Do me a favour Bev? Don't tell the captain. I'm already in trouble
for his hot tea becoming cold slime." Will moaned.

'Will that was three days ago." Deanna remained him. "He's bound to
of forgiven you for that."

"Deanna we were docked at McKinley Station for four weeks to get
everything ship shape before we picked him up. I'm responsible for
these failures. They should of been fixed up before we left." He'd
been kicking himself so often the last few days that Deanna almost
felt like checking his backside for red foot marks.

"Data, can you get me some scissors or a knife?" We're going to have
to cut through this thing." Beverly surmised as she sat back on her
heels and looked up to see the look of worry on Will Riker's features.

"Cut it? Oh great! Why not snip something else while your there." He
grumbled leaning back onto the window again until the 4 sizes too
small swimmers cut into his groin again.

"Unfortunately due to the replicators being offline, a pair of
scissors are not available.."

"OK, a laser no. Had a newly replicated one misfire this
morning..." Ignoring Riker's pale features she continued to wonder
for an answer. "Wait I have it. Data, I think your just going to have
to tear it apart."

"Wait. What makes you think this damn pool toy is going to break?
Deanna's already tried. And deflating it isn't going to release me
from it's embrace or the fact that I'm butt naked in a pair of very
tight Speedo's and an inflatable yellow giraffe tight around my
nether regions. Just get me some damn clothes to cover it up and help
me waddle out of here, OK?"

"So you can walk then?" Beverly asked with a wink.

"No. But I'll be damned if the captain is going to catch me undressed
up here. I guess I can be thankful that the transporter malfunction
materialised me here instead of on the bridge I guess." Riker sighed
and smiled. "Just think, some poor holiday maker is no doubt relaxing
in a pool somewhere dressed in my uniform." He grinned.

"Lucky them." Deanna smiled.

"OK. Let's do this." Beverly said taking action and quickly nipping
off the top of the valve, soon followed by the inflatable toy's high
pitched whistling as it slowly sagged. "Data, time to show us some
strength." She said standing up and making her way to the other side
of the table. Will, unsure of this latest theory of rescue, braced
himself against the table edge, slightly bent at the waist to give
Data more room to work.

"And hurry." He whispered, as he held his breath, as the items dug in
deeper to sensitive flesh.

"Please stand by sir." Data informed him. Getting a tight grip on the
saggy rubber device and .....



Captains log: Having returned to the ship after four days, previously
attending a historical conference on Thabelta Nine, I am still
astounded at the trouble we are having with our new bio-neural gel
pack systems. Chief Engineer Geordi Laforge is looking into the
problem, and promises to have the majority of systems up and running
perfectly within the next few hours. On another matter, close to the
same subject, my first officer has been laid low in Sickbay. Doctor
Crusher assured me that the groinal injury the Commander has received
was not recreational while on duty, nor the head injury sustained
from hitting his head on the observation lounge's table. Mr Data,
however, claims that the rubber giraffe-like device he was found
holding while the Commander was stretchered away on, was in no means
for work use either. I am expecting a most unusual report, once my
counsellor and medical officer, still jovial considering the
Commander's demise, have regained their composure.
End log.

The yellow end