What Can I Say

By Shasta


My mind fills with memories when I see you,
All the things I've done wrong.
The sway of your walk -- it beckons me.
What can I say to have you with me?

That enchanting twinkle in your eyes,
Not for me, but another.
You caress his cheek.
What can I say for you to touch me that way?

I watch the two of you walk onto the dancefloor.
I remember the feel of your body against mine.
You wrap your arms lovingly around his neck.
What can I say to have you hold me that close?

I can see the look you're giving him,
A long time ago, it was how you gazed at me.
You stand on your toes to burn him with a kiss.
What can I say to have you kiss me like that?

The one thing I can't say, not yet.

I love you.