Just As We Remember


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Deanna walked onto the Holo-Deck, where Will had ordered her, much more formally than usual. She stopped dead in her tracks as she looked onto the scene laid out before her, and the door closed behind her.

Before her lay a wide grassy meadow and there was a small clump of trees about fifty meters away. She smiled at the memories that the scene invoked. She and Will had gone there several times when he was stationed on Betazed; more than several times, in fact. They would spread out a large, comfortable, blanket in the midst of the trees, and spend hours with each other, exploring their bond.

“Is it the same as you remember, Imzadi?” a voice from behind her asked. “I remembered every detail I could, everything had to be perfect,” the familiar voice said as familiar arms wrapped around her and his strong chin rested on her shoulder. He whispered in her ear, “Happy Anniversary, Imzadi.”

She turned to him and looked up into his cool eyes, “It is perfect, Imzadi. Just as I remember.”