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Note: This is my third TNG fic, I have seen a little more of the series, I think my total is 11 episodes.

Deanna sat outside a small Café in San Francisco. She had a cool drink and a PADD that she was reading. Her mind was aware of all the things around her, someone was laughing with a friend, someone felt great sorrow, and if she wasn’t mistaken, someone was getting dumped. She continued reading never-minding the outside distractions when something caught her mind’s eye.

Deanna looked up from her PADD and looked around. She saw nothing so she looked back at her PADD, took a sip of her drink and continued reading. Again, again she felt something familiar. A tingle deep inside her brain, she hadn’t felt it since...


She looked around to see who had called her name. It was a woman of about the same age, she had long blond hair and was wearing a loose, decorative jumpsuit with a “cape” attached at the neck, waist, and wrists.

“Wenlea!” Deanna stood and greeted her friend with a hug. “What are you doing here? Have a seat.”

Wenlea sat across the table from Deanna. “I had heard that you got married, so I found out where you were and came down to see you. You must tell me all about him. Who is he, what does he look like, do I need to check up on his record?” Wenlea tilted her head forward.

“His name is Will Riker,” she thought for a moment of how to describe him. “I have an uplink to command,” she muttered to herself. She pressed a few buttons on the PADD then handed it to her friend. “He looks like that, and you don’t have to check up on him.”

Wenlea looked at the PADD, then up at Deanna, and then back down at the PADD. “Um!” she forced out. “Does he have any brothers?” she asked jokingly.

Deanna took a sip of her drink. “Well, that’s a funny story.”

Wenlea leaned forward. “Do tell,” she said.

“Well,” Deanna stopped to count the number of years, but her thoughts were distracted once again, although she was able to identify this one. “Speak of the devil,” she said.

Wenlea looked around to see Will walking up. The women rose to meet him. Will gave Deanna a peck on the cheek upon arrival.

“Will, this is one of my friends from home, Wenlea. Wenlea, this is my husband, Will Riker.”

“My pleasure,” Will said with a smile as he wrapped his arm around Deanna’s waist.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Wenlea said absent mindedly as she looked him over.

“I hate to end this reunion prematurely, but we must be on our way.”

“I’m sorry Wenlea.”

“Don’t be,” then she said something in Betazoid and the girls smiled.

“Do you want us to escort you anywhere?” Will asked.

“No thank you, I think I’ll have lunch,” Wenlea replied.

Deanna gave Wenlea a hug. “I’ll write you.”

“Okay, good bye.”

Wenlea walked into the Café and Will and Deanna walked towards Headquarters.

When they were a small ways away, Will spoke. “What did she say to you? In Betazoid?”

“What? Oh, she asked me about your brother.”


“Earlier she asked if you had any brothers and I said it was a funny story.”

Will smiled.