Captain's Perogitive

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Time: Post-Nemesis. On the Titan


“Red Alert, Captain to the Bridge.” The klaxons blared loudly and lights flashed.

Will rolled over and buried his head in his pillow. “Computer, time,” a muffled groan called grumpily.

“Zero-Two-Fourty-One,” the Computer stated.

Will groaned and rolled over near Deanna, when she pushed him a little. The ship rocked violently and Will held Deanna onto their bed. When the ship settled they both burst out of bed and rushed for their uniforms. Will was pulling his jacket on as he followed Deanna out the door.


The Turbo Lift lurched to a stop with a scraping sound. “That didn’t sound good,” Will commented. “Computer, where are we?”

“Between Decks One and Two.”

“Perfect,” Deanna muttered.

Will sighed as he looked for the manual release. He pried the two sets of doors open and found himself waist high in the Bridge. He held his arm out, offering to help Deanna. She smiled as he lifted her out onto the Bridge. She swung her bare feet around and stood with grace. “Report,” she ordered as Will clambered out of the Turbo Lift, less gracefully, and regaining his composure once he stood.

“Thorieans,” First Officer Steven Curtis answered. “Three ships decloaked and claimed we were in their space and opened fire before I could explain. Shield have minimal damage, we haven’t returned fire yet.”

“Where are we?” Will asked, staring at the view screen of ships circling and occasionally firing.

“About two light-years on our side, according to treaty,” Curtis explained as the Bridge rocked again.

“Open a channel. This is Captain William Riker of the Federation Starship Titan. We were unaware that we were in your space, if you have a legitimate claim to this space, we’ll gladly move on. We are under the impression that we were following treaty stipulations.

The ship shook again.

“I think that made them madder,” Tactical Officer Jeman Tek commented.

Will looked at the younger Bajoran. “Fire at will.”

After a short battle the Thoriens retreated.

Will sighed. “I’ll contact Star Fleet in the morning. Right now I’m going back to bed.” Will stood from his chair and followed Deanna to the Jefferies Tube access. “Damage Reports in the morning.”

“Aye, Sir. They’ll be on your desk at 0900,” Steven Curtis responded.

“Very good, Commander. Good night, Gentlemen.”


“Will,” Captain Picard smiled at Will from Will’s computer.

“I had a question and I wondered if you could help me.”

“Anything, Number One.”

“Would it be appropriate to report to the Bridge in one’s pajamas?”

“Do tell,” Jean-Luc smiled, very interested.

“This morning, around 0300, I was called to the Bridge because of a Red Alert. I dressed in my uniform, unaware if I could enter the Bridge in my pajamas.”

“I don’t see why not, Number One. As long as they are appropriate. If anyone asks, ‘Captain’s Prerogative.’”

“Thank you, Captain. That could save my ship one day.”

“Anytime, Number One.”